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1380252 tn?1279892799 How can the Ovulation Calculator be improved to help those of us with irregular periods with a cycle of more than 60 days? Can we still use the Calculator?
Avatar m tn I decided to try out 4 online STD risk assessment calculators. What are your views for each calculator result? CALCULATOR RESULTS 1 - www.stdriskcalculator.com - Approx probability you are free of all of the above infections: 100% from HIV, Herpes, Genital Warts, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. 2 - http://riskchecker.channel4.com - Medium Risk of STDs 3 - http://www.stdwizard.org - Recommendation HIV Testing 4 - http://www.hivcalculator.com - Chance to get HIV from partner 1 = 0.
1285110 tn?1420147378 According to the calculator I'm "Banana" but looking at my measurements in comparison to the description, I should be "Hourglass"... So I'm not going to cast my "vote", lol, because I don't understand why the site is lying to itself.
Avatar m tn Is it normal for meds to just stop working, literally overnight? Should I be concerned about my risk of heart attack or stroke? Any advice is appreciated.
Avatar m tn yes...you can trust your negative result...you don't have hiv. as far as the girl's positive result...it is possible that she threw out a false positive. all positive test results have to be confirmed by a western blot.
Avatar m tn Lots of things can elevate homocysteine -- vitamin deficiencies (specifically folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12), cigarette smoking. It may be worthwhile to take a multivitamin and stop smoking (if applicable) to correct for either of these two causes, although the evidence isn't clear as to whether increasing homocysteine levels changes your risk.
Avatar n tn The rsik of stroke is higher when in Afib than when not. However, for true statistics, i recommend you look on the american heart association website under their entry for a-fib. Being on blood thinner is the right course of action. Talk to a professional about the true risk differential. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn m really scared if he infected with hiv,i will get it too n pass it to my 2 years littlegirl via breastfeeding cause i read hsv2 increased hiv risk..and my husband get the massage when his body get tired(unhealthy)..i'm scared this can increase hiv risk too..my husband get hiv tes in 5 weeks n 7 weeks with rapid in our local clinic n hospital n the result is negatif..but what make me really scared,when i get tes too,the clinic tell me that my result must get confirmed with western blot..
Avatar f tn Please respond by addressing my questions as completely as possible because I want to be able to get a more complete evaluation of my risk. I am a 17 year old heterosexual male from Houston Texas. I recently hired an escort for protected sex including protected oral sex. She had a strict policy about condom usage. During the encounter i may have had slight tears on my penis.
Avatar m tn Hi to the forum members, I am looking for some advice and guidance as I am in a new and unanticipated situation. My sister who is 41 and not married, sufferred a massive left-brain ischemic stroke and spent 2 and a half months in the ICU and has just come home 3 days ago. She has right side paralysis in the arm and leg. Her speech is more or less intact as in she can talk well but sounds a little like how a child would sound.
Avatar m tn Hi all, how long does it take to run a western blot test. ( running time of western blot test) can it be done in few hours or it takes a day..?
Avatar m tn I masturbated once and touched a calculator with the same hand(wiped the semen). It was an AC room, so no chance of HIV virus to be dying in there(I don't have HIV). Then today I touched the calculator with the AC on and then ate my food without washing my hands after about 10 mins. Will I get HIV?
Avatar f tn After 1mint i do toilet and after 5 mints clean our penis by water. What is the risk of hiv infection in this condition? If i chek our blood after one week by western blot then, cbn i believe this test after one week? Please help me. What is the chances by anal fluid?
Avatar m tn you dont need a western blot...YOU HAD NO RISK ! how many times have you been told you have no risk? our answers WONT change. enough is enough...
Avatar n tn This is because the success with opening it when it has been occluded for some time is very low and the risk of causing a stroke is high The risk of havinga stroke after the blood vessel is blocked is very low.
Avatar n tn Assuming your BP is normal, I put your numbers into a heart disease risk calculator and your risk is less than 1% in the next 10 years. Is it possible, yes, but not very realistic. If you are having symptoms go to the ER to be safe, but the fact that Ativan helped makes it sound more like anxiety. Again, if you think you are experiencing heart related symptoms, go get checked out.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am in my thirties & have had two partners. I had two encounters approx. 3 weeks ago with a man who I've come to find tested positive for HSV 2. His values are - Herpeselect HSV 1 AB: 0.22 & HSV 2 AB: 2.09 H. The first encounter, he performed oral sex on me. The second was vaginal intercourse with a latex condom. I had previously tested negative for all STIs, save for HPV.
Avatar f tn I have never heard of that before. I don't honestly see how it could cause a stroke. I know that stroke is the biggest risk of afib.
Avatar m tn for people younger than 65 years with no risk factors the untreated annual risk of stroke is about 1%, whereas with one or more risk factors it is about 5%; for people aged 65-75 years with no risk factors the annual risk of stroke is about 4%, and with one or more risk factors it is about 6% per year; and for people older than 75 years with no risk factors the risk of stroke is about 3%-4%, whereas with one or more risk factors it is about 8% (see Box 2) (E1).7,26 from http://www.mja.com.
Avatar f tn I let them know the low rates of transmission in general as well as what I do to protect them to take their risk even low ( for a male partner you can get risk down to 1%/year which is lower than the risk of pregnancy with real use of the bc pill -8% ). I've only ever been turned down twice because of my herpes from partners over the years. Most of my friends with herpes, have never been turned down.
Avatar m tn No, I tested for western Blot just to be sure of Hiv 2 as one study in India was that 2 people or negative for antibody though they had HIV 2. So please let me know whether I western blot I have done also tested for HIV 2 also. Is western blot test bot HIv 1 and 2 that is what I wanted to know.
Avatar f tn Risk factors for stroke include advanced age, hypertension (high blood pressure), previous stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), diabetes, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, atrial fibrillation, the contraceptive pill, migraine with aura, and thrombophilia (a tendency to thrombosis), patent foramen ovale and several rarer disorders. High blood pressure is the most important modifiable risk factor of stroke.