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Avatar m tn Hi Casandra, welcome to the forum! Why are you asking this question? Are you pregnant and taking Suboxone? Are you taking Opiates? A bit more information will help us give you better advice. To attempt to answer your question, I believe that only certain doctors are able to prescribe Suboxone. I do not believe that an OB/GYN is one of them. I have no personal experience with Suboxone but other members here do. They will be along to weigh in soon.
Avatar n tn Hi there and welcome....suboxone will take away the urge to take the opiates. They usually last 8-10 hrs,approx. If you take both together I am told they will almost "offset" one another. Your son should be under thre care of a doctor to do this at this point. In order to start on the sub,you need to be in total withdrawl from the opiates. Sub can also in itself be an addicitve drug as I'm sure you have read by some of the posts here.
Avatar f tn com, we visited 3 different doctors with our problem and by that time we were introduced to suboxone, well here we are almost another 3 years later trying to come off suboxone, not at choice but we are now very happy to know the real truth, we couldn't be tapered either time especially this time since the doctor is out on vacation for the week and we have no way to get the rx needed, basically what im getting at is do your research, it's not gonna be easy, especially with KIDS, i have a 7 almost
Avatar f tn i was on opiates for 4 years and figured out the reason i was taking them was to have good feelings. they made me feel good. i took a look at my diet and health and of course it sux. when i tappered down and quit i started taking the amino acids and b vitamins. all supplements for healthy brain function. also, i went on a very strict diet of whole natural foods that give energy and just plain healthy well being. i felt like a million bucks within a couple of weeks.
Avatar f tn The detox is over real soon but it is staying clean that take the cake..Right now start taking some good vit/min and eat really healthy. You need to start flushing these poison out while you build you body's defense system up. These meds do alot up stairs in our Brain, so this is what will take time to balance back. I wish you the best and make sure you do have SUPPORT!! Lots of Life style changes have to be made. No more going around your old stomping grounds.
Avatar m tn I actually haven't even taken one today but probably will at bedtime because it helps with sleep. I have not even had the shaky leg thing and I was taking over 25 vic's a day! It has been a life saver for me. I have went cold turkey without the gabapentin before so I know how difficult the withdrawals are.
Avatar n tn The fact is, I'm misserable and hate work and get so depressed without opiates. 5-7 yrs now. I have two jobs three kids, and use them to keep pushin on. I have had many injuries from jetski accidents, car accidents, etc. and bag right back on. I don't want to be hooked on suboxone, or methadone, the withdrawing from those is worse. The doctor becomes the money pit dealer. I want to stop but can't find the strength to carry my responsabilities during the transition.
Avatar n tn Just to give you some background on myself, I have been an addictionologist now for 4yrs and currently run a treatment center for physical and/or psychological dependence. Again, just wanted to say Hello and keep up all the great work. Dr. MIke....
Avatar f tn I am using this journal to remind myself what HELL I went thru and the hell I put my baby thru while watching me go thru this. I will never take another narcotic just to get high. I will never take Suboxone or suggest that anyone else does. I could have been 8 months clean by now had I just went thru the withdrawal from opiates.
Avatar n tn If you can continue your taper and taking vits. and all the rest of the stuff recommended you would be better off. Oh, you would feel fine while you are on the sub, but the dr. tapered me too fast and it was no fun. good luck to you. You can do it.
Avatar m tn I am just wondering if it is safe to take some Ultram hours after taking my daily Suboxone? I started taking Suboxone for pain, not for addiction, as I wasn't addicted to anything when I started the program. At night, my pain is terrible! I really need something stronger than Advil.
Avatar n tn I am prescriber suboxone but have not been taking it and doing heroin. I want to get back on my suboxone but last time i tried i was still sick as a dog after i took 2 8 mg. tablets.
Avatar m tn I’m not addicted to opiates and never have been a friend gave me a suboxone and.
