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Avatar n tn If you're concerned,go ahead and ask for a blood test. It's included in a standard panel.If there's any info about this particular drug and ALT levels it may be under hematology. But I don't know. Now, are you asking what would be an acceptable,elevated level for someone who needs Suboxone treatment? It would be up to the doctor and the age of the person.
Avatar m tn The good news is that by November 2nd it should not be picked up in the blood test any longer and I promise you will be feeling better and better every day. It may take months to actually feel great again. Once you get through the rest of withdrawals, the only thing you should keep in mind is as people start to feel really good after a few months out; they forget how bad the withdrawal really was and think they can start using again. Just once or twice.... and they get caught up yet again.
Avatar n tn i'm really having a tough time here so if anyone could let me know if this is normal and he'll look completely normal soon that would be great!! also, if i was to give a drug test, would suboxone come up in the opiate part? because i was reading that it is considered a partial opiate so i'm wondering if a drug test would almost be a waste... thank you for taking the time to read this! please give me some advice!
Avatar n tn my suboxone doctor told me there is a special test needed to test for suboxone...she will be using it on me at my next drug screening to make sure i am taking it and not selling it. i guess it will even tell her the dose i am taking by the amount in my blood...somehow, i dont understand that yet, but i will next time i see her...LOL! i'll let ya know!
Avatar f tn Plus the test can tell levels of suboxone and how much is in your system and how often it's taken. After alot of great advice I've gotten I think honesty is best.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure but you should see a doctor for a blood test because suboxone isn't safe in pregnancy its unsure what effects it has on an unborn child
309618 tn?1193379313 (That's low blood-iron) When I was at my doctor's he did a blood test for something and it showed that I was severly enemic. He was shocked, asked me if I was dizzy? He said there was no way I could work for at least 1 week and if I didn't get better he was putting me in the hospital. We decided it was from really heavy periods. But taking hydrocodone all day long, every day, I didn't even notice it. Got tired-took some more pills! I also had heel spurs. Very painful.
Avatar f tn I've been out of work for 3 years with a serious back injury and not getting the surgery I need because work comp continues to deny the test I need prior to surgery.I went from Ultram to Darvocet,norco/fentanyl combined.I weaned off the fentanyl but couldn't get off the norco so decided to go the Subox route.I weaned off that in 3 months and took my last 2mg pill last thurs. I have been taking muscle relaxers to help with WDs.
Avatar m tn There should be a standard and consistent process in place to handle ANY + results, usually a send out to a lab, with the option for a blood test. + results DO happen for various reasons on samples where people truly have NOT used. A good sub clinic will want to assure that those situations are planned for, and a system is in place to deal with it, rather than just dismissing the patient.
Avatar n tn I've read many conflicting thoughts on the effect of naloxone, and found that contrary to popular belief, any oral opiate can be taken with suboxone. The naloxone causes WDs only when injected. Suboxone just blocks the opiate receptors, not allowing other opiates to enter or bind. It also bonds longer, which is where the belief that suboxone WDs last longer probably came from. I have done it, and am pretty much ok aside from little sleep.
Avatar n tn I did do a shot earlier in the day to kinda test and see if it was true that suboxone blocks all opoids. I barely felt it so I was happy to see that the stuff is working. Now that I am out of xanax I am having a hard time sleeping which seems to be the only negative effect,which is why I am writing at 4am on the fourth of July. I forgot to mention that I was perscribed 32mg/day I start out with only a quarter or half being afraid of what happened the first time I took it.
460591 tn?1207154399 No, sorry. I meant, can my doctor who prescribes me suboxone test for the actual milligram count of suboxone in my system? Or just see if it's present?
Avatar f tn suboxon can and does show up as an opiate on a drug screen however you have to specifically test for it, same with methadone, when i took someone close to me to get a drug test i was shocked that the professionals at a private doctors office that advertise drug screnings did not know that it took a specialty test, so we walked out and i went downtown to talk to an er doctor i used to work with, he gave my friend the test and sure enough suboxone was in her system, also when i was in a custody ba
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome. At 2 weeks your withdrawal symptoms should be improving a little each day. Yes you will have your good days and then BAM the next day will be really bad.. But the bad days should not be as bad as the initial 2 weeks. Its referred to as the "suboxone spanking." Now as far as the blood in the stool - Ive never heard of that as a symptom of ANY withdrawal so I would say get yourself to a doctor ASAP to check that out!!!!! Could be very dangerous. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn That's not the reason for the pretreatment drug screen, if you fail it, the insurance company will use that as a reason not to pay for the meds.
Avatar f tn First I take slow k a prescription for potassium (6-8 per day), you need to get your potassium levels checked with a simple blood test as ibuprofen causes you to lose potassium through your urine & low potassium or hypokalemia as its called makes you feel very tired, weak & short of breath. Also I took a magnesium/calcium/vitamin D all in one supplement, two pills twice a day. Once you build it up in your system it'll help with the restlessness.
Avatar m tn 20-25 per day can easily cause permanent liver damage and a simple blood test can determine if and how much damage has occurred. Taking 50 tylenol at once can kill the liver (which is what kills someone who commits suicide by tylenol overdose). You can imagine that taking 50 over two days also does damage. Suboxone is a very different opiate known as an agonist/antagonist which acts on the same opiate receptors in the brain but blocks euphoria while preventing withdrawal symptoms.
257844 tn?1191161144 but i think im read to start the suboxone. is it dangerous to take the valium with the suboxone? dr. told me to take the valium four times a day.
3177469 tn?1344457868 I have been taking Suboxone for more than a yr. now. I've also started triple therapy with Victrillis. I'm to start taking the Victrillis this Friday. Why is buprenorphine, [suboxone], on a list with medicines where therapy is to be monitored more closely while taking Victrellis? Will treatment be harder because or suboxone? I'm a relapser. 3 yrs. ago I was treated with Pega. Riba. and relapsed 6 months after treatment. I was on a Methadone program then.
Avatar m tn If your doctor checks your thyroid it is a very simple blood test checking your TSH. I hope that you get this all figured out. Good luck to you!!
Avatar f tn I know that a doctor is supposed to do the induction and set the dose for the Suboxone which is why I guess I can't find much about it online. All my friends who have tried it were on much less medicine than I'm on. I wanted to know if anyone can tell me what to expect and how I should take them. I know that nobody on here will give me true medical advice but I'm going to do it anyways so it's either a little friendly advice on here or nothing.
1200909 tn?1306818681 So many times I have read on here that Suboxone is trading one addiction for another.I too was skeptical of it at first but I was running out of options and CT and Methadone were NEVER an option for me. I read that you should get on it and get off it in 21 days. I thought ok I can do that. Well I could have but mentally 21 days is not long enough to get a hold on an addiction of 14 years. I went and saw my Doc and told him I have a problem and I need help.
Avatar f tn I found this site while searching for answers for my husband who is currently on suboxone for addiction to hydrocodone.This was not his first detox from hydro's.Also, about 10 years ago, he quit a very long alcohol (& some cocaine) addiction.We are looking for ways to get off the suboxone. My question ,or rather my request, is for those who have already been off suboxone for an extended period of time ( at least a year). How long did wd symptoms last?
Avatar f tn Monday morning I was barely able to drag myself out of bed, the joint and muscle pain was so great. My PC physician re-ordered blood test to rule out Lupus. I do have a complement deficiency which could indicate Lupus; however, I find it interesting that today is Wednesday and the symptoms, which were less severe yesterday, are pretty much non-existant.
659957 tn?1224857787 You may have to go off the suboxone. I don't know much about it. The best thing to do is to take a pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant now. If you are, see an OB ASAP. If you aren't, please talk to the doctor who prescribes the sub BEFORE you become pregnant so that you can cut down your dose or whatever you need to do. I wish you the best of luck!
306455 tn?1288865671 The real test will take place 2 days after I run completely out of suboxone. I'll let you know if it works for me!
Avatar f tn in case he needed to take a blood test. I know he has lied about stuff because later he finally told me what really is going on, which i understand because he didn't know how much he could really tell me. I hate that it has gotten him into the having to lie, and learning how to get away with it for so long. It seems like that in itself will be hard to stop. I hope the counseling will help with that. I guess it has to be a relief to finally tell someone though...someone who cares.