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Avatar f tn My father had a stroke 5 years ago and has not yet fully recovered my question is that prior to his stroke he went to the doctor with neck pain and blurred vision and headaches the doctor sent him for a MRI should the MRI have show the clot he is blocked 100 percent n his cartiod artery I just need to know if this could of been prevented
Avatar n tn That day they did a CT Angio which was normal and the ER doctor released him stating that they would see him in the stroke clinic. In the weeks that followed he has had a multitude of tests (echocardiogram, MRI, blood work, holter, etc) all with normal result. Symptoms April 7th until April 24th: Constant feeling that he can only equate to feeling like he is on a rocking boat. Not dizzy and no trouble with balance or any of the neurological exam tests. Eye focus delayed when moving head.
Avatar n tn Acc to the neuro-surgeon, the high homocysteine caused a minor stroke. He has prescribed vitamin b, folic acid and plagril (pill with aspirin) for life. My questions: *Is the diagnonsis conclusive enough? *Is high homocysteine a cause/symptom/fall out of a stroke? *What is the risk of recurrence, given he's now on aspirin for life? *He often has ulcers in his mouth;is it ok for him to be on aspirin? *He now walks 30 min and has cut coffee.Is this enough? *Any other tests he shd undergo?
Avatar n tn Please, I need some answers... My husband had a stroke 5 yrs ago. I cared for him at home here for over 4 years. Then I got ill and had to put him in a CBRF home. His actions were pretty eratic and we tried to tell everyone that that wasn't like him and they evicted him from 3 homes. He finally sued me for divorce after 50 yrs . I tried to tell the lawyers he was sick but a therapist ruled him competent about a yr ago so in this state I couldn't do anything about it. Now 3 wks.
Avatar n tn There is an amazing amount of literature out there on patients who had a stroke but either it didn't show up on MRI or showed up days later. ( I only had one MRI.) She didn't talk to one of my docs nor did she review records from my other two strokes. She wanted to hold onto her belief system and wasn't going to have anyone dispute her. The neurologist that diagnosed me with my first stroke said unfortunately and most dangerously.....that proof on an MRI has become the holy grail of strokes.
Avatar m tn I am 46, famale, and my MRI result says:- Multiple white matter lesions extending into the subcortex bi-hemispherical. Findings in first place suggestive of demyelination. Differential diagnosis would be microemboli. Can you help me understand this, thankyou.
Avatar f tn Should I have someone else check the MRI other that the doctor? Never had a stroke, MS or a diabetes. Also prolactin levels are elevated. 28.4 Normal range 4.8-23.3. Tumor has not grown. Took bromocriptine over 10 yrs ago. Was told I would have to take it forever. Stopped taking it. Should I not worry about it or see another Endocronoligist?
Avatar n tn The size and distribution is not typical for a demylinating disease, however, clinical correlation is needed for full evaluation. This MRI was taken almost 2 years ago. I have had follow-up MRI's the most recent being in JAnuary of this year and the MRI remains the same with no changes. I have also had the entire spine imaged which did not show any lesions. Once again, serial testing of all evoked potentials, EEG, Spinal Tap and numerous clinical exams by 3 neuros have all come up normal.
Avatar f tn I had high bp, slurred speech, weakness on one side, visual problems etc and was told I had stroke but it is not ahown on mri or ct. I was in hospital and regab for 3 weeks. My insurance denied disability based on mri. I'm still not able to properly function, drop things, fall down, forget, use wrong words etc How can I, find out if this is possible? I even went to psych to ensure I want having some kind if emotional issue. I don't know how to find a dr to help and even what type of specialty.
Avatar n tn None of 3 Doctors diagnosed stroke but felt it was compressed disc or pinched nerve.For 1 week now he is in a stroke rehab unit in a wheelchair with catheter and very little speech and some disorientation,MRI and Cat scan and Doppler all show negative results.Is there any possibility that there could be another diagnosis that is being missed?
Avatar m tn He had the classic symptoms, the doc ran the CAT, MRI, Doppler on neck and so on.. He was told he had a small stroke and that the arteries in his neck were 35 to 50% blocked. He has been on plavix and blood thinners since... Since the doctor said he had a stroke, he usually would have small to medium spells where he would have the same symptoms as the first and the doc said must be TIA's..... Well he had a fairly large TIA 2 weeks ago, numbness in face, problems talking.
Avatar m tn Investigations like CT angiography, MRI, CSF examination (presence of blood) are essential to reach at diagnosis here. Neurosurgery is the mainstay of treatment that may be suggested by a neurologist after examination. Hope this information proves helpful to you.
