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Avatar n tn is a dosage of .025mg of synthroid the same as a dosage of 25mcg? I would like to know if these pills are the same dosage.
Avatar f tn ) The endocrinologist prescribed 112 mcg. Synthroid. Told her I was having insomnia. She reduced it to 100 mcg......still insomnia. Next to 88 mcg .....still insomnia. (I also have frequent bowel movements.) My T4 level is 1.1; and the TSH level is 0.96. We are now going to try 75 mcg. Having had a thyroidectomy, isn't it unusual to be only taking 75 mcg. Synthroid? Are size and age factors? I am 5' 1/2" and weigh 125 lbs. I am 72. We will test again in six weeks.
Avatar m tn Yes I was at 25 and went up to 25. You mentioned dosage is done in 12 to 25 mcg increments. That make sense, thanks.
Avatar f tn Great thankss alot.. I'l check it today.
Avatar f tn 6 and back in May and was started on Synthroid because I had a Partial thyroidectomy. The doc put me on 25 mcg. I just did blood work for TSH and Free T4 today. This is the first time I have ever had Free T4 . I go to the docs again on Aug 12th. I'm hoping my levels are in check. How long have you been taking meds?
Avatar n tn 1 mcg of Synthroid and that he was going to change my dosage to 0.75 mcg. If my TSH level is already low, wouldn't lowering my dosage of Synthroid make this level even lower? Are palpitations a symptom of low TSH? I am due to have a repeat TSH in 2 months at which time I will ask the M.D. to add a T3 and T4 (these have not been drawn for some time).....
Avatar f tn I had a TT two days ago. My doctor prescribed 150 mcg daily of Synthroid. How do you feel about that dosage? To me, that seems high as a starting dose. I would have thought that I should have been started at a lower dose and increased gradually, as needed. The reason for the TT was due to papillary thyroid cancer. I had the left lobe removed about 1 1/2 years ago, and a week after surgery found out the pathology report indicated cancer.
Avatar n tn I had my thyroid removed on october 24th and have been on synthroid 75 mcg since. i have been having cramps in my calves like charlie horse pain for the past week . Does this mean that i may need a higher dose of synthroid. I just went and had my first lab work done since my surgery this past week. I have noticed that I have gained some weight since the surgery.
Avatar m tn I am curious if there is some formula for syntroud dosage. I was on 88 mcg and my tsh has gone up from 4 to 17. He is raising my dosage from 88 to 125 and will retest later. He said it's better to raise it slowly if that's not enough. Is there any way to know how much I will need? I have hashimotos and my tsh started at 6 went to 3 with synthesis then up to 40 then back down to 4 with more synth road and now up to 17. Please don't ask for t3 or 4 I don't know it .
10556085 tn?1411051011 05 T3 Total 67 (76-181 NG/DL) Vitamin B12 1499 (200-1100 PG) I am a 42 year old female and I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's but had hypothyroidism for 14 years. I was taking Synthroid 88 mcg for 9 years and about 4 months ago my endo changed it to 75 mcg because my hypo turned into hyper.
Avatar m tn The current dosage of synthroid is 75mcg. In January my test results were T4 13.4 T3 uptake 32 Free Thyroxine Index 4.3 TSH 0.358 When is blood work was done I was on 88mcg then dosage was lowered. Is this correct?
Avatar f tn IF you want the overall dose to remain the same, the rule of thumb is to reduce T4 meds by 20-25 mcg for every 5 mcg T3 you add in. Many people split the T3 into two doses (even if it's a small dose) so T3 levels remain more constant throughout the day.
Avatar m tn I normally take 150 mcg of synthroid, my pharmacist filled it incorrectly at 175 mcg.
Avatar n tn She's asking how many 50 mcg pills to take to equal 125 mcg. It would take 2 - 50 mcg pills to make 100 mcg, then another .5 of a 50 mcg pill to make the other 25 mcg.
Avatar n tn Hello. I was wondering if I could get an opinion. I was on 112 mg of Synthroid. My results were as follows: TSH .87 (.67 - 4.5) Free T4 1.2 (.67 - 1.76) I was feeling a little bit hyper on this dosage. I was nervous, not sleeping , etc. I think that I seem to do better when my TSH is a little higher. I already had 100 mg of Synthroid, so I started taking the 100's, with the knowledge of my doctor, but by day 3, I was crying, emotional, and not feeling good at all. What does this mean?
