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Avatar f tn After my teeth had time to re-attach and heal, I had top braces put on to straighten the teeth. As far as I am aware, I have always had sensitivity in these two teeth ever since. Usually it’s a dull ache, not super strong. Sometimes I feel nothing at all. Sometimes it’s more than a dull ache. Sometimes the discomfort occurs when the weather changes (like a bad knee or something like that).
Avatar n tn t right below the teeth that are already out and causing any damage to the teeth but its hard to see a 3D jaw in a 2D x-ray. It looks like the teeth are straighten out relatively well. I would ask the doctor to clarify your concern but I would imagine that getting the impacted teeth out would be a good next step. You might want to consult with an oral surgeon who will most likely be doing the extractions.
Avatar f tn Braces are useful to straighten crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, close gaps between teeth and correct the bite of the teeth. It is a prolonged treatment. It may take 18 months to 2 years. A visit to the orthodontist may be required every four to six weekly. You should take extra care with the braces since there is a tendency for food to get trapped and plaque formation. Do discuss all your concerns with your dentist before placement of braces. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn I have been having intermittent pain in my teeth. specifically, two of my upper teeth for a little over a year. They are pushing out a little and I could use some braces to straighten them. I also grind my teeth when I sleep and have for years. sometimes, the pain in my teeth makes me feel like my jaw is out of alignment. and sometimes I have pain that radiates up my jaw into my ears and in my cheekbones some days, they drive me crazy, but other days they won't bother me at all.
Avatar n tn It could be caused by several facors, not withstanding are stress, suppressed anger, frustration and/or medications. Chronic teeth grinding can result in a fracturing, loosening, or loss of teeth. The chronic grinding may wear their teeth down to stumps. You can wear a mouth guard that's available in most sports stores but if it continues, you should see your doctor. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Last 5-6 months we have noticed that her top middle 4 teeth are not in good shape.I am not good to explain but try to put info what i have got from dentist. She said my girl is born with weak enamel teeth and their is nothing to do with it. its normal and she don't offer to give my baby any medicine like calcium tablets or something like that...also baby girl has some chip off on those teeth...what to do no idea, should i go to another dentist...
Avatar m tn But since you are removing a tooth, it may be better to move the teeth to avoid the implant and also to straighten your teeth at the same time. I would consider the veneer after the invisalign is done and you can see your smile at the end unless the color is so far off that you can't wait.
Avatar m tn It was skinny enough, so I placed the very end of it between my teeth and pulled, trying to straighten it out. I saw on the tip of my index finger a bit of black stuff, not much, but still there. It was then that I started to panic. See, the spring I had used was once a part in a revolver. What it'd do was it'd spring and knock out the empty shells from the cylinder. And I guess it was covered in some sort of oil/lubricant. I don't know what kind, so... I dunno.
Avatar f tn t do much. After you get the shot it wears off in 3 months and might take your body 3 more months to straighten out but your definitely in the clear. Maybe you should go get your progesterone levels checked. Progesterone is the "pregnancy hormone" it helps support a pregnancy and helps you get pregnant. If low they can prescribe a progesterone pill for you to take and it should help.
1034192 tn?1445509784 Im over 2 years out, but it took 2 arrests and a psych ward to straighten me out. Im happy now in a way that I used to think impossible - I just posted to someone how annoyed I was at people that said that to me, and I thought 'yeah, well that's never going to happen for me'. But very slowly but more surely, little things would change. I thought they were insignificant but they weren't. And you confessing to your dr and pharmacy (albeit mortifying) is a HUGE step.
Avatar f tn The numbness eventually went away in my face and nose, but my teeth are still completely numb to this day, with not even the slightest bit of feeling, one year later. I was wondering if you could tell me if the feeling in my teeth will ever come back or will those two numb teeth eventually fall out?????? Please Help.
7343521 tn?1402371959 Lol don't feel bad. Every time I'm in the shower I think to myself I'm gonna put make up on, straighten my hair and find a cute outfit then by the time I get outta the shower I'm like sc.rew it.
