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Avatar n tn If you type in 'framingham risk calculator' in your yahoo search engine, you can find them and calculate your risk of having a myocardial infarction. I can tell you that aside from your risk of a heart attack, you are at a very high risk for mutiple health related complications including stroke, lung cancer, chronic lung disease and frank diabetes. There is no excuse for you to continue to smoke.
Avatar n tn Should I have at least 1 real, full measurement done? c) Depending on whose risk stratification calculator I use, I get wildly differing results as to what my risk is: o ATP III ( 1% o Framingham total cholesterol: 5% (over 10 years) o Framingham LDL: 7% (over 10 years) o Calc. using Framingham + CAC: 7% (over 10 years) Which do I believe? I'm inclined to believe the last the most: most specificity to me.
Avatar n tn You risk is probably higher than average because you are overweight and you have known plaque on CT scan. By using the Framingham risk calculator, your 10 year risk is less than 1%. You have some no traditional risk factors that are not included in the risk score. My advice is to enact positive change like continuing to lose weight, exercise and eat right. Stop eating after 6 pm, especially before bed. Don't drink soda with sugar.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your well thought out and knowledgeable reply Jon! Actually my story was so long (and sorry about that) it sounded a bit confusing even to me after I read it. I actually did not take the Niaspan as I am concerned about the possibly severe side effects. Plus the Dr. warned me about them himself.