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Avatar m tn Hello, I would like to know if it is safe to fly and be taking medical treatment for a year with Seroquel 300 and Fluoxetine (Prozac). I have to take a plane in a few days and let me know if it is safe to take this treatment ((people taking Seroquel and flew by plane more than 6 hours) I would also like to know the flight experiences in other patients taking Seroquel. Thanks, Anthony.
Avatar n tn its made me quite relaxed and peaceful, i have been extremely anxious for weeks/months.im also taking prozac with the seroquel, ill keep you updated as things progress.only day 2 today so no long term review.
Avatar n tn I was taking seroquel, risperdal and prozac, developed severe akathisia- stopped all meds and was initiated xanax for the akathisia. I began to feel slight improvement. The seroquel and risperdal was for the sleep so thus once I stopped I could not sleep, no rozerem was initiated- after about 2 weeks on it I began to feel a worsening of the akathisia symptoms, to the point I am having to keep increasing the xanax- despite being off the seroquel, prozac and risperdal for 2 months now.
Avatar m tn I've been on allot of medications for bi-polar, including lithium (which gravely affected my stomache), but now I'm on lexapro, seroquel, and temazapan. The seroquel with the temazapan helps me to sleep well, and I don't go thru the tremendous effects of anxiety (expecially when you feel like you are losing your breath with no known reason to do so), but I have gained allot of weight, and I don't eat that much. I have read that seroquel is not all that good.
Avatar f tn I am on day 5 c/t from hydro and oxy. I feel VERY foggy and mentally not with it. I also feel like I am having a difficult time with motor skills and coordination. From what I understand it has to do with synapses and your body trying to level itself out again. I have almost zero short term memory though and even my mom has been commenting on how "slow" I have been.
1985196 tn?1402190098 Just wondering if anyone tried Prozac and what it like ? I see psychiatrist thursday which is really good thing because i've been having terrible depression and anxiety the last few week's and haven't really left the house either . Will it effect Lithium and Seroquel ..
Avatar f tn I have been taking a number of medications since I turned 21 in 2008, the first being Prozac, Adderall, and Seroquel. I was only prescribed Seroquel for as long as my doctor wanted to "observe possible Bipolar symptoms".... after about 3 months he took me off Seroquel. After years of continued difficulty with bouts of depression, anger/irritability, sleep, I saw a new doctor in 2015 who prescribed Abilify 5mg along with Adderall.
1029865 tn?1252418538 Before I was diagnosed with BP, and was only taking that medication, it had very negative effects. Combined with actual mood stabilizers though, it works great.
Avatar f tn She is in a wheel chair. problems with bladder control, vision etc. she has dementia. she is taking prozac for mood,lorazpam for sleeping and nerves,seroquel for major mood swings. They want to try her on aricept. do you think this is to much medicine. I want her to have some what of a normal life and not in a fog all the time. is this to much mecdine?
Avatar f tn I am one person who has had a bad experience with serouquel. At one time I was taking 300mg of Seroquel. Well when I would get up to go to the bathroom, I could hardly walk and honestly would walk into walls. Not fun. He moved me down to 200mg and well that didn't work either. As of yesterday I went on 100mg of Serouquel and 10mg of Ambien. I haven't slept that good in ages. I guess what I am trying to say is Serouguel works diffrent for each individual.
175861 tn?1428182413 Take care, Laura I just read on another of your posting where you mentioned you are on seroquel aand prozac. One of the unfortunate side effects of seroquel is tardive dyskinesia, a less rare but possible with prozac. From what i've read and seen on youtube, it results in all over muscle spasms and shakes. I have read it can be pemanent, it's not one of those side effects that go away after one stops seroquel.
Avatar n tn i go in with one cancer and leave with another ... my shrink suggwests swithcing to zoloft or prozac ..........should i go of the seroquel all together ??????
Avatar f tn yesterday—he hates all my medicine and can’t believe what they have me on. So he wants me to start taking effexor xr 150 every other day, prozac every other day for about 4 days then just come off. xanax to kolonopin-take one xanax and next dose kolonopin for a few days then just kolonopin. He wants seroquel xr one night and then trazadone the next night at 75mg or up to 150mg and then let go of the seroquel xr. I am scared to death with all these medicine changes. Can I have some input here.
Avatar n tn I have recently tried zyprea with weight gain, respridol with horrible confusion, and geodon with ? side effects. I started on seroquel. It seemed to be working great, then my hair started falling out much more than usual. I also stopped taking birth control pill right around the same time for no particular reason. My thyroid, estrogen and testosterone levels have checked out. I have recently started back on the birth control pills.
