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Avatar f tn I'm on day 7 of withdrawal from suboxone. I didn't really get to tapper off them. The withdrawal symptoms are absolutely unbearable. I just went and bought 5-htp and B-complex. I read that it helps with the anxiety. I'm waiting to see if it helps at all. I have a wife and two kids and I feel so useless. I can't help my wife with anything. She's trying her best to take care of me and the kids. Does anyone know what will help with the anxiety and the blurry vision.
Avatar f tn I started taking suboxone I got off the street, and I didn't wait to be in withdrawal before I started I took my last opiat at night and started on 8 mg in the morning, this is day 7 of me taking them I cut down on day 3 to 2mg twice a day for 2 days now I'm down to 1 mg a day, but I have really bad anxiety and can't sleep. I know I shouldn't have done it this way without a Dr, but I was afraid my job would find out through my insurance, and I would loose my job.
Avatar f tn HI. I am on day 12 of suboxone withdrawal. It has been hell. How much long will this be going on? Im not sleeping more than an hour or 2 a night. When I jumped off, I was down to 2mg a day. I haven't been able to function at all. No work, barely able to get out of bed. It isn't getting better. I have pretty much accepted that I have condemned myself to a life of this agony. Please help.
Avatar m tn I can't take it anymore First thought when I wake up is to take my suboxone it literally controls my life and I'm sick of it!!! I know withdrawal is going to suck but I'm ready and committed to getting my life back in order. I heard from a friend that withdrawals can last months from long term suboxone use and that alone scares me I don't know if I'm that strong to suffer so long.
Avatar n tn The idea is the patch keeps you from feeling the effects of the suboxone withdrawal. My Doctor said it takes on average three months for suboxone to leave the blood stream. In my case it took longer. I've been off suboxone since may 2008, and off fentanyl since august 2008. I'm still a wreck, fatigue, loose stoole, depression, anxiety, insomnia, constant sneezing, stuffy nose, watery eyes, etc....I've been off of everything for one month, and things got worse before they got better.
Avatar n tn my bosses whom are good friends of mine and know the full story of my drug problem and how i went on treatment and now i am going thru withdrawal off the damn medicine they put me on to stop using (suboxone) and they told me they noticed a considerable improvement today... which is awesome. 4mg xanax for $10 isnt the best price, since i dont have healthcare it might of even cost me more to go thru a doctor, but there is not really a price on making it thru this withdraw..!
Avatar n tn I jumped at 1mg and had some pretty severe withdrawal for a while. Im told that the withdrawal lasts so long coming off suboxone due to the long half life-- It stays in your system for a while after you take your last dose. I wont lie to you - it may be really tough the first 2 weeks. I found medhelp on day 8 and posted a panicked message not unlike yours begging anyone to tell me how long. And many came by to help thankfully.
Avatar f tn maybe i thought that since i dealt with heroin withdrawal, suboxone detox would be a walk in the park. i'm just a little confused about what's going on with my body right now...i took my last piece sunday night and was feeling a little funky monday and tuesday but nothing unbearable. then tuesday night i took a benadryl to help me sleep and i woke up at about 2am covered in sweat and goosebumps etc.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your comments, it is helping me, as well, to get through my suboxone w/d's. I understand I got myself here but I knew nothing of suboxone until I was in detox for a vicodin and an alcohol habit. I was addicted for the second time to vikes...this time for 3 months. I was actually told by my doc that if I tapered off slowly, I would have NO w/d symptoms from the subs. So, I refuse to believe that this is completely my fault. I trusted my doc.
Avatar f tn It's surprising to me that there's so many people on this site who say they have experienced extreme withdrawal symptoms after they stop taking suboxone (even while completely following a doctor's plan). I've been on suboxone for almost 2 months now, but I've now started taking the suboxone sporadically. (Just an FYI, my dosage is supposed to be 16mg/day). I have gone two full days without taking any suboxone a couple of times now.
