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Avatar n tn Since you developed the outbreak with the sore throat, the most likely cause would be a viral infection and the source of your infection could be the throat. So, therapy lies in resolving the infection and anti-histamines. In addition you could take OTC multivitamins. Take plenty of warm oral fluids. For further relief from your symptoms you could do warm salt water gargles and stream inhalations. Please ensure to do this prior to your meals.
Avatar n tn I have a similar thing going on with myself. Just curious, I don't know what this is. I have a sore throat with white bumps and significant intestinal problems that came on suddenly in Nov 2007. I have had no relief, but have a history of travel in South America as well.
Avatar f tn ARS rash is body wide. Not just limited to arms. Around 70% of people with ARS have fever, sore throat and body wide rash. Since you dont have fever and sore threat, your symptoms are not suggestive of ARS. Get a duo test at 4 weeks. Over 99% of people show up positive on duo test at 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn I posted a question a few weeks ago about symptoms that I experienced 1 week after performing unprotected oral on a TS escort. I had flue like symptoms and a mild sore throat with pinkeye. The doctor's comments put my mind at ease. A couple of weeks later I stupidly met with another TS escort and performed protected oral and received protected anal intercourse. And for a matter of less than 30 seconds performed unprotected oral at the end. One day later I got swollen glands in my throat.
Avatar f tn I think the vomiting may not be associated with the rash, in that case could it be roseala and is there any chance i am contagious?
Avatar n tn about 3 weeks i noticed a sun burn like rash on my stomach and sides and a little under the left side of my chest along with a sore throat. I went to the doctors he said it was a throat infection, took the med he gave me , the cold went away but the rash did not. I went back he gave me zyrtec and prednisone 7 day dose.
Avatar f tn My little sister was sleeping and woke up with a rash all over her back, shoulders, arms, and neck. She said she felt hot and that her back was wet when she woke up. What is it? Is this dangerous? What do you recommend we use?
Avatar f tn Pityriasis rosea is a temporary skin condition which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash usually starts with one patch on the chest, abdomen, thighs, or back. After a couple of weeks, it often spreads to other areas. The rash may or may not itch. Initially, a primary plaque, called a herald patch, is seen. Then it is followed by a distinctive, generalized rash 1-2 weeks later.
Avatar n tn For a few weeks I had flu like feelings and lower back pain etc. Including a feeling of infection on my throat and esophagus. After a month I was tested for Herpes HIV Hepatitios Chlamdydia and Ghonerea , all negative. Gradually I developed a cough that comes and goes. This week, a month and a week after exposure, I developed a moving rash that appears as a little mosquito bite type spot with a light red surrounding area about the size of two quarters or so.
Avatar m tn Does my exanthem look like the Primary HIV Infection rash? Is it possible to have this rash without fever? Could my exanthem just be caused by my actual high-stress situation? And, for last, could somebody tell me how to find detailed pictures or descriptions of the Primary HIV Infection rash on the net? Thank you very much for your help and informations, thank you. Take care.
Avatar n tn I went on a whole slew of different penicillins over the next 6 months to kill off whatever was on my face, which then went to my buttocks. A throat culture then determined "Overgrowth of C. Albicans", but no symptoms were present i.e. thrush, etc except ring-worm in the buttocks area. That resolved mostly after several bouts of diflucan. I was tested negative for HIV three times.
Avatar n tn At this point, I did not have any other symptoms besides the rash (zero swelling, bumps, sores). As the day continued, I became more annoyed with my rash, considering the possibility of getting an STD. Later that night, I did an online search and found that hydrocortisone can be used to help minor rashes. I bought a tube, and my rash started feeling much better, less irritated, decreased desire to scratch. Unfortunately, a coincidental or new symptom started to occur.
Avatar f tn I'm just wondering what this could be? I heard that even if it is a hsv infection or chlamydia infection in my throat I may not know because it's so hard to diagnose without sores and I have none that I can see. :( I also broke out in a very small rash on my forehead and chin but it's been clearing up since I wash my face and don't put any sort of lotion on after. So basically my rashis ddrying out on its own.
Avatar n tn Rash is also associated with secondary (2nd stage)syphilis. This would indicate a long-standing (2+ years) of infection with syphilis. Overall, excema seems like a more likely source, based on what I could glean from your description. See your PCP or a dermatologist for proper diagnosis.
