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Avatar n tn If there is an infection from wisdom teeth, antibiotic would be helpful.
Avatar n tn For the last 2-3 years i have been having episodes of swollen glands mainly near my throat and also a number of throat infection which were cleared by antibiotics. finally my dentist found that I have impacted wisdom teeth on all four sides. The 4 wisdom and 4 molars are all inside horizontally going head-to-head. Also in my lower jaw my dentist said that I have periodontal pockets (15mm deep), which are slightly white on the top. I am scheduled to extract them very soon.
Avatar f tn A couple of years ago, my dentist informed me that my wisdom teeth needed to be removed as soon as possible. I have still not had them removed and the far/upper region of my lower right jaw (near/below and the area around my wisdom tooth) is where I occassionally experience pain and swelling. Could my sore throat have anything to do with the wisdom tooth on the lower portion of the right side of my jaw? Or are the two wholly unrelated?
Avatar f tn ve talked to numerous healthcare professionals and all of them have said that infection in my wisdom teeth can cause gastrointestinal infections and problems until they are extracted and the infections taken care of. It has put a huge amount of stress on my relationship with my fiancé. In the midst of all of the doctors appointments I was refused treatment because the doctor said he didn't want to help me anymore. Any advice about my situation would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn to that, because I think a little infection is going on in the tissues around the pulled wisdom teeth, maybe even an abscess. If you have an abscess, you'll feel a lump in your cheek near there, or if a neighboring tooth hurts when you push on it, the dentist will have to check THAT tooth out for a cavity. At least you were given penicillin for the ear, it should also take out the bacteria where your wisdoms were, takes a couple weeks for the medicine to work.
Avatar f tn Ever since I got my wisdom teeth taken out over a year ago, I've been getting a strange taste/smell in my throat and nose. It's not constant, but after I've had a bit of a cold or something it gets worse. It's mostly in my nose currently, and whenever I sniff I can smell it. I went to the doctor once and they prescribed a nasal spray (nasonex I believe). It helped but didn't make it go away completely.
Avatar f tn Should I take an allergy test at the doctors?? Why would my lymph nodes be infected? My teeth dont hurt but can it be due to wisdom teeth coming in?? I just want to feel normal again and continue my life. I dont have energy for much anymore. Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn It was one of my lower wisdom teeth that was removed and now my front 4, bottom teeth hurt terribly. Could this be caused by shifting? I'm really confused and tired of being in pain. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn the teeth, if they are chipping, are probably decayed. Additionally, they are causing your gums to be inflamed. I would not jump to the conclusion that your sore throat issue is due to the wisdom teeth scenario, but I guess it's possible. Why dont you have the teeth removed and see if your sore throat problem clears up?
Avatar f tn Several friends said they got sore throat early on, I was just curious if that was a common thing.
Avatar n tn I strongly suggest that you see an oral surgeon asap and let the doctor take out the wisdom or wisdom teeth.The wisdom teeth can do damage to the bone and the adjacent teeth without the patient being aware of anything.
Avatar n tn about 5-6 months ago i experienced a really soar throat and major pain in my mouth due to an impacted wisdom tooth, I went to the dentist and he told me that i have impacted wisdom teeth and that they will have to be extracted. I didnt have the cash to get them removed because of how bad they are I have to go to an oral surgeon, they said it would cost me 250 dollars a tooth and i need 4 extracted, so the dentist prescribed me antibiotics he said that it will give me some more time.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am having what looks like a slightly larger appearance of a "heart-like strip" below my adam's apple. I can feel a mile (nearly non-existent) ache always from that area. My doctor tells me it is my thyroid. It looks like it is mildly swelled up, and has been there for 4-5 days. A few weeks ago, I had a wisdom tooth extracted, and had swelling and slight pain in the surgical site areas.
Avatar m tn Hi, welcome to the forum, the commonest cause of sore throat or irritation is infection like chronic pharyngitis or chronic tonsillitis. If infection present, you need empirical treatment with a course of broad spectrum antibiotic against prescription. Send blood or throat swab for culture and antibiotic sensitivity. Need to do antiseptic mouth gargle to take care of source of infection.
Avatar f tn I'm 24, and I had my wisdom teeth taken out about three years ago, and everything has been free of complications, until possibly now. It started as a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes ect; and infection, and I noticed I had a small sore were my wisdom tooth used to be. Over three days the infection has gotten much worse. It's a constant ache in my jaw, and is very painful to open my mouth or chew. the area is hot, very swollen, and tastes kinda like blood.
Avatar f tn I was thinking about getting my wisdom teeth pulled should I wait until after the baby is here or now since I'm so early into my pregnancy
6323602 tn?1380323698 I am going to get a scaling done, and after the scaling I am having all 4 wisdom teeth removed which is one of my broken teeth. Please help me, I have never had facial before and I am very scared, especially when I can't swallow.
Avatar f tn Why would my lymph nodes be infected? My teeth dont hurt but can it be due to wisdom teeth coming in?? I just want to feel normal again and continue my life. I dont have energy for much anymore. Thanks for any help.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Any infection in the body should be treated. Dental abscesses and pus pockets in the throat warrant evaluation and complete treatment with antibiotics. Persistent sore throat can be due to many causes like glandular fever, tonsillitis, laryngitis and cancer. It is suggested to see an ENT surgeon and get checked. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn the symptoms are teeth hurt, vomiting, mucsles hurt in stomach it has been going and going for a week and a half and i know my wisdom teeth should have been taken out about 5 yrs ago. and when i brush my teeth it is a reddish brown color.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks and my wisdom teeth is killing me.I don't want to risk getting it taking out and I don't want to take pills.Are there any numbing creams?
Avatar n tn My new dentist informed that the all of my upper teeth had to be removed re infection, now all the teeth that had deep pockets on my lower right side have been all removed wisdom and 12 year old moler, my alarms really went off when it was Jan 9th and I would be finishing my Clarithromycin on the 12th and the closes date to pull that tooth was Jan 26th.
Avatar f tn Im 7mo and all 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming in. i was planning on getting them removed. there is a lot of discomfort of them pushing my teeth together but i don't know if i should do it know i know im pregnant.
Avatar n tn Depending on the severity of the infection it could effect other areas of your body. For a week before my wisdom teeth were removed, the dentist put me on antibiotics. I agree - see a dentist.