Avatar f tn I was on 88 mcg with a TSH of 5.8. I was increased to 100 mcg. I have been on 100 for 3 weeks. I went ahead and tested my TSH after only 3 weeks because I wasn't feeling great. I did not test Free's. The TSH is now 3.44. My symptoms are anxiety, constipation, interrupted sleep, etc. Do you think it is too early to see if I might need a little more, or would waiting 3 more weeks really make a difference in TSH. Thank you in advance. I also take iron for low ferritin.
Avatar f tn RAI killed my thyroid, I am starting on 125 mcg Synthroid. According to most posts, that is an unusually high starting dose. I've learned it is calculated by weight at 1.7 mcg/kg/day. So, 125 mcg of Synthroid would be for 160 lb. person, which I am (thanks to being hypo for two weeks!). This is my second day on that dose. When will I know it is too high? Does anyone take a dose that high? My endo started the Synthroid when my labs were: TSH 21.04 (.3 - 5.5) FT3 1.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed as being hypothyroid. I was prescribed 25 mcg Synthroid as a starting dose, which I understand is a very low dose. I take no other prescription medications. I only take a daily multi vitamin/mineral (for many years). Everything was going fine until I had been taking it for ~4 weeks. At the 4 week point, I started with having difficulty falling asleep.
Avatar m tn My doctor changed my Synthroid dosage from 100 mcg once a day to 112 mcg SIX days a week. Has anyone ever heard of skipping a day of Synthroid? Also, are there any insights as to why a doctor would make this change? Thanks for your time.
Avatar f tn He wanted me to get an ultrasound to make sure there wasn't anything going on there, all was clear, so he increased my Synthroid to 100 MCG for 2 weeks, then increased it back up to 200 MCG. I've been on 200 MCG for the past 2 weeks with no changes in how I feel. I've not lost any weight, still very tired, and joints hurt very bad. My pulse is 68/min. What should I do?
Avatar f tn 1.7 mcg/kg/day is a guideline for initial dosing when first starting on levo. Once on meds, dosage has to be used to manipulate FT3 and FT4 levels to achieve elimination of symptoms. Many doctors do not realize that their patients will not be symptom-free just because their FT3 and FT4 are "in range". Many of us feel best when FT4 is about midrange and FT3 is in the upper half to upper third of its range.
1350417 tn?1303829010 If your levels are not going down while on 160 mcg of Synthroid, what would the next dosage amount be? Thank you for answering my questions, I know I'm being a pain everyone, but this is taking over my life as much as I try to not let it. I'm just sooooo tired of not being able to live even a half way normal life. Again, Thank you.
491352 tn?1258810695 My bloodwork came back and surgeon prescribed 88 mcg Synthroid. Is that a high dose to start out on? My test results were: TSH 6.46 T3 3.2 T4 1.
Avatar m tn you NEED to be tested for more than just TSH. You REALLY need to be tested as mentioned above for the two active thyroid hormone themselves being the FREE T4 and FREE T3. Synthroid is a synthetic T4 medication. T4 is a "storage" hormone that remains in your blood until your body needs more hormone. The T4 will then be converted into T3. Your body only ultimately uses the Free T3 hormone and the body only convert the Free T4 hormone.
Avatar n tn Was prescribed synthroid 50mcg, then after 6 weeks and some blood work the dosage was increased to 75 mcg. What does this mean. Does synthroid treat hypo or hyperthiroid?
Avatar n tn Especially if this is an inital dosage which would be a HUGE starter dose. Most intitial starting out will start out at 25 mcg to maybe 50 mcg and then slowly work up. So if you start to feel worse, you may want to talk to your Dr about slowing down or having a smaller dose to start out and work up.
Avatar f tn Call him back, and talk directly to him, esp if you didn't before. Alot of times the "nurses" that you talk to are not real nurses. They are medical assistants and some have had no formal training. Yes 125 mcgs is lower dose than 150 mcg.