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Avatar m tn t a different type of strep. When I think of throat infection + rash I immediately jump to scarlet fever. Would that show in a strep a test? If I didn't have this rash I wouldn't be so concerned about possibilities for my ailment. That, and I'm supposed to be attending Lollapalooza this weekend in downtown Chicago. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn Since you developed the outbreak with the sore throat, the most likely cause would be a viral infection and the source of your infection could be the throat. So, therapy lies in resolving the infection and anti-histamines. In addition you could take OTC multivitamins. Take plenty of warm oral fluids. For further relief from your symptoms you could do warm salt water gargles and stream inhalations. Please ensure to do this prior to your meals.
Avatar m tn After having protected sex with an escort in a massage parlour in Spain I noticed a symetrical non-itch rash on the tops of my feet about 6 days after. I had the cold before the encounter and a sore throat during the "risk stage" and past the 6 days. I still have the rash on my feet and also a sore throat 2 weeks on.. The rash on my feet is red spots one of them is bigger than the others which doesn't itch. Could this be the onset of HIV?
Avatar n tn Yeah lymph nodes usually swell from infection/with an immune response. And you have a throat infection!! :} So that's where it's coming from but it's nice to have those big fat negatives in black and white!
Avatar n tn I would agree with your other physicians that your symptoms sound viral in nature. One does not have to have a fever with a viral illness. Many viral illnesses start with a rash. Allow a tincture of time to resolve your symptoms.
Avatar n tn The only positive test was dust mites but my rash subsides at night and I wake up with a mostly clear face in the morning. Rash is red bumps - pimple like but no head. What could be a cause? (I am not on any medications but I did have a sinus/throat infection in late June - took Azithromicin at that time.- coincidence or cause perhaps?
Avatar f tn I have a red rash around my anus. I am also experiencing vaginal itching and burning and have a white mucousy material in my vaginal region. The rash is almost like a raised ring around my anus. It's a little sore to walk. It feels raw and moist and there aren't any bumps. Just red and sore.I have been running a lot recently and usually come home to do house work and run errands before I shower. I also took some antibiotics a few months ago for strep throat.
Avatar n tn Hi, With a prior history of an upper respiratory tract infection such as a strep throat, I suggest that you have this rash closely monitored. Have you taken any antibiotics for your strep throat ? Were you able to complete the course of your medications? Although rare, strep throat may cause scarlet fever as a complication.The rash of scarlet fever is usually associated with headache and a fever .The rash has a rough feel to it and may be reddish over the arms and legs.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know how the ARS rash looks like? I'd like to compare mine with pictures. Thank you in advance for any help. Needless to say, I'm extremely worried.
Avatar f tn t happen now are chest infection type stuff, sunburn like rash (but feeling of burning skin does), lip blister, extremely sore throat seems to have stopped recurring too. But after 4 months I tested negative on herpes blood tests. I am still convinced I have herpes, but looking for other options as it has been mentioned that ebv can cause similar symptoms. So does anyone have any input in my situation? Anything at all would be great. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Posted By karen on April 02, 1999 at 09:36:03: Hi, I am trying to find out if I should be alarmed or not. I was diagnosed by a doctor as having an upper respiratory infection, although I don't agree with the diagnosis. A week before I started feeling ill, I got something like a rash on my chest. I am going to see a dermatologist today about it. When I started feeling ill, I was having muscle and slight joint aches and muscle burning.
Avatar n tn Fever and white blood cell count indicates infection. The rash presenting on the calves makes me think it's erythema nodosum...this will resolve on its own in 3 - 6 weeks, usually. Since strep throat can cause erythema nodosum, I'd bet that you had strep throat (did you have a strep test done?). Mononucleosis can also cause this, but since you didn't mention extreme fatigue, I wouldn't include this in the differential diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 36 year old man and made a terrible decision to have unprotected sex with a married woman. I started to get a sore throat (not scratchy, but felt like I had a lump in my throat by my eppiglottis when i swallowed). after about 3 weeks of feeling this I got swollen lymph nodes under my chin in the submandibular nodes and when they went down my tonsillar nodes swelled and have been swollen for about 2 weeks. They do not hurt, but they are there and about the size of a bean..
Avatar f tn When this happens, bacteria grow and infections can develop more quickly in people with diabetes. Common sites of infection are your bladder, kidneys, vagina, gums, feet, and skin. Early treatment of infections can prevent more serious complications. While most infections in people with diabetes can be successfully treated, you must be able to recognize the symptoms of an infection in order to get proper and effective treatment.
Avatar m tn yes im aware that testing at 3 months would be conclusive however its only been 6 weeks since possible infection. also i had pretty much every symptom of hiv you can have except for the high fever, rash, and sore throat. could all of those symptoms really be anxiety induced? is it possible to have all of those symptoms i experienced and not have hiv? or maybe the better question: the high fever, rash, and sore throat are generally the ones most people experience correct?
Avatar m tn Getting a throat infection after giving oral has nothing to do with HIV. You can though get a nasty throat infection from giving oral sex to a woman though. There all all kinds of bacterias down there that you can contract by sticking your tongue in there.
Avatar f tn About 1 week ago, started developing rash like pimply mark on right side of forehead followed by 3 swollen lymph nodes in neck, right side. Went to the nurse, she told me to change my earrings- didn't help. Next few days, started getting right sided migraines, extreme fatigue, eye pain(right side) and a general lack of appetite, also it was like my eyes moved slowly & I was sometimes disoriented. Went to doctor they told me "your body is working" and gave me ibuprofen.
Avatar m tn Classic ARS symptoms are very high fever,very sore throat and rash on trunk--torso and limbs.Around 50 to 80% of people will present with an ARS rash after infection.Hope this info was useful to you.All the best.
Avatar f tn Once the oil is washed off the skin, the rash cannot be spread but scratching may lead to infection of the open sores. With the fever present, it is best that you see your doctor for proper evaluation and to rule out infection. This link may be of help: Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn So there is a spectrum of diseases that can manifest itself with joint pain, sore throat, and a rash (hives). These things include rheumatologic diseases , infection, and autoimmune diseases. Just given the brief history that you gave, I cannot tell you one is more likely that the other. By far the most common disease state associated with these symptoms is in fact the common cold. If you think that this is something certain items need to be emphasized: 1. Duration of symptoms 2.
Avatar f tn gallbladder sludge was found in her gallbladder with sonogram. Now when she eats something her throat and ears feel itchy and she also woke up with a rash on her face and chest Tues. morning. The Dr. couldn't explain or understood why on earth she would have this rash and itchiness. Im concerned because these symptoms have never happened until friday when her gallbladder began to overreact. why the rash and itchiness?
Avatar f tn My question... could I have given myself strep throat (or another kind of throat infection) by giving oral sex after vaginial intercourse. This in something I have hardly ever done (ie oral sex after intercourse) but now I have strep throat. I haven't gone to the doctor, just started amoxicillian I have here (four kids) and it has cleared up (also a rash on my face) in a few days. Is it a coincidence or do I need to avoid this act in the future.
Avatar m tn also, my anus becmae red and inflammed, my scrotum became red and irritated and a red rash with several pimples broke out on my buttocks...I went back to the doctor again with worries of herpes which he told me it was not, but I convinced him to test anyways, and it came back negative...i was given a cream for the buttocks rash and a referral to a urlogist...the urologist took ultrasounds of the bladder, kidney and scrotum, did a quick rectal exam and went through all my previous tests..