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469720 tn?1388149949 Women who smoke and take birth control pills are at greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke than are those who don't do either. Worse, this risk increases with age, especially over 35. The good news, though, is that when you quit smoking, your risk of heart disease drops dramatically within just one year. And no matter how long or how much you smoked, you'll start reaping rewards as soon as you quit.
1257043 tn?1269460915 The size of the aneurysm apparently greatly influences a person's already significant increased risk of stroke with this anomaly. Research show that an aneurysm at or greater than (I don't have my notes with me but > .16 or .18 I believe) significantly increases the risk for stoke. I also have documented Sleep Apnea w/ documented heart rates with testing overnite of HRs (Heart Rates) fluctuating between 35 BPM (beats per minute) to 135 BPM throughout the night.
Avatar f tn Crazycow, you are not alone! Ever since my grandfather had a stroke, health has been a huge topic in my home. It is normal to be afraid of illesses and diseases especially when we do not understand much about them. Once I educated myself on strokes, I realized that it is very rare to get them at a young age. The fear had once took over me because my grandfather was sick. But now, I am okay. It just takes time for you to realize that there is nothing to fear.
Avatar f tn a former White House physician following her assessment in a CNN interview the day before that his weight may cause him to die in office but the doctor is standing her ground. On Wednesday, Christie called Dr. Connie Mariano and "vented," according to the doctor who served in the White House during the Clinton presidency. After the conversation with Christie, she spoke with CNN's National Political Correspondent Jim Acosta and stood by her statements and professed no regrets.
Avatar m tn CT angio is done in people with family heart history and those having other risk factors. This helps in making an early assessment of the condition of vessels. Opinions are divided among specialists. Courage study done in the West shoes a considerable amount of debate and controversy. This means that doctors would be biased to their own specialization. Ultimately the patient and his/her family should choose an approach to be adopted which is low risk and high benefits.
Avatar n tn My dissection resulted in a stroke and my artery is closed forever. You were lucky! My stroke doc says he sees many dissections in people doing less than what I was doing. Like you, my headache started within a couple of hours of me completing the race. Looking back, I feel that was an indicator that something was not right. As far as exercise goes, no running again. I spin now with a heart rate monitor. I don't let my heart rate go above 150. Have you considered that vs checking bp?
Avatar n tn gov/pmc/articles/PMC2677134/ diabetes has the highest risk of hcc, hbsag positivity and active hbv much less risk, i have also found studies on the regression of cancer cells under statin use, i'll post liknk as soon as i will find it.
Avatar m tn The reason I say this is b/c being an addict myself and I have injured my shoulder I am on pain meds again (my doc that i abused) and while I have no desire to abuse them again I don't want to risk that chance of abusing them when I have a bad moment.... So she is still wanting help and trying to not relapse. (this is my opinion from how I feel) I think I am strong enough...but still live with the what if? Hope this helped you some!
254544 tn?1310779332 Visualizing health, not illness, is a powerful tool for self-transformation. 3. Maintain perspective of the big picture. Focus your attention on something that brings peace, joy, laughter and meaning. Tell yourself that difficult moments will pass. 4. Watch your words. If you hear yourself talking negatively, substitute positive phrases. Say, “I will find a way to live with Hepatitis C” rather than “Hepatitis C is ruining my life.” 5. Practice gratitude.
147426 tn?1317269232 Diagnosis Because MRI is particularly useful in detecting central nervous system demyelination, it is a powerful tool in helping to establish the diagnosis of MS. It should be remembered, however, that approximately 5% of patients with clinically definite MS do not show lesions on MRI, and the absence of demyelination on MRI does not rule out MS.
181575 tn?1250202386 Notes on "On-Treatment Management Strategies for Chronic Hepatitis B" Clinical Care Options, by Ira Jacobson. 1.
147426 tn?1317269232 Even if it did cause some lesions, your newer symptoms can't be attributed to old smoking. It is true and has been shown that smoking is a risk factor in developing MS. This has been shown conclusively. So, any doctor that dismisses MS because the lesions are "due to smoking" (doubtful) is thinking the problem through. (Oh, he of the escaping brain) The smoking, earlier or currently has made MS more likely.
Avatar n tn When the dosage of Lyrica initially from 75mg was raised to 150 mg per day her INR value dropped down to 1.3 which poses a stroke risk. So the doctor cut down 75mg out of 150mg and now she is taking only 75mg which proves ineffective. Will her Lyrica interact with coumaridn type of anticoagulant which may decrease her INR value. Any patients please suggest if you are taking anticoagulant drugs. Again how to manage her burns.
Avatar n tn It seems like it would really be worth your while to at least get an assessment on your current state of liver health by an expert in the field who WILL give you all of the information. Too me, too much info is never a bad thing, and it would be nice for you to have a current biopsy. Also, there are some ad's that are so much better than others at minimizing sexual side effects. Different ad's work better for different people dependent upon brain chemistry.
Avatar f tn Ti allergy can be detected in dental implant patients, even though its estimated prevalence is low (0.6%). A significantly higher risk of positive allergic reaction was found in patients showing post-op allergy compatible response (ACRG), in which cases allergy tests could be recommended.
Avatar n tn Dear Ellen, there are a number of different tests to evaluate the gall bladder. If you recently underwent a CCK- assessment of gall bladder contraction, then you had a test which is very sensitive for the diagnosis of gall bladder disease, even in the absence of gall stones. If the CCK test is normal but you still beleive that the problem is the gall bladder, then removal of the gall bladder would be needed. If the pain persisted , then a problem in the gall bladder was not the cause.
Avatar n tn However, the more they take out the greater the risk of swallowing issues post-surgery. I'm not sure I'm ready to sign up for that again just yet. Since the 1/23 incident, it has happened 3 more times with the last time being only 2 weeks from the previous episode. I'm worried that this is going to continue to get worse again. If it were only going to happen a couple of times a year, I would just deal with it like I have my whole life.
Avatar m tn i've been to hospitals twice for this reason; once i even called 911 because i thought i was having a stroke - it was really that physical and terrifying. in the end, if you have symptoms and they are bothering you, go see a doctor. because it may indeed be something serious. and if nothing else, seeing a doctor will make you feel better. if the doctor can't figure it out, keep trying, but realize that a lot of things really have to do with stress and anxiety. focus on lowering those.
Avatar n tn I told her that I had posted here, that I made the changes you suggested, and that the spasms stopped. She agreed with your assessment of decreasing reps until I could build up some more. It's all working. I have lost an additional 5 pounds since March, my BP is within normal ranges, and I took my BP home monitor in and that my BP is coming down, and if this continues, and I lose more weight, I might be able to go off all the BP medications.
Avatar n tn A friend of mine had it supposedly by one of the best in the field who guaranteed a good result and he supposedly did not get it right and it did not help him and he now regrets it. Surgery is a risk no matter what it is so you always take a chance. It should be your last option. I don't like when a doctor is uncertain as to why you or anyone may be getting this only then to prescribe drugs or surgery on an apparent bet.
Avatar n tn I have also heard horror stories of the copper IUD as far as bleeding (my dr also told me), also having the greater risk of uterine perforation. I would like to go back on the patch but I am older and the risk now scares me because I have an 8 year old as well as a 2 yr old. I despise taking pills but will if I have to. Which is precisely why I loved the patch.