Suboxone withdrawal day 3

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Avatar f tn I have been on Suboxone for over 3 years now, at one point I was up to 32mg a day. I tapered down to just 4mg a day. Today is the 5th day without any and I think I am going to die. My question is this, how long will this withdrawal last? It did not hit really hard until the 3rd day. I am used to opiate withdrawal and that used to be about 7 days.
Avatar f tn I started taking suboxone I got off the street, and I didn't wait to be in withdrawal before I started I took my last opiat at night and started on 8 mg in the morning, this is day 7 of me taking them I cut down on day 3 to 2mg twice a day for 2 days now I'm down to 1 mg a day, but I have really bad anxiety and can't sleep. I know I shouldn't have done it this way without a Dr, but I was afraid my job would find out through my insurance, and I would loose my job.
568875 tn?1424400805 Today is my first day without suboxone. I weaned down from 8 mg to 4mg in 2 weeks, then went to 2 mg for 10'days, then did 2 mg every other day for a week, then did 1 mg for a few days. Ive heard so many different stories of how bad sub wd is to it not being any different then comking off any other drug. I'm scared but determined and trying to stay positive. I have the next four days off work. Hopefully I can get through the worst in that time period.
Avatar n tn Please look at this dose plan and tell me if it should be alright - Day 1 - 8mg Day 2 - 8mg Day 3 - 8mg Day 4 - 7mg Day 5 - 7mg Day 6 - 7mg Day 7 - 6mg Day 8 - 6mg Day 9 - 5mg Day10- 5mg Day11- 4mg Day12- 4mg Day13- 3mg Day14- 3mg Day15- 2mg Day16- 2mg Day17- 1mg Day18- 1mg Day19- .5mg Day20- .
Avatar m tn I stopped 15mg a day of Methadone in May, and was given about 50 8mg Suboxone pills from a freind. After a month of taking one pill every 2 or 3 days, I started taking 1/2, and eventually 1/4 pills. When I quit I continue to withdrawal for days and days afterward. How long does suboxone take to get out of your system? Im on day 4 and things just get worse!! My doctor cant see anyone unless you make an appointment weeks in advance, school starts in 3 weeks and I am at a loss.
Avatar f tn I've been on Suboxone 8mg/2mg for over a month (twice a day... Sometimes 3 times a day). I'm going to run out before my next refill (4 days) how sick will I be or what should I do? Call my doc?
Avatar m tn I have almost 3 weeks after my last Suboxone. I did the rapid detox and I am doing pretty good, other than I can smell everything, what is not so good. Strong smells are kinda of making me a bit sick.. Not sure if thats normal..Im sleeping well, eating well ( nothing that smells strong though) , getting some energy back, but this smell thing is weird. I have been putting Vicks is my nostrals so I dont smell other things. Any of you that went suboxone withdrawal felt this?
Avatar m tn I took on average 13-15 of them a day for 2 years. Then, I discovered suboxone and was on it for a little over a year...never relapsed. I got down to a quarter of a 2mg pill(0.5mg). Why am I still experiencing such harsh withdrawals? I just want to be off the suboxone and done with it for good. I stopped going to my doctor 3 months ago. I haven't ran out of suboxone either. Just wanted to quit...but, I guess it will leave me no choice but to take it again.
Avatar m tn Anyway, if you took the last one 8 days ago I am sure it was about 36 hours before the real withdrawal kicked in so it is maybe day 6. that's good because it will last much longer. I cannot pin point an exact time for you, there are too many variables. Tell us what exactly you are feeling and maybe we can suggest some things to help ease the symptoms.
892584 tn?1241806196 to all i am beginning day 4 of kicking a 20 month suboxone addiction. I jumped off a 6mg (before reading some of these posts, i thought that was a small amount). Ihave still been working, but in a lot of pain. I am a bartender and have to fake being in a good mood. It has literaaly been hell for me, and apparently has only just begun. The worst is the leg pain and lethargy. my fiance is giving birth to my 1st child on may 26, i was really hoping to be normal by then.
Avatar f tn Hi ! Is there anything I can take ( meds) to help me with suboxone withdrawal. I'm taking 2mg.I was taking 8mg for 4 m.
Avatar m tn Hello, I've been on Suboxone for 4 years, and oxi-contin for 2 years before that, 10 days ago i decided it was time to get off of the suboxone. I started a catapres patch the second day, and the withdrawals were still bad, but tolerable. I took the patch off on the 7th day and on the 8th day I started to come back into intense withdrawal. The doctor gave me 4 patches but only becuase it comes 4 to a pack I guess? Can I put another patch on now and be fine?
Avatar n tn I jumped at 1mg and had some pretty severe withdrawal for a while. Im told that the withdrawal lasts so long coming off suboxone due to the long half life-- It stays in your system for a while after you take your last dose. I wont lie to you - it may be really tough the first 2 weeks. I found medhelp on day 8 and posted a panicked message not unlike yours begging anyone to tell me how long. And many came by to help thankfully.
