Swollen eye with fever

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Avatar f tn The ideal solution would be to see a general MD or Eye MD. If he is phsically ill with fever, chills, tense swollen skin you need to go to emergency room.
Avatar n tn If you see no improvement tomorrow I would suggest you see your family doctor or an eye physician (ophthalmologist Eye MD).
Avatar f tn Sponge her down with a damp flannel to get her fever down. And some children's over the counter pain relief like Calpol for her headache and fever. Keep an eye on her as she may be developing a childhood or other illness. I would talk with the doctor regarding your concerns. But do call the doctor is there is no improvement or she starts to feel worse or get worse. I understand your concerns - I would be worried too.
Avatar n tn My nine year old grandson occasionally wakes with a single swollen eye (on rare occasions both eyes). The first episode was when he was 2-3. It has happened 9 times in the last year with no apparent common denominator other than it usually happens during the night. He does have some asthma issues though not severe. He takes Clarinex 5mg and uses an asmanex inhaler at bedtime.
Avatar n tn My son woke up this morning with his eye swollen shut and a rash on the same side of his face and around his lips. His lips are also slightly swollen. His eye does have any puss of anything like that and he said he could see out it when I opened it, its not red on the inside but it is on the outside. He has no fever I don't know what to do. Shouild I just take him to the docters??
Avatar f tn It comes with a swollen throat, and the skin on my neck is very hot. When my sore throat goes away, the fever goes away. Along with that, my left eye is bulging and in the corner of both eyes are sore red patches. Should I call my general practitioner or just wait for my appt on friday?
Avatar f tn It comes with a swollen throat, and the skin on my neck is very hot. When my sore throat goes away, the fever goes away. Along with that, my left eye is bulging and in the corner of both eyes are sore red patches. Should I call my general practitioner or just wait for my appt on friday?
Avatar m tn I made the mistake of rubbing my watery eye with my tshirt, which put pollen into my eye. This was Friday at 9 am. My eyeball swelled and would bulge through my eyelids unless I closed it. I flushed it with water and eye solution, but it was already very inflamed. I got a steroid shot at 6 pm yesterday, and by this morning the swelling was gone and the coloration normal. However, I have blurred vision in the eye.
Avatar m tn My son woke up with a swollen eye that is hard to open and itches and stings really bad. I had him take a benadryl and put a cold compress on it. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn The blisters have swollen my lips bad enough and often enough that they're a bit misshapen now and I can do everything normally as long as I'm not having an outbreak. The Acyclovir makes it to where I don't have any for 6 months at a time most of the time and I've never had any side effects from the med so I swear by it with every fiber of my being.
Avatar n tn Today he has woken with an eye so swollen, it is almost shut. He complains of being a little but is otherwise fine and has no fever. I've given him Benadryl-equivalent and ibuprofen. Any ideas? I feel mildly worried.
Avatar n tn Hi I woke up yesterday with a gunky and slightly swollen eye. It wasn't too bad through out the day. However I have woke up this morning with a severely swollen stuck together eye. My eye is red and when I try and blink my eyeball and around feels bruised. I look like I have been in a fight. I can't see out of it at all as onlt open a slit. I have a bad headache with it and just want to go and close my eyes and lay down. I keep getting cold.
Avatar m tn These are problems that need attended to by a real eye exam.
Avatar m tn I have not had a fever just this constant fight with congestion, sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes. I actually do not have a regular health care person. I have friend that is a Doctor who suggested the TB test, but I thought that was way off. So, how long should I expect to fight this viral infection? Anything besides vitimins that I can do since it isn't HIV.
Avatar n tn My 11 year old son woke up yesterday with a swollen left eye. Today it is swollen shut again and his left side of his face is swollen it got worse as the day went on. No fever. I was given eyedrops, but no real solution of what this may be. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn His symptoms also fit the picture of a viral infection. Infectious mononucleosis usually presents with a sore throat ,an enlarged lymph node and fever. You may discuss with your physician the advantages of doing a monospot test at this point to help with the diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis.
Avatar f tn My son had high fever with rash on his hands arms, back and chest. We took him to the doctor and he diagnosed Scarlet fever. He priscribed Amoxicillin for 10 days. He started taking it and 3rd day his fever was gone, rash was gone. I sent him to day care for one day as I had to go to office and he came back with minor fever again. We thought his antibiotics is still not finished may be he will be fine. Next morning his legs badly hurt. Then I notice he was starting pink eye.
