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9595194 tn?1404752716 What are the reference ranges for the T3 and T4 and are they Free T3 and Free T4 or are the Total T3 and Total T4? Tests for Total T3 and Total T4 are considered obsolete and of little value. We need more information before we can tell you very much. Have you been tested for any thyroid antibodies? You should be tested for Hashimoto's and Graves Disease. Both are autoimmune thyroid diseases. Neither can be cured, but both can be managed.
Avatar f tn I had a full lab done and that's how they found it. I had been suffering with constipation since January and just though my system was out of wack because of age (turning 40 in October)...then skin was beginning to dry out and I was tired. I had an excuse for all of it. NOW I know...I will get back with you on my progress and hopefully it will help other people. Your information is so helpful. All they tell you is "Take this and don't do that" but not much else. THANK YOU!
Avatar m tn But I recently read about this constipation onlinr when I asked if something else could be causing this and up popped this info about Synthroid and constipation.. I printed out the info that I got. I wold like to wean off this drug if possible Please help.
Avatar n tn However, I developed severe constipation. Despite of taking Metamucil and drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables , these didn't seem to help. Since I got scared, I stopped the medication . 5 days later , the constipation subsided . Unfortunately, I also started to feel lethargic again. I called my endo and she told me that constipation is not one of the side effects of SYNTHROID. In researching this subject , I found some old posting ( 2007 -2009 ) citing this subject .
168348 tn?1379360675 I attributed it to the Synthroid but my GI said it is from 1/2 the thyroid coming out and hypo regardless of what the bloodwork says!!!! I am SO SO GLAD I called to ask what to do w/my situation as this was so discouraging ........he upped the dosage up to 3X a day if necessary .. WHOA .. I didn't know it could be taken more than 1X a day (laxative) so that is a simple fix. And, in reference to the Dr's poo pooing us women with thyroid issues KUDOS to this GI ........
Avatar n tn I am still extremely constipated and was just wondering how long it takes for synthroid to kick in and your levels to come down. After RAI, my TSH was almost 100. I am also experiencing lower back pain and I don't know if this is due to the constipation of being hypo. I had a colonoscopy in January of 2006 so I really don't believe the lower back pain and constipation is related to a GI disorder.
Avatar n tn I can only tell you that I had severe problems with constipation on Synthroid and did everything to help prevent it. I even kept a log of everthing that went into my body to give to my doctor. My regimen included 8 oz prune juice, 2 Tablespoons EV Olive Olive, one whole apple with peeling and 3 colace, water, fiber and exercise. This seemed to do nothing. I changed to Armour thyroid and was feeling better WITHIN HOURS! Not even the medical profession was aware of this side effect.
Avatar n tn My 10 year old is also on levothyroxine (generic for synthroid) and is experiencing severe constipation for the first time in his life. Reading your and other comments elsewhere, I am sure this has to be the cause of constipation. I just put in a call to his doctor hoping to try something else. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn 75 and the endo says I am in good shape and should stay on the Synthroid. The problem is I am experiencing severe joint and muscle pain which I never had before. I have read that while your body is adjusting to the proper thyroid hormone levels, this pain is common. My question is how long before it goes away? I have other symptoms that have greatly more constipation and terrific energy level but I can't live with this constant pain. Any idea?
907968 tn?1292625804 It was not a problem before synthroid, and went away when I stopped synthroid, so yes it was the synthroid. I am sure you have, but just to double check...have you checked out all they symptoms for hypothryoidism? Constipation is one of them along with many other gastro issues. I am a member of that club, albeit, unwillingly.
Avatar n tn Can I take Nexium and Synthroid (generic of synthroid) at the same time in the morning? Both have to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, an hour or so before a meal. I stopped the Nexium since starting the Synthroid a couple of weeks ago because I was afraid to take both together and thought the synthroid was more important, but am now back to having digestive problems that the Nexium helped.
Avatar n tn Since I have started taking Synthroid, I have developed chronic constipation. I'm eating a lot of fiber, drinking a lot more water, eating more fruits and vegetables and getting more exercise. I've also started taking a pro-biotic...All of these to little avail. In addition, EVERY night I take: 1 TBL extra virgin orgainic olive oil, 1TBL organic Flax oil, one apple with the peeling, 3 colace and 8 ounces of prune juice!!! This seems to have little effect.
Avatar f tn How much magnesium? I just started synthroid and I am "bound" to it with severe constipation. I hate the stuff and I decided to skip it today as I read from the RX that it has a 7 day shelf life. I have been taking 50mcg for two weeks, and thinking of cutting it in half. I am at wits end, drinking almost a gallon of water each day. As I type I am drinking hot lemon water. This is no way to live. I work and can't deal with this! Please help!!!
Avatar f tn I take Magnesium daily, probiotic nightly, fiber, and am bloated a lot but was wondering if anyone battles this and is it common even when on medication and balanced according to labs. It didn't change when they accidently overmedicated me either.
