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Avatar n tn My results came back with a tsh of .12. They wanted to raise my synthroid to .1 . Shouldn't they want to lower the dosage? Thanks for listening.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Synthroid for about 9 years now and have my TSH tested at least once a year. I just had it done this month and the result was 4.704, which is slightly above normal limits according to the nurse. She told me my physician was going to keep my dosage the same, which is 100mcg, even though my physician noted at my exam that my thyroid gland was enlarged and I am having classic hypothyroidism symptoms.
Avatar n tn Update: Saw the Endocrinologist today. She agreed with the above assertion.. said the thyroid was burned from the radiation. She said "thyroid levels are over 100"; that was after 50mcg Synthroid daily for a month. She ordered an ultrasound and increased the dosage to 137mcg.
Avatar m tn The current dosage of synthroid is 75mcg. In January my test results were T4 13.4 T3 uptake 32 Free Thyroxine Index 4.3 TSH 0.358 When is blood work was done I was on 88mcg then dosage was lowered. Is this correct?
Avatar m tn I am curious if there is some formula for syntroud dosage. I was on 88 mcg and my tsh has gone up from 4 to 17. He is raising my dosage from 88 to 125 and will retest later. He said it's better to raise it slowly if that's not enough. Is there any way to know how much I will need? I have hashimotos and my tsh started at 6 went to 3 with synthesis then up to 40 then back down to 4 with more synth road and now up to 17. Please don't ask for t3 or 4 I don't know it .
Avatar f tn I have hypothyroidism. Will my dose ever go down? Or will my meds need to be increased eventually? I am disputing an issue with Walgreens and I cannot see how they filled the wrong dose.
Avatar n tn you can google it conversion armour thyroid or look online there is a thread with some conversion charts on it.
Avatar n tn I have many of the symptoms popping up again from my hypothyriodism disease that I was diagnosed with 10 years ago. I am currently taking taking a dosage of .125 synthroid. I have take this same dosage for 8 years. I nearly passed out at work today and went to the hospital. I have felt fatigued among other things. The blood work said my THS level was too high. It was 11.02. My doctor is currently calling in a new prescription. Is 11.02 THS level something to be worried about?
Avatar f tn I have had hypothyroidism for a long time. Your doctor will take blood for your levels and decide what to do for your situation. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Read the cautions on the Synthroid dosing instructions regarding factors that require starting out at a low dose and increasing slowly to develop tolerance (patient over 50, been hypo for a long time, history af heart arrythmia, etc.). Initial dosage is 1.7 mcg/kg/day. At 1.7 per kg, that's 386. My opinion...not a doctor, just a patient...don't ever do that to anyone...start lower and increase slowly.
Avatar n tn I have also suffered from Chronic Back Pain since breaking my back in the L4-L5 area when I was really young. After being on a low dosage of Synthroid for a while, my back specialist sent my physician a request to raise my Synthroid dosage temporarily to help my weight go down and take the pressure off my back. Instead my physician sent me for tests, said that my thyroid was "normal for someone with a hypothyroid" and took me off the medication completely.
Avatar n tn Synthroid is for hypothyroidism. Dose adjustments are common in order to optimize replacement - TSH levels are followed in order to help determine the best replacement.
Avatar n tn You also have to consider what's a side effect of the Synthroid and what's a symptom of the hypOthyroidism that's making the Synthroid necessary -- OR a symptom of hypERthyroidism if your dosage is too high. Weight gain? Well, I've read doctors saying Synthroid really doesn't have much effect on weight, and I've also read patients saying they've gained a lot or lost a lot because of it, so I don't know what to tell you there.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 01/2002. I also had a goiter that had to be removed. I started taking Synthroid. I have had my thyroid levels checked regularly since then with minor adjustments in my mediciation. I went to a specialist last week. He found two places on my throat. He sent me to the lab for blood work. My results are as follow: TSH 7.4, TPO over 1,000, Antithyroid over 1,000. He also did an ultrasound last week.
