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469720 tn?1388146349 Heredity (family history) and race - Your stroke risk is greater if a parent, grandparent, sister or brother has had a stroke. African Americans have a much higher risk of death from a stroke than Caucasians do. This is partly because blacks have higher risks of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Sex (gender) - Stroke is more common in men than in women. In most age groups, more men than women will have a stroke in a given year.
Avatar m tn Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds
755322 tn?1330269114 I need a rollater a lot of the time and cannot walk half a mile anymore. I can do 1/4 mile with either the rollater or walking sticks. I lurch to the left and have a left foot that wants to drag. Balance was good after the procedure but has also gone downhill over the year. I don't have as much dizziness though, just tend to tip to the left. Luckily my new smaller house has lots of walls on the left so I can lean my way were I need to go. Pain is just as bad if not worse.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm wondering if my symptoms are indicative of a mild stroke. I've had this same thing happen a couple of times over the last decade, with varying severity, the most recent incident being two weeks ago. I went to sleep with a headache and woke up extremely dizzy, hoping a couple more hours of sleep would make it go away, which it did not. A headache persisted for the next two days and after it was finally gone the mild dizziness and general weakness has persisted ever since.
2078882 tn?1333486061 So I have a month to monitor some of my symptoms and then hopefully will have some direction in a diagnosis the end of April! Its been a rough three weeks, with major symptoms and I feel like a burden has been lifted for now.
Avatar n tn However, when she woke up on Monday and had no use of it, and her leg started feeling very heavy she went to the hospital. They said she had a mild stroke. She had no other symptoms and the recovery was amazing. They were all amazed. By Monday night she could lift her arm over her head, although it still felt very heavy and her fingers wouldn't do exactly what she wanted them to do. Her leg was completely better. It felt as though nothing had ever happened.
4190741 tn?1370177832 In earlier work, researchers found that depression was linked to greater risk of stroke, which is the No. 4 killer and a leading cause of disability in the United States. In contrast to anxiety, depression is a persistent feeling of hopelessness, dejection and lack of energy, among other symptoms.
Avatar n tn if she had transient symptoms, she may have had a TIA or transient ischemic attack. this is a warning sign of stroke and needs to be treated as such. she should see a neurologist or a primary doctor as soon as possible and look for the cause. she may need a brain CT or MRI, a heart echo, blood work and dopplers. She should do it as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn The study included 40 healthy men, between the ages of 55 and 70, who had no heart disease risk factors. Ten of the men had never exercised for more than two hours a week. The remaining 30 had exercised for at least seven hours a week for more than five years, either beginning before age 30 or after age 40. Their regular exercise involved either cycling or running.
Avatar n tn which include older age, high blood pressure, male sex, high cholesterol, family history, and history of heart disease. In general, the fewer of risk factors one has, the less likely a stroke will hit that person. Keep in mind, though, this applies only when we deal with common strokes. Young people can also have stroke but the causes and risk factors would be quite differernt.
Avatar n tn With the recent introduction of tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) drugs, how has the standard of care changed for the E.R. physician in his/her treatment of a patient with symptoms of stroke (e.g. dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision, hypertension, lethargy and loss of awareness), but whose CT Scan is negative and desires to leave the E.R.? What is the standard of care both pre- and post-t-PA?
3246889 tn?1349974415 ischemic stroke (where the blood supply to the brain is compromised, caused by a blood clot or fatty deposit in the brain) or hemorrhagic stroke, which is a rupture, similar to a tire blowout, of a blood vessel in the brain. Where arthrosclerosis plays a large role in ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke often occurs due to uncontrolled high blood pressure.
667923 tn?1421462724 weight was laying on my hand and foot to keep it from moving. I felt like I was having a stroke and after doing research on it, I did. Maybe it was an Ischemic attack or TIA. I have had 3 or 4 of these attacks and don't want to wind up having a full blown STROKE. I am having mental exhaustion,confusion and altered mental state with many others symptoms to many to state.