Avatar m tn Hello. Suboxone has a pretty long drawn out withdrawal.. Unfortunately many of us suboxone users dont realize this until its time to quit. My best advise is to get down to even smaller amounts.. Like a quarter of a quarter.. or tiny crumb of sliver..then every other day.. You will probably have some withdrawal no matter what you do. Just brace yourself and hang in there.. All the normal tips for easing the withdrawal - lots of fluids, advil, hot baths, and exercise..
Avatar m tn cold chills frequently during the anxiety attacks much like withdrawal symptoms,, amy suggestions??????
Avatar f tn I too was a 20 year methadone patient. I have tried numerous times to switch to suboxone. On suboxone I cannot sleep, I have extremem anxiety, and I have no energy. I am not sick but I do not feel normal. I have been told by the manufacturer that this is a common complaint from long term methadone maintenance patients. I suggest you return to methadone. Follow your own bodies advice and ignore the rest. Only you know how your body functions and reacts to medication.
Avatar n tn I took a 2mg suboxone in the am and 2mg in pm for two days to try and get off those dam roxi's. My last dose of 2mg was yesterday at 5:30pm. As I keep reading and researching about suboxone I am getting more and more afraid that I am going to have withdrawals from the suboxone(which I heard was worse). I am contiplating not taking the suboxone today and just stopping. Will I gert withdrawals from suboxone from taking it for 2 days? If so how long do you think they will last?
205111 tn?1224643354 im gonna leave out all the details cause i have a very hard time getting to ther point when im trying to explain things...long story dr increased my dose of suboxone in the middle of my two appointments so now i have a new script that needs to be filled before the original one was supposed to run out. its easter weekend and i run out of suboxone tomorrow since i have been taking it at the new dose and im going out of state to visit family.
341953 tn?1209485491 This means that withdrawal symptoms may occur if you stop using Suboxone too quickly. Withdrawal symptoms may also occur at the start of treatment due to dependence on another drug. Suboxone is not for occasional ("as needed") use. Do not stop taking Suboxone without first talking to your doctor. Your doctor may want to gradually reduce the dose to avoid or minimize withdrawal symptoms.
610505 tn?1329607323 I told him that I only wanted to take Suboxone for 5-7 days, just to get me past the worst of the withdrawal, but of course he said we'll get you off in 6 weeks.$$$ I got 30 Subs filled on Monday and have taken only 1-8mg tablet each day since then. That was all my body seemed to need. Today I've only taken a 1/4 tablet, and would like to keep it that way. I know that the pain meds have to be out of me by now.
211417 tn?1189759422 6 months of mild opiate use after surgery turned into almost 6 years of being addicted to suboxone. Thanks to my pre existing anxiety and major depression I could not endure mild Vicodin withdrawal, which led me to the worst decision of my life which was going to an inpatient rehab facility for one week.
Avatar f tn I finally went to an addiction psychologist who put me on suboxone.. I have been taking suboxone for a year now. i know that my doc is leading me on to get his money every moneth. I was the one who sugested taking less of gthe sub. I want to be free of it but he never mentions taking less. I am glad that I have ahd him to help me but i also know he is stringing me along so ne gets nis hundred a month from me. What should I do?
Avatar f tn You must want to end the viscious cycle also for anything to work for you. The problem is Suboxone withdrawal is as bad as the withdrawal from the narcs. Even at 2mg a day. The good side is that if you find a good doc and are honest, completely honest with them, for this is your last chance, he or she will stand by you and will not let you withdrawal. Withdrawals, to me are the worst thing imaginable and cannot be understood by anyone, and I mean anyone who has not been through them, period!!
Avatar f tn I also used suboxone ( which by the way was given to me by a rehab doc ) to help get me off the pain pills I was about a 30 mg a day on o x y and lor tab the suboxone did me wonders I did not have any wd symptoms after starting suboxone I would recommend suboxone to any one suffering the wd symptoms and after I was weened from the sub I felt great but let me tell u it is still hard as hell to stay away from the pills and still just as easy to get addicted