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Avatar n tn He woke up this morning and his eye was almost swollen shut. I called the pharmasist back and he said because of his age and fair complextion he had a reaction. I am with Cinnamonheart worry worry worry!!!!!!!!!! They really are going to be the death of me.
Avatar n tn I have been visiting South Carolina over the past year, I just completed my 3rd trip down there from Ohio. While down there the 2nd time I awoke one day with both of my eyes nearly swollen shut! It took like 2 days to get the swelling to go down significantly, then I had bags under my eyes for another ~2 weeks! I didn't look nor feel like myself in the face. I had no good idea what was causing the problem but kept icing and sleeping to try to get the bags to go away.
Avatar f tn I followed the directions, the problem subsided, and after several weeks came back, again on the left only. In the meantime, I stayed away from any eye creams and only used Cetaphil or nothing at all. And it's been like this, off an on all the time. I did not use any eye make up at the time. Several months ago I started using make up again, had no problems, and then out of the blue, again, my left eyelid got swollen, then red, then itchy and then scaley.
Avatar n tn and now over this past year it has spread to the lower eye area.....after I wash my face, the entire eye are is very red.....always itchy, and red spots in the under eye area. and it used to be worse in the mornings, which it still is but is aggravating all day with itchiness and redness....if anyone can help me please please respond. This is becoming debilitating. I rarely wear make anymore, as I can work from home several days a week. I do not believe this from make-up.....
Avatar f tn i have swollen eyes from sunburn what is the best thing to do one eye couldnt open all the way
1108194 tn?1378428122 I looks a bit better but more like when I got a 2nd degree sunburn. Still swollen, red and hot. It goes around to the back of my neck as well. Not sure what to do.
1108194 tn?1378428122 I looks a bit better but more like when I got a 2nd degree sunburn. Still swollen, red and hot. It goes around to the back of my neck as well. Not sure what to do. . My doctor thought maybe sinus. I have no colored drainage, I do have a persistant headache though.
Avatar f tn The odd thing I noticed was usually the OTC eye drops usually sting a lot when I have had eye allergies before and there was none of that during these instances. Cold compresses didn't seem to do much either.
Avatar f tn My husband for two months or more has been plagued by what started as peeling dry skin around one eye and has progressed to both eyes, red almost like sunburn, peeling, swollen "pockets" of edema under the eyes, and itching. The redness and dry skin have spread to cheeks and forehead and now looks like a butterfly rash from lupus, but not other lupus symptoms. He has had in the past two years another short lived and far less severe attack of this but during the winter.
Avatar f tn I used to wake up with severely swollen eyes after sleeping a lot. It was also accompanied by very red skin under my eyes, and then after the 2nd day, the skin around my eyes got dry like sandpaper & peeled a little. It's almost like I had a bad sunburn, same symptoms. This happened frequently when I used Ambien, I read that face rashes were a side effect so I stopped using it, the swelling stopped for months.
Avatar f tn is there a way to tell the difference? as for the peripheral edema...he said it was from the sunburn i got on vacation...i won't let him get away with that though if this keeps up...i keep a tight reign on my drs...this is my 3rd dr. and i actually saw his partner this time and not the one i like...so perhaps his partner is not with it like he is. i need to inform my regular hepatologist to find out. this one also told me it's time for me to get off tx!!!
Avatar m tn The skin got so soft from all this that it turned white and rubbed off when I rubbed my lips from the itching. There is also a little numbness in the lip with the pain on the outside. I think it started to swell up again some more that night, I used ice for a while and it went down slightly. I woke up today though and they were just about or as big as yesterday morning. My eyelids look about 100% normal, they were never really bad.
745568 tn?1232853401 Sometimes I don't realize this is what's wrong as I wear contacts and sometimes it starts with just my eye hurting and I think it's something in my eye, or my contact or something. Other times, it starts with swollen gums and I think maybe I have a popcorn hull or something stuck up there and by the time I realize it is this condition, if I don't have that medication on hand, It gets to a pretty bad point before it stops. Such as, yesterday it started again.
335728 tn?1331418012 Well we got back from the lake last night...had a good time but I am worse for wear. Out fishing in the pontoon on Saturday, nice day, breezy, not too hot, not enough sun block on... The result...2nd to 3rd degree burns on both legs and pain like I have never felt before! Because I am on Elavil my skin apparently is more sensitive to the sun and while I put some sun block on apparently it was not waterproof and it wasn't enough. Saturday night was H*LL! Sunday morning was H*LLER!!!
