Stomach pain on upper right side after eating

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Avatar m tn I have been experiencing some pain in my upper stomach immediately after eating for about six weeks now. I am male, white and 65 years old. I am diabetic and have been taking metformin, crestor and altace for several years with no ill effects. The pain occurs about 15 to 30 seconds after ingesting food or drink. Fresh fruit and salads seem to cause more intense pain. Antacids do not in any way alleviate the problem. This pain is not at all like acid indigestion or heartburn.
342934 tn?1245910939 I am a 23 year old female and I have been experiencing Sharp Stabbing pains in my upper right side of my stomach right under my ribs... They come and go and I have had my gallbladder removed and My appendix removed... So I know thats not whats causing the pain...
Avatar n tn It's mostly all over but at times it is more persistent on my right side and upper abdomen. Some times it gets so bad that I throw up, but I've noticed I only throw up if I have something with a lot of sugar. Any ideas about what is going on?
Avatar n tn Usually my crones pain is in the lower part of my belly and this is all the way up in the top right hand side under my ribs. both times I have had back pain as well. Any suggestions on what I should do? Remember, I do not have insurance!
Avatar n tn I have a pain on my right side and upper part of my stomach. I think it's my liver because i've had tests done on my gall bladder. What do you think??
727090 tn?1268842948 I go through bouts of pain like someone kicked me in the stomach 3 inches above belly button extending over upper right side near liver and down my right side. It makes my right side of back ache and its hard for me to eat. I am hungry but eating just a nibble of something makes the kicked in stomach feeling even more intense. I feared it may have been my liver. Went to er and dr only ran blood work to determine if it was hepititis or other liver problems. Come back completely normal.
Avatar n tn I have a burning pain in the upper part of my stomach on the right side just under my rib cage. This pain usually occurs when sitting and/or after eating. I can stretch and feel the exact location of where the pain is originating from. This pain/burning normally occurs in the mid-day and rarely at night. I have a semi-stressfull job. I drink one cup of "strong" coffee in the morning and I am a type A personality. I have talked to my Dr.
Avatar f tn In the meantime I continue to experience this awful pain in my upper right abdomen and back after eating and drinking along with the belching. What do you think is wrong?
Avatar n tn if ur hungry right after u eat just have lots of water instead of keeping eating
Avatar f tn I had an upper endoscopy done and that revealed mild gastritis and showed bile in my stomach. I continue to suffer from pain in my upper abdominal right side, just under my ribs. The pain is a gnawing sensation that radiates through to my back (in my ribs). When my back becomes affected by this pain it feels like a muscle that had been torn. At times the pain will radiate to my mid-lower right side with a stabbing sensation.
Avatar n tn I am getting very concerned about upper left stomach pain. It started as a stomach flu, it came and went for about one week. At the end of one week, I got a stomach ache so severe I could barely move. The next day I started vomiting. The vomiting only lasted for one day, but since then I have not been able to eat hardly anything except for toast and bananas.
Avatar n tn nausea, discomfort to severe pain on my right side radiating to under my right shoulder blade and the "sensation" of severe heartburn but only on the right side of my esophagus (nothing in my stomach). I also burp after eating anything, sometimes uncontrollably. I often feel as if I have a very tight rubber band around my midsection just below my sternum. I can usually feel my pulse in my gallbladder area. I have no pain below my belly button.
Avatar f tn I won't go with the idea that it's in your head, right upper pain is the gallbladder area and if the pain come on after eating, it needs attention.
Avatar n tn The pain continued so I went to a diffrent hospital and was told I had the stomach flu. To this day I get a lot of bloating and pain on my right side. The pain come's and goes all day long and I belch a lot. I know my body and this does not feel wright.
Avatar n tn He guys I really hope you all find out exactly what is wrong because I have been having alot of this pain now for 9 Months My pain consist of my upper back right between the two shoulder blades,it is mostly on my right side of the upper part of my shoulder blade. I have alot of headaches, pains in my arms, tenderness in the feet, right up the back of my head, sometimes nunbness in the fingers, experiencing alot of pain, feels like there is something in under my right rib cage.
Avatar f tn On the upper right just beneath your rib cage is your liver, which is connected to your gall bladder and can cause pain if you have gall stones. Have you been eating fatty foods? That tends to be a trigger for pain, and pain can also appear in other locations, such as the shoulder blades. Google "Gall stones" and see if the symptoms match up, but I do agree with the PA. Really bad gas pain can cause pain right up there by your liver area and radiate into your chest and whole body.
Avatar f tn I am a 22 year old female with a history of good health. For the past few weeks, I have experienced severe pain in my lower right pelvic area just above my hip. I consulted my doctor and he ordered a CT scan which showed a 2cm ovarian cyst on the right ovary. I waited until I started my period to see if the cyst would rupture on it's own, as they normally do. The last day of my period was Saturday and on Sunday I started having severe pain just below my ribs on the right side.
Avatar n tn Right upper abdominal pain after cholecystectomy can be caused by Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. An ERCP with Sphincter of Oddi manometry can be considered. Inflammation of the upper digestive tract, ulcers, or GERD are also possible. I would also test for a bacteria known as H Pylori - which is associated with these conditions. An upper endoscopy can be considered to evaluate for these possibilities. These options can be discussed with your personal physician.
1337935 tn?1275849579 Most people when they say stomach mean abdomen. Is the pain on the left or the right side? If the left, a GI specialist should be checking for esophageal, stomach problems, including ulcers and pancreatic issues. If the pain is on the right, they should verify the gallbladder and liver are in excellent working order. They should check your bile duct network to be sure there aren't any stones blocking anywhere in there.
Avatar n tn Finally, the most worrisome diagnosis in someone who complains of stomach pain after eating is stomach (gastric) cancer. Although the incidence of stomach cancer has fallen dramatically in the United States since the early 1900s, it is still seen. In fact, the incidence of one type of gastric cancer -- a kind that involves the part of the stomach that is close to the esophagus (the cardia) -- is actually increasing. If this hasn't abated, you need to investigate further.
Avatar m tn This pain sometimes stretches across the mid back to the right-side, but it's mostly on my left. Very mild abdominal pain, again in the stomach region (lower rib-cage, on the left), but that's less common. The back pain can last for hours, and although very mild, it is uncomfortable. I'm concerned that this could be chronic pancreatitis. I am a 30 year old male. I don't have a history of drinking.
Avatar f tn Where exactly is the pain - in upper middle abdomen, below the right rib cage...? Pain is only after earting? Any other symptoms beside the pain: bloating, diarrhea? Beside gastroparesis (which means slow gastric emptying) the cause of pain may be gastric ulcer. This can be diagnosed only by upper endoscopy.
Avatar f tn I have stomach upset, cramp squeezing like pains most often early in the day and hip, side, and back pain only on the right.
Avatar m tn I also suffer from severe stomach pain/chest pain , especially after eating,altered bowel movements,just been told it is just ibs but im still not sure that can cause so much pain!lost 40lbs in 2 months!,had ultrasounds,catscan,colonoscopy,endoscope,hida scan,stool test with negative is lapascropy to check for endometrosis in sept. I found a high fiber shake recipe that works when i cant tolerate food and relieves constipation.Peppermint oil works good for cramps and gas too.
Avatar n tn It hurts around my belly button down to my private area on my right sidemy right hip and my back on the right side with occasional pain in my right leg, i also havce lots of gas in my belly. I am a healthy 23 year old female. I am going to the gynocologist to see if they can find out whats wrong. Any other ideas of what I need to do? do you think it could be nerves that arent working? I need to find out what is wrong.