Avatar f tn ORDERS ENCLOSED FOR REPEAT LABS IN 6 WEEKS. (Also enclosed was aprescription for Synthroid) I have no symptoms of hypothyroidism, infact, hyperthyroidism would have been less of a shock............... Am I correct in assuming that 'high thyroid levels' actually = hypo and not hyper? My labwork was purely annual bloodwork and not diagnosis related to any health problems. I guess I'm wondering 'What is the best way to proceed here?
Avatar n tn 50 mcg, introduced gradually. I immediately noticed an increase in my symtoms of panic, so the doctor told me to cut the pills in half, which I have been doing for several months now, but panic is still present. My doctor ok'd me to start gradually decreasing my dosage down to zero, which happened a few days ago, and now I notice increased depression levels together with lack of energy. My doctor is very cooperative and wants to help, but is clueless as to what to do next.
Avatar n tn I have no idea what my levels are. I was on Synthroid .125mg and most recently got put to .137mg.
393419 tn?1228450993 I know it's different for everyone, but what is the average dose of synthroid for people who have has a thyroidectomy? My doctor started me off on .175 and then I had an anxiety attack the other day (see journal) today he said my numbers were good, but reduced me to .137 and gave me some .150 samples as well. He said to start on the .137 and if I felt sluggish to take the .150's . How will I know the difference between general fatigue and not enough synthroid. Would the .
Avatar f tn I have never gone to and endocrinologists for this problem that was diagnosed by my ob/gyn on 9/11. I have heard so many ways to deal with this disease have had my levels checked every 6-12months by my internal doc. I have never had an ultra sound although the nodule was the first symptom I had. My metabolism has been very sluggish for a very long while now, and recently I've heard about the benefits of iodine/iodide. What should I do next? I am so confused.
Avatar n tn Yes, 41 is high, and yes, of course you should have a follow up appointment scheduled. 4-6 weeks to see if that dosage is correct for you. It may be too high and you could go hyper, again. But it's likely your TSH of 41 will come down to within reference range with this dosage. But TRUST ME... unless you have extensive dealings with this doc, he is just guessing at your dose of Levoxyl. It's the S.W.A.G. (Sophicated Wild-A$$ Guess) method of medicine every endocrinologist practices.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Synthroid for 6 weeks. I haven't noticed any change in my symptoms. I am extremely tired. Have gained so much weigh! My skin looks pasty and I look so unhealthy! Can anyone tell me when I will feel better?
1031854 tn?1354029243 I have had hypothyroidism for 10 years now and actually was diagnosed with it during a visit to my ENT for an earache. He noticed that my throat looked swollen (a goiter) and sent me to an endocrinologist and through blood work was confirmed that I do have hypothyroidism and I never had the symptoms so who knows how long I would of went without treatment if it wasn't for the ENT.
Avatar f tn I am currently on 50mcg of Syntroid for my Hypothyroidism. I have been on this dosage for 10 years now. However, I am seeing many of my symptoms reappear even though I take my meds daily...very dry skin, fatigue, aches and pains in joints, extreme constipation and recently a new symptom - fingernails are breaking and have ridges in them - never had this before. It is as if I am not taking the Synthroid at all.
Avatar n tn I suspect you'll respond very quickly to the medication. As for Cytomel, which I took for years, its use is controversial. (Only one enthusiastic British/ Lithuanian study to support it. ) You only need it if your T4 to T3 conversion is inadequate. In my opinion it's premature to consider it now. The thing is to get on T4 supplementation (levothyroid or whatever), get the dosage up, and test every three or four weeks, not every three months.
Avatar f tn My question is what is the difference in the blood test as i am to go back in 6 weeks for a follow up blood test, and how do you know what would be the right dosage to start off on???? Please help.
211940 tn?1267884866 On January 1st, 2012, Medicare kicked in, for me. So, this new PCP, is the first Primary Care Doctor, I have seen, since then.
Avatar n tn After becoming hypothyroid from that barbaric treatment, I developed many symptoms that I had NEVER had before, including a 50lb weight gain in a three month period, when I had been underweight for my entire life. I took Synthroid .125 mg for 3 years with no relief of any symptoms.