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Avatar n tn So, as of yesterday, my lower right eyelid has become slightly swollen and is very painful to the touch. Its not my entire eyelid however, about half of it is affected. It also hurts to close my eye or blink in general. I do not wear contacts or have glasses- my vision is fine. There appears to be no discharge at all aside from the normal nightly stuff that I wake up with, but I still fear it could be some form of an infection.
Avatar n tn so i have this issue the corner of my left eye, the top eyelid hurts, is swollen and really puffy and hurt when i blink and look up and down. can you help.???
Avatar n tn Since this morning my left eye hurts everytime i blink, its hard to describe but its kinda in the upper part of my eyelid and along by eyebrow line, it isnt swollen or doesnt look different to my right eye but its really starting to bug me now. Have you any ideas what this could be? nothing serious i hope if its still like this tomorrow i wil make an appoinment to see a doctor.
Avatar n tn Yesterday both my eye lids were swollen and painful. Nothing seems to help the pain, eye drops, ice, hot compress, nothing. Today my left eye is fine but my right eye hurts so bad. Every time I blink the pain shoots from eye. It looks a little swollen, but doesn't look too bad. My eye isn't pink and it doesn't look like anything is in my eye. I haven't worn my contacts since the pain started. What is happening?
Avatar f tn i don't have or wear contacts/glasses, i don't have allergies. It hurts to blink or smile or move any facial bones and i don't know what it is or what to do?
Avatar f tn 2 evenings ago, my eye kind of hurt when I'd blink, felt like I had a bruise (hurts to blink and to touch). The following morning, my lower eye lid was swollen to part of my nose on that side. Minor discomfort with a little to no itching, still feels like a bruise. There was no irratition of the eye itself, totally clear. Inside the lower eyelid there is no color change at all.
Avatar f tn I woke up the next day and the bottom of my eye was swollen a little and it hurts to blink even more and even keep open.And when you look on my bottom eyelid inside in the corner near my nose, there is a very red spot. What is it? What should I do?
Avatar m tn This morning I woke up, and the entire bag under my eye is really puffy and swollen, and looks terrible. It hurts when I blink, not a sharp pain, but a swollen, bruised pain. Anybody have any thoughts on what the problem is, and what I can do to fix it? It could be I have had more stress lately. I have to speak in front of a lot of people tomorrow. Maybe I should wear an eyepatch.
Avatar f tn My eyes are clear (no discharge) but the area around the left eye hurts a bit when I blink. I have a blister on my inside lower lip for a couple of days (not sure if it is related). Is there anything I can do to cure this or if I can get anything from the pharmacy or is this something more serious that I have to see a doctor (if yes, will a general doctor help or a specialist eye doctor)? Many thanks.
Avatar n tn Likely a stye since its red and painful. Use the search and archives to read about. Use warm compresses.
Avatar n tn If the swelling and pain persist you should see an Eye MD. I would advise you not to go to an Urgent Care center or an Emergency Room. This will only lead to extra expense as you will likely be referred to an eye care provider anyway. Since it's Friday afternoon (at least in the US), if you receive this reply I suggest you start calling now before offices close.
Avatar n tn On wednesday morning i woke up with a swelling on my upperlid with a small bump near the nose on my left eye The bump hurts when i touched it. The swelling goes away after a few hours but the bump is still there. The next morning the same part of the lid swells again with still the same bump. I dont know what it is. Can you please help me? I'm trying to put on hot compress but after the compress, my left eye somewhat feels dry when i blink. Can you pls tell me what it is and any solutions?
Avatar f tn I havent had anything get in the eye and the eye is clear and not red. The eye lid hurts, ichies, and when i blink my vision goes blury. Do you have any idea as to what this could be and how i should treat it.
5689196 tn?1373491829 My top eyelid is swollen and painful. It hurts everytime i blink. My eye isn't red or pink. And where my eyelid folds underneath my brow is the only spot that hurts. I don't know what's going on or how to fix it.
7011806 tn?1387039751 My 3 year old daughter's left upper eyelid is swollen, she said it hurts to blink and when I lightly touched it she said it hurt. Her eye its self is not red or watery and has no puss coming out, what could this be?