1344197 tn?1392819171 The removal of ovaries is often recommended as a measure to reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer. A number of studies have suggested that hysterectomy with the removal of ovaries prior to age 50 may increase the risk for heart attack and stroke. Given the fact that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women, and hysterectomy is such a common surgery, further investigation was warranted.
2175879 tn?1338355028 It was determined today by another doctor that I had a mild stroke, not a TIA. That explains atleast for me, why although my symptoms have improved but not gone away like a TIA is expected to. Reading all these questions on TIA sure helped me deal with this, but I think that there are other people that have had strokes and been labled as TIA's because, just like me, the stroke fixed itself, but has left its footprint.
Avatar n tn Agree to test cholesteral based on history of stroke symptoms
Avatar n tn m a 76 year old lady who recently spent a week in the hospital because of episodes of TIA. After a MRI a CT scan, EEG, and ECG, they told me I had a mild stroke. While in the hospital they put me in heparin drip to thin my blood to start with, then they put me on plavix. I have episodes of bad sharp pain around my left temple coming down sometimes to may face, and from time to time especially after i take my BP meds with the plavix I get nauseated and light headed.
Avatar f tn If the stroke happened due to a bleed, then this is controlled. If it is due to worms in brain, then a long term treatment to kill the worm is started. Hence treatment also depends on the cause of stroke. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
676143 tn?1312941771 I'm feeling a lack of symptoms today. I'm not nearly as nauseated, but I do gag a lot and I have the ache in my pelvic area again. I might be imagining it, but it seems my pants are tighter. I almost want to take another pregnancy test, just to be Even though I obviously haven't started my period and I have had symptoms the whole time, I still get nervous at the beginning of the pregnancy.
338734 tn?1377160168 Went to hospital ER due to stroke symptoms. Had CT and MRI as well as bubble echo. Suggestion of shunt. To follow up with TEE.
Avatar n tn my father had a mild stroke last dec.12,2007, how many months he would take to live a normal life? mild stroke can cure? and it will return to a normallife?
Avatar m tn mild aortic insufficiency mild tricuspid insufficiency ivc appears normal the PA pressure isnormal by Doppler mild pulmonary insufficiency what does all of this mean? am i at risk of an immediate heart attack or stroke?
Avatar n tn my dad has what seems like a mild stroke, his right side is affected and memory, bp was 200 yest he had a mild one 5 years ago, he smokes rediculous amounts and drinks most nights, what is the outlook, the doc has given him some meds and wants to see him in 2 days, he hasnt been admitted, is this a good sign?
469720 tn?1388146349 Below is an exerpt from a direct to consumer advertisement on clopidogrel---- If you have been diagnosed with P.A.D., you need to learn how to lower your risk of heart attack or stroke. Individuals with P.A.D. have more than double the risk of heart attack or stroke compared to people who don't have P.A.D. Now is the time to explore all your treatment options to help reduce that risk, including P.A.D. medications like Plavix® (clopidogrel bisulfate).
Avatar f tn My brother had a stroke due to a blood timing disorder. My grandfather had a stroke due to Alzheimers. My other grandfather had a stroke due to arrythmia problems, we were told at the time. I was told I was at a very high risk of having heart disease or a stroke through having complex sleep apnea. My father's blood timing disorder killed him at 38. It is important to get your blood pressure down. Alcohol will increase blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Thinking I had a stroke or anurysm or something.
1474856 tn?1288289049 I am so worried about feeling like this constantly, but i encountered a problem when i tried to see a new Dr within the Henry Ford health system. I may need to go outside of the network to get "real" treatment, not just some Dr calling me crazy and saying my depression is an issue. i have not have a depression problem for years. This is not depression. I am sad after having this go on for over a month now & worried, but me feeling this did not cause it.
Avatar m tn Is there an increased risk of getting a stroke for patients who suffered asphyxiation at birth (which was severe enough to cause mild Cerebral Palsy)?