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Avatar n tn my suboxone doctor told me there is a special test needed to test for suboxone...she will be using it on me at my next drug screening to make sure i am taking it and not selling it. i guess it will even tell her the dose i am taking by the amount in my blood...somehow, i dont understand that yet, but i will next time i see her...LOL! i'll let ya know!
Avatar f tn Hello people the purpose is to get you off opiates not give you more. When getting drug tested they must specifically test for suboxone if getting tested for a job or something like that they will most likely not give you the seperate test for it its very expensive but if being tested for the court or probation they 99% of the time test for it I know this bc I get drug tested by the court and have been tested for suboxone every single time.
Avatar n tn It would depend on the drug test. Suboxone can stay in your system for a few days At least 4-5 days.
Avatar m tn 1.How long will this stay in my system? I had tested positive after taking no Suboxone for 3 days. The court said I should have been negative. They have given me 2 weeks to do this. I Can NOT test positive Nov. 2nd! 2. I have had flue like symptoms, bones ache, can't sleep, major head aches, very loose stools and no energy. This has been 1 week and I feel like I'm dying. How long does this go on? I had been taking 8 mg for about 1 year. How long will I feel this way?
Avatar f tn suboxon can and does show up as an opiate on a drug screen however you have to specifically test for it, same with methadone, when i took someone close to me to get a drug test i was shocked that the professionals at a private doctors office that advertise drug screnings did not know that it took a specialty test, so we walked out and i went downtown to talk to an er doctor i used to work with, he gave my friend the test and sure enough suboxone was in her system, also when i was in a custody ba
Avatar n tn Most medicine effects the liver. Suboxone included. Any increase in ALT levels usually indicates liver damage because the enzyme generally will spill into the blood only when there IS liver damage. I hope that helps. If you're concerned,go ahead and ask for a blood test. It's included in a standard panel.If there's any info about this particular drug and ALT levels it may be under hematology. But I don't know.
Avatar m tn Sub doctors have a special test for this drug. At this point in time, it is not available to employment screens as it is very specific and very expensive. With time this will change, but not at this time you have a prescription correct? If it showed up, u would be ok? I do understand not wanting to broadcast u r on sub...unlike methadone, it is not an approved pain med in the US. It is only approved for addiction so saying u r on it is a dead give-away good luck getting ur job..
Avatar n tn i'm really having a tough time here so if anyone could let me know if this is normal and he'll look completely normal soon that would be great!! also, if i was to give a drug test, would suboxone come up in the opiate part? because i was reading that it is considered a partial opiate so i'm wondering if a drug test would almost be a waste... thank you for taking the time to read this! please give me some advice!
Avatar m tn I am interested in detoxing with Suboxone. Can anyone tell me how much money I will need to do this? I have been taking way to much for a short period of time but I know my W/W will be the worst I've ever felt before. I finished 400 Tramadol in about 30 days and have 200 left. Now they just make me feel normal. Sick also. There is no high left or me. I just want out of this ****. Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn my husband had a tooth pulled and now has my 1 choice of drug Hydro's and have to say even with suboxone I want to use today. its will power. Suboxone is a half opiate thats settles on thoses recepters in your brain where hydros, oxy, and ect. just keeps flowing through your recepers giving you the narcotic high. while you take suboxone u basically wouldnt feel the effects of opiates in short you dont get high.
Avatar f tn oney, I've been in your predicament before & I'm in the same boat u are again. I've been on subs for a little over 5 months now & I still have a problem sometimes with taking 1 extra a day & running out early. I'm prescribed 2 8mg daily & I know it's the addiction in my brain telling me if i take 1 more I can accomplish more that day. But the fact is that's untrue.
Avatar f tn I am 6 months pregnant and have taken a quarter of a suboxone in early stages of pregnancy and have again taken a quarter of a suboxone strip. I am not going to do this again for fear for my baby and the fact that I know it was wrong, but what I would like to know is, if I no longer do this, will it be able to be detected in myself or the baby in any way when she is born? My due date is July 22, 2014. thankyou.
