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Avatar m tn Did you have a stress test with imaging? If so these things are about 97% accurate in finding heart disease. The next test would be an angiogram which carries a very real risk of complication and I doubt anyone would do one without additional symptoms. You may be best served by getting a second opinion.
Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test on july 30, and an echo. I have had an echo but was wondering what the stress test was?? Anyone with info please help??????
11849443 tn?1441302841 If they were only looking for arrhythmia they would only do the stress test but generally the stress echo is done to rule out heart disease so the doctor can safely say that any symptoms you are having are benign, regardless if they are able to catch or diagnose what those symptoms are. When people complain of heart symptoms the rule is to verify that the heart is structurally normal and then from there what actions need or don't need to be taken.
Avatar f tn Two previous abnormal stress tests (Lexiscan sestamibi and Gated Spect tetrofosmin w/exercise), now ordering a stress echo. What makes a stress echo more definitive? Previous tests could not determine actual problem versus soft tissue attenuation.
Avatar f tn Im having a stress echo on monday morning, I have to have my heart put under stress like you. So, you think of me and I'll think of you :) You get to lay relaxed on a scanning bed, I get to have the cold messy gel all over me.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me what it indicates if a person could not get their heart rate up to the desirable number during an echo stress test during the treadmill portion. It is a male age 36 with insulin dependent diabetes since age 6. He has a tendency to have slow heart rate and could not exceed the mid 150's during the treadmill no matter how they kept making him work harder. He is 5'7" and weighs about 155 and is very active.
Avatar f tn I have had a bubble test for the hole in heart which showed up something and the stress echo was a follow on. Here in England you do not get immediate responses, so I have no idea what this all meant. Three times this happened whilst trying to recover but the heart rate rapidly increased upon sitting on couch and the other symptoms. Another Dr was called in and they went for a discussion in the corner so I could not hear anything. Ity took 30 mins for my heart rate to stablise.
974371 tn?1424653129 From what you describe, it sounds as if you had a positive echo treadmill stress test, based on some changes on your EKG, as well as some changes in the motion of your heart as seen by exercise echocardiogram. Generally, the stress test is a screening test for coronary artery disease. The next step is a coronary angiogram, where they will be able to visualize the arteries that supply blood to your heart (coronary arteries), and determine if there are any blockages or narrowing.
Avatar m tn She has stage 2 hypertension and when she gets near a physician or any hospital setting her blood pressure shoots off the roof. She is scheduled for an Echo Stress Test however I am relucted to send her until we can get her blood pressure under control. She had an EKG had it indicated a slight variance and we went to the cardiologist and he checked her out and he stated if it weren't for the fact her family history indicated heart disease he wouldn't schedule a test.
212161 tn?1599427282 I assume you had an Echo Stress Test and not a Nuclear one. I am sure the "wiggle lines" you are referring to had nothing to do with you walking barefoot (I had them too up to the point were the ECG became unreadable and I have as yet found nobody that could/would explain this to me) and they stopped the test because you had reached your prescribed heart rate of 140 BPM - so nothing wrong with that.
Avatar f tn Having a leaky valve can predispose to certain abnormal heart rhythms which may have caused your palpitations, weak heart muscle (AKA heart failure) can cause leg swelling and shortness of breath -- neither of these things are detectable with a treadmill stress test unless there was an echo done at the same time.
Avatar n tn My stress test includes something like nuclear medicine. This is the only info I was told and that it would last from 3-5 hours. What kind of stress test is this? Thanks.
Avatar m tn So I went to my new cardiologist today and he was pretty upset that my old one didn't order any tests for my pvc's other then a holter. So he is giving me a echo and a stress test next week, well i'm pretty scared to do the stress test I havn't ran since my pvcs because i'm so scared i'm just gonna fall over. How long do they make you run for? and how fast do they make you run? And is there going to be a dr/nurse there to do CPR if anything bad happens?
Avatar f tn They want me to do an angio but I cannot tolerate radiation and am hyper sensitive to dyes/ have requested an echo excercise test. Is the above statement referring to an artery problem? Is it anything to worry about?Do I need an angio or can an echo excercise test see whats going on?very confused...any ideas would be very much appreciated.
Avatar n tn Q: "Echocardiogram findings showed hypokinesis at anterior mid and anterior and posterior apex." A: Hypokinesis indicates heart wall movement impairment. That condition is almost always assoicated with a lack of sufficient blood/oxygen to the area in question. Many individuals have a lack of blood flow to the area due to occlusion of coronary arteries. Also, there can be a depletion of oxygenated blood due to low oxygen level in the blood.
Avatar f tn I have to go next week for a stress echo. How serious are these results? the dr. barely looked at me when I had the stress EKG (results above) and said "ya, you have some abnormalities here but it's probably nothing - we can do a stress echo to be more sure" - waved me out like I was "wasting his time" and I got a call the next day from my family doctor saying he'd set up the stress echo the end of the week.
Avatar m tn Good Day, I am having a stress echo soon. I have some logistical questions and maybe 1 or 2 more. First, why can't you eat within 6 hours of the test? Is it because it would effect the test readings, or is it just because they are worried about you vomiting or being too bloated to exercise? I was also wondering, will they make me exercise until my HR reaches 220 minus my age? Is that the idea? Finally, the last part of my question. I am obese.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone out there has had a positive exercise stress test and a negative stress echo test. My cardiologist said since my stress echo was negative there is a low probability of me having heart disease. I have been have chest pain with left arm and jaw discomfort on and off for 1 1/2 weeks. I am a non smoker, no high blood pressures, no diabetes, and good cholesterol. I am a 43 year old female. My father had his first heart attack at 50 and died at 60 so I have a family history.
1296863 tn?1272569635 A stress test is given to help diagnose chest pain due to vessel(s) occlusions. A holter helps detect any abnormal heart rhythms. An echo can evaluate the heart's structure that includes heart wall dimensions, chamber size, heart valve functionality, right and left ventricle contractility as evidenced by heart blood volume pumped with each heartbeat, etc.