Avatar f tn example (wake up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed) basically the first two hours of the day are for her? If so change it get dressed first, then brush teeth...or in the afternoon change the routine constantly that way her mind isn't set as repeat but different enough to still be doing her needs for the day.
Avatar f tn i'm 45 still have ovaries....partial hyster......what is normal estrogen for someone my age...i have facial hairs my testerone was estogen was 197...i'm also on syntriod 50 mg for hashimotos...tsh 1.97.........i clinch my teeth i think due to hormone don't sleep well what should blood work be at my age...look like i showed no menapause showed still ovulate so what do you think the problem is....did have small cyst at one time they seem to come an go...dr....
Avatar n tn Is it the teeth that had the root canals or the teeth that had the fillings replaced? Also, are his teeth not sensitive in the day time at all? Not even when he is eating? Like more to hot or cold? Or pressure? Does he have headaches like radiating from his temples or from the back of his kneck? I don't think not being able to bite down would affect the impressions that much. Actually, when an impression is made the dentist does not want the patient to bite down at all. This way the dr.
280369 tn?1316702041 All of ds have come down in two, except for his bottom side teeth. He only has one right one now, four uppers and three lowers is the count.
Avatar m tn i broke my humerus bout 4 years ago arm wrestling, i still cant to this day straighten my arm, its very uncomfortable and hurts, i cant cycle a bike for more than 5 mins without it been in pain, can i have it broke and reset??
Avatar n tn up and it seems to be working. The major problem is my mom is in denial. My sister had bottle rot and had the 4 front teeth removed. My mom says it's not bottle rot she hit her mouth on something and chipped her teeth. My mom seems to think it's okay to put her to bed with a bottle only because she fills it mostly with water and barely any juice. I tried just giving her a bottle with water but she wouldn't drink it. I don't know what else I can do, i am not htere everyday.
Avatar n tn Is there any natural way to straighten it? Like masturbation or devices?
Avatar m tn Just a little update on my brother... For those of you who don't know he is an addict as well but his drug of choice is methamphetamine. Within the last 6-7 years he has lost 3 very well paying jobs, his wife, his 3 kids (one was born while he was in jail), he's lost his house, all of his vehicles, his respect and integrity, and now he has lost his freedom.
Avatar m tn I almost got arrested one night because a cop asked me to put my arms straight down at my sides. I ended up with him in my face screaming at me to do what he said or get arrest for obstruction. I was just a witness. My little girl happened to be with me. She stepped between us and yelled at him. "SHE CAN'T STRAIGHTEN THEM YOU JERK! THEY DON'T STRAIGHTEN!! NOW GET OFF MY MOMMY!!!!" I have never been so proud of that child in my life.
1144044 tn?1283376544 Chondromalacia Patella, Patellofemoral Subluxation, Meniscal Degeneration, Eczema, Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, Poor Night Vision, Visual Trailing, Visual Ghosting (worsens with exertion), Left Eye Pain (of unknown origin), Poor Balance and Coordination Problems, Bruxism (clenching my teeth in my sleep), Strange tastes in my mouth (citrus-like, metallic), and a couple other weird symptoms. I know that this is a lot of health problems, but I am not a hypochondriac.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the runs can extend out that far but normally its in the first 4 days it hits fairly hard..One thing that threw me a curve was able a week in I actually picked up some real flu symptoms which had me confused as to what was going on..If the runs are still bothering you, grab some Immodium as it really is good stuff..Glad your feeling better in the energy dept. Thats a good sign you may get thru this quicker than other's normally do...
866972 tn?1240186975 My dads pinky also has a very slight bend to it where he too can not straighten it completely. Looks like gentics plays a role in this one!
Avatar f tn I too have no appetite. With my daughter I experienced all 9 month morning sickness all day long! I'm only 6 weeks in but this pregnancy just has me exhausted and forcing myself to eat. I believe I'm having a boy....