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Avatar m tn I don't know why but my top eye lid above my tear ducts on the inside is red and slightly swollen, my eye its self is fine, i have no itching, just sore when i blink its been like this for a few days now, kinda getting worse, what might it be?
Avatar m tn I have had a tearing eye for a few weeks now. However; my left eye is very sore, it actually feels like I have a cold in it if that is feasable, my eye is very sensitive to light and it constantly weeps. It is swollen at times and it also clears up at points for a few hours then it comes back. It is only my left eye so I cannot think it is an allergy and I have never had this in the past I am 60 years old...even my sinuses on the left side seem full and my nose does run when my eye is sore...
Avatar n tn my girlfriend is suffering from sore eyes near here tear ducts and swollen eye-lids, she complains it is a pain that drives into here eye ball. both eye-lids are swollen, but the left eye is red and seems to be more of a proplem? what can i do from home to help her?
519096 tn?1219943811 diagnosed with temporal arteritis, symtoms are, head ake left side of head, face pain, left side, sore left eye, jaw sore, eye left side, temple sore, upper back, very sore from shoulder to shoulder. sweating and feel weak, no energy, mental or physical, i'm on 40 mgs. of prednisone, and elavil, 25 mgs.. my symtoms are not getting better, i'm more dragged out feeling, nothing is changing, as in getting better, i have taken prednisone since january.
Avatar n tn I thought at the time it might also caused by my eyeliner so I purchased non-allergenic line. I used this past weekend and eye lids are very sore and swollen. Went back on alergy medicine. I put liner on bottom of eye to test and see if it was liner, but nothing happened so I assume not. Why is this coming back and what do I do. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Can anyone help? My left tear duct is swollen and red, and so is the eye lid.
Avatar n tn Well this morning I woke up and its noticably more swollen and it is sore when i blink and to the touch. I don't know if these are both because i was sick, but it is very painful and i dont know what to do, i can't afford the ER and no one is open because it is sunday!!
Avatar n tn Hi i woke up this morning with the under part of my right eye swollen, its a blister, its not tight, hard, itchy, sore or anything really... just kinda swollen and i'm wondering if anyone could know why? it hasn't gone down all day, and i don't have any allergies that i'm aware of...
535882 tn?1396580285 i have a cold, runny nose, sore throat, i woke up today my eyes are swollen one worse then the other, what can i do about this, im taking ofc antihistamine , eye drops and putting ice packs on my eyes, looks bad still.
Avatar n tn It's pretty swollen waking up and a little sore. I would like to start using some lotion on them i usually use olay complete but haven't been using it on my lids at all since this started. Any thought on what kind? The eye Doctor said I can wear makeup so I guess I could use lotion too.
Avatar f tn it looks fine, the sore itself, however my eye lid is swollen to almost shut. very painful and annoying, do you have any suggestions that can relieve a swollen eye lid? I have tryed a cold compress, it didnt seem to work at all. I have tryed a very warm compress and it will take away some swelling but still in alot of pain and the swelling seems to just come back. it has been three days now, two with the swollen lid. thank you.
Avatar n tn I'm experiencing swelling and redness that starts in the corner of my eye and continues under my eye. There is a red and purple discoloration as well. My eye is relatively sore in the same spot. There is no discoloration to the eye itself. Any idea what it could be? It feels slightly dry as well. THANKS!
Avatar n tn My right eyelid is sore and swollen around the lashes. I thought it was a stye, but I do not see a bump or pimple. Any ideas what is wrong? Is it just an inflammation that will disappear?
Avatar m tn My lower eyelid is swollen and also swollen under the eye all the way to the cheek. It is sore and there is mucus in it. I looked inside and seen that there is one white spot on the inside of my eyelid it had gotten bigger than before. I had a infection in the eye before but it was not tike this. I do not have any insurance so I am wondering what it might be and if there is a cheap way to take care of this since I am unemployed also.
407904 tn?1219879401 The puffiness is well to the side and maybe a cm below the eye. It feels fine---just swollen, and my vision isn't affected, other than the fact the lid is occulting the lower third of my eye. When I woke up I had been lying on my face, for whatever that's worth. It's been most of a day though and it's staying the same. Any ideas? thanks!
Avatar f tn What is causing severe dry eye? For 2 years now upper lid stays swollen and some times tears dry crusty on face. Using resatsis which helps. Started with severe itch in corner of eye near nose.. then crusty dry eye. Been to 3 different opthomologist. Have plugs which helped dryness but the cycle continues. Have resorted to washing eyeball with eye washes and using sterilid cleanser. Sometimes there is a cloudy discharge which itches.
Avatar f tn Hello about 3 days ago my bottom eyelid was tender to touch or put eyeliner on,it was not discolored or puffy/ yesterday my btm eyelid under eyelashes was swollen looked like fluid was trapped/Wednesday am my bottom eyelid was almost swollen shut &very sore no discoloration or krusties / i have a little white pimple like spot on the inside middle part of bottom eyelid ..... what is it????
Avatar f tn for the last 4 wks my eylids have been itchy wrinkly , very sore with a burning sensation , my one eye had been weeping and my top lip is cracked and very sore . doctots have given me 3 courses of steroid tablets over the last month buu each time i stop taking them , the symptoms *** bk . i havnt used anything new or changed my diet or lifestyle , its stopping me sleeping and making me lose time from work . no0 one seemsto know wot the answer is .
Avatar f tn It was swollen eye lid and lower eye bag area. Very red and blood shot, a little itchy but very sore. Feels somewhat like my eye is tight or the skin around it and my eye keeps watering. I get a real stinging feeling then it waters then the gunge is all round the inside bottom lid of my eye. Saw my gp/ dr she didnt even look at my eye just prescribed the drops..... i have started using them. I have never had conjunctivitis but clearly am being treated for it.
Avatar n tn I have a sore on my face that I thought was just a regular pimple, but it has become extremely swollen. Not just to sore itself, but around the sore. The swelling goes about an inch from every side of the sore. you can tell but by looking at my face. I am on a medication called humira which weakens the immune system. I have just been treated for an eye infection recently as well. Is this something that I should get looked at right away? What could it possibly be?
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm currently in high school now, and yesterday, I woke up with a swollen sore lower left eyelid. It's kind of uncomfortable, and it hurts every time I blink. I've never worn glasses or contacts before, so I do not think its caused by that. My mom won't take me to the doctor to check it out either. Please help me, I don't want to be stuck like this!