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Avatar m tn Besides this Group B Streptococcus, mycoplasma, neisseria and cornybacterium are known to cause throat infections. Other known pathogens causing infections of the throat are viral and yeast (candida). The reason for elaborating about these pathogens is that the tests done and the therapy initiated vary for the listed pathogens. To begin with a throat swab is taken to see for streptococcus.
Avatar n tn Consider your drinking water a source. We were on well water and were informed that the constant strep throat infection my kids had could be coming from the water they were drinking. Strep can be passed through water. Ever since we have been on bottled water we have been in the clear. This discussion is related to <a href=''>recurring strep throat in our family</a>.
1266083 tn?1358567662 Okay, this may be TMI...but I am confused...Okay, I came down with a yeast infection on Tuesday because of some antibiotics I was on last week to prevent my onset of strep throat getting any worse. Okay, well I called the doc and they said that Monistat (sp) will be fine to take at 19 weeks. Well I took that Tuesday night around 11pm, I expected it to take around 24 hours to work. Well, 24 hours was 2 days ago! I am not sure if it is safe for me to take another dose.
1414800 tn?1331678506 You can also get thrush, creamy white patches in the mouth and on the tongue. But, a yeast infection isnt an STI it's just an overgrowth of yeast. We all have it in our bodies (men and women alike) and it may depend on how your health is at the time, i.e if you consume alot of sweets, a diabetic, oral hygeine. Just to be on the safe side of things, avoid oral sex when she is experiencing an overgrowth...hopefully the woman is honest when she is experiencing an unbalance.
Avatar f tn I get Yeast infections a lot.. and usually I use Monistat 3-day.. but this time I got Monistat 1-day. I used it last night and the next day it didn't feel any better, it just felt 10 times worse! I plan on waiting for 3 days and seeing if it gets better.. but eveb when I used the Monistat 3-day it never got worse after taking it. Do 1-day Monistats not work? And also I heard not to wash with Dial soap..true?
Avatar n tn It looks a lot like a yeast-like infection in general, but a lot more painful. You need to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor and have a culture done to see what it is. Your boyfriend may have carried some yeast on him that passed into your mouth. Get checked and let us all know what he/she said. Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar m tn Strep Throat Strep throat is an infection caused by group A streptococcus bacteria and is the most common bacterial infection of the throat, according to MedlinePlus. The infection is contagious and can be spread from direct contact with saliva or nasal secretions of an infected individual. The most common symptom of strep throat includes a sore, burning throat that may be red in color and covered with white patches.
Avatar n tn I also am being treated currently for strep throat, and of course, my yeast infection showed up yesterday. I tried monistat for the first infection after using antibiotic, however after I looked for all natural remedies. I eat PLAIN yogurt daily, and you use PLAIN all natural yogurt in the vulva and vaginal area to regulate the balance and that fixes it all right up in 3-5 days. I use this method every time, and it always fixes my problem - the all natural way.
Avatar f tn I had the brown discharge that I have never before had in mylife no smell no burning or iitching to start but then right before I started my period I had sex with my boyfriend and gave him oral and then got the sore throat and the sever itching and burning and the frequent need to pee. That is way too much to just be coincidence.
Avatar f tn He woke up yesterday morning with a swollen tongue, and was complaining about THAT hurting now. We thought he had strep throat. So I took him to the urgent care, yesterday. Strep throat was not the case, a the doctor diagnosed him with a "mouth and throat infection" (I dont understand this, it is so vague). He prescribed him antibiotics and vicodin. The vicodin is helping with the pain, and keeping his temperture down to 99-101. There are FOURTY antibiotics (2 a day, thats 20 days).
Avatar n tn try asking ther doctor what supplements he would recommend since you are aveg. and you constantly getting yeast infections. and strep well you know if someone snezzes or coughes on you you could get infected.
Avatar m tn I took the over the counter medication and it got worse, i proceeded to go to the doctor where they told me I had a yeast infection and she didnt know why it didnt work. After i left the doctors off i notice that i was having a little burning in the lower part of my vagina.. I lookd and it seemed to be broken skin in that area. I am still having a semi thick white discharge and vaginal itching...
