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Avatar m tn He normally will have a little eye redness after being groomed but when my husband brought him him I was shocked. The whole membrane around his eye was red and swollen. I posted a picture on facwbook and I have a friend who is a groomer and use to work for a vet and said this looked like it came from being choked by the harness. It is not cherry eye since that is in the corner of the eye. Could this have come from being choked?
Avatar n tn At the end of the day, I noticed that my eyes were sore and eyelids very swollen. I should have washed my eye with water but didn't think it was that serious. The next day, my vision had deteriorated. It was as if there was a slight fog everywhere, and a hazy patchy brightness in some areas, especially after being out in the sunshine. When I peel onions now, my eyes water instantly although I never had this problem before unless I peeled quite a lot of onions.
Avatar n tn herpes simplex keratitis, Fuch's corneal dystrophy, Keratoconus with rupture of Decemet's membrane, herpes Zoster. Find an cornea Eye MD at www.aao.
Avatar f tn I have had my retinas checked by a specialist every year and he always said I was OK. When I went back to my reg eye dr I told him that I could see less and less distance. He said that he could not understand it because I had very little catarract. Then I went back to my retina specialist wo did a big exama with his equioment and dye and found out that my retina was wrinkled and swollen. I now have to put steroid drops in my eye every 2 hrs and also antiinflammatory twice a day.
Avatar m tn Hi, my husband had an eye vitrectomy with membrane peeling for the vision distortion on 5th March 2015. Till now his eyesight is worse than before. and he is very worried. He had finished all the eye drops and it looks like there is no infection and other complications. with the follow up scan. it can see that the retina membrane looks more swollen than before. He wants to know why his eyesight is worse than before and can he use computer now?
Avatar f tn After tests today the Doctor said that the swelling of the retina has increased since last year, but that he is afraid to do surgery since it is my only 'good' eye. my other eye is a lazy eye. When I was 4 years old they gave me glasses to correct my 'cross-eye' and that created a lazy eye. I am 70 years old, but love to read, use the computer, do office work etc. Now I am scared. Should I let them do surgery to peel off a layer of the retina?
Avatar n tn My husband when to a farm to work and when he came home his right eye has being swollen around all around the eye and very red. When he woke up next morning he could not open the eye. This has never happen to him....What can it be?
Avatar m tn About five months ago, I rubbed CLINIQUE-ALL ABOUT EYES on my left lower eyelid for eyebag prevention but I made the mistake of rubbing the cream heavily also on the mucus membrane inside my lower eyelid, then I slept. In the morning I noticed that my eye is irritated and I felt some twitching so I went to an opthalmologist and he told me I got a stye in my eye. The doctor gave me antibiotics for the stye and it was healed.
Avatar f tn Now all day Saturday my abdomen was so swollen even my neighbor could tell. Now today its not swollen anymore but now I've noticed (sorry about this) a black stool. I've read (somewhere) black is bad, but can't remember how bad. Sorry about the gory details! I really appreciate any help with this!
Avatar m tn And my penis was a little swollen and seriously abraded from the long session. We showered right afterwards. For the next three days, my penis was pretty swollen from the session's friction and I noticed later (after the swelling subsided) that there appeared to be a long area of abrasions just under my penis' head. Noticeable abrasions - deep red and moist looking. A week later, I had swollen glands in my neck.
1535628 tn?1310113390 Both eyes are weepy, swollen, and have bubbles of fluid under the thin membrane covering the white of the eyes. Rt. is much worse, as always, and the bubble is so big that it makes it hard to close eye. My flesh hurts this morning. When I press on my face/jaw, neck, chest, upper back, it's painful. I wonder if I have a touch of a sinus infection.
Avatar f tn After those few days up until now, he's become highly sensitive to light, his eye lids are very swollen, his eyes are highly irritable he can barely keep them open, and what's worse is that the thin membrane covering his eye balls appears to have 'blistered'. He's gone to the doctor and been prescribed three medications: Tobramycin, Patanol, and Amox-clav. Every time he uses them his eyes sting and have been of very little help for him.
Avatar n tn Exactly half of it is swollen and red and it seems as if the membrane that surrounds the pupil is aactualy moving as I blink in addition to being swollen. I went to check it when i woke up and it was moving when i touched it..
Avatar n tn the little ball of flesh is swolle, and usually there is a thin film of membrane or something that kind of hugs the eye ball right next to it, that part is swollen too, now my eyes just looks like there is extra red fleshy film covering the corners of it. at first it just felt uncomfortable, like couple of eye lashes stuck in my eyes are something. today is the third day, i dont feel much, it is just still swollen. what is this?
