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Avatar m tn I do not believe that an OB/GYN is one of them. I have no personal experience with Suboxone but other members here do. They will be along to weigh in soon. Please give us more info about you and your situation. Take care!
Avatar n tn The person gets no high or none of the other effects from the opiates. With all that said, make sure he is well into withdrawal before taking the Suboxone, or he will suffer precipitated withdrawal. Also, it's VERY UNLIKELY he will need more than 4mg a day, no matter how much opiates he normally takes. Many doctors put patients on way too high a dose. In my experience, I actually felt better the lower the dose. I would suggest starting with 1mg (1/8th of an 8mg strip) and then take .
Avatar m tn It was just so hard for me to taper when there was a bottle of pills sitting there. You're tapering schedule kind of depends on how many you are taking. Since you are taking 12-15 a day. I would cut back to 10 a day at first. Do that for a couple days and then go down to 8. After that cut it down to 7, then 6, then 5, then 4. Start cutting them in half and continue cutting down. By the last few days just take a half in the morning and half in the evening. Then just take a half a day.
Avatar n tn I believe in my research that opiates have become one of the fastest growing addictions we've seen in many years. I just wanted to give any support that I could and possibly share with you my experiences. Just to give you some background on myself, I have been an addictionologist now for 4yrs and currently run a treatment center for physical and/or psychological dependence. Again, just wanted to say Hello and keep up all the great work. Dr.
Avatar n tn I have tapered from 10 10/325 hydros to 3 5/325 hydros since last Friday after 6-7 months of inreasing use. Other than uneasiness and anxiety (significant at times), some diarrea, I am ok with the help of a little Ativan, Ambien and the supplements indicated in the Thomas Recipe. Any Thoughts? Is the Suboxone direction to extreme for me?
Avatar f tn It has blockers for opiates witch will put you in a crazy bad withdrawal if you take pain meds or other opiates. If you are taking Suboxone as a replacement for opiate addiction, you should be able to ask your Dr. about the interactions with prozac and alcohol. I have been on it before.
Avatar f tn If you have been a long time user of opiates, quiting cold turkey without the use of methadone or suboxone is frankly dangerous and can be life threatening. You will also likely relapse. The neurotransmitters in your brain may not even be able to function on their own either. Methadone or suboxone, for individuals that have serious long term addictions to opiods, may be your ONLY chance at sobriety.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me about suboxone? Tomorrow will be my first day with out taking oxycodone. I was taking 2 pills a day each 80mg. I am completely stopping the meds on my own and after doing some reading up from everyone I have taken off the whole week of work to prepare. I have even went out and got some vitamins and a few other things to be ready. But upon reading up on these things I ran across people talking about suboxone and wondered if this was a good choice to make.
Avatar n tn Now the good side of suboxone is that for most it does take all cravings for any other opiates away.. You may have an occassional craving at first, but suboxone is long acting and stays in your system a long time. Bupe is a much much stronger drug than most other opiates (oxy,hydro,morphine). So you only need to take it once per day. It does not wear off and you stop thinking of using. It does not work traditionally in the sense that you feel 'high' from it - not the high you are use to.
1331083 tn?1285915954 I think it works quite well for withdrawal symptoms of other opiates but what to do once on the suboxone. Once you stop taking the sub completely it stays in the system for a long time. So one has to have persistence. SOme exercise will help, sweating and getting your own endorphins going again.Just know that once you go past a certain timeframe taking this drug the more it will bind with these opiate receptors and the more it binds the worse the withdrawal.
Avatar m tn I have yet to see a successful and complacent person who's come off opiates with the help of suboxone. I mean you see lots of people with months of cleantime and success stories of people who used the other traditional remedies such as the thomas recipe, amino protocol, clonidine, gabapentin, antidepressants and my secret, copius ammounts of immodium, also exercise, etc to ease withdrawals and after gone through three relapses and three detoxes of getting clean, these do work effectively.
Avatar n tn I will put this into perspective from my OWN experience ONLY. I had a DUII 7 years ago, and as a result, was asked to go to 30 day inpatient treatment as a condition of my sentencing. First of all, if you are ANY kind of addict or alcoholic, inpatient treatment will likely save your life (if you can afford it). That is beside the point, however. I have a Rheumatological Arthropathy called "Ankylosing Spondylitis" which has caused my spine to begin fusing at the SI joint...
Avatar m tn my husband had a tooth pulled and now has my 1 choice of drug Hydro's and have to say even with suboxone I want to use today. its will power. Suboxone is a half opiate thats settles on thoses recepters in your brain where hydros, oxy, and ect. just keeps flowing through your recepers giving you the narcotic high. while you take suboxone u basically wouldnt feel the effects of opiates in short you dont get high.
480035 tn?1222369764 In addition, findings from an online survey revealed that more than 66 percent of respondents who are currently taking Suboxone to treat a dependency to opiates do not feel like they could stop taking it without assistance. Suboxone is a medication prescribed by doctors to treat opiate dependency.