Avatar n tn ), I found that that evening my eye was itchy. The next morning my upper eye lid along my eye lashes was red and swollen. No eye make up or contacts here. I also do not have dry skin near my eye at all. And I have never had any problems with allergies. I want to rub the heck out of it and am trying to refrain. I'm not sure that this is the same as everyone else but just thought I'd add in case anyone has any ideas for me.
537731 tn?1268268886 It goes away if I blink a few times but of course comes back until I can wash out or clear the goo from the corner or lower lid of my eye. I get bags under my eyes too from all the constant searching and pullling around the lids. My eyes are always uncomfortable. I get headaches most days. I am now finding that my right eye is really sensitive to light - especially from TV and laptop etc.
Avatar f tn I have had a swollen clitoris for about one week. At first it was because I masturbated and it was a little swollen, then it gradually got bigger and bigger about the size of a couple of grapes. Moslty on one side of my clitoris. It is now very uncomfortable and accompanied by a yeast infection. I always get small yeast infections by my birth control pills (Errin) but now this is still swelling even more even after my doctor prescribed Diflucan yesterday.
Avatar n tn My eyes have become worse this morning,even though I only applied aqeous cream and vaseline to the eye area and face yesterday. The right under eye is especially swollen. Will have to take the day off work again to see the doctor. It still feels very dry. Thanks againfor tour kind help.
Avatar f tn I find it hard to believe that people can have these weird sensations from anxiety alone. I have had a brain MRI and c-spine MRI, the only thing that showed was a bulging disk. Anyone else have this?
Avatar n tn The next day my entire forehead was swelling to the point that my upper eye was swelling over my lower eye. I used cold compresses and Ibuprofen to try and reduce the swelling. Today my nose is swollen and the swelling has also moved to the outside of my right eye and temple. What can I do to treat this?
798555 tn?1292791151 And learned acupressure muscle release (trigger point therapy is another name) from books and PT's, that has saved me thousands of dollars, and relived pain, (this is different from acupuncture). I since learned I needed T3, as many do with continuing pain on a T4 only med. Still have some, its a long healing process (years).
797873 tn?1265740119 Mine is little different because where ever I am at this smell stays in, my room , at work and in my car.. and the smell changes all the time it depends what I eat. I also get thursty If I dont drink water. I start to get a dry throat and mouth... If i drink anything else that is not water my breath gets worse.. please help!
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Avatar n tn I was treated with very heavy doses of Decadron and released from the hospital with a 12 week taper of steroids. I had minimal eye involvement (dry eye) and luckily my rash (painfully, I might add) peeled like a sunburn. I call myself lucky that my symptoms were subsided by steroids. Since my stay at the hospital, I have been fighting with bad bouts of diarrhea and abdominal pain.
Avatar f tn In the past week her eyelids are slightly swollen, skin is red on lids and around eyes, and is peeling and itchy. looks similar to a sunburn yet she has not been in the sun. She does have allergies and they do seem worse than ever this year but I am wondering if this could also be a side effect from coming off of the zoloft? She is currently on 50mg. Has been taking 10mg of laratadine for allergies and benadryl and ibuprofen to help with these "allergy" and pms symptoms.
Avatar n tn This evening, slight redness from pelvis to rib cage and streaked redness from top of buttocks to mid shoulderblade. Also redness from collar of neck to face. Hair follicules still have slightly red bases. Some other things: -No discharge of penis or any other functioning problems. -No pain, redness, or burning on skin of penis. -No fever, headache, or muscle ache. -No lower back pain. -Hair follicules are not reddened in pubic area-only on top and sides of thigh down to the knee.
Avatar f tn I have experienced contact dermatitis from improper application of retinol in the past. Skin around the eye area was swollen, raw and extremely dry. As the skin began to heal, the texture of my eyelids was very tight and crepey at the same time. Quite a horrible thing to experience. I have heard from various experts and beauty bloggers in the know that retinol should only be applied to dry skin.
Avatar m tn The Reason i am still worried that i might have HIV is that around Jan 26 - present I devoped a redness on my entire torso (front and back) and when i would touch it and it would leave a white imprint of my hand this also happend on my face it would leave my face feeling and looking flush and also left imprints when touched, also on my arms and thighs For about 5 days this redness flet like a sunburn.
Avatar n tn The rash went away and appeared again a few weeks later - this time begining on the hands and moving to her extremitiies (she got the stomach flu 2 days prior to the rash flu but had no fever) - in addition she woke one morning with one eye red, swollen and glued shut - no fever. The eye remained red for a couple of days but no more puss or swelling appeared. I took her back to the pediatrician who then sent me to a pediatric dermatologist.