Avatar n tn He was seen by his pediatrician who took a culture which proved negative. He said it was viral. OK fine. The rash was flat and red, covering his trunk, with the rest of his body just pinkish. He looked as though he had a bad sunburn. He was itchy and uncomfortable. After about a week, the rash faded (the low fever lasted 3 days). The wierd thing was that all of the skin that had been affected peeled off, again like a sunburn. The peeling of his hands was especially disgusting.
1023899 tn?1254665326 i,m having a strange itch all over my body with some small bumpy rash on my chest legs and elbow. the rashes are not clustered together. i have tested at 8 weeks negative. any chance these rashes are related to hiv?
Avatar n tn I went back to the Doctor today because I thought maybe I had strep throat instead of a viral infection, but the doctor's don't know what the rash is they told me that its not a rash from a viral infection. They originally said that it looked like shingles or the chickenpox, but they ruled those out and told me they can't tell what it is at the moment, so they sent me home with Tylenol w/codeine for the pain.
Avatar n tn i had oral with a girl late november last year. In January i got a sore throat and a swollen gland just under my ear lobe(about 1.5cm) about 3months later i got another sore throat and the gland below my earlobe was still there but they was a new one in my neck, just below my jaw. A few days later a skin infection came out around my lips(not itchy,peeled wen i didnt put cream on it and neva bled).
Avatar f tn It itches and peels reveling red sensitive skin. And Now I have developed a sore throat. I live with my mom who has a few months ago developed a bumpy rash on her arms. And now that has started showing up on me. I also have three dogs. One of them is a 9 week old puppy who’s rescue thought might have Parvo …. But I did have the foot thing before her.
Avatar f tn and she doesn't think its from the medicine since I have no fever or rash. But i'm concerend because my throat is very sore and i also noticed a small white spot on my tonsil. Do you think its from the medicine?? Should I discontinue until blood work is done?
Avatar n tn Over the weekend, this progressed to my groing/thighs and finally to the backs of my legs. Throat is still sore to this day and the rash is really bad with some chills. I have been around the block before and know the symptoms of HPV, HSV, chlamydia, etc, but my symptoms don't seem to fit any of these catagories. Could I have caught a yeast infection from her that has since become out of control? In the past, I have been suspetiable to groin infections.
Avatar n tn sore throat, joint pain (especially in shoulders and elbows) and rash can be assosiated with HIV infection. other symptoms can include night sweats, cough, sore muscles, headache and periphreal neuropathy.
Avatar m tn The following night, 2/25, I felt what can best described as nasal drip in the back of my throat and the following morning, 2/26, I woke up with a mild sore throat. The sore throat never hurt to where it was painful, it was more of a scratchy feeling and at some points I would not even feel it. I also experienced a stuffed up nose and nasal drainage.
1289692 tn?1273151431 What bothers me is that I've developed an extremely severe sore throat and a rash all over my abdomen at about week 5. The rash is red and blotchy and comes and goes. It extends down my arms. Here is a link to the rash: The rash does not stay, it comes and goes and moves around. It tends to come more when I'm hot. I've also felt quite warm lately despite having no fever. I'm very worried as I've also been suffering EXTREME night sweats.
Avatar n tn for 3 days i had a sore throat with white dots with fever so i went to see the doctor and he prescribed pencillin. he didn't take a culture. i developed a rash so he told me to quit it and then prescribed erythromycin. by the next day my fever had gone, i felt that i really didn't have an infection, so i decided not to pick up the antibiotic. (no health insurance!
Avatar n tn but highly tense and apprehensive Can the above by symptoms of primary HIV infection - I am horribly worried about the Rash - Is rash in such cases generalised on entire trunk or body or can it come and go ( subsides in a few hours) comes back again next day etc etc - Is lack of fever or gland swelling etc in the above case an indication of no infection.
Avatar n tn The only positive test was dust mites but my rash subsides at night and I wake up with a mostly clear face in the morning. Rash is red bumps - pimple like but no head. What could be a cause? (I am not on any medications but I did have a sinus/throat infection in late June - took Azithromicin at that time.- coincidence or cause perhaps?
Avatar n tn It is possible that you got scarlet fever but usually the antibiotics take care of the rash that you get with it. The rash usually starts on the chest, neck and armpits then spreads to other parts of the body. It is due to a toxin the strep produces. But it usually starts sooner than yours did. So, if it isn't scarlet fever, then it could be an allergy to the antibiotic perhaps that took some time for your immune system to trigger it.