Avatar f tn I have read that some use suboxone to help with the withdrawals from pain meds. Also have read that suboxone keeps you from getting the high from pain meds. My husband asked me what exactly is suboxone. I realized that I don't really know the whole answer. What is Suboxone, and what does it do to help you get off pain meds? Is there anyone who can tell me?
Avatar n tn how much heroin or other opiates were u using a day 24 mgs is alot of suboxone make sure you take the same amount at the same time everyday, and if u use while your taking the sub, u will go into withdrawl
Avatar f tn I just posted a comment about stopping taking suboxone. I never intended to start it. I was sober for 7 years through AA and went back out for 2 weeks shooting dualasid(K4) and stopped after 2 weeks cause I so dust want to live like tht but had a friend give me suboxone in case I had wd. I don't think I would of for only doing it for 2 weeks but was scared. Now I like the suboxone and have taking it for a month, longer that I shot up.
Avatar f tn Buprenorphine is incredibly effective for coming off opiates. Just make sure you go AT LEAST 24 hours without any opiates (longer with Methadone) before taking any Bupe, otherwise it will kick you straight into withdrawals. You need to be in the early stages of w/d BEFORE you start on the Bupe. You can start at around 12mg pd and get that down to 2mg in a couple of weeks without any discomfort. Then just taper off slowly...
Avatar f tn I can honestly say that I don't really crave the opiates, I just cannot handle the w/d and end up taking something to take away the discomfort. My question is, is it possible to just take the sub for a week or two to get the mess out of system and past the withdrawals, or does your body then need the sub? Thanks!
307401 tn?1194835748 YOu can NOT take opiates with Sub.. They do not give you opiates to put you to sleep for oral surgery, just sedatives..
268911 tn?1213748381 There's also quite a few people on here who are taking it and/or have taken it and are off w/complete success. I've been taking opiates for 10yrs, up to 15-20 vicodin a day .. then over to 80mg oxy's 2-3 a day .. did the morphine suckers, fenatyl patch, everything you can think of .. i tried quitting several times w/no success. LOngest i evre went was 7days .. Anyways, it prevents the w/d's and the cravings.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr., I am taking Suboxone for addiction to Lortab. My Dr. Started me off on 24mg and now I am down to 2 to 4 mg. I have tried to stop taking and wein myself off of the low dose I am on but I keep getting whacked by w/d symptoms. Is there a schedule that I can use that will help me go from 4 mg's to 0 mg's without going through the symptoms. I tried a few weeks ago and it was a VERY difficult 4 days!!!!
Avatar f tn I have been on Suboxone now for a year and have had great sucees with it and not using other drugs. But as with any drug your tolerence increases so does your dose need to. Well when I see him I am afraid to tell him that for the past three months I've run out a week in advance and make up reasons as to come see him early which is not being honest with him. I dont feel Im abusing it , its just my current dose is 1.5 8mg. Strips a day.
Avatar n tn I know that skyfoxglitter is taking suboxone and has been. I am sure she would explain every detail of what the pill does. The bad thing is she won't be back on site until tomorrow morning..... I took subutex, it started working immediatly. There suppose to be the same thing except that suboxone has an added oppiate blocker.......
610505 tn?1329607323 I have heard that getting down as low as you can go with dosages and then just taking every OTHER day will eliminate alot of the withdrawal feelings. That's what I'm planning on trying. I have heard from other forums that some people experience very little withdrawals and others experience withdrawals that last for MONTHS. My feelings during the 6 days off were, restless leg(mostly at nights), sneezing, aches, runny nose. The restless leg was the worst.
Avatar n tn I actually came to post my story and then I happened to see your question. I ask that you please think twice about taking Suboxone. It is not the miracle drug your Suboxone doctor or the FDA may try and make you think it is. If you are trying to live drug free consider detoxing on whatever it is that you are currently taking. Suboxone is addictive and causes the same withdrawal symptoms as other opiates such as methadone.
Avatar n tn I am currently on suboxone maintaince, and don't do percs anymore, but I used to get sobo's on the street and take opiates later in the day and they worked. The naloxone in the suboxone is what makes other opiates not work for the 8-10 hour time (I say 8-10 depending on your metabolism, etc. I personally have done it in 6 hours). The naloxone only is active for 6-8 hours after taking your suboxone, and once the naloxone is out of the picture, you can take whatever you want.
Avatar f tn Hello... So I have a question about suboxone. I started taking 1 mg 6 days ago and have been taking 1 mg each day since, at a later time each day) after a 20 pill a day norco habit for the past several years. (The pill count has risen in that time). I'm planning on dropping down to half that dose and extending it to every 2 or 3 days depending on how I feel and stopping complately after several days of doing that.
314128 tn?1226861220 It makes me feel really tired. But is helping with the nausea, aches, etc. Can anyone who has had experience taking subox tell me how it makes you feel?