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Avatar n tn Hi there, I also had a lot of the glands in the right side of my neck swell after a minor cold, and spent months afterwards with a chronic sore throat, fatigue, depression and headaches. I even lost a load of hair.
Avatar n tn I'm a 22 year old female and for the last 7 months i have had swollen neck glands they are sore and tender to touch, my right side is larger than the other. it also feels like i have a lump in my throat. and the area around my ear and jaw is also tender. I also have a constant sharp pain under my left shoulder blade. And ive been feeling very run down. I havent been sick at all in the last 8 months. Could u please help me out.
Avatar n tn All of the bumps that i have formed are just contsantly oozing out oil(so thats why i think those are just ingrown hairs). But now its not just the bumps that are swollen my whole neck under my jaw line is swollen under my chin and on my left side. I was just wondering if anybody could shed any light on what it could be or what i could do to treat this. I almost never get ingrown hairs and definitely never this many all at once and with thse symptoms of swelling of glands and all over.
Avatar f tn I initially thought it was a knot in my muscle, but now I have swollen neck glands with no sore throat.
Avatar n tn During a recent vacation I noticed that his neck had become swollen under his ears, the right side larger than the left. The swelling is extremely visable. These lumps extend almost from the back of his ear down his neck. When he tilts his head back, he also has swollen glands under his chin. He has a slight cough but that's it, he hasn't had a fever. He has had diarrhea but we attributed that to traveling and becoming constipated due to potty-training. We called his Dr.
Avatar f tn They did eventually clear up all my symptoms and also the swelling in the neck throat glands and neck glands went away. Sortly after that about 2 weeks later I noticed I had swollen neck glands again but that only lasted a week then went away completely. Early decemeber I noticed my neck glands were swollen again. That followed by a dry throat and small cold that only lasted about 3 or 4 days those symptoms disappeared but my swollen neck glands continued to say.
Avatar n tn One area is the gland on my neck right beneath my face, which i assume is my lymph node (only swollen on one side). The second swollen area is directly beneath my chin. Both areas are very tender to the touch. Besides the swelling, I feel fine...no fever, cold, etc. Is this something to worry about, and should I wait a little before consulting a doctor?
Avatar n tn However it's been almost a month that my left neck gland is swollen and sometimes painful. A smaller swelling may exist at the right gland of my neck. I had a CBC exam and it has shown iron deficiency, I think other than that everything else were OK. My GP gave me some iron pills. I have no other symptoms such as fever, fatigue, weight loss or other swollen visible glands but I am very worried as I've done some research over the net and I read all about lymphomas etc.
Avatar f tn i have swollen thyroid nodules and the doc just dismissed them and said they might go away . She told me to get an ultrasound after two months and an endocrinologist after another 2 months...
Avatar n tn I have a swollen gland under my left arm for over 7 months. I now have swollen glands in right side of my neck by the collarbone. I am tired all the time and I break out in a sweat for no real reason, for the last few months.I am now losing weight with no effort at all. I have been on thyroid meds for the last ten years for hypothyrodism. About twice a year I have a dry cough that last for about 6 weeks. I hope this is enough info. Should I see my doctor?
Avatar f tn I also forgot to mention that I have started having pain on the upper left side of my neck. It started shortly after the glands under my ears became swollen and painful. I think they must be related in someway...but it still doesn't explain the lymph nodes I have that are painless and constantly swollen...
975514 tn?1325001538 My glands are always swollen under my jaw, which makes my neck and ears hurt all of the time. Would this have anything to do with my thyroid? Should I bring this up to the Dr. at my endo appt. next week or will I sound like a weirdo if I do?
Avatar n tn i went like 4 months after surgery to a ear nose and throat doctor which at this time only one side was swollen. doctor done a exray said he seen nothing in there and that i was fine no worries.. now a year later both sides are firly large in size and both are very painful.
Avatar f tn I was tested for STDs about 6 weeks after the incident (not HIV tested though) and all tests came back negative, Within the past week, the glands in my neck, underarms and right side of my groin have been swollen (I can feel them when I push on them) and I am very tired. I have been researching HIV and now I am terrified that is what it is!!!! I know I should get tested. Any other advice?
Avatar f tn Its way too late after the fact to be worrying about these symptoms. Swollen glands usually happen in early HIV. Plus if you havent been diagnosed with swolen glands then you are juts speculating. Stop researching on the internet before you go crazy. Heres the simple solution, go to the local clinic tommorow and get a rapid HIV test, you can be in and out with conclusiove results in under an hour. Problem solved.
