Swollen stomach pain on right side

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Avatar m tn about two pants sizes bigger than normal..a little more swollen on the right side right about where the rib cage ends. I have not lost my appetite but am afraid to eat too much. I don't have a regular doctor and I don't have insurance so I am hesitant to go to the ER. Is it a good idea to try the simethicone and wait and see?
138239 tn?1239928524 I still feel these twinges on my right side (my pain tolerance is very high) Every time I bend down from the waist it feels so solid. I've decided to fast for the next 2 days to see if the swelling will go down, even my shirts seem tighter! I'm a very active person, watch what I eat and even started drinking more water to see if this will resolve itself. I value my time & don't want to spin my wheels getting nowhere, my question to you is...
138239 tn?1239928524 When I went in for my post-op exam I had mentioned to the surgeon that something wasn't quite right, I was experiencing pain on my right side, he assured me everything was fine & didn't examine me any further. But, since that time my stomach has gotten quite distended, it feels almost solid when I bend over from my rib cage down. Even my friends & family have even commented on my appearance & my shirts have gotten tighter around the mid section.
Avatar f tn They finally got a little better the beginning of this week, but I still had the swollen stomach. Last night and today, no stomach pain, no swollen stomach. I have celiac and I started taking the new Celiact viatamin. I dont know for sure that this is what made the pain subside, but I took the viatamins for the first time yesterday, and last nite was the first time, no pain. Do you have celiac disease? IBS? or anything like that.
Avatar f tn I'm 23 and female, and I have what started as mild, lower right-sided back pain, and has now also progressed to my right side, feeling like it's under my ribs. On occasion, I'll also have like a poking feeling in my mid-right abdomen. Mostly now the pain is felt in my right side in the lower rib area. I've already had some blood tests to check liver function, as well as ultra sounds of my bladder, uterus, and right kidney.
Avatar n tn It started with twitching on the upper right side within my stomach. Not sure if its may colon or my stomach.I know sometime back I was diagonsed with irritiable bowel syndrom, so I have needed to be on a high fiber diet. Sometimes I cheat, but not to bad. Its not so much that the twitching bothers me but I can't stand to be nauseaded. I was sleeping lastnight and had terrible pain directly at and on my heart, it was so bad I almost called an ambulance, It went away in 2 minutes, maybe 3.
Avatar f tn first he lost his bark, then he wouldn't eat anything but grass and drink a lot of water, so my parents started to give him can food and he ate it very fast so they stopped then they noticed he threw it all up and now anytime he drinks he gets sick right after and now his stomach is swollen and hard the vet says they it didnt flip and that he is stressed from being in the kennel but it was over 2 months ago, i could tell he is jus not the same hes very sluggish.
Avatar n tn It hurts around my belly button down to my private area on my right sidemy right hip and my back on the right side with occasional pain in my right leg, i also havce lots of gas in my belly. I am a healthy 23 year old female. I am going to the gynocologist to see if they can find out whats wrong. Any other ideas of what I need to do? do you think it could be nerves that arent working? I need to find out what is wrong.
Avatar n tn I've been having a throbing sensation on the right side my stomach, under my chest area. It's not really painful, but its just annoying. Sometimes, I feel burning sensations around my navel area. Of course, I'm thinking the worse like its cancer or something because that's the way I am! I'ts probably just bad gas. Anyway, when this happened a couple of months ago, my doctor ordered an ultrasound of my gallbladder. Everything looked normal. So, I'm not sure what it is.
173975 tn?1216261375 ) It's a dull throbbing that starts below my right breast and extends to that empty squishy space below where the last rib on the right side ends. Is that the gall bladder or the liver or both? It's not a shooting pain, just an uncomfortable sensation that makes me shift position every minute or so if I'm sitting in bed and trying to read.
Avatar f tn I have this pain I have been feeling on my right side under my breast all the way around my stomach. When I am about to eat I feel so full like my stomach is swollen and I just took 2 bites. I have pain of and on and i don't know what is wrong with me and my dr says there is nothing there. Do you know what i have?
Avatar n tn I've been having a pain right where the last rib is on my right side, but it I only feel it if I drink cold liquids and its a dull pain and once the fluid passes that spot it goes away. Also when I cough or sneeze I will get what feels like a muscle spasm in the same spot. Anybody ever have something similar?
Avatar n tn About one month after stents removed started getting areas of pruritus and discomfort upper right side. Swollen and tight feeling transient in degree. Sometimes the discomfort is quite nagging and other times its barely noticeable except for a slight tightness. Bilirubin levels with stents averaged around.07.since stents were removed bilirubin .06. /09/ 1.1 / 1.5 / 1.6 / .08 / 1.6 . liver labs good, alt and ast slight increase from mid twenties to mid thirties. They don't take ggt. Medication.
Avatar m tn Hello, over last 3 months i have had an awkward pain in my upper left side of stomach, sometimes back area. It doesn't hurt but is more uncomfortable, sometimes burns, more so when i am sitting, comes and goes. The area is not tender or swollen, and does not hurt to touch or put pressure on. My bowel movements are normal (well not so much, i have always dealt with alternating symptoms of IBS), that said not constipated.
