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Avatar n tn At least, you are not alone. Right now, my mother is staying in a stroke ward with other stroke victims. Fortunately, my family and I have been able to talk to other families. Most of them have been positive as it's their 2nd or 3rd round with their parents' stroke. They told us that it took some time but they did recover so now they are hopeful. Their parents will recover again as they have already gone through the process. I hope that this may help you there Nikita.
Avatar f tn My best friend had a massive stroke on Jan.16/09. As of Jan 18/09 she has been in a coma. She is 51 years old and has been in fairly good health. She has always been a fighter. The Drs. are only giving her less then 5% chance of pulling out of it. Anyone that knows the same situation with any words of encouragement would help. Right now we are helpless, just alot of prayers.
Avatar n tn I'm afraid that he wont be able to ever move his fingers again. Do anyone out there seen stroke victims move their finger and open and close them after 19 months? I also heard that what ever you get back after 2 years is what your left with? We got the Saeboflex for the hand but no results yet on any finger movements. Please tell me what might happen in the next 6 months.
Avatar f tn Just a little encouragement for the families of the stroke victims so devastated here. I had a infarct in the temporal lobe in July, 2013. It left me with a grossly weakened left side, numbness and non-control of my left arm and leg plus a myriad of other minor complaints. I have memory issues and anger issues, as well as fatigue. I certainly am not the person I was pre-stroke. I had a lot of therapy for several months and looking back, I regained MUCH control in those months.
Avatar n tn hi all,reading thru all of your posts here makes me happy that there are so many older people who eventually have a reasonable life and sad that a lot are left with just an existance My dad is 83 he just had his stroke 2 days ago we like you all were, are naturally devastated he is paralysed on his right side and lost his speech he is awake and aware but that too for him means he kinda knows what is going on and that just 3 days ago he could walk talk and have the dignity of going to the bathroo
241234 tn?1220984156 2/20/2004 Spasticity affects less than one quarter of stroke victims, according to this study. Muscle overactivity and its consequences were assessed in 95 patients both immediately after and three months a first-time stroke. Seventy-seven (81%) were initially hemiparetic, of whom 20 had spasticity. Among these 20 patients, 14 had hyperreflexia. Within these patients, 3 had clonus, and 3 had muscle stiffness.
Avatar n tn There are multiple possible explainations including massive stroke, heart attack or arrhythmia but it is impossible to know for sure without an autopsy. Most of these are very difficult to predict and stress can definately play a role. Again my condolences and prayers in this difficult time.
417130 tn?1202790494 My mother made sure that every Christmas needy children would have toys and at Thanksgiving families would have food for their table. In the winter families would have warm cloths and blankets. My parents have always been very generous people never asking anything in return. I am asking for them now any assistance you may offer to help my parents live the rest of their lives in a stress free and healthy environment.
Avatar f tn Sick children have been removedfrom their families, what kind of society allows this? The first recorded epidemic was initially described bythe U.S. Surgeon General A.G. Gilliam as Atypical Poliomyelitis in 1934. After an epidemic affecting the doctors and nurses at the Royal Free Hospital in1955, M.E. was named by Sir Donald Acheson in 1956 and described by A.L. Wallisin 1959. The distinguished neurologist Lord Brainincluded it in the standard textbook of Neurology in 1962.
Avatar n tn Some of what I have read here leads me to believe that a TIA is a stroke that totally reverses itself and all symptoms go away within 24 hrs. Other postings indicate that if symptoms continue or periodically return, then that is an indication that it was more than just a TIA or that there are continuing problems.
Avatar f tn 1-866-886-5529 Is the number you call for a case evaluation, which I found at: Why on earth should one have to suffer physically and financially due to anothers mistakes? WE go to our doctors, they give us prscriptions, we trust them to keep us safe and they trust the testing that was done on these meds..
Avatar n tn It is I reassurance, lurking around the undiagnosed victims forum, ready to answer some of your questions. 1. Definitely, the rash you had, the fever, the night sweats, sore throat, white tongue can all be related to initial HSV2 infection. The doctor on the HIV bulletin at first didn't understand that this was your first outbreak. In fact that rash is common with HSV outbreaks and is known to occur less powerfully with future outbreaks ( try erythema multiforme or EM minor). 2.