393685 tn?1425816122 Sometimes on the left - sometimes on the right. This month right side. It starts out with a stiff neck (as I have described in the past) The pains in the gland area and in the back get unbelievable. Then the swelling starts. It starts to radiate heat (I guess inflammation) where my neck actually turns red. The swelling this month is visable - it looks like I have the mumps or absessed tooth. The pain radiates though my upper back right in the middle and into my LEFT arm.
Avatar n tn I have had stiff necks off and on for years. When I move my head from side to side it pulls and is very painful. The glands on my right side under my ear is swollen too. It seems that my lymphs are not draining. My ears ring constantly (even though tests show that my hearing is great). I also have an arthritis feeling in my fingers. In addition, I have anxiety and insomnia as well as twitches and restless leg syndrom. I am now taking Lyrica for the pain and anxiety.
Avatar m tn I have 2 pea size or smaller nodes in the right side of my neck. Anterior cervical chain nodes. I noticed them about a month ago and went to the Dr. Who didn't seem concerned. They are soft and rubbery feeling and movable. They don't seem to be going away. I don't have any other symptoms. They are not visible and I can only feel them a certain way but they cannot be felt on the left side.
Avatar n tn So 4 days after that encounter I began to get a sore throat and swollen glands and tonsils in my neck (one side in particular)with some discharge from tonsils. My throat is not really that sore and has gotten a bit better, however the gland on my left side is still really swollen and tender (its about 3/4 of an inch large). I havn't felt like I have a temperature at all.
Avatar f tn I first saw my doctor in April with swollen glands in my neck I have seen him 3 times since, today being the most recient. The swollen glands NEVER go down. They don't always hurt but it is getting more frequent and severe. My doctor said today that we would try one more antibiotic and steroid pack for 1 week and for me to return for a follow-up that if the "KNOTS" are still there in one week he wants to do a scan.
Avatar f tn The right side of my neck feels like a knife is slicing through a cord which runs from the jaw to the shoulder. It comes on rapidly and stays for hours. It disappears just as rapidly as it appears. If I pinch the area which is the most painful the pain is temporarily relieved. What is happening? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/201476'>Swollen and pulsating neck glands/tendons, bloated feeling in stomach...</a>.
Avatar f tn Both of these went away the following day, but I now have a swollen gland in my neck, and under my arm both on the right side. Also, I seem to have another swollen gland in my groin area on the right side bikini line. From what I have read from this site, it would be abnormal for the swelling to appear in multiple locations if this is just a sinus infection. Is it possible that the areas are swelling for different reasons? Could this be a sign of an STD?
Avatar m tn I have a little redness in my throat, only the left side glands are swollen for about a week now. I just went to the doctor yesterday and got a negative strep test. I have no other side effects at all. The doc prescribed a Z-pack antibiotic for the next 6 days....What could make only my left neck gland swell and no other lymph nodes to swell...
Avatar n tn I have a very enlarged area directly over my left side of my collorbone, it appears to ne a swollen gland, the other side of my neck area is slightly swolllen but the left side is definitly large. It is swollen in the area just above my collor bone and directly under left side of neck. Now it has come and gone for the last several months and each time it gets enlarged it is painless but everyone notices it and I seem to always feel dizzy with general ill feeling, but no other symtons.
Avatar n tn After I finished doing that, I still felt like I had to vomit, but without purging. I felt the side of my neck and my right gland was about the size of a baseball. It was painful to touch like I pulled a muscle. My husband took me to the ER to get evaluated and the doctor tried to tell me it was a dental problem. But it just happened suddenly after purging!
Avatar n tn The only ones I can feel are in my neck and groin. The ones in my neck are the size of a pea but the ones in my groin are a little larger. The ones in my armpit ache without even touching them. I now seem to have one behind my left knee. I recently developed bursitis in my right elbow. Questions. 1. Have you seen HIV node swelling wait 5 before developing? 2. Are HIV node swelling timing staggered like this? 3. How large are nodes normally? 4. Is it typical for them to be painful? 5.
Avatar n tn In the past few months I have been suffering from swollen neck glands,mostly on the right they hurt when i touch them but I do touch them all the time cant help it! I have also been experiencing body numbness especially down the left side of my body! I feel aches and pains here and there but I have always been pretty weak like that! Another thing that is scaring me is that lately my boyfriend has been getting diareah when after eating, not all the time but more often than he ever had before.
Avatar m tn I have swollen nodes under my arms (3 each side), my groin (3 each side), above my elbows(3 each side) and my neck (2 large and 1 small on the right and 2 large and 3-4 small ones on the left). They don't hrt to touch. They are each 2-3 cms apart from those above my elbow which are smaller. In the last couple of weeks I have got spots on my forehead. I itch all over and have red patches in various places like on my knees and my arms.