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Avatar m tn And now after 3 weeks from the trip, I got sore eyes on my right eye and a bit swollen on my lower eye lid. The sore eyes got better after applying eye drops but came back again. Does that point to the fact that I have contracted STD?
Avatar m tn Am I suffering from any STD/HIV?? c. Can STD be transmitted thru oral sex? d. Any treatment to cure it up? e. Im taking raw onion and garlic everyday (with 4 slices/day). Is it true that raw onion and garlic can kill all bacteria, virus etc? After taking it, I dont see the red spot appear. do i need to continue to take it or stop taking it? Any harm to my body if I take it regularly? Hope you can reply me ASAP to clear up my worriess and doubt. Many thanks. Best regards....
Avatar m tn Am I suffering from any STD/HIV?? c. Can STD be transmitted thru oral sex? d. Any treatment to cure it up? e. Im taking raw onion and garlic everyday (with 4 slices/day). Is it true that raw onion and garlic can kill all bacteria, virus etc? After taking it, I dont see the red spot appear. do i need to continue to take it or stop taking it? Any harm to my body if I take it regularly? Hope you can reply me ASAP to clear up my worriess and doubt. Many thanks. Best regards....
Avatar n tn Swollen tonsils and pink eye seems more likey to have been a viral infection and coincidental in timing to your unprotected sex,STD's such as Gonorrhea,Chlamydia,Herpes and the like usually although not always carry symptoms such as abdominal pain,discharge,itching,rash and pain when urinating but because not everyone gets these symptoms it would be wise to be tested for everything at your GUM/STD Clinic .....
Avatar n tn hi guys,just had std test last thurs, results all negative. But penis lips are bit swollen and angry looking. Im thinking its due to the swabs, as she was quite rough taking them. Anyone know if this can cause it and does it last long(the swelling that is).
Avatar n tn They are swollen for months and it is confirmed. But blood tests came out negative saying I have no infection. My real question is, can it be some infection that test cannot determine?
Avatar n tn Several months ago my clitoris became swollen and tender, but there didn't seem to be anything really wrong with it so I thought it would go away on it's own. I've masturbated regularly since I was young, but I didn't do anything out of the ordinary recently to irritate it. Recently a couple small white bumps that may be pus developed, while the clitoris itself is still swollen and red. The possibility of it being an STD is very low as I've never been intimate with anyone.
Avatar m tn We then proceeded to shower and again she cleaned my penic and urethra... I had recently also got my lasik eye correction surgery done 10 days prior and had follwed the post care intructions of my doctor for 1 week.. I did not check if the condom was intact it dint seem broken... She also touched my face and probably my eye... I have been feeling alot of fear anxiety and stress... Not to mentioned a throat infection..
Avatar m tn I had a protected encounter, first one was protected for sure, 2nd 1 was protected but because of the symtoms that I have been experiencing in the past 1 month I am not sure whether it was damaged or not. 2 weeks after the encounter I developed painful rashes/boils on the right side of my neck. I also had painful boils in my arm pit & this was after visiting the barber shop & getting the hair cleaned off.
Avatar n tn currently it seems like i have a more mild version of what i had before however there is little to no itching, but recently i have been research HSV since i have had it in my eye for 4 years now. the one in my eye scabs and recurs every 6 months like clockwork, and for the 1st time about a month ago it did not scab but it was swollen, and itching was minimal.i figured maybe my body was getting used to it a little. and yes i have been involved in risky sexual activities.
Avatar m tn EYE PAIN*started thanksgiving(2010)-lasted month *right eye had pain behind it and was hard to move(lazy eye) *nuero optomologist checked eye nurves which were normal.Not sure what was causing it.
Avatar n tn No fever and no rash. I felt bizarre tingling in my cheeks and eye lids [exactly were the eye lashes are connected]. I felt little bumps on my hard palet in a swollen area but no pain. Then the bumps disappeared but it still felt strange, so I reached in and pulled off a yellow crusty thing (thrush?). Then managed to look in with a mirror and saw what looked like a huge aftous ulcer, again painless. It took about a week to slowly shrink and disappear.
Avatar n tn So my real question in what does chlamydya in the eye look like. I have no discharge really at all. Not even watering. My eyelids are not swollen or aything. Not stuck together or crusty in the morning. Is chlamydya of the eye pretty obvious in terms of lots of pus and stuff or is it sublte, maybe just looking like eye strain and some redness of the eye that visine helps some?
Avatar n tn I have one swollen lymph node in the groin area on the right side. It is actually visible to the eye. It doesnt hurt as I am trying not to touch or bother it. I read that it is uncommon to only have one swollen lymph node in regards to STD exposures. Could you elaborate on this?
