How to ease suboxone withdrawal symptoms

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Avatar m tn If there are things out there that help with the symptoms of withdrawal then why not take them? Whether it be Clonidine, Loperamide, Withdrawal-Ease or whatever; if it helps then it's worth it. Most people who are physically dependent on opiates either from trauma or some sort of procedure are simply afraid of the withdrawals. Then they keep taking opiates to stave off the sickness and eventually full-blown addiction presents itself. So, NO, it not just up to YOU.
Avatar f tn So like that diabetic that will always need a medication to manage their disease, you could stay on Suboxone as long as you need to. Because Suboxone is an opiate, and given to opiate addicts (a practice very much frowned upon by the DEA except for this medication) it requires a special license from the DEA to prescribe. If you think you may want to talk to a knowledgeable physician in your area look at a web site called "turntohelp".
Avatar f tn Does anyone have suggestions of things he can do to ease the symptoms? And anything I can do to help him physically and mentally? I'm so so so proud of him for trying to get better, but I feel like they really screwed him with the suboxone taper. It's really awful watching him go through this, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn I want to quit. I took 40 10 mg norco's from 80 mg to 30 mg to maybe kick the suboxone off the receptors. I am on day 6 with no sleep and RLS. Do I really have to do two months of this to get clear? I do not think I am strong enough for that. Should I go back on suboxone and taper down a lot lower.? Thanks, I am in misery. Ben.
Avatar f tn These both contain supplements that will help ease the withdrawal. In addition, take as many hot baths as you can to ease those aching muscles. Stay hydrated and try and keep some food down. It is important to stay as healthy as you can during this time. Exercise is also a good one. Even if it is only a brief walk, it will help. Stay positive and stay focused. You CAN do this. We can talk about aftercare in a few days, for now, get through the physical. Keep posting here.
Avatar m tn I am an RN too. my son is struggling with suboxone addiction withdrawal. I want to continue to correspond with you. I am familiar with holosync, etc.
Avatar m tn Hey, I am on suboxone at the moment and I was told that the withdrawals wouldn't be that bad. I think that your drugs worker should have came up with a plan that you were happy with. I have arranged it so that I'm on the same dose until I feel that I can do a rapid detox. Are the pains really that bad? Can you tell me how you are feeling?
Avatar f tn What kind of pills were you addicted to and does it always take months to take it? I guess what I'm saying is I want to wean or ease the withdrawal with it to get off the Percocet and Ultram. Is it very expensive and how many do you take a day?
Avatar f tn Withdrawal ease seems to help with the RLS and other symptoms. EmergenC should be in most drug stores or grocery stores, you may have to ask where they keep it. It is often in the vitamin isle or healthfood isle. Sometimes it's in the drink isle, depends on the store. Keep walking and moving around. Try not to think about how you feel but on who you want to be. It will get better, I promise. I don't make promises lightly.
Avatar f tn this might be a better plan for you so you dont have to miss work...if not C/T is how most get off it and its going to take around 4 days for the physical part to where off by day 5 most come around...its the mental battle thats the hard part to deal with remember this is 1/3 physical 2/3 mental and I truly believe it is a battle one or lost in ones own mind...go into this with a positive attitude when its all said and done you wont be chained to a pill bottle any more...
Avatar f tn I also used suboxone ( which by the way was given to me by a rehab doc ) to help get me off the pain pills I was about a 30 mg a day on o x y and lor tab the suboxone did me wonders I did not have any wd symptoms after starting suboxone I would recommend suboxone to any one suffering the wd symptoms and after I was weened from the sub I felt great but let me tell u it is still hard as hell to stay away from the pills and still just as easy to get addicted
Avatar n tn Getting off of sub is much harder and with withdrawal is much longer than hydro, I ended up having to go through a medically assisted detox because I could not even taper off of 1 mg. 5 sub are not going to help, it will prolong the withdrawal, not ease it. If you are interested in going on sub, check out and it will help you find a suboxone doctor in your area.
Avatar f tn So far this has not affected my work or family life but I get uncomfortable withdrawals when I try to stop. I don't know how to go about it...
Avatar m tn "I have yet to see a successful and complacent person who's come off opiates with the help of suboxone." That only goes to show how few addicts you really know outside this board and how little you know about the subject. Using Suboxone to get off something like Norco or Vicodin is a mistake IMO. It's a far stronger drug and should only be used for a very short period. Staying on it for an extended period only amounts to trading relatively minor WD's for a longer more protracted WD.
Avatar f tn I take a lot of vicodin and just can't seem to taper. I called a doctor about using suboxone and it is kind of expensive but it is worth it and much cheaper than my addiction.
