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Avatar m tn 6 already (our bodies developed in the centuries with a 1:1 balance), too much calcium in the diet and too weak nutrition from normal vegetables (organic vegetables are ok in magnesium) sault should not be a problem because there is too much in every processed food
Avatar n tn there has to be an underlying reason and to just down doses of Vitamin D is not the answer because there lays the risk of us #1 overdose on Vitamin D later on IF we really don't have a Vitamin D problem or #2 if there is for example a Kidney problem as i have been trying to understand and investigate, we all or some of use need to see a Doctor ASAP and find answers and insist on answers or we could be in big trouble! Now see i myself am having major bladder problems and urinary problems.
Avatar n tn Hi Rocky, Just got back from some last minute Christmas shopping. Whoa, it's a zoo out there! I'm doing o.k., mostly rumbling down there. But when I was walking around today, I just felt like AF was coming. Just that certain pressure we all know. I bought a HPT...but don't know if I will use it or not. I'm so excited for you for tomorrow! Are you Eastern or Western time? You are in my thought and prayers!
1294995 tn?1330666336 And she tried to liture me about being my weight and the chances of being high risk! Oh SHE WAS RUDE! I mean I walked out like damn! I know I am a little chucky...but I am not that fat to the point that I have seem women who are bigger then me, and having kids! Damn I am below 200 lbs!!!! She said that she dosen't think I can get prego with PCOS and being my weight! OH i wish I could show tell somethings I know! Because I know..