Avatar f tn after only taking 112 synthroid And severe hypo symptoms my dr. at my request added 5 mcg of cytomel. Although i still continue to suffer from hypo symptoms such as severe hair loss, joint pain, constipation and brain fog, my energy has increased since adding the cytomel. I have not been able to find an endo knowledgeable or willing enough to help. however, i did find a general practitioner who is willing to try various meds. However, she is not very knowleadgeable with hypothyroidism.
Avatar f tn Now she only takes Prilosec once in awhile. I know a few other people on the community with diabetes and needing synthroid -- let me know if you want me to connect you?
Avatar n tn I don't have time to go to the dr and usually go when I feel awful then I swear I will keep taking it and then I stop. Does anyone know the effects of not taking my SYnthroid? Besides lethargy and mood swings what can happen? I am 32 and I am realizing that I may be harming myself.
680767 tn?1254834175 Wellllllll for me it took my TSH #'s to get in better range for what is normal for me. After 2 yrs of TSH at 2.8 and now on synthroid after unrelated thyroid surgery, and TSH at 1.8 it is normal and off Miralax after 2 yrs of taking it!!!! All my docs shook their heads and could do nothing but be amazed and agree that obviously for me it was subclinical hypothyroidism. So if you have hypo w/o a doubt, then it most likely is all conected. What's your TSH level? and WELCOME!
787406 tn?1339206783 Good morning, I read your post and found this quite interesting. I too have Hashi'd and constipation and never put the 2 together! I will try this... Can you tell me what other symptoms you have? I'm always very interested in learning fronm others.
Avatar f tn MOST people might feel really good at your levels, but you might be one of those people who would feel a lot better higher in the ranges, and Synthroid should boost your levels. With experience and a lot of trial and error, most of us eventually find out sweet spot. I just think you'd feel a lot better with a firm diagnosis and reconciling the contradiction between what the radiologist's report indicated and what your doctor has said. No one's giving you the complete picture.
Avatar f tn This might be an odd question but today is my 3rd day on Synthroid (I have Hashimoto's) and I know I have to wait at least 4 weeks to feel the effects. I'm really impatient and I noticed something different today at the gym. usually i do HIIT Cardio on the elliptical machine when I'm not training, and I NEVER sweat and my heart rate never goes above 170 until the END of my cycle.
Avatar n tn and is it safe to be on and off then on and off with synthroid? i suspect i will change from hyper to hypo soon, shall i pick up synthroid again? then drop it? run the circle again and again?
Avatar f tn I still don't know whether it was because my adrenals were low (possibly), but I have managed to continue with synthroid and now have 75mcg and 50mcg on alternate days. I did wonder about the fillers in the 25mcg tablet, but perservered with it until I got up to the 50mcg dose. Finally feeling fine now - it took a little while to get to optimum. I haven't had any majors with conversion, and it sounds as though you have a good understanding of that.
Avatar n tn put me into Synthorid 125mg and I changed to the generic medication LEVOTHYROXINE about 4 years or so. Occasionally, had constipation and gastric problem, which will end with severe head ache & some how I was able to manage it with regular head ache medication and also it was very occasional (once in a month or so). But for the past few weeks the constipation problem is very high and it is affecting my day to day activities. Also tried lot of fiber intake but NO help.
Avatar n tn My doctor found the T3 number to be too high, so she switched me to Synthroid. I've had MAJOR constipation and digestive problems for the past month since being on the new Synthroid medication. The symptoms were severe enough to send me to the ER. Everyone is telling me just to drink more water and eat more fiber, but doing so has not solved the problem. I'm going to stop taking Synthroid and tell my doctor we need to try something else.
Avatar m tn so many questions the doctor will see me in 3 weeks and might raise my synthroid levels i am afraid it will be to late for my baby and all the blood work i keep gettin is sitting in vain at some medical office and mean while i need more synthroid. i am so anxious and i feel all alone doctors aren't really making me feel any better. physically or mentally.
Avatar n tn Have you been tested for actual thyroid antibodies? That would be thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOab) and thyroglobulin antibodies (TGab). I've also read that some of the same tests are used to diagnose both RA and Hashimoto's. You say: "Although I was euthyroid (3.0) at the time, my endocrinologist recommended that I begin Synthroid due to insane issues with constipation and fatigue" -- is the 3.0 referring to your TSH result?
Avatar n tn I can only tell you that I had severe problems with constipation on Synthroid and did everything to help prevent it. I even kept a log of everthing that went into my body to give to my doctor. My regimen included 8 oz prune juice, 2 Tablespoons EV Olive Olive, one whole apple with peeling and 3 colace, water, fiber and exercise. This seemed to do nothing. I changed to Armour thyroid and was feeling better WITHIN HOURS! Not even the medical profession was aware of this side effect.