Avatar n tn I don't have the issue with swollen lips but I do have the issue with swollen and reddened skin around my eyes. It comes and goes just like you described for your husband's lips. I've decided it's an allergic reaction to the interferon so I take Zyrtek (OTC allergy med) every day and I do believe it's helping me.
Avatar m tn PERIORBITAL CELLULITIS??? Because you may have fever, your eye is swollen and tender to the touch..
Avatar f tn I am sooo scared I'm going to lose my vision. I couldn't get in with my eye dr til tuesday and my eye feels soo dry in that spot that its driving me nuts. It almost looks gritty in that spot on the top layer. Suggestions?
Avatar f tn Some days I feel ok then the fever comes and it just runs me down. I've had ear pain, sore throat, eye pain, headaches, sinus pressure, changes in vision, sweating, very bad knee pain and joint pain and just a general feeling of being unwell. I don't exercise like I used to. I did just get my braces off and have a food trap in between my teeth. The area is so hard to get food out and it looks black in between. I also have a very sensitive gum area when brushing on my lower gum.
Avatar m tn So he gave me Medrol and the same thing happened with that. I am absolutely miserable and I really just want some relief. On top of all of that I have the pressure putting pain on my right eye and the right side of the base of my head. My muscles in my neck are very rigid and my lymph nodes are very swollen. I'm going to see my ENT in 2 weeks. I have a lot of stuffiness in my ears and I can hear what sounds like my heart beat in my ears and it can get very loud.
Avatar n tn I started to get a very irritated eye last night and gave it a bit of a rub and had a shower and washed it out, the suddenly it started to swell and looked like it was filling with some kind of fluid under my bottom eye lid. I woke up this morning and it is all red and blood shot and swollen around my eye still and a bit crusy. the fluid like stuff has gone but its still red, irritated and swollen. is this conjunctivitis?
Avatar f tn It was treated with surgical tape and glue in the ER. His eyelid became very swollen and his eye became bloodshot. Yesterday he was diagnosed with conjunctivitis in the same eye. Today he has a facial rash that begins near his eye and is spreading down his face. Also his affected eyelid is red and scaly. He does not have a fever or respiratory symptoms. He is on his second dose of Augmentin. Is the rash related to the eye injury or the conjunctivitis?
Avatar f tn Yesterday I noticed about three small red spots in the eyelid and then woke up today with some of them larger and the lower part of my eye and face very swollen. It is painful and beginning to bother my vision. I don't think its a sty and i don't wear contacts or glasses. I have never had this problem before.
Avatar m tn I also feel the pain in my lower forehead. My other symptoms correspond with the flu, but I have never experienced this problem with my eyes. There is no redness or sharp pains, just the aching feeling. Could this be related to the flu or to my fever or is this something to be concerned about? I do have sensitive sinuses, but no stuffy nose. My nodes in my neck are swollen so that it feels like there is a marble on the left side of my neck.
Avatar m tn 9 F and his right eye was swollen shut and had blue and red bruises on the eye lid and under the eye he had also red patches on his legs and hands with small white dots which were itching. I went to the ER and by then the red patches went away almost completely but the eye looked worse, they assumed it was an allergy and gave him Benadryl. That didn’t work, the next morning when he woke up and his eye was shut completely I went to a Dr.
Avatar f tn Hello! Has anyone ever dealt with eye swelling in their child(ren?) My 23 month old has had a swollen right eye now for a few days. She had this same symptom on the right side last August. Just a pink, puffy eyelid. No drainage, no fever, not painful. But she does rub it occasionally. The sclera of her eye is still white and she is able to move her eye normally. She has not had any new foods, no new detergents/soaps. I just cannot pinpoint why this happened again to her?!?
Avatar n tn 3 years ago, I had a fever, while being treated with dicloxacillin (no culture sensitivity done) for an infected sebaceous cyst near my lower back. About 3 weeks after the fever, I found yellowish raised bumps on the nasal side on my conjunctiva in both eyes. They are a few mm away from the colored part of the eye. One appeared to grow within a few weeks. I had breathing problems at the time, but it stopped without treatment. chest x-ray was normal.