Mixing suboxone and opiates

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Avatar n tn Hi there and welcome....suboxone will take away the urge to take the opiates. They usually last 8-10 hrs,approx. If you take both together I am told they will almost "offset" one another. Your son should be under thre care of a doctor to do this at this point. In order to start on the sub,you need to be in total withdrawl from the opiates. Sub can also in itself be an addicitve drug as I'm sure you have read by some of the posts here.
Avatar f tn well the only way to quit doing something is to quit, not change to doing something that is really the same thing methadone and suboxone are not that metabolically different and they both have the same stigma there is only one program that Promises freedom from active addiction and it aint the suboxone program now if you are serious about getting clean the clinic has no right to delay your dose adjustment when you talk to your clinic theripist what did they say to you, did they refuse a decrease
Avatar f tn Yes many people get on and stay on suboxone for years. It does and can become another addiction. He needs to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. The suboxone is still in control he isn't. Does he live with anyone? If he hasn't dealt with his demons and why he abused drugs in the first place and is still on the suboxone 4 years later he isn't ready to make the necessary steps to change his life. Have you attended any alanon or naranon meetings? How long was he in rehab?
Avatar n tn I have always heard this was a dangerous mix do you think I am in danger since I have been mixing them for 6 months. I want off methadone. I was given it for chronic pain and from what I have learned about this drug it is from the Devil himself.
Avatar m tn In case you are curious, it takes us about three to four days to get a patient off of any opiate including Suboxone, and feeling well. You are more than welcome to look at my clinic's website by clicking on my name and then the clinic's logo. Give us a call anytime if you have questions. We have financing options available and everything is completely confidential.
Avatar f tn I am too scared to tell my ob, I was going to b4 I talked to my sis, she told me a few stories, she said they will automatically contact child services even if I am trying to do better, and am not taking opiates anymore!!!!!
Avatar m tn Some meds can have very dangerous interactions with cocaine-- MAOI's in particular would be a horrible mix, and would likely cause a stroke or fatal arrhythmia. The modern antidepressants are not as bad in combination with cocaine as are the older medications like nortriptyline. The problems are not so much the lack of feeling as they are related to potentiation of cocaine by meds that affect serotonin and norepinephrine-- namely the antidepressants.
210982 tn?1280987495 Hello all...My friend just called me from Florida, she is on vacation. She went with her mom and her sister and all of the kids. Her sister is addicted to pain pills. I am not exactly sure what kind, but she admitted to snorting them to get the quicker high. A few weeks ago, my friend went out with her sister because they had not seen each other since Christmas because of all the drug issues. Anyway, her sister told her that she had detoxed from everything and that she was done with all that.
Avatar n tn I think I am going to kick back and try to chill for a little bit. I started suboxone on Tues evening and haven't had a perc since then!!! :) I have no complaints - in fact, I can't belive how good I feel. The only problem is that I have had anxiety (I have had issues in the past). I don't know if it's part of some minimal W/D or a side effect of the subox. I do have a prescripton for xanax, but my subox doc said I should be very careful with that and use it sparingly.
621290 tn?1226723861 Regarding the comment about mixing xanax and sub causing death is somewhat suprising. I have a friend who just started suboxone last week, and his doctor sent him home with a script for 30 xanax. I thought it was odd when he told me that, but I'm really wondering about these docs that prescribe suboxone!
Avatar n tn to - BMac - yes I know all about benzos and opiates - Benzos mega intensify opiates and being a sick and twisted addict I used to like that - I'd take my evening klonopin dose (while I was on sub) and an hour later be nodding out with my face on my dinner plate. Fortunately I have no more sub and just want to get through whatever withdrawls and get back to normal.
917008 tn?1251227579 I know of people who are on suboxone and benzo's at the same time, most sub doctors dont tend to prescribe both, but some will. Buprenorphine the active opiate in sub is a powerful drug, so taking valium or other benzos can be very dangerous. Whatever you do be completely honest about when your last dose of any opiate was, you have to be in a moderate-severe withdrawal in order to start sub treatment so be honest.
Avatar m tn he could very well be doing the subs and other opiates along with it. is the suboxone prescribed from a doctor or is he self-medicating?? suboxone can cause a dark urine color. if your fiance is taking suboxone he should also be working a recovery program. the subs are meant to help stop the cycle of active addiction and to help them work a recovery program and eventually come off the subs and live opiate free. has he gone to any na or aa meetings? has he been to counseling?
Avatar f tn Sub also has a long half life (which means it stays in the system) of about 36-72 hours. Mixing suboxone and other opiates can be a pretty dangerous game. Would she be honest with you if you confronted her?