Avatar f tn People who have more w'd than they think is appropriate when stopping Suboxone forget, or don't know, what opiate withdrawal is like; it is well known that methadone withdrawal, for example, goes on for months and months. Heroin withdrawal tends to be shorter and more intense; the phrase 'kicking the habit' comes from the involuntary muscle movements during heroin withdrawal.
Avatar f tn I WANT my life back and to be free of suboxone. Im not prescribed to it, one pill last me up to 3 weeks to a month. I've tried to get off of it, but I can't take the withdrawal, the depression and the RLS is the worst for me. Anybody have any advice with this? I know im at a very low dose but it still seems like its gonna be harddd. I used to do a quarter a day. I read alot of forums and people say there PAWS, where you will be depressed for up to a year, I cant take the depression.
1181804 tn?1333406405 Hi. I jumped at .5. My Dr. said I should just stop so I did but on day 3 I went nuts with the restlessness. So I gave my hubby the strips and said give me 1/4 and nothing more. I'm now 6 days in. Biggest complaint is how everything takes so much energy..... feel like walking in a lead suit. And the not sleeping was awful but I got more sleep last night. I took a muscle relaxed before bed with my ibuprofen. Maybe that's what did the trick. Good luck to you and keep in touch.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Suboxone for 3 years, I tapered down to 2 mg a day from 24 mg a day. I want to quit. I took 40 10 mg norco's from 80 mg to 30 mg to maybe kick the suboxone off the receptors. I am on day 6 with no sleep and RLS. Do I really have to do two months of this to get clear? I do not think I am strong enough for that. Should I go back on suboxone and taper down a lot lower.? Thanks, I am in misery. Ben.
Avatar m tn Unlike normal opiates that take a week for the worst of it suboxone can be 2-3 weeks on bad wd and another 3 weeks of mild symptoms like insomnia, RLS, anxiety, chills..and of course depression. They will all start getting better day by day. U have come so far and you should congradulate yourself on that. There is a light at the end of the tunnel I promise. Just keep busy and try to take walks in the day to keep your body moving it helps with the cramps.
Avatar f tn 4 to 8 mg for 3 years....3 day goin CT. tried it 3 times before. this time I have prns however. how many months is this going to take? anyone have any thoughts or info on low dose 3mg daily for increaseing endorphins?
Avatar f tn can anyone out there tell me what to expect from suboxone withdrawal? i've been taking 8mg a day to avoid methadone withdrawal, for only 4 days and i have a few left. is it as bad as methadone withdrawal and does it last as long?
Avatar f tn I'm going thru withdrawal...probably on day 3 or 4...MISERABLE!!!! UGH!!! I'd been on suboxone for over a year and the doc I was seeing was charging me $85 for 15 minutes of his time AND told me I am a HOPELESS case!!!! I'm so sick right now I don't know what to do. My RLS is kicking in like crazy and my entire body is killing me!!! I CANNOT FIND A DOC TO TAKE MY INSURANCE!!! Even though my insurance pays for doc visits and on wants to accept insurance!! WHY????
Avatar n tn The idea is the patch keeps you from feeling the effects of the suboxone withdrawal. My Doctor said it takes on average three months for suboxone to leave the blood stream. In my case it took longer. I've been off suboxone since may 2008, and off fentanyl since august 2008. I'm still a wreck, fatigue, loose stoole, depression, anxiety, insomnia, constant sneezing, stuffy nose, watery eyes, etc....I've been off of everything for one month, and things got worse before they got better.
Avatar n tn I am also on day 40 with no suboxne and it has been a nightmare for me. I must say things do get better. I still have no energy and still don't enjoy the things I used to. Including food and pop, and work. Struggling this quarter in school and I know it from this. I also missed 1 week of work. The only light I see is this is the first time in 9 years on no pain meds or suboxne. I wish I could enjoy it more being clean but have no energy to get up still. Taking B vitiams and Tyrosine still.
Avatar n tn used suboxone for about 2 weeks. started taking recommended 16mg/day, then started doing 8mg a day then eventually every other day and finally 9 days ago I took like 40mg at once stupidly to get a final high, or attempt to. i felt fine up until 2 days ago... i dont know how but i didnt have withdrawal til then... now i am EXTREMELY tired... like cant walk or do work for long periods of time... i get goosebumps as random as anything... hot/cold flashes, sweats...
558096 tn?1255890602 Hi hun, I'm currently day 12 fromm the last day I took 2mg suboxone tablet. How much did you come off at hun? Its not been easy for me jumping at 2mg but i[ve got through it with a lil help from dhc which I've now reduced right down on. I'm sure people will be able to offer advice on what things you can take but if you can ride it on what you've got then do it. If you need someone to chat to thats going through the same thing you are then just message me and i'll be there.