Avatar n tn It's not an STD, you need to see a Dr.
Avatar m tn It is common for people to have an STD and have no genital symptoms, so they are quite tricky... Eye problems with chlamydia are usually a slight redness, irritation, mild mucous, normal vision....usually only one eye. It often will occur, go away for a few weeks and then come back, go away, etc...It is surprisingly easy to transfer to your eye! I'm not sure how it works in the UK, as I live in the USA.
Avatar n tn it itched like crazy and turned red along my eyelashes. nothing ever happened to my left eye. i lost a little feeling in my eye lid but it soon came back after a week and a half. my eye also got some weird infection and had a lot of "goop" in it. and after a few days it formed a thin layered scab along my eyelashes. all my symptoms went away after about a week and a half. well all of this continued to happen every two months for over a year now. and now i get 1.
Avatar f tn Just today (or maybe last night?) my left inner labia has become swollen. its not hard and cyst-like, just big and puffy. no discoloration aside redness, its very itchy. I am sexually actuve, but have no latex allergies, neither my partner or i are on and medications, and we never have 'dry' situations during intercourse. my period starts sometime next week and theres been no irregular discharge that i've noticed. i've iced but it hasn't seemed to do much.
Avatar n tn Boils went off Soon after the treatment but followed with other symptoms soft swollen Lymph Nodes on my left side of groin,Pus discharge from eyes which continued for weeks but reduced now,but swollen Lymph nodes still Exists and I was Splitting lot of productive Sputum for More then Three Weeks.after three weeks i had painless skin rashes over my both the wrist. i went to a Physician,he asked me to test for Syphilis,HIV and HBV on 15th June 2009 and results are Negative.
Avatar n tn on birth control pills to regulate also taking folic acid and liquid iron, had a blood transfusion 2 yrs ago (anemic) .....i recently began having a swollen vagina, and it began to itch. After examining it i noticed little sores on my vagina that burned when i touched them. ( could it have came from the scratching?
Avatar f tn I have weird signs ever since like I always feel feverish, have the chills, bruise easily, I get sick alot, and 3 months after the risk I got a yeast infection and a swollen eye which was my left one. I think this is htlv I'm super scared. What did this sound like and what should I do? Some body please help me.
Avatar f tn Around 2 months ago, july 31st, I had a possible exposure to an STD via saliva drop in the eye from an unknown person. At first I was concerned with HIV with worries that the drop of saliva may have contained trace amounts of blood. I developed a sudden fever/sore throat that lasted 3-4 days (none of the other ARS symptoms except fatigue) and was followed by an ear infection on the 5th day.
Avatar m tn This doesn't cause any pain that I know of and is just an eye sore. Well about a week ago, I found what looked to be two pimples in between my buttocks and scrotum. I popped them both. A tiny bit of blood and serous fluid came out. The next day they scabbed over. Never caused any pain, and within a few days they were healed. However, ever since I found those bumps, I have become extremely obsessed with the idea that I have contracted something.
Avatar f tn Also the bleeding stopped ten days after it started. Could this be an STD? Or could I have strep throat and and completely separate vaginal problem? Maybe the biopsy caused the vaginal discomfort?
Avatar n tn About a week ago we saw eachother again for the first time . We have sex now All the time and now my vaginal lips are really swollen. I wouldn't have noticed it unless he said something but now they hurt a little when I touch them, is that just from having a lot of sex? Will it go away? Or do I have to go to the gyno? I'm out at school and i don't have a gyno out here and i fell a little uncomfortable going to see the male gyno on campus!! Please help!!
Avatar n tn The illness you describe is not consistent with an STD. STD transmission through receipt of masturbation is virtually unheard of. While someone who had a syphilitic or herpetic sore on their hand might theoretically transfer infection to another person through masturbation, neither of us has ever seen or heard of such a case on over 60 years of STD-focused practice. In addition, I should point out that urinary frequency is not a sign of STD in men.
Avatar m tn On Saturday I woke up to find my right eye (only) quite red and swollen with some crusty puss around the tear duct area of my eye. As of today (Sunday), the symptoms of the gential chalmydia are all but gone and my eye is slightly better than yesterday (less painful, red, however more pus after sleeping; I'm assuming the infection kicked in Saturday morning). I'm going for a retest in the New Year (unfortunately my clinic is closed until then).
Avatar n tn My eyes were close but I might have opened them a bit and I think a bit of semen went inside my eye. I wash and dry. It stung a bit and my eye went red for like an hour. Later, I realized that I had sort of cuts in my inner upper lip. I guess friction between teeth and lip while sucking. I talked with this guy and he claimed to be STD free. On May 1st (three weeks after that) I begin to see a rash. It is basically on my chest and some times the back of my hands.