Avatar f tn You could ask your doc if it is ok to take suboxone with the new meds since it is a prescription and not a street drug. If suboxone is not compatible with the new meds then your doc can prescribe you with something else.
Avatar n tn I wasn't sure if itwould,and the Rnat the Dr office said no,but that was with their drug test. i am not too familiar about drug test and if they are allthe same or not. By the way... Christy is doing very well. today she took 2mg, but tomorrow is her first day with none. wish us luck. She seems to be doing very good and i told her that if we have to give her 1mg tommorrow then none then that's ok. She's still ahead of the game, as she started this whole thing on 9-9-07.
Avatar n tn I got the Suboxone in desperation and it put me into an immediate drug withdrawl like I had never experienced before. There is an added drug in Suboxone which is not in Subutex that if you have even the slightest amount of drug in you system - including Soma - it sends your whole body into a spin. I thought I was gonna die.
558096 tn?1255890602 withdrawl (ie. tremors, etc), therefore once i took the suboxone, it forced my body in withdrawl which made me go crazy (i have talked to him about this situation after the fact and he agreed that he may have given me the medication too early). as you can see, i don't think this is something where i can just tell you, you have to start with 4mg or 8mg or 16mg, etc. this is serious stuff and depending on each individual case, a doctor should assess your situation.
Avatar n tn demand a retest or better yet demand a blood test to prove them wrong... my 3rd test i had that very same week, given to me by suboxone doctor was fine, i passed with flying colors.. hospitals DO screw up...FACT!
Avatar f tn On most stardard drug tests, suboxone will not show up. You would have to specifically test for it. In the past, I was drug test several times when working in a hospital and it always came back clean.
Avatar n tn informed me that it would not even show up in a drug test....and i had to take a drug test for a job a couple weeks after bein on the sub... and my dr was right...i passed the drug test and ther was absoulty nothing in my system. so it might have been a faulty test not a false positive...b/c i no of 3 people right off hand that have had to take drug test for probation and paroll that are taken sub and they passed too....
Avatar f tn Plus the test can tell levels of suboxone and how much is in your system and how often it's taken. After alot of great advice I've gotten I think honesty is best.
Avatar f tn I had a pre-employment urine test done 2day (monday august 22nd) @ about 1pm, so its been about a week. Prior 2 friday aug 12th I had not taken anything but suboxone in a very long time. The urine test that I took 2day was not the immediate result kind, it wad the kind they send via UPS 2 a lab. I am about 5ft4in tall & weigh about 215lbs (if thats relevant). I wanted 2 know what the chances r of the pills showing up in this urine test.
Avatar f tn All opiates metabolize differently and the test has to be specifically designed to test for the drug in question or you're home free. Even if I'm wrong and it does test for suboxone and you are faced with a positive drug result (assuming you test positive for suboxone only), I assure you DSS will respond positively to your efforts in seeking treatment as opposed to testing positive for a drug for which you do not have a presciption. It shows responsibility and an effort to recover.
Avatar m tn Also the only comprehensive test I have found that test for sub is a twelve panel test is this true or do they have a ten panel test that tests for suboxone? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to figure out if I have to get off the med.
1723029 tn?1312377181 Finally, I was admitted to Manatee Glens Hospital for addiction and mental health. While I was in the hospital my blood test results came back, I had contracted hep c. There I detoxed for 3 days and was relased to out-patient care. As soon as I got out I began using again. At first just every once and awhile but soon enough I was just as bad as before. In out-patient care I was to see my counselar once a week, be drug tested once a week and attend group once a week.
1428440 tn?1287393979 I have been crying and upset wondering what I am to do if I get kicked out of the suboxone program. I had another drug test the next day at my therapist office and it also was positive. My doctor and the therapist office sent the test out for analysis. They say this will show the exact drug. I hope I have someone here who believes in me for my husband and son don't. I am so upset with them and I am really angry right now at everyone and everything. PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT.
Avatar n tn Are they including the urine drug test in that? You might be able to get it alittle cheaper if you shop around. Also shop around for the pharmacy for the suboxone, you'll find a big difference in them.