Avatar n tn The facts you found out would mostly be from people who had already gone through withdrawal WITHOUT first having been able to rely upon other victims' testimony. THOSE people were not told by GSK or by their doctors and it is relatively recently that victims of withdrawal who are fortunate to have internet access and able to research started forums and information sites, etc. You have THOSE victims to thank for the knowledge you gained/researched, NOT the drug company.
108861 tn?1227249648 Mary, I just posted on the BBBC can you check it and help me out?
572651 tn?1531002957 Our brains are also far more resilient than those of victims of widespread trauma, so new nerve pathways can develop, and old lesions can heal considerably. Instead of beating up on ourselves because we can't cope, we should congratulate ourselves and each other for doing as well as we do. So there! That's my theory and I'm stickin' to it!
Avatar n tn My dissection resulted in a stroke and my artery is closed forever. You were lucky! My stroke doc says he sees many dissections in people doing less than what I was doing. Like you, my headache started within a couple of hours of me completing the race. Looking back, I feel that was an indicator that something was not right. As far as exercise goes, no running again. I spin now with a heart rate monitor. I don't let my heart rate go above 150. Have you considered that vs checking bp?
440728 tn?1234648902 They were all eye-popping, like above, but the kicker was they were interspersed with entries from drs, nurses, medical staff and the families of such that said all the people who relayed such stories were only being victims who must have somehow contributed to their own situations.
Avatar m tn The risk of stroke or heart attack is still there, the same as it was before the surgery. The only difference is that a better blood flow has been supplied to the deficit area. Aspirin will be required for life to lower the risk of clotting. If your blood pressure has not improved post cabg, then this medication will also continue. A bypass operation will not lower cholesterol, so if your cholesterol is high, statins will always be a requirement.
Avatar m tn Compassion for what were going through is something I think a lot of doctors lack too. We have children and jobs and families that depend on us and if were not properly treated they also suffer along with us. We have to still get the kids off to school and cook and clean and work even if were in pain and the medication makes it easier to be able to do these things without suffering.
Avatar f tn I found out that I was adopted after being over to another families home for a swim party when I was 7. One of the other family's kids didnt look like the others. (Oddly enough, he was a middle child) Anyhow, I asked my mother why that was and she told me that he was adopted and explained what adoption was. She then informed me that my sister and I were adopted. (I felt crushed....
Avatar m tn Leslee Dudley Thousands of people diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Gulf War Illness, from all over our country and the world have tested positive for mycoplasmas. Mycoplasmas are contagious. Fifty-six percent of the victims on our MYCOPLASMA REGISTRY had an airborne, contagious onset. Mycoplasmas: Family Disease It is a slow growing epidemic that is infecting and devastating entire families.
475555 tn?1469307939 Not, that I have illusions about their good intentions - they are machines for making wealth and morality plays no more a role in their operation than in my toaster's, but it's always seemed a stroke of luck that interests coincided. As best I can tell, essentially *all* hcv research is pharma funded (check the competing interests section of any hcv-related publication; funding acknowledgments for clinical studies; conference sponsors, etc.) If not them who else ?
1797925 tn?1341099804 Oh yeah I dont care how many time people see the post to sign the petition its up to us to make it HAPPEN were not only victims were the CURE and HOPE for other people in the future lets make this worth it people! I am not this sick for nothing--- good is going to come out of it. when I am well I am interviewing some of you if you want and making a true video for You Tube it will be our stories what we went through it will get heard I promise you that.
Avatar f tn Not to mention that he was walking like Tim Conway on the old Carol Burnette show (the little old man taking tiny tiny steps). He also looks like he has had a stroke with one side drawn - so does that leave us with Tina Fey (love those videos) to run this country if elected??? mmmm......let me think about that. She's pretty smart, but .......
Avatar m tn Relax, it's not a stroke, it's not a heart attack, it doesn't mean you're going to die. It means you should give it a couple weeks, and get a lot of rest. As stated above, it's caused by pressure, and your body trying to regulate that pressure. You may have had some sinus issues lately, or getting over a cold. SOMETHING LIKE THIS IS NORMAL. GO TO BED, and find peace in knowing everyone gets this. What is not normal is checking google for every little thing, to see if you are normal.