Avatar f tn my left eye has just recently started puffing up and hurting every time i blink my eyes. the puffiness isnt that bad but its a tiny bit swollen and it only hurts at the outter corner of my eye. i can't even touch it because it hurts so bad. i've never experience this type of pain before in my eyes but sometimes when my eyes really start to itch, i rub them and they easily become swollen and red but no pain. could there be any relation? it really feels like someone punched me in the eye...
Avatar n tn My left eye is swollen and it hurts when I blink and burns..
Avatar f tn I dozed back to sleep and in the morning it still hurt. It hurts mostly when I blink and when I close my eye. It feels like someone punched me in the corner of my eye. This morning I woke up and my eyelid is swollen. I can see perfectly fine it just hurts. I haven't been hit with anything or walked into anything. There is no bruising. I were contacts. Do I have an infection? The actual eye doesn't hurt just the outside corner.
Avatar f tn That was until i woke up yesterday and it happened again, JUST MY LEFT EYE AGAIN. It hurts too blink at times and i feel if i look too long at something i feel a little strain in my eye. Theres still no sign of a pimple so im postive its not a stye. My friend had one and i know that its nothing what im going through. The two incidents happened serval weeks apart, but it wasnt until this time, the second time around, that i decided to worry.
Avatar n tn I have booked an appt. with my eye doctor to get a referral to a Ophthamologist.....I am going to take this route.....I cannot remember if the immunity test that I had this summer would show anything to do with arthritis. I am awaiting results from the bone scan which was done this past Sat., which I guess will show that....I am a healthy person, although it would sound otherwise :), but I am determined to get to the bottom of this.....do you know if Retisan is sold in Canada?
Avatar n tn My left upper eyelid has been swollen for about a week now, there is no redness that I can see either inside or out, but it hurts when I blink or touch the eye lid. Nothing else looks puffy.
Avatar n tn It had crust all around it and tears were just dropping from my eyes. Roughly twelve hours kater, my eye is bruising, and it hurts to blink. What could be wrong? If I go untreated, could it effect me in the long run?
Avatar n tn a few days ago my eye started hurting realy bad but i paid no attention to it. then a day or so later it started to swell so i kept putting drops in it hoping it would help but it didnt. now my left upper eyelid is swollen and hurts realy bad. i keep putting drops in it but it dont help. it hurts when i blink or shut my eyes...what should I do?
Avatar n tn It's more swollen than my right eye (my right eye seems perfectly normal). My left eye however also hurts when I blink. I wear contacts and use my glasses. Is there something wrong or do I have to go get it checked out?
Avatar n tn I went to a Family Walk-In Clinic today with a very swollen left eye. My eye is red, swollen, very tender, and it is not opening all the way due to the amount of swelling. I told all of this to the receptionist and then was seen by the doctor. The doctor looked at my eye for LITERALLY 3 seconds. She shined the light in it once and said, "What you have is called blepharitis (sp).
Avatar n tn I woke up today to find my left upper eyelid swollen. The eye itself is not affected or red. The whole upper eyelid seems red and is tender and painful to touch.It also hurts but just a tiny bit when I blink my eyes. I don't think it's a sty because there isn't any bump. I'm applying a few eye drops and hoping that this will go away the next morning. I hope someone out there can help me with this.
Avatar n tn The next morning i got a little red and swollen , it wont open all the way and it keeps getting watery and blurry and still feels like its poking me every time i close my eye or try to blink. Is this something serious or is there eye drops i could use. Its kinda affecting my left eye too. It starts getting watery and blurry.
Avatar f tn Its obvious that it is swollen and hurts to blink, move my eye or touch. My eye isn't watering more than usual, but it is uncomfortable. What should I do?
Avatar n tn My lower eye lid is swollen and it tends to get rally itchy at times and even sore around the eye and even when I blink it hurts. The eye ball isn't red but the eyelid is...and at times I also get slight pains in my head... what can it be?
Avatar n tn my right eye is swollen looks like a black eye, I have a small red pimple under neat my eye it hurts when i touch the pimple; but it doesnt hurt when i blink nor when I sleep, it itches around the pimple but not inside?