Avatar f tn Hi the GP suggested i have had mini stroke. i have weakness in right arm and leg. but now im getting double vision. The leg has got bit stronger but not arm. cant grip anything. am also getting spasms History- Epilepsy, recent mri in jan, - temporal sclerosis in the past have had problems like balance, walking, swallowing and still do on occassions.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 32yo female with a young family and I know I am not mad.....I had a ? stroke ? 16 days ago. Drs seem to disagree on my diagnosis as they are "not consistant". My CT and MRI were both normal. I did have blood tests done but I have not been told anything so I have assumed they are normal. So to begin with they said TIA, one dr suggested functional disorder another MS. I have been prescibed asprin and lipitor.
Avatar n tn It would be advisable to have her consult a neurologist and probably have an MRI done to ascertain the diagnosis. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn In many hospitals a CT scan may be available on weekends while an MRI may not, so they probably did the best they could. An MRI is less hazardous and more accurate. Yes, you need an MRI. The fact that your neck has been hurting bothers me. It suggests carotid involvement. You certainly need an ultrasound. You have a project tomorrow other than going to work.
Avatar n tn Dear Doc, My husband, aged 49, with a hypertension history of 10 years was admitted in the hospital due to a blurred vision and the principal diagnosis has been ischemic stroke leading to cortical blindness with occipital farcts. Docs here in India tell me there is no cure and his condition is inoperable and irreversible. He is on warferin and with modern science advancing at such leaps and bounds somehow I fail to accept there is no cure to his blindness.
233915 tn?1218816727 The headacheas are what brought us to the doctor who ordered the MRI. When the MRI showed signs of a stroke, she sent us to a neurologist. The neurologist seemed to think the stroke was "old" and occured before she was born, or as an infant because other than the "migraines" she suffered no symptoms. He feel the migraines are brought on by puberty and non related to the stroke. The stroke occured in the cerebullum.
Avatar n tn The neurologist said he thinks I had a small stroke but we are repeating the MRI in 6 weeks. I have had 2 other days in which I felt similar way since, but I have also been getting blurred vision and headaches almost daily. I talked to the doctor about these symptoms but was advised to take an asprin a day and wait. Do 40 year olds in good health have strokes? Are these symtoms of strokes? What kind of questions should I be asking after the next MRI?
Avatar m tn The first diagnosis was that as probably MS. Her first MRI on the brain showed no lesions. A second MRI on the brain and neck showed a possible lesion on the spine. That is where the diagnosis came from. Later, other doctors would dispute the fact that it was a lesion, and a 3rd MRI supports that thought. So MS is possibly being ruled out (but not completely). They recently did a spinal tap that supports her not having MS. Bells Palsy was ruled out because of motor skills tests.
616084 tn?1221072902 I just had my 3rd MRI The first were done the beginning of 2000 August of this year is my third. All MRI lesions are the same size and same location. Had a spinal tap GTT was elevated. Been diagnosised with MSĀ  Pain has increased, tingling has increased, fatique has increased. Is it possible that I could have something different? Does lesions increase in time?
Avatar f tn my nurologist found focal white matter disease in the lower left part of my brain on a recent this a diagnosis of ms? i have severe joint and muscle pain throughout my body. i also have a titanium plate,rod and 2 screws in my neck located at c4 c5 c6. i was told i have degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. i have been experiencing the loss of muscle control in my legs and both my hands. also experiencing migrains and am unable to sleep through the night.
Avatar f tn Jq, my twin sister is 24, she just had a similar stroke like yours a couple years back. She started with a real bad headache and then couldn't feel her left arm or leg, she's in intensive care now.
Avatar n tn They are- Stroke, brain damage, brain injury, brain diseases, vitamin deficiency, metabolic disorder, kidney disease, liver disease. Did your husband have an MRI of the brain. Please go for a CT scan or MRI and consult a neurologist to rule out any condition related to the brain. Please go for a thorough check up to rule out kidney or liver disorders and metabolic conditions. Please give him a diet rich in multivitamins, multiminerals and Omega 3 fatty acids.
Avatar n tn Although I can certainly understand your frustration and desparation in wanting a diagnosis one way or the other, your neurologist is probably being careful about making the diagnosis of MS so as not to commit to labeling you with a lifelong disease that currently has no cure. Your complex of symptoms certainly could represent MS. Make sure the LP coming up will include an immune panel called Tourtellote's that looks for immune breakdown products in the spinal fluid.
Avatar n tn you should have an MRI of the brain done to make sure they didn't miss a small stroke or another lesion on CT. CTs are notorious for missing small lesions. before you call it anxiety, you should have it checked out fully. if your neurologist felt that you were normal on examination, then you probably don't have much to worry about but you should follow up in a few months just to be sure. and keep a diary of anything else that may be going on.
Avatar f tn Long time reader - First time poster... In 1999 (19 at the time) I had stroke like symptoms - face was numb on the left side, dizzy and off balance. I was sent for an MRI of the brain and they found two lesions (I cannot recall what areas - however, I do have the reports at home) which the report stated could be the underlining of a Demyelinating disease such as MS to keep a close eye on it.