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Avatar m tn Conventional wisdom uses a mixture of risk factors (sex, blood pressure, cholesterol, ECG, diabetes, smoking) known as the Framingham risk score to predict risk of cardiovascular disease. This study in Holland of several hundred elderly people with no history of cardiovascular disease measured these conventional risk factors, and also potential new indicators namely folic acid, homocysteine, C reactive protein and interleukin 6, over a five year period.
Avatar n tn 1% o Framingham total cholesterol: 5% (over 10 years) o Framingham LDL: 7% (over 10 years) o Calc. using Framingham + CAC: 7% (over 10 years) Which do I believe? I'm inclined to believe the last the most: most specificity to me. d) Given these factors, what is my risk stratification? Low? Moderate? What would be the general treatment/prevention plan? An aggressive one?
Avatar n tn You risk is probably higher than average because you are overweight and you have known plaque on CT scan. By using the Framingham risk calculator, your 10 year risk is less than 1%. You have some no traditional risk factors that are not included in the risk score. My advice is to enact positive change like continuing to lose weight, exercise and eat right. Stop eating after 6 pm, especially before bed. Don't drink soda with sugar.
Avatar m tn ) and my liver is now churning out cholesterol galore, so my Framingham score puts me in an entirely new heart risk classification. :( Best wishes on those platelets and hope you can get them normalized soon. Do you take any other meds, other than the statin? Maybe they're affecting your AST.