Avatar m tn Also about three weeks ago I had a yeast infection due to acne medication and i never treated it. The yeast infection was itchy and it only got worse. But a couple days ago i noticed that the area between my vaginal opening and anus was very swollen, red and itchy. As of today I noticed my uretha and outer labia were also very painful and red and the spot between my vagina opening and anus has little blister like bump but they are not circular they are kinda like lines.
Avatar n tn I just got over strep throat about two weeks ago but its going around my work. My throat feels like I'm getting it again. Is it possible to get it again this soon?
Avatar n tn I have a yeast infection from taking penicillin for strep throat. I used the monistat 1 day on Tuesday. Symptoms are still present, but not as bad. How often can Monistate be used? I have Diflucan but have read scary information about side effects. Any ideas or renmedies that worked for you? Can I use Monistate again?
Avatar f tn a few days later i started itching really bad down there and i noticed a thick cottage cheese like discharge. i have gotten treatment for a yeast infection cause thats what it looks and feels like (I've had them before). i used the treatment yesterday. and today the discharge was like a really thick yellow color. there is no odor. could the yellow discharge be the medicine? cause i asked my mom and she said it could be some kind of STD.
Avatar n tn It is possible to get gonorrhea from oral sex, but from the amount of time chance would be low. I would see an OBGYN and have him/her check for yeast infection.
Avatar f tn Mid-Feb, finally diagnosed with yeast infection and oral thrush, used Nystatin and took Diflucan; symptoms diminished; during Y.I. noticed tear between anus and vulva; late Feb, given cephalexin for peritonsillar abcess, developed vulvar irritation again for a week before taking Diflucan, which went away; diagnosed with Mono late April; throughout this time period, I had 3 more pelvic exams which turned up nothing suspicious other than yeast.
Avatar n tn Group B strep is different from Group A strep that is the cause of strep throat.
Avatar m tn I looked into my mouse using a light and there is white spots all over my inflamed tonsils. Could I catch strep throat from oral sex soo fast? And will I need antibiotics. I am worried she might have had a yeast infection though it didn't look like it down there at the time. Could it be a yeast infection growing on my tonsils?
Avatar n tn I woke the morning after that to find myself with swollen and sore throat, headache, joint paint, mild fever, and dizzyness upon standing. Plus, when I went to the bathroom I noticed an unusually strong odor. What was really odd was that I wiped three times, the first time I got clear discharge, the second I got a bit of clumpy snotty discharge, and third it was clear again.
Avatar f tn I'm new to this website so I hope I'm asking this question in the right spot.... But recently I gave my boyfriend oral and did not know I strep throat and we had sex right after. It burns a little when I pee now, could this just be a UTI or something more serious?
Avatar f tn My 8 year old daughter has a reoccuring throat infection that requires antibiotics. She took 7 or 8 rounds of it last year and again this year seems to be getting it again. I do not want her to build up antibodies or become allergic to it. I know antibiotics are good here and there, but too much isn't good for you and if I can find a way to help her avoid her throat infections, I'd like to eliminate the need for antibiotics.
Avatar n tn My question is if 1. if the test result shows strep throat but I have no symptoms and no sore throat any longer, do I still need to take the antibiotics? 2. if the test result shows something viral or bacterial or fungal (but as I say, the red dots have almost completely disappeared), do I still need to take the antibiotics? Can such an infection get healed in any other way? Please help. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I had a laparatomy about 2 weeks ago and for about the past week i have been feeling like i'm getting the symptoms of a urinary tract infection and a yeast infection combined. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal to have these small infections due to all the medicine and the catheter (sp?) and everything else? Just curious.
Avatar m tn because I had strep throat, UTI and also chlamydia.. 2 weeks ago, I went for a physical and the doctor told me I now have yeast infection and he thinks it is probably due to all those antibiotics that I had to take. It is one of the side effects that women could get he said. Anyways..when I thought about it, I did have some symptoms such as thick whitish yellow discharge time to time and itchiness around genital area( not always but sometimes).
Avatar n tn The last two times that I gave him oral sex I broke out in the most painful blisters on my tonsils. I went to the Dr. because I thought that I had strep throat and the test came back as just a virus, however, I don't know what virus.
Avatar n tn My doctor called it Ping Pong because my husband and I just kept giving the yeast infection back and forth through vaginal sex. I also noticed that every time we had oral sex I would get an infection almost immediately! I know this sounds crazy but we discovered that if we both eat yogurt every day the yeast infections are non-existant. Completely gone!