Straighten teeth on my own

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Avatar f tn I had previously broken my ring finger (which is now healed) but now I can straighten my pinky properly I can straighten it if I move my ring finger but not on it’s own but my pinky was perfectly fine before I broke my ring finger and now I get the odd moments we’re there is a slight pain in my pinky anyone know what’s going on?
Avatar f tn After my teeth had time to re-attach and heal, I had top braces put on to straighten the teeth. As far as I am aware, I have always had sensitivity in these two teeth ever since. Usually it’s a dull ache, not super strong. Sometimes I feel nothing at all. Sometimes it’s more than a dull ache. Sometimes the discomfort occurs when the weather changes (like a bad knee or something like that).
Avatar n tn At age 10 my daughter had 5 teeth extracted and braces applied. We were told that there were also teeth missing and that applying the braces would fill in the gaps. Now 2 teeth are trying to come in between the teeth that have been pulled together by the braces, and the doctor wants to extract them now. We were told these teeth were genetically missing. I think the braces were applied to early, before all her teeth had a chance to grow in. I can upload the exray.
Avatar m tn Just a little update on my brother... For those of you who don't know he is an addict as well but his drug of choice is methamphetamine. Within the last 6-7 years he has lost 3 very well paying jobs, his wife, his 3 kids (one was born while he was in jail), he's lost his house, all of his vehicles, his respect and integrity, and now he has lost his freedom.
Avatar n tn My symptoms are strange. I have been grinding my teeth 24/7 and my legs tense up a lot. Sometimes I twist my legs or ankles or straighten them and hold the position due to the leg tension. What could be the cause of this?
Avatar f tn Braces are useful to straighten crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, close gