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Avatar m tn When I stopped taking suboxone, it was like kicking heroin- I always felt like I couldn't breathe. Chances are that your blood pressure is a little higher than usual and it's giving you that sensation. Your doc may be able to give you clonidine(sp?) or something to help with that.
Avatar n tn Respectfully, Be Cautious and note that 4 to 8 weeks is far too long to be on Suboxone. You will undoubtedly experience physical withdraws and heightened anxiety and blood pressure. Live Your Life Now - Make No More Excuses As We Are Only Fooling Ourselves!
Avatar f tn I wasn't sure if I wanted to go that route or not but my cravings were so bad I decided to keep my appointment. It was a good thing that I did because my blood pressure was 170/110 and my heart was beating so hard that it felt like I was going to come right out of my chest. After I took 16mg of sub. my pressure went down to 140/95. I went cold turkey since Thursday and though the physical symptoms were geting better the cravings were geting really bad. Also the anxiety.
Avatar f tn It involves a week's supply of clonidine (for high blood pressure, heart rate, and sweats), Valium (for anxiety, restless legs, and insomnia) and loperamide (for diarrhea) - with this you will be able to detox with a minimum of discomfort. But, MARK MY WORDS, you WILL be using again within the year.
217599 tn?1202854552 vitamins, rest, books or tv, get outta the hse, I wante to never leave, but when i made myself i felt better. Clonidine was a life saver also. It a blood pressure med, it helps the hot/.cold, restlesslegs, and actually with sleep. Sib wd was bout a month, but i had already qut my job to move to another state, so i had nothing to do. If u have children or must work. Taper to .25mg, go from 1mg to .5mg- it is gonna be uncomfortable-- gotta expect. that.
Avatar n tn today I took my son back to the suboxone clinic... they upped his dose ny 4 mg 2 x a day.... which brings him up to 24 mg a day ... 12 2x a day.... suboxone is expensive $98.00 for a weeks supply.... our insurance does not cover the script..... are there any programs that help to defray the costs>>>>?????? IDK why insurance would not cover it, they cover meds for blood pressure, diabetes and PAIN ..... why not this very serious disease known as addiction???
Avatar f tn I said this before I think you guys would be good candidates for suboxone exp. Tim You are worry free from pills, And if you do it short term you got it made in the shade!
1201433 tn?1329001237 ) gobs of bills and many anxieties over keeping cobra insurance to take care of many health issues including asthma, high blood pressure, depression, and current program of suboxne. it is late, I didn't plan on coming here and tapping away at these keys, but I do want to get more involved with the members of this site who have shared so much. There's more substance to me than this paragraph (good stuff, I mean), its just late and I was checking in before I turn in for the night.
Avatar f tn ha, the higher dose you jump at the worse the withdrawls seem to be from suboxone i went down to 1/16th of an 8 mg pill every other day and then every three days before i jumped, my withdrawls were still pretty bad and lasted about 10 days, i was only on suboxone for almost 2 months tho, im told the longer your on it the longer the withdrawls, but rember everyone is differnt.
480035 tn?1222369764 ask eeryone u can..learn about any med u take be it a blood pressure med or a pain this day and age there is very little reason to be uneducated about a drug u take..especially if u have a computer...there is the pharmacist u pick up from as well who know lots...just goota ask..and learn and yes it is possible to get a buzz "jump" off of sub..especially if u r a low quantiry user..i have seen people on 40 mg of lortab a day go on sub..almost for sure they felt a buzz..
Avatar f tn i told him i already have low blood pressure and he still gave it to me and didn,t even check my blood pressur ....
Avatar f tn no, suboxone only affects opiates.
896568 tn?1241646474 said on his message he is guessing that the levels were high because of my nervousness but that he needed to check them again and have me come in and lay down, be calm for a while and then get my blood drawn. My question is... basically... what do I have to worry about. I am a very nervous person and this kind of freaked me out. I know a lot of diseases are caused by abundance and what not of those chemicals.
Avatar m tn 20-25 per day can easily cause permanent liver damage and a simple blood test can determine if and how much damage has occurred. Taking 50 tylenol at once can kill the liver (which is what kills someone who commits suicide by tylenol overdose). You can imagine that taking 50 over two days also does damage. Suboxone is a very different opiate known as an agonist/antagonist which acts on the same opiate receptors in the brain but blocks euphoria while preventing withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn If you talk to your doctor and tell them you may also get prescription meds to help with the w/d symptoms such as clonidine (blood pressure med for "flu-like" symptoms), a muscle relaxer, or other things. I would tell your doc what you want to do - but please research and read other people's experiences so you dont end up being miserable. I've heard people tapering for months to get down below 1mg before jumping off...
Avatar f tn Clonidine will help stabilize your blood pressure and help with the creepy-crawly feeling that you are having. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter. The residual symptoms of insomnia and depression can last another few months. Thus, it is not easy, but it gets better and better over time and you can look forward to a drug free healthy energetic you in the future.
Avatar f tn I felt like someone had spun me around and around with my eyes closed and made me walk. What I do take now is Visteril and Inderal. They are blood pressure meds also but they do what mr's do too by calming you and getting you through the twitching and not sleeping. It really is normal to go without sleep like this when you are coming off of opiates and it's the one of the worst things to deal with. Did you have insomnia when you went off of the norco? What are you taking for sleep?
1474405 tn?1289136224 It's an old alpha-blocker blood pressure medication. Withdrawal causes high blood pressure and anxiety, which is what the clonidine helps with. It's VERY important to take it only as prescribed. My husband took 3 times what he should have (on top of a b*tt-load of alcohol and other "comfort" meds) in an effort to sleep through withdrawal. He nearly got wish - eternally. Clonipin is a benzodiazepine medication in the same class as xanax and valium.
Avatar m tn When you got your Suboxone what did u tell your doctor of your drug of choice and ammount per day....?
Avatar m tn After the sub treatment you will more than likely be switched to subutex, and the dose is 16mg and 2mg. The 16mg is an opiod and the 2mg is narcan which helps remove the opiates from your body while still having a small amount of opiates binding to your opiod receptors that way it's not totally cold turkey, you will still have some opiates that bind to the opiod receptors, but the receptors will not be totally saturated with opiates.
243614 tn?1266201137 I have been clean since Dec, and went through it cold turkey, and wish I had known more about it then, but my friend is about to go through w/d and is looking into suboxone, and I'm just worried because she, more than anyone I've ever met on these forums, is OBSESSED with the euphoria feeling, and I'm scared she'll be trading from one addiction to another. And when I say obsessed, I mean it.
325780 tn?1194453119 r 3 times in 1 week from panic attacks,and being sick, the suboxone raised my blood pressure (a lot). so i stopped taking it, it has been 35 hours since i took my last pill. my question is can i take my koloinpin? after 35 hours of not taking the suboxone, the drug stores wont answer me, my doc, wont call me back, and i know i couldnt take them together, i just dont know if the suboxone is out of my system. i am having really bad panic attacks. i have no energy, and now im just
1845558 tn?1318954203 nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, perspiration, itchiness, dry mouth, low blood pressure, decreased libido and urinary retention. You do not have to be an addict. You do not have to be branded one either. We make people clean and keep them clean without the use of other opiates all the time. Just look at our website Read my blogs by clicking on my name, then blogs. I talk a lot about options available. 2. Anxiety is your other over whelming issue.
Avatar m tn It also keeps the blood pressure in check, and allows you to at least sleep a couple of hours a night. I still felt absolutely HORRIBLE- but it would have been much worse without the Clonidine. I made it clean for 16 days- but I was still without ANY energy (every step made me feel like I was walking with 100 pound weights on my legs) and had no desire to do ANYTHING, along with major-league depression.
621290 tn?1226723861 no, most likely, you wont die, but ttaking such a potent upper and downer at the same time plays some major tricks on your brain..your blood pressure and temp. want to go up, and at the same time you have major respirtatory depression, slowed breathing, so it definitely in no way benefits your body in anyway. I was on 32 mgs daily of suboxone for 8 months but after shattering my wrist I switched to a methadone treatment. I have been going for 7 monthsa nd am on 95 mgs daily.
Avatar n tn it is used to treat high blood pressure also. Studies of people who take Suboxone for less than a year show a relapse rate of virtually 100%. Opioid dependence is, unfortunately, a chronic and permanent affliction. I know-- I've had it for 17 years. If the person was MY relative, I would do everything I could to keep the person safely treated.
Avatar n tn that stuff is a godsend and really reduces the withdrawal symptoms...can you talk to your doctor again and get the clonidine??? it is a blood pressure med used for detox... its nonaddictive...and it WORKS! i thought i heard suboxone WAS available in canada...the place to check would be the information would be there i bet as well as tons of information on suboxone available,..i am on suboxone, long term...if you have any questions about it send me a private message anytime...
Avatar m tn I tried jumping off at 2 mg before and a day later had restless legs and high blood pressure. I'm now also on a blood pressure pill called bystolic. Do you think I should ween 1 mg each week until I'm down to like a. Crumb then jump? Thanks and hope to get anyone to reply.