Strep throat and yeast infection

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Avatar n tn Consider your drinking water a source. We were on well water and were informed that the constant strep throat infection my kids had could be coming from the water they were drinking. Strep can be passed through water. Ever since we have been on bottled water we have been in the clear. This discussion is related to <a href=''>recurring strep throat in our family</a>.
Avatar n tn The last two times that I gave him oral sex I broke out in the most painful blisters on my tonsils. I went to the Dr. because I thought that I had strep throat and the test came back as just a virus, however, I don't know what virus.
Avatar f tn I have been running a lot recently and usually come home to do house work and run errands before I shower. I also took some antibiotics a few months ago for strep throat. Could this be from a yeast infection or something worse?
Avatar f tn I was tested for strep and mono. Strep came back positive (Strep C) and negative for mono. I was prescribed amoxicillin and was feeling much better on day 3 until I developed a horrible yeast infection. I was then prescribed the one dose of fluconazole and the yeast infection was cleared. My original symptoms were gone so I didn't bother taking the rest of the antibiotic. (I know, my fault).
Avatar m tn It's the same bacteria that causes strep throat. It's omnipresent, but when your immune system is down, it causes infection. Yeast infection is candida albicans, a harmful yeast that is also omnipresent and again only causes problems when the immune system is down.
Avatar n tn sooo i went camping in 20 degree weather about 2 or 3 weeks ago, we were drinking so we were a little more carefree about things when we were fooling around, such as dirty hands from the outdoors and what not anyways, about 2 days later my boyfriend developed strep throat, which made sense considering it was going around campus and we spent the night in below freezing weather. Also, 2 days after I developed what I thought was a yeast infection that cleared up very easily with vagisil.
Avatar n tn The last time I had strep I was given extra antibiotics so I started taking them just in case this was strep soming on, a few days later I started having signs of a yeast infection. I have finished the antibiotics and still have the sore throat (no puss like strep). I have been taking probiotics for the "yeast infection " and it has improved but not gone waya completely, it has been 5 days since I started treating. At first I thought the sntibiotcs may have caused a yeast infection...
Avatar f tn I've used the 1-day before and it did not work. I had to get the 7-day. The 3-day should work just as good. As far as the dial soap, I don't think women are suppose to use anything anti-bacterial on their genitals, because it washes away the healthy bacteria we have down there causing BV.
Avatar m tn also i worry about everything all the time some form of anexity i guess, so at this point i have surgury booked for this month to get them removed, i know they will come back they dont get this bad and this many and then you get one surgury and never see them again im just hoping that they will be more treatable after, now i recently came in contact with strep throat (ironicly i chugged a friends water for the urine test of my second std test who had strep the doctors confirmed it was strep fo
Avatar f tn m due with my first born in 3 days and have recently gotten strep throat I have been taking ferralet for anemia and amoxicillin for strep throat. All of a sudden I have gotten a yeast infection, would this affect me being induced or going into labour ?
Avatar f tn if it's an yeast infection it's unlike one, even the dr I've seen said it's not.
Avatar m tn Could it be a yeast infection growing on my tonsils? Can you catch a yeast infection from oral sex.
Avatar n tn I just googled this for you and I hope it helps Michelle The Group A beta hemolytic Streptococcus germ causes numerous infections, chiefly of the respiratory tract, but also involving other organ systems, chiefly the skin and lungs. The throat infections themselves are rarely serious and ordinarily, like most repiratory infections, are handled by the immune system without too much difficulty.
Avatar n tn I just got over strep throat about two weeks ago but its going around my work. My throat feels like I'm getting it again. Is it possible to get it again this soon?
Avatar f tn m asking this question in the right spot.... But recently I gave my boyfriend oral and did not know I strep throat and we had sex right after. It burns a little when I pee now, could this just be a UTI or something more serious?
Avatar m tn I recently have been extremely sick with a really sore throat, extreme tiredness, and night sweats. Going to the hospital I was diagnosed with Strep Throat and a UTI. My real doctor looked at the exams and had me come in saying I didn't have a UTI. My strep test came back negative but I have taken medicine for it and my throat is better but I'm still really tired. My doctor questioned my sexual history and did an exam.
Avatar f tn I was taking antibiotics for strep throat that caused me a yeast infection. I stopped the antibiotics and it seems like I got rid of the strep throat, though I still have a cough. I started treating my yeast infection naturally since I have been unemployed for several months now and have no medical insurance-NO MONEY LEFT!!! I must've not washed my hands well after I douched and I touched my right eye yesterday evening.
Avatar f tn A year ago went to Asian massage parkour and also rub and tug handjob only a few days after noticed a rash on head of penis and random slight stinging a few weeks later throat started to get red and sore and post nasal drip started still dealing with these issues been tested for all stds strep throat urethra swabbed multiple times 1 time came back with slight yeast infection next swab was no infection seen family doctor 2 urologists and 1 ENT still no answers
Avatar m tn I took the over the counter medication and it got worse, i proceeded to go to the doctor where they told me I had a yeast infection and she didnt know why it didnt work. After i left the doctors off i notice that i was having a little burning in the lower part of my vagina.. I lookd and it seemed to be broken skin in that area. I am still having a semi thick white discharge and vaginal itching...
Avatar f tn He woke up yesterday morning with a swollen tongue, and was complaining about THAT hurting now. We thought he had strep throat. So I took him to the urgent care, yesterday. Strep throat was not the case, a the doctor diagnosed him with a "mouth and throat infection" (I dont understand this, it is so vague). He prescribed him antibiotics and vicodin. The vicodin is helping with the pain, and keeping his temperture down to 99-101. There are FOURTY antibiotics (2 a day, thats 20 days).
Avatar n tn Friday I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep throat and a yeast infection. I am on antibiotics for the strep and was told the yeast infection may get worse because of that. I have sores on my genitals as well as the sides of my tongue and my gums are somewhat swollen. Are all of these symptoms connected? Could it be something else too? What can I do to stop the burning? I took fluconozone for 3 days and it has not helped thus far. Is it too early to tell?