Stomach pain under left rib and right back

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Avatar f tn The hospital told me it was due to the constipation but a couple weeks ago I'd started moving my bowels everyday again but the pain is still there as well as pain in my upper back and by my left shoulder blade, the bottom of it and under my left armpit, sometimes the pain radiates into the chest and under the right rib but rarely. The pain is sometimes dull, and then changes to a small sharp pain and then to a very sharp sore pain. It's always there so it seems and it worries me.
1524673 tn?1327845100 For the past 8 days I have had pain under my right rib. Gets worse when I eat, walk around, or take a deep breath. Ruled out Gallbladder. Have had vomiting, nausia, sweats and unbelievable pain after eating anything. Sitting up for long periods of time hurts, need to lean back to give more room to the area. I am not overweight, my diet is not fatty, do not drink. Have a very busy life, work, kids, grandkids, ect. 48 years old. No heartburn or not much.
Avatar f tn At the same time, I experience some numbness in my right arm and pain under my right breast and shoulder blade. I have had a sonogram for my gullbladder and the test came back good. I recently had a colonoscopy and that too, came out good. I sometimes have stomach distension and constipation is a daily thing. I feel that if I could release gas that my tummy would feel better. My menstrual cycles are wacked out. I have seen a chiropractor, thinking that I might have a pinched nerve.
Avatar n tn I had troube breathing then and pain under my left rib cage. I seemed to feel better for quite some time but over the last few months the breathing difficulty and pain is back with vengence. I have had 2 upper GI's and 1 lower colon check done over the last 3 years with nothing found. Upon my last visit to a new GI doctor - he said thatI had air in my stomach and put me on some medication and told me to stay of pop and dairy.
Avatar f tn The organs that are on the left side would be the stomach and the spleen. Gall bladder disease may present with pain in the midline, some would even have symptoms such as vomiting, as the stomach may be affected as well. An evaluation of the gallbladder would be among the things to do, and it seems that nothing suspicious came up with yours. Was the lump itself included in the ultrasound? Chances are, the ultrasound may only have been for liver, the gallbladder, and their connections.
Avatar n tn I too have had chronic pain under my right rib cage. My pain radiates up by rib cage to the center and then through to the back and up under the right shoulder blade. I had my gallbladder out 07/23/02. I had pancreatitis at the time and was hospitalized for six days for them to get the pancreatitis under control before they could remove my gallbladder. I have had the pain (to varying degrees) ever since I had the surgery.
Avatar n tn Dear fowl, I have the same pain under my right rib cage and the pain goes to under my arm pit and to the back. I get the pain mostly during the mor ning when I get out of bed, It's like some is pressed or moved to cause the pain.I went to the doctor and I was diaognised with H-Pylori.This is a micro-organism ( bacteria) that lives and hides in the blood and usually attacks the stomach lining or lower aesophagus.
554720 tn?1278501326 Bad pain in upper right side.. severe, better when i lay down started sudden.
Avatar n tn The pain, which takes turns being located in my mid/top right abdomen, directly under my lower rib cage, lower right side of my back, and right shoulder, seems to subside when I first get up in the morning. I comes back, usually in the abdominal area during the day, then is agonizing under the ribs and back later. Nearly two years ago my heart started fluttering and skipping beats.
Avatar f tn Here are my symptoms, of late - Pain under lower left rib area Pain under lower right rib area (not as frequent or as intense) Pain in the center (maybe where my stomach is?) Pain in my right front collarbone Pain in my upper middle back (between my shoulder blades) Cloudy urine (may not be related) Stinky gas and a lot of it (could be a change in diet??
Avatar n tn Same thing mostly here, although I've had it for about 8 months. Dull pain in the left side right under rib cage, but can also flare up around the back more. i get alot of gas that isn't normal. I burp from drinking water...heh...sometimes even when not consuming anything for hours. Stomach gets sour from everything but soup. i live on pepcid AC. No insurance here, so a doc is pretty much out of the question for now. sometimes when lying down i can feel it throb or "pulsing" too.
Avatar f tn My symptoms included right upper and lower abdominal pain which radiated to my back. A week later, the pain has subsided a lot but I'm still left with this weird pressure and fullness below my right rib. It almost feels likes my skin is pushing through my rib and when I bend over or sit, it feels blocked and full in that area. I went to the doctor they were concerned about my gall bladder. I had an ultrasound of my gallbladder, liver, pancreas and kidney.