Avatar n tn Is 1200mg seroquel, 10 mg Prozac, lithium 300mg, zyprexa 10mg plus aitvan 1mg a too high or too much dosage for a 22 year old male.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Seroquel xr 150 mg for about a month with no problem, all of a sudden i have started getting bad muscle spasms that last hours. I can't take it any more, i just take my Prozac and that alone is not helping. Is this a common side affect? will it go away? why did it start after i had been taking the medicine for over a month with no problem?
1577158 tn?1476511278 So doctor took me off abilify and put me on seroquel for sleep as well as it enhancer for my Wellbutrin. I'm felt like a zombie this morning I did not want to get out of bed today. So tired.
Avatar f tn So today i took the first Lamictal 25 mg and will take another lamictal 25 mg at night with seroquel but i still want to keep taking the topomax and want to know if anyone had done this combo.
2996663 tn?1374169076 There are always thoughts racing through my head, and even when i sleep i dont think they stop, i think my brain just interprets them into my dreams and i end up with weird scrambled dreams that i can barely make sense of. why am i always confused, why cant i sort my thoughts out, about the world, this life, everything. I dont even know how to explain it all i know is it drives me crazy not being able to relax my mind. I wish i could crawl in a hole and hide from reality.
7076597 tn?1387773752 I think the Prozac is more effectice at 50 or 60 mg. Seroquel is for seeing gousts demond halusinations people on drugs, or hearing things. it will long term make your brain smarter and be able to focus better, work better and it cures anxiety. Prozac is better I feel. I hate the way seroquil makes your head hurt when you take 20mg or more. uncomfortable feeling. take 75/100 mg seroquil and 60 mg Prozac. =NO ANXIETY NO WORRIES.
696149 tn?1314320959 I've been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder. I'm not sure which forum to post in. Anyway I have just gotten off Vicodin....going on my 9th day. I've gotten of it before. I was on it for 14 years and then went off CT. I went back on because of a kidney stone...stupid! I should have known I couldn't have handled it. Anyway, that was like 7 months ago. I've been milking it for a while. Then I got blurred vision last year.
906325 tn?1256501197 My doctor is switching me to Seroquel XR off prozac. I'm worried bc i have to breastfeed as my daughter is allergic to formula. The site says do not breastfeed while taking it. He is saying go ahead but my pharmicist disagrees. Is anyone out there taking this and breastfeeding by any chance??!!!
871671 tn?1241769709 had my second dose of seroquel today and it knocked me out but not as bad as the one I took yesterday. That was weird yesterday. I took it at 3:10pm thinking that it would be ok because I used to take 100mgs and that would knock me out. Well by 4pm, thank god I was home, I was slurring my words and felt so doped out. I slept for 4 hours while the others went shopping and then went to bed at 9:30pm and slept right through.
Avatar m tn 200 lamictal 20 Prozac 75 Seroquel 30 buspar. Buspar definitely helps with anxiety.
Avatar m tn However letely I have been prescribed Seroquel (cound not do it ate everthing in site). Now I an on Geodon to help with the racing thoughts and also aid in sleep therapy, sinceI have had insomnia for 7+ years. I have only been on Geodon 40mg for 10 days. Does anyone know will geodon help me sleep and rid the racing thought?
Avatar n tn 5 years, i quit cold turkey when my back got better (5 years of chiropractic 2 x week) it was a brutal time, no sleep muscle aches all night etc etc after 6 months i was still feeling [email protected] all the time and couldnt sleep, went to a psychiatrist, tried some anti depressants, no good, made me feel speedy (cymbalta, effexor and prozac) tried an anti psychotic (seroquel) and could finally sleep for 6 hours +, started to feel better after a couple weeks of sleeping ok.
Avatar f tn I have been to see pdoc today after having a bit of a wobble following 2 months off medication (did not go cold turkey, did it over 3 months). She has prescribed me Zyprexa but I am really scared about taking it, I really don't want to gain weight - I am still trying to lose the weight I gained on Depakote.
Avatar f tn about a year and a half ago i was finally sent to a psychiatrist when 40mg of prozac wasnt doing anything much. She diagnosed me with bipolar, anxiety and OCD. She upped me to 60mg of the prozac which actually did help but also put me on seroquel xl which im now on 300mg of an miratazipine 15mg at night to help me sleep a bit better.