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Avatar n tn Hi, I just wanted to say that I've had similar problems. I've been on Levothyroxine 75 since February (started with 25 in november and increasing gradually), and it seriously feels like someone exchanged my body for that of a 70-year old in the last few months (I am 26). I've been waking up with pains in my hips/joints. Scariest is the muscle spasms and muscle aches which made even light excercise unbearable. Severe joint pain in my fingers and my feet hurt and cramp all the time.
Avatar m tn His either feeling or being sick every morning this is often accompanied by extreme bouts of constipation and bloated stomach . And also extremely dry skin these side effects are still on going and its difficult now to administer any kind of liquid feed as its not moving round the body quick enough and just lying on his stomach and I imagine the build up of that is also adding to the sickness problem.
738890 tn?1232217879 50mcg of levothyroxine was too much. So was 25, 12.5, even 6mcg. The side effects overwhelmed me - anxiety, lethargy, tremor, gastric distress, tightness in my chest. My numbers on 1.05.09 - Free T3 2.73 (range 1.5 - 4.1) 3rd generation TSH 3.41 (range .5 - 2.5) Total T4 7.49 (range 4.5 - 12.5) After a few days on the lowest dose of levo, I stopped taking it. Over all, I feel better without it tho my chest is still a bit tight.
541196 tn?1293556536 Dostinex can cause GI disturbances. These are one of the most common side effects of this medication. However it usually causes constipation and not diahrrea along with nausea, abdominal pain and dyspepsia. http://www.drugs.com/pro/dostinex.html Levothyroxine is not known to cause GI disturbances. The red pieces in stool could be parts of undigested food. It seems to be a bout of colitis or severe diarrhea secondary to intestinal infection. Please consult a gastroenterologist.
1063764 tn?1272824664 I was taking armor before this and I had a lot less side effects. I felt so much better but the med world doesn't want to support armor for some reason so they fight against us taking it. I think Tirosint is not good for our bodies, and through my experience I think it's very dangerous.
Avatar n tn Ferrous Gluconate may cause fewer symptoms and is milder on stomach. Ferrous Fumerate is often prescribed by doctors as it, too, has fewer side effects, absorbs well, and is easier on the stomach." From another site, ""But most patients and their doctors have found it necessary to supplement with iron tablets, which includes Ferrous Sulfate, Ferrous Glutamate, Ferrous Fumerate, etc. Supplementation needs to be spread out during the day, with food, for better absorption.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced any bad side effects from the hcg shots? I am administering them myself and just want to know what to look out for.
Avatar f tn I was on 0.25 mg on levothyroxidine for about twenty days. I only realised how miserable I felt since I started taking it those pills after two consecutive huge headhaches when waking up in the morning. I couldn't even get out of bed and the headhache wasn't going not even after I took some aspirine. My heart was pulsing so firmly I could see my pijama shaking after every beat of my heart. My mouth was dry and with a weird taste.
Avatar m tn Ever since I stopped taking Levothyroxine, I have not suffered or noticed any side effects other than the major weight gain. I don't feel tired or sick or anything. I'm always full of energy and up and about. Today I finally mustered up the courage to call an endocrine health center for an appointment. My appointment will be on the 31st of this month. I hope he can help me get tested and re-evaluated so I can start taking Levothyroxine again.
Avatar m tn It sounds like, perhaps your levo dosage needs to be adjusted. The side effects of Levothyroxine are, typically, those of either under or over medication. If you'll post your current thyroid hormone labs, with the reference ranges, we'll be happy to take a look at them and give you our opinion. As noted above, iodine is, typically, contra-indicated if the cause of your hypothyroidism is Hashimoto's as it can make the autoimmune response greater.
Avatar f tn I follow up in 6 weeks. Are these normal side effects as my body adjusts to the med?
907968 tn?1292625804 I'm not sure why the change other than price(?) or synthetic over natural(?)...? A second question; are there any side effects I should know about from changing from one to the other drug?
Avatar n tn As you know, I was started on Levothyroxine and only lasted 5 days due ot the horrible side effects (especially feeling drugged out). This weekend I switched to Snythroid and still had side awful effects though not as bad as on the Levothyroxine (no diarrhea on the Synthroid). -- I have VERY few symptoms from my hypo/hashi, so it feels like a cruel joke that I have to take meds that are making me feel 100 times worse than the thyroid condition!!!!
1139187 tn?1355710247 Im just curious what sort of side effects people get when they start treatment. I think that Ive gotten a whirly sensation in my head, sometimes I get these weird crampy headaches that come and go rather quickly behind my temple. Also I get this weird metallic feeling or "electric" sensation through my body. I know I may be off base but does anyone else get any of this? Also my memory is terrible. Concentration bad too.... anyone else?
Avatar n tn I meant to say that constipation is a symptom of hypothyroidism, not a side effect of Synthroid. Side effects from thyroid meds are typically hyper like symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, and heat intolerance, etc.
Avatar m tn If Eltroxin was prescribed incorrectly, I see there are host of other problems/ side effects that can arise. Also is it wise to stop Levothyroxine suddenly ? There is conflicting information online. 5. What all tests you would recommend she should do now. I am asking for cholesterol, bone density measurement (not sure how it is done), Thyroid hormone values. Anything else ? 6. What does high CRP values in recent blood tests indicate ?