Avatar n tn Hi I recently picked up a four gallon water and i suddenly had a severe lower back pain. I got a massage and the pain is mild. On Monday I wake up and I have severe pain under the rib cage. If I stand still and turne left it feels very painful and I am not sure if it is a muscle. But something does get pulled when I do that. I am not sure if it is a muscle or an organ. It hurts a little when I walk and I can bearly put my socks on. Any clue on what studies or what type of doctor shold I visit??
Avatar n tn Also, I have found that I produce dark urine now and have severe lower left and right back pain that acetaminophen seems to help. I am not ignoring it, though, just taking a breather from all the doctors. I will go back to see a doctor (not sure who, yet) but you can be guaranteed I will return!!!! Please do not loose faith, keep pushing and advocating for yourself.
Avatar n tn but, by wednesday nite I nearly collasped (so nauseated, sharp pain in upper adominal and left side, and sharp pain in lower back shooting down my legs, my legs felt so, went home early from work.......going back to the doc tommorrow to beg for HELP........I can't take all this misery no more!!!
Avatar n tn I too had the pain and pressure under right ribcage and into my back and over time felt like a swollen organ, a pinching for over 2 years. After hydrascans, ct scans and sonograms that came back normal, I switched primary care provider to an NP that had pain management background. She knew exactly what the problem was. There is a muscle that runs from your back to your front and is attached to the underside of your rib cage.
Avatar n tn I recently was diagnosed with Diverticulosis and IBS. I have had a pain under my lower right rib cage and around my lower right ovary area. The pain is further complicated due to a pinched disk in my lower back found when I was admitted to the hospital for four days of tests recurrence of these problems has gone on for one year last october and finally got to the point I couldn't handle anymore.
Avatar m tn I've been getting monthly osteopathic treatment for years now, and they did think there is sensitivity in the lowest back/rib joint which could explain the pain. But they say it's hard to manipulate, and countless attempts to shift the pain have had little lasting benefit, leaving me doubting if this is really the cause. I will say that when rolling on my back (for exercises) there is some sensitivity somewhere below my right/lower back area, but this is not conclusive.
Avatar f tn i took antibiotics for them for a while . now my symptoms are back full force. i also have the pain under my right rib too. i have extreme pain in my back but i have three herniated disk so that could be that causing that. lately i am experiencing sore throat and lots of headaces. it seems im falling apart. one other thing i have like fatty coming through my left rib also . can someone help please?
Avatar f tn I felt again like I was coming down with the flu, had been suffering with vertigo, trouble swallowing, and pain under my right ribs. After trip to ER- seeing 9 doctors total including 3 neurologists- after various mri's on head and neck and thoracic spine, various X-rays of esophagus, etc.- it's been 8 months of tests and doctors- and they all tell me they don't know what is wrong with me.
Avatar n tn Pain returned, feeling as if something was swelling under my left rib cage and pressing against the bone, both front and back. Emergency room visit resulted in two apparent partial blockages in left ureter, probable cause. Referred to urology and told to restrict fluid intake. CT scan showed the blockages and nuclear renal scan ordered to measure flow and determine if resection needed or do repair through ureter. Due to lack of nuclear product, the test was not available for 8 weeks.
Avatar n tn i have back pain wear my bra strap goes on the left and goes to the left under my left rib cage i was diagnosed with gerd and take acid reflex medicine but i still have the pain it is very annoying pain it comes and goes but more when i working standing all day what could it be desperate for some suggestions
1248901 tn?1268850441 I have pain in my left side, under my breast, in my rib cage,radiants to my back. It started in my back and now has moved to the front under left breast/rib cage. Its unbearable at times. Its takes my breath away. it throbs like i have put my cell phone on fibrate and left it in my pocket.but its painful. I have been dx as chest wall pain, pluresy and Zpacks out the rear !...nothing has showed up on the xrays.
Avatar n tn After a bout with 6 wk virus and dose of cipro for (what was thought to be diverticulitis) started having pain under front/back right rib cage. A few weeks later same pain under front/back left side rib cage. Have had few episodes where feels like food not moving out of stomach very quickly. Have had occasional stabbing pains up in right chest area and corresponding in back side under right shoulder blade (assume Gall bladder). Had an ultrasound-no stones and all organs look fine.
Avatar n tn About a month after the GERD diagnosis I developed a pain on my left flank. The pain is maybe 3 inches above my bottom rib but it is difficult to pinpoint an exact location with one finger. It sometimes moves from flank to the left center under ribs. The pain is always there and is not affected by movement, breathing, eating, or bowel movements. It seems to be a bit worse when lying down and it invariably wakes me up at night.