Avatar m tn i transitioned successfully from methadone to suboxone...let me know if you are doing this and need any help... and IF you are switching from methadone to suboxone...14 days might not cut it, as methadone withdrawals CAN last for up to 6 weeks.. i have been on suboxone since may and there are now some studies out there that show long term maintenance with suboxone has a 78% success rate... so as i said, i was a little confused by your post if you going cold turkey all the way? or with suboxone?
Avatar m tn This *****, Im in Pain and DR says t go back on meds.Im on Suboxone now for 3 weeks.Im down to 1 a day for 4 days now in 1/4s. My back is hurting. He says 24 to 36 Hrs after my last dose of Sub before i take any Pain Meds.Anyone that knows about this please reply.
Avatar m tn I may try and use the Suboxone again soon after I wean down like I said. I think it will be easier, and the Suboxone will then help space apart my dosage of Oxy which will help lessen sides to help me get off completely.
1077186 tn?1261168537 I don't know and your doctor may not either. Before mixing AD's, get another opinion. Numbness: Your blood vessels may be in spasm but why? Diabetic? Get the lab work he suggested. Tapering on your own: You can do this but be sure you know what you're doing. Do it slowly... A year seems too long to me but I'm not an expert. If you're getting aftercare and feeling like you can taper then you should! Good to hear from you! Keep in touch!
401095 tn?1351395370 In particular, grinding up Suboxone (which is meant to be dissolved under the tongue) and mixing it with benzodiazepines for injection has caused deaths. Patients being treated with buprenorphine also should not use tranquilizers, antidepressants, or sedatives except under a doctor’s orders, and they should avoid alcohol. What is the Difference Between Suboxone and Subutex? Both Suboxone and Subutex contain buprenorphine and are meant to be dissolved under the tongue.
Avatar n tn I have been on suboxone for nearly 2 wks now and I did slip once and took a few pain pills and I did not get high at all so I am comfused as to why you are mixing the 2.
Avatar n tn I found a clinic near home that said suboxone can help minimize the withdrawl symptoms and wean you off of drugs. Well I started today, and I was wondering if it really is successful? Also, can you have 1 glass of wine while on suboxone. I know it is not recommended, however I am used to having 1-2 glassed at bed time to help me sleep....but I am scared to since I want to wake up tommorrow. I also am scared to take a flexorall muscle relaxer....
237500 tn?1189759431 Frustrated because I once again relapsed last week and I am on Day 1 and a 1/2 of detox and I am mad at myself. I think I should be on suboxone because every time I have the chance to relapse, I DO, and I don’t know how to say no, nor do I even consider saying no…too good of a high to give up. That last statement alone is a sign that I need help. And why Im depressed, Im not sure.
Avatar f tn First you go off opiates and then you gotta withdrawl from suboxone. but it not as hard as the opiates. It also does help a little with pain. You might want to be on it for a little while. It depends on how long you were on opiates.
Avatar n tn Was it from the same doctor that gave you the suboxone? When he gave you the script did you ask him (the doctor) about mixing Celexa with Suboxone.....?
Avatar n tn 7 weeks ago he went on Suboxone and started to take about 4 mg of klonopin and 50 mg of valium along with 50 mg of seroquel. 5 weeks ago, the doctor started weaning him off the klonopin and changed him from seroquel to trazodone. ( the valium was never prescribed..he just took that on his own ). On his own, he decided to increase his klonopin dosage and add seroquel back to his regimen.
306455 tn?1288865671 I work at a Methadone Clinic where we also use Suboxone and Subutex depending on the person, their dependency and other things. Suboxone and Subutex are used by clinics and Detox units to get through opiate W/Ds. There are now addiction licensed doctors pushing using Suboxone and Subutex for pain control. In some places they already do. It is all about money with some doctors and like Methadone as long as you have cash to pay they will give you your fix.
Avatar m tn My life was already out of control long before I started doing heroin, but it seems like once I started IV'ing my drugs, it spiraled downhill much faster than it did when I was only snorting opiates. Eventually I ended up going to rehab this past February and have been clean from opiates and illegal drugs since. Although it has been hard at times, and some days even as recently as yesterday, I was 'positive' I was gonna buy something (either crack cocaine or heroin) that night.
Avatar m tn Does this route make sense to anyone or is going to suboxone a horrible idea and I should find another way? I have had two friends who have had success with a short term sub detox but everyone is different. Sorry for the long post, I am just confused on what I should do and writing it out helps.