1055085 tn?1254110582 I'm several steps behind you and have extreme opiate addictio per say to Norco. I have been taking them for pain management due to an injury. I was on it during my stay at the hospital in august for a week but was so doped up on psych pills I don't really remember it. Question is, would you recommend a newbie to get on suboxone in order to stop their opiate habit and not use?
Avatar f tn Suboxone has a ceiling effect that keeps you from getting blasted. I have no diea how you were able to get "high" from taking Suboxone, it binds to tightly to your brain, that it will only allow so much of the drug to be absorbed at one time(32 mgs) is a roguh estimate of the max, depending on your body type.
Avatar m tn Have you looked at the health page on the forum for things that can help ease WD symptoms? Have you called your doctor to tell him how much you are suffering. maybe he can offer some other medications to ease your WD.
Avatar m tn It works for a lot of folks. Mostly, it's time that improves how you feel. These symptoms are due to your brain chemicals not being produced in an optimum amount. Our brains do heal over time so just be patient...
Avatar f tn You should get in touch with your OB/midwife and get them involved in this situation. Abrupt withdrawal will be very unpleasant to you, but it could be damaging to your pregnancy. If you taper opiates now both you and the baby will be completely drug free by the time of delivery. Tapering means slowly cutting the dose by a quarter or a half a pill a day every several days, as well as extending the periods between the doses.
Avatar n tn I'm up to 10 to 15 a day now and take five just to get me moving in the morning. This is no way to live. How long and how hard are the with drawals from it? I don't want to live my life around this drug anymore. Just a word of encouragment some times is what I think I need and to know that I am not alone.
Avatar n tn and muscle relaxants to help ease w/d symptoms and, though I cannot advise them to do so,I have a lot of patients that go c/t also. If you want to avoid w/d and you are in too much pain then you should taper as slowly as possible. Are you taking something else for the pain? Have you asked your Dr. about other meds for pain like anti inflammatories (flexeril, feldine)? or NSAID's (motrin, naproxen)? or have you tried any of these? xoxo- D.
Avatar f tn Have been getting alot of suggestion about using an herb, kratom, to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. Apparantly, it acts on the same/some similiar brain receptors that opiods (pain meds) do. I have heard very few negative stories, but most of the stories I read from users are (and I say this cautiously) extremely positive. Down to only taking 1/2 of a 7.5mg hydro this morning around 8:30am. Feel fine so far...just worried and anxious that it will get worse...harder times are coming.
Avatar m tn I Narcotic withdrawal - a junkies guide for survival You are waking from the warm fuzzy dream.. you're supply is depleted, your 'guy' is out of town, and it's a good 4 weeks before you can refill your script.. you're going to suffer from NARCOTIC WITHDRAWAL - So what can ya do about it? Drag yourself to your local pharmacy with this for a shopping list - 1) Imodium AD - and get the SYRUP - you can also get the pills or gel-caps as they will come in handy later..
781880 tn?1238114088 I was prescribed Clonidine and Promethazine(Phenergan) to alleviate some of the symptoms of withdrawal. I would highly advice anyone stopping Suboxone to go to the DR. and explain the situation and get a Rx for these drugs. My Suboxone clinic wrote me Rx for a small amount of these. The Clonidine really helps with a lot of symptoms. It kills the chills, sweating, hot flashes, and (for me) the feeling of my mind ripping itself away from my body.
Avatar f tn I tried this stuff when kicking heroin, I didn't notice any help, I quickly went to the dock and got some Xanex and some other medicine for nightime aids (resless legs/knock-out type med). Withdrawal Ease is meant to be a natural supplement to help the process. The truth is, the natural supplements required to aid in withrawals are dangerous to to with, and you can't find them at the local Rite Aid.
Avatar f tn The withdrawal ease is just a combo of vitamins that is recommended to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Most people just buy the vitamins separately. If you type "amino acid protocol" in the search box on the top right of this page you will see the list of recommended vitamins. Congrats on wanting to reclaim your life.
Avatar m tn So over a 3 day period I have taken 3 mg of suboxone just to ease the withdrawal. I want to make this a 7 day detox and hope to be off subs by the end of the week. Do you people think I will still experience bad withdrawal symptoms coming off the sub. I feel like im going through the worst right now and told myself I will not take more than 1 mg, in fact I am goin to try and just take .5 mg tonight. What do you people think of this short sub detox?
Avatar m tn The only way to get thru to get thru it. There's lots of otc stuff to buy that can ease your w/drawals. The health pages (bottom r.h. corner) are full of help and aids. You can ease your symptoms, but bottom line the opiates have to come out before you can begin to heal. You can't go around it, or under it, or over have to go thru it. Lots of help on this forum to help you do that. You don't have to do it alone, afraid, or with questions.