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Avatar m tn I decided to try out 4 online STD risk assessment calculators. What are your views for each calculator result? CALCULATOR RESULTS 1 - - Approx probability you are free of all of the above infections: 100% from HIV, Herpes, Genital Warts, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. 2 - - Medium Risk of STDs 3 - - Recommendation HIV Testing 4 - - Chance to get HIV from partner 1 = 0.
Avatar m tn Is it normal for meds to just stop working, literally overnight? Should I be concerned about my risk of heart attack or stroke? Any advice is appreciated.
Avatar n tn The rsik of stroke is higher when in Afib than when not. However, for true statistics, i recommend you look on the american heart association website under their entry for a-fib. Being on blood thinner is the right course of action. Talk to a professional about the true risk differential. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn Hi to the forum members, I am looking for some advice and guidance as I am in a new and unanticipated situation. My sister who is 41 and not married, sufferred a massive left-brain ischemic stroke and spent 2 and a half months in the ICU and has just come home 3 days ago. She has right side paralysis in the arm and leg. Her speech is more or less intact as in she can talk well but sounds a little like how a child would sound.
Avatar m tn I masturbated once and touched a calculator with the same hand(wiped the semen). It was an AC room, so no chance of HIV virus to be dying in there(I don't have HIV). Then today I touched the calculator with the AC on and then ate my food without washing my hands after about 10 mins. Will I get HIV?
Avatar n tn This is because the success with opening it when it has been occluded for some time is very low and the risk of causing a stroke is high The risk of havinga stroke after the blood vessel is blocked is very low.
Avatar n tn Assuming your BP is normal, I put your numbers into a heart disease risk calculator and your risk is less than 1% in the next 10 years. Is it possible, yes, but not very realistic. If you are having symptoms go to the ER to be safe, but the fact that Ativan helped makes it sound more like anxiety. Again, if you think you are experiencing heart related symptoms, go get checked out.
Avatar f tn I have never heard of that before. I don't honestly see how it could cause a stroke. I know that stroke is the biggest risk of afib.
Avatar m tn for people younger than 65 years with no risk factors the untreated annual risk of stroke is about 1%, whereas with one or more risk factors it is about 5%; for people aged 65-75 years with no risk factors the annual risk of stroke is about 4%, and with one or more risk factors it is about 6% per year; and for people older than 75 years with no risk factors the risk of stroke is about 3%-4%, whereas with one or more risk factors it is about 8% (see Box 2) (E1).7,26 from
Avatar f tn Risk factors for stroke include advanced age, hypertension (high blood pressure), previous stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), diabetes, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, atrial fibrillation, the contraceptive pill, migraine with aura, and thrombophilia (a tendency to thrombosis), patent foramen ovale and several rarer disorders. High blood pressure is the most important modifiable risk factor of stroke.
Avatar f tn I had stroke at the age of 26. Do you know anyone that's happen to? My neurologist a Said they couldn't find any reason this should have happen to me.
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1676558 tn?1305460105 BMI calculator says I should loose more weight than I planned. I'm 5'9, 198 lbs and I want to get to 170. At 170 the online BMI calculator says I will still beconsidered overweight. Not sure I want to loose that much weight. any advice?
Avatar n tn Yes.
Avatar m tn Your blood sugar has you at the borderline of high and that along with your high cholesterol are risk factors but your overall risk includes other factors as well. Here is the link, you can check it for yourself. If your risk is over 7.5% you will qualify for meds; Some doctors are still using the old guidelines of treating an LDL over 130 so under that you would most likely have meds recommended.
Avatar f tn Atrial fibrillation is linked to an increased risk of stroke. The most common mechanism is sluggish blood flow in the atria which then leads to the formation of blood clots. These blood clots form in the atria and can migrate from the heart to the brain to cause a stroke. There are five major predictors of stroke in patients with AFib.
Avatar m tn Aspirin or coumadin are for clots, (Antithrombotic and Thrombolytic Therapy), the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) recommended coumadin for atrial fibrillation patients at high risk of stroke, aspirin for patients at low risk of stroke, and either drug of patients with an intermediate risk. The ACCP defines a low-risk patient as younger than 65 years with no predisposing risk factors (e.g., previous stroke, TIA, embolism, heart failure, hypertension, diabetes).
Avatar f tn But if there is a co-existent risk factor for stroke, such as hypertension, small vessel disease, thrombotic arteries or a risk of embolism from somewhere else, the surgery may act as a stress and may bring on the stroke.
Avatar n tn Controlling high blood pressure is a major risk factor for stroke among people with carotid artery disease. Bringing your blood pressure down to approximately 120 over 70 mmHg can reduce your risk of stroke significantly. Controlling your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes and lowering your cholesterol levels with diet, exercise and, if necessary, a statin drug, if you have high cholesterol may reduce your stroke risk, as well.
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Avatar m tn Hi,my 57 year old mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke,she was pretty healty before this,but she does smoke.The doc said it was 4 cm and it was on her left side,her vision is affected and her capability to read. She was in the hospital 5 days,her blood pressure,blood work,everything looks good which is very weird!Other then that she was conscious all the time,no memory loss or anything like that. My question is why the docs didn't give her any medication while in the hospital or after?