Avatar f tn If you still have opiates on the receptor that were taken in a fairly high dose and then you take suboxone, the suboxone will completely kick the opiate off the receptor and since it is only a partial agonist, this could cause precipitated withdrawal. Taking higher doses of suboxone will usually not help in this case because it does have a ceiling effect at around 32mg.
Avatar n tn If it's got naloxone in it you will go int instant withdrawal with methadone 3 days is about right sometimes the put people on morphine for a week in place of done and then onto suboxone I used yesterday and went on suboxone today it heightened my withdrawal briefly but now feel fine no euphoria though
Avatar f tn both are equally not healthy but working in a substance abuse field and running a program, people tend to find it easier to come off of suboxone. I would strongly suggest that whatever you choose, you get yourself into a rehab program and find other ways to stop using besides taking a med that is exactly like using.
625635 tn?1222259659 i start suboxone induction on monday and they told me that i had to wait at leaset 3 days to get off opiates to start it.. he said he will be able to tell if i tokk ne thing or not by my vitals?? i took a half today at 11:30 do u think hes going to tell i need this tretmeant and im scared hes going to refuse me someone give me answers..
Avatar f tn Wasn't taking much maybe 2 mg a day. I just don't want to take them anymore. I was in rehab b4 for opiates. So I sld have known better. Just want to feel better. I have to go to work I can not stay home another day. Just feeling really tired and a bit of anxiety.
Avatar f tn and i have 2 herniated disks - c-5/c-6 and c6-c7. the Sub helped me get off opiates AND with the pain. however, if you think you can get off opiates without Sub, and see if your pain is manageable, i might try that if i were you. while i am a big "supporter" of Sub, and it has helped me alot, if it can be done without - since it is another drug - it's your best bet.
Avatar n tn But from what I'm reading, sounds like its not so easy. Marestorm, are you happier taking the suboxone than you were before you got help and do you feel like you've accomplished a lot staying away from your d/o/c? So far, would you reccomend this route for others who are struggeling to be sober, such as myself?
Avatar m tn I am interested in using suboxone to help stabilize my cravings for opiates. Is Suboxone addictive?
Avatar f tn Today I kept my doctors appointment and he put me on suboxone. It has been such a blessing for me. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go that route or not but my cravings were so bad I decided to keep my appointment. It was a good thing that I did because my blood pressure was 170/110 and my heart was beating so hard that it felt like I was going to come right out of my chest. After I took 16mg of sub. my pressure went down to 140/95.
Avatar f tn I've been trying to start suboxone. I wait until I'm sick from withdrawl and take the suboxone and it ends up making me even more sick. To counter that sickness I use. Instead of using, should I take more suboxone...or will that continue to make more sick? I'm desperate here. I just can't figure this out. Please help!!
480035 tn?1222369764 In addition, findings from an online survey revealed that more than 66 percent of respondents who are currently taking Suboxone to treat a dependency to opiates do not feel like they could stop taking it without assistance. Suboxone is a medication prescribed by doctors to treat opiate dependency.
Avatar m tn I am on suboxone and it helps. I have been clean for 3 months. my husband had a tooth pulled and now has my 1 choice of drug Hydro's and have to say even with suboxone I want to use today. its will power. Suboxone is a half opiate thats settles on thoses recepters in your brain where hydros, oxy, and ect. just keeps flowing through your recepers giving you the narcotic high. while you take suboxone u basically wouldnt feel the effects of opiates in short you dont get high.
Avatar n tn Also, since it includes a partial opiate blocker, it will cause trouble if you ever have an emergency requiring higher doses of opiates that what you're already on and increased opiates will have zero impact on your pain. Also, taking too much suboxone will put you into withdrawals.
Avatar f tn Yeah they gave suboxone in rehab and he is still taking it 4 years later, and he doesn't have chronic pain, he was abusing pain meds just for the high. We did not have any idea, until we got a call that he was going to rehab.
Avatar m tn hi hope someone helps with this. I want to start on suboxone short term for a week to stop the wds. Can I take a half in the morning if I take my last perc at 7pm. Is 12 hours enough time to take.