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Avatar n tn what is an associated diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis coded 340 mean? It is listed for some tests I had done.
Avatar f tn I had some issues getting it scheduled, they wanted to know if it was vascular or nonvascular so I got the procedure code from docs office, ..anyway while looking up the code it describes us' no glands...she is taking this test because insurance won't approve an mra. The doc said doppler in the office but the code given isn't for a doppler ultrasound, rather there are codes that describe ultrasounds for blood flow study but that's not what she prescribed.
Tbd Her response was, most people should be on a statin because of the benefits to lessening the change of stroke or heart attack (when they are older - after middle age). The reason for the diagnosis code, my Thyroid levels go out of wack every few years and it triggers AFIB. I am doing my research, I have talked to my primary and cardiologist. Primary says it is a good thing and cardiologist said all doctors have different opinions.
Avatar n tn Hi. The "162.9" code you are referring to is the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) code for your illness. This code is just a means of standardizing how diagnoses are named, so that: 1) health professionals coming from different places could understand each other's diagnoses, and 2) health insurance claims can be standardized. "162.
Avatar f tn Right ureteroscopy with basket stone exteaction and stent removal. for this one i coded 52353,74420-26 but i am a little uncertain still. Please forward your comment.
Avatar n tn s to do a MRi scan just to rule out anything else but they said there is no need, but they have still not came up with a Diagnosis for me to say why having the dizzy spells. Just a week ago my GP put me on Propranolol 10mg, I take 2x 3 times a day, but why is my GP putting me on this when I don't even panic, all I'm worried about is whats making me have the dizzy spells, but the Dr's say they don'y know..
Avatar m tn I recently came across a lab form, and it was for a diagnosis code of V 74.5, which when I google it, says it's a test for hepititis and HIV or other STD's. Please tell me there is a legitimate reason for my wife to have been prescribed this test by her doctor, and not for the reasons I think. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
Avatar f tn should I be more concerned about the old stroke/future stroke or the tumor. Is it possible that a small meningioma may never change size? I am 61 and thought I was in reasonably good health prior to this. At this point I am imagining every little head pain or not sharp vision is associated with that tumor. In my mind, it's probably doubled in size since last week! Not sure how to calm down if I am to live with it forever.
7164233 tn?1388893601 Contacted my PCP and my diagnosis of the 'HCC' is a billing code nothing to worry about ... whew feel better now!
Avatar m tn After a mammogram and ultra sound I was told that I had a "code 4" breast nodule (2 lumps) and had a biopsy and do not know the results as yet. What is a code 4?? And what are the odds with a code 4 that this is cancer?
1191939 tn?1264806096 I had a stroke in May of 2003 and within 6 months I started having extreme pain on the whole left side of my body. The doctors said it was from my stroke. I have tried motor cortex stimulator that only helped for three months. I also had a DBS that did not help at all. I am now told that the only thing that will help is a cingulotomy. I would like to find out more about the after effects before I do it, plus if a doctor in Wisconsin is able to help with my questions.
5509293 tn?1428531475 As far as i'm aware, the code used is generally justification for the type of tests the doctor wants you to have, and has no relevance to diagnosis as such but what your being assessed for eg heart disease = heart disease code, unspecified demyelingating disease = demyelingating disease code, MS = MS code etc lol did that make sense? Cheers.........
Avatar n tn I need to know a diagnosis code for removal of silicone oil. I know we can bill the 67036 for vitrectomy or the 67121 if no vitrectomy is performed but I have been told touse diagnosis code 998.89 but this is not a complication it is something we planned on doing can anyone offer any insight?
Avatar m tn I went to an ED with stroke like symptoms, I guess, since they called a code blue stat rushed me to get head ct scan. next morning vp shunt surgery for nph. aueductal stenosis and other terms I am still learning. If I knew now what should have been told in 2009, I definitely would have requested more tests before brain surgery. It was done in April 2014 and approx. 7 hospitalizations later have urine and bowel incontinence. they did a lumbar spinal tab 4 weeks after the vp shunt.
Avatar f tn A diagnosis code is just a numbered code the insurance industry uses that is universal in the medical community so they can decide whether they will or won't pay for a particular procedure. If the diagnosis code wrrants having a particular procedure done, then the insurance company will pay for it. For example, if a patient has knee pain, and the doc wants an X-Ray, the doc will use the Code for "knee pain," and the procedure code for "X-Ray.
Avatar n tn After a visit to the doctor today, I saw that on the insurance form where he'd indicated diagnosis, he put down two things that I don't quite understand. Anyone know what either one means? A.N.
Avatar f tn I am a Speech Therapist. yesterday i had gone through a case who had a road side accident 1 year back. Now since 2 months he is having a mild degree of reading,writing and calculating problem. Repetition is intact but spontaneous speech is partially affected. I am suspecting a visiospatial problem also. Patient can express everything except what he needs to speak. Could you please tell me the diagnosis?????
Avatar n tn They called a code and the ER doc came and gave him CPR. He had a stroke during all of this with damage on the right side of his brain. He has been in a coma since this. He is still being fed with an IV but his ventilator dependence has gone way down so he is almost breathing on his own. At times he opens his eyes when I hold his hand or speak to him. Doctors are discouraging but I want to give him every chance to recover.
Avatar f tn i felt like and had symptoms of a stroke and was told that ms symptoms and stroke symptoms sometimes mirror each other when an mri showed no change from the last one i had.