Avatar n tn my glands are on the right side of my neck are swollen as well, but i havent been sick or anything, their just swollen up. Any Ideas?
Avatar n tn In addition for the past several months I have had right pain with my stomach (or side) and it radiates to my back. My family dr. sent me to see a Urologist 2 wks ago, I had a CT-Scan this past week, the dr. said he can feel a mass on right side. He wants to know what it feels like when I also have this pain, I tell him a gallbladder attack. Check it out until you finally get some answers. Good Luck, and let us know how you come out.
Avatar n tn I've had back pains before on the right side due to stress and that is what my back pain feels like maybe caused from stress. I asked someone today if they had pains under their rib cage and she thought that it could be my gall bladder or possibly my spleen. I'm not having any other symptoms or signs of either one of them. I do eat a lot of junk food and probably eat 1 or 2 good meals a day. Could someone please respond and tell me your opinion and maybe put my mind at ease.
Avatar n tn my stomach is swollen, not hard, and i hurt real bad from under my breast to the middle of my abdomen. pain is sharp/ burning pain. i got up with the pain this morning. I take heartburn script every day. I have some nausea off and on today. i have drank milk but didnt help, I drank dr pepper and burped a lot with a little relief but now no relief. i had cheerios and toast for supper to see if that helped but it didnt help. pain is worse in the center and rt side of abdomen.
Avatar m tn It caused me to have diarrhea and swelling on the right side around my gallbladder that had my friend not just had hers removed would have caused me to believe it was my stomach. On top of that I have horrid acid reflux. I have other health problems and thought my tiredness was from it but discovered your gallbladder can also cause fatigue. Here is a link about gallstones and problems that may be helpful to you http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/tc/gallstones-symptoms .
2004810 tn?1365157211 I haven't had this before (before tx) and was wondering if it can be a side effect? I have no pain, just being very swollen.. I also have to pee a lot more than before. Can it be because of extra fluid in the abdomen because of the meds?
Avatar f tn The doctor changed my medication to omeprazole and gaviscon, my hyperacidity was relieved but still having abdominal pain(more on left side) and gurgling sound on stomach going up to the throat. I’m really anxious because suddenly I can feel my lymph node on right neck just below my jaw, so I went on Internal Medicine, the doctor said the sound was from hyperacidity so he lowered the dose of omeprazole and I will take it until next week and observe for the node for any changes.
Avatar m tn The doctors at the clinic performed the hooking maneuver, which caused a lot of pain on the right side, but almost none on the left side. My pain is just below the ribs, on the right side and it refers to the back. The pain is position based, more aggregated when sitting, almost pain free when in bed. There is a condition similar to costochondritis called slipping rib syndrome, which may be what I have.
Avatar n tn I've had 2 surgeries, one was the reomval of my appendix, (due to unknown cause of pain in my lower right side), next was a tumor the size of a softball, also on the right side. I have been in constant pain all this time. I have went to the E.R. on several painful occasions between, getting a different diagnosis everytime. (ovarian cysys, fluid in abdomen, pid, endometriosis, etc...) I'm SOOOOOOOO tired of the pain.
Avatar n tn My pain started in my stomach on the lower right side. It then spread to my lower right side of my back, and even in my neck. I was just curious if you are still having these symptoms and if you were treated. I would like to know for my sake whether it is something serious or not. My e-mail address is ***@****. If you could let me know I would deeply appreciate it.
Avatar n tn I'll take a deep breath and feel a stabbing pain that subsides. Same sort of pain has also moved down to right side next to navel. Have alot of gas and the pains that go with it- it subsides also. Stomach feels "off" much of the time. UGHHHH!! It is all so maddening!!
Avatar n tn I am having right side abdominal pain for 10 years now.. Dr could not find out what it is, and finally an extra came back and said that I had gall stones... Had my gall bladder removed and after 6 weeks, the pain returned.. My pain starts or is under my ribs, but radiates into my back, directly in the same spot, but the back instead.. this is driving me nuts... It feels like I have something swollen inside my body..
Avatar n tn You should seek medical help as soon as possible. The two symptoms may be connected. The "migraine headache" may in fact be that you have a fever. Lower side abdomen pain may be appendicitis, or a viral or bacterial infection of the lymph gland in that area. Lymph glands that are inflamed in the abdomen can mimic appendicitis. Swollen lymph glands in the abdomen is called Mesenteric Adenitis.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a swollen tonsil on the right side for more then a week now. First of all let me, I'm not on any medication. I'm a non-smoker and I'm not a alchoholic. I'm 150++ pound. The swollen tonsil doesn't feel any pain. I don't feel any sickness other then worried sick. I did went to see a doctor and a nurse took a strep throat test, it was negative. Doctor doesn't really explain what is it and only said if I'm worried about it, I should go to see ENT specialist.
Avatar f tn The doctors have done a CAT scan but the ear nose and throat doctor didn't find anything 'of concern.' Yet dentists and the scan itself revealed some swollen glands in his neck on the right side. Any idea? One doctor suggested a neurologist, but we don't have insurance so we need to be careful. Could it be his thyroid? Thank you!