Avatar f tn The swollen eyes might be due conjunctivitis which is inflammation of the thin transparent membrane which covers the eyes. Conjunctivitis can be caused by infections and noninfectious conditions. Infections can be due to viral, bacterial and chlamydial. Non infectious causes are allergies, chemicals and injury. Sometimes swollen eyes can occur with other inflammations or infections of other parts of the eye like iris, cornea, lens etc.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with sinusitis 3 months ago and have had 3 rounds of antibiotics and it just keeps bothering me. What bothers me the most is my eyes have frequent pain. Mostly my right eye but today is my left more. I have pain behind my rt eye and up the rt side of my head behind my ear daily. What would cause this?
Avatar m tn both eyes are red and swollen and the nictating membrane (3rd eyelid) is raised profusely. no way to vet today!! CAN I TREAT USING MY ANTIBIOTIC (NEOSPORIN)??
Avatar n tn - Bleeding inside the eye post-op, could see blood line at 1/3 of pupil; Diamox for ~6 wks. IOP got up to 30ish. - Grey blind spot in central vision accompanied with "flickering" (maybe 1cm wide and 3-4mm high at 18"). - Loss of wedge/semicircular shaped area of peripheral vision on right side. - Cataract - Wavy vision (straight lines not straight) in side areas of main vision (not in center or periph) I had cataract surgery 4.
Avatar f tn Hi, Yes. Membrane is similar to penis/verginal membrane, It is not intact as like a skin.. I would suggest go for the checking after 6weeks. I think your risk is almost zero. Virus wont survive in the air for long time..
Avatar f tn I have been having right headeed pain and right eye cheek ear and neck pain.Its driving me crazy an di feel sick.
Avatar f tn This is from when one of the small vessels on the surface membrane of the eye breaks and bleeds under the conjunctival membrane. Sometimes they are much larger than yours. Thanks for the picture! These are almost always benign...not indicating any serious problem. Medicines which are blood vessel constrictors like Visine will NOT take this red out because the blood is outside of the blood vessel.
Avatar f tn Hello, The corner of my eye, (the conjunctiva) is swollen and there appears to be a "bubble" right next to my eye ball. And most of the white membrane is red. I have discomfort, and slight pain if I touch my eyelid. What should I do? Or take to ease the redness and swelling? As a side note, I had lasik surgery about 7 years ago. I don't know if that is a factor or not. Thank you for your help!
Avatar f tn I had cataract surgery Jan. 7 on my one good eye. The other is a lazy eye. My vision, both for distance and reading is still very blurry. It is considerably worse than before the surgery. Before the surgery I used reading glasses. I did not need glasses for distance. I visited the doctor on Jan 8 and Jan. 15. According to the tests, my vision had improved during that week. However, the doctor did not mention the results of testing before the surgery.
Avatar m tn Hi Mark, This morning my eye was swollen, but the weird thing was that I couldn't see clearly out of it, everything was foggy out of that eye. I waited an hour and a half but it didn't clear up so I called my doctor and he sent me to the ER. They did a cat scan and didn't see anything there or in the exam that would account for the vision problem, so they put me back on Lotemax drops(low intensity steroids) and it seems to be getting better and I can see normally.
Avatar n tn About 7 years ago I woke up one morning with my left eye swollen and red. I didn't think much of it and it went away after a day or two. A couple of months later it came back again. Since then it comes back chronically atleast once a month, sometimes more, always in my left eye. It lasts 1-3 days and goes away on its own. I have seen 4 eye specialists. Two thought it was pink eye and I followed the treatment prescribed with no success.
Avatar m tn Hello more than a month ago I received oral sex from a woman after a week I developed non specific urethritis, and a week after I developed pink eye on my right eye, which migrated to the left in 2 days (although not as severe as on the right). I went to see ophthalmologist and he prescribed an antibiotic drops. Within 3 days my right eyelids became extremely red a swollen, and my left eye got worse too. I was getting clear discharge and slight crusting. It was very severe.
480371 tn?1208210756 couple of days ago we noticed what looked like a sty on the top lid of my Bug s eye. Tonight the eye was almost swollen shut. . I plan to take her to the vet tomorrow. No one spoke of swelling with a possible sty. She doesn t seem bothered by it at all.
Avatar n tn I felt splashes of what was blood and saliva hit my eye and immediately rinsed it out. He had open cuts in his mouth. I disregarded prophylaxis because I read that this type of exposure has a 1 out of 1000 chance of transmission. A few days later, I have been feeling unusually tired at work and at home. I spend most of the day craving sleep, when I am getting 8 hours everynight. At first I was nervous of what happened, but now I can clearly feel my body feeling different aside from that.