Avatar n tn When we hear that people on ever-increasing doses with no improvement of hypo symptoms but increasing side effects, something else is usually going on, the most prevalent probably slow conversion. We are often poorly treated by Western medicine. However, with a little education, we can become our own advocates and get what we need. Lolly, could you call your doctor and ask for a prescription to be called in to a pharmacy near where you are now?
Avatar m tn Yet this is exactly what is happening in most cases and it is causing a lot of people to have problems that they believe are due to side effects of Vitamin D- or even worse they believe they are experiencing an overdose. Such a huge number of people have subtle magnesium deficiency that some researchers and doctors are calling magnesium deficiency an epidemic, and anyone with even a mild or 'subclinical' magnesium deficiency will have this deficiency amplified when Vitamin D is taken.
541196 tn?1293556536 With that being said, it could be side effects from your Lexapro. Headache and constipation are both listed as possible side effects from this medication. Constipation and headache could also be from your Dostinex. My suggestion would be to discuss your issue with your primary care doctor. He or she might want to do some thyroid levels on you to make sure that your levels have normalized again. I suggest that because you have listed Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
168348 tn?1379360675 I continued with the Tirosint and the side effects got worse. My internal med Dr. insisted it was the Tirosint. The hip and joint pain became so severe I began Physical Therapy. 4 weeks after stopping Tirosint the headaches finally went away along with the nervousness. The joint/hip pain went away as quickly as it appeared. Not everyone is sensitive to levo, fillers, or dyes like I am. I have to think my body for some reason just can't tolerate it :(.
541196 tn?1293556536 Please let me know if there are interactions, severe side effects I shouldn't mess around or delay with, or anything else I should be aware of or should know to bring up with my next appointment.
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Metoprolol side effects usually include dry mouth, constipation, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm, headache, drowsiness, tired feeling, sleep problems or anxiety and nervousness. (ref: http://www.drugs.com/metoprolol.html) Nipple pain and tenderness have been documented but very rarely. Other factors that may have an effect may include hormone changes.
Avatar n tn Yes I called my dr about the side effects and the constipation. She said the side effects were hopefully just my body adjusting and the constipation from the hypo. Told me to start the stool softeners. I go back July 5th when I go back for my mammogram to be rechecked. I am VERY relieved I only felt yucky for about a week. I was dreading feeling that way for 2 months. Don't think I could have tolerated that.
Avatar f tn 76 Clearly, the above effects of the thyroid hormones could be beneficial in reducing the onset of atherosclerosis if they were elicited without the deleterious effects, particularly cardiac effects such as atrial arrhythmias.77,,78 A series of 3,5‐diodo‐3‐aryl‐substituted thyronines have been developed, which show a potent cholesterol‐reducing effect in hypercholesterolaemic rats, without producing tachycardia.
Avatar m tn I was treated with radioactive iodine and placed on syntroid. I haven't had any bad side effects over the years. At the end of Dec, 2012, my Doctor lowered my Levothyroxine from .20mg to .15mg. A few weeks later I began experiencing some confusion, constipation, dry skin, aversion to the cold, overall fatigue, gaining weight while not eating much and blotting. My question is can having too little synthroid cause Hypothyroidism symtoms?
Avatar f tn Most side effects reported are headache and/or constipation - both of which can be addressed with dietary changes and increased water consumption. Ask your doctor about it, if he/she doesn't know anything about it or just says it is baloney, try finding a naturopathic physician. It is definitely a protocol you should be doing with doctor supervision, especially with your history. But it might be the hope you are looking for.
Avatar f tn I have always struggled with different side effects of a higher dose. Constipation, night blindness, moodiness, weight gain (yes gain), insomnia, fatigue and cold sensitivity. My doctor has recently increased my dose to help me relieve some of my symptoms. I currently am 41years old, 5.2” and weight 147. I am now taking Levothyroxine 0.2mg a day, and have been on this for 6 months.
Avatar f tn I have always struggled with different side effects of a higher dose. Constipation, night blindness, moodiness, weight gain (yes gain), insomnia, fatigue and cold sensitivity. My doctor has recently increased my dose to help me relieve some of my symptoms. I currently am 41years old, 5.2” and weight 147. I am now taking Levothyroxine 0.2mg a day, and have been on this for 6 months.
Avatar f tn This could be why you're still having symptoms (you need a different med) or if you have any new symptoms, don't rule out medication side effects (of the one you're on). I take supplements with medication, however, you do have to be careful. It can alter how the medication works or affect how your liver metabolizes one or the other (can inhibit enzymes etc). If you do want to try it, I would tell your doctor that you are planning on it, just so he knows, and always do your own research.
Avatar f tn 08 blood test results) with symptoms of tiredness, overeating, weight gain, dizziness, hot/cold flashes, and often constipation. Now, I'm really concerned about starting the treatment of Syntroid (25mg) due to all the side effects (insomnia, gain MORE weight, nervousness, shakiness) it can cause to me and also the possible engagement to a lifetime treatment. On the other hand, for the last 2-3 moths I was taking a thermogenetic called Phenorex which contains 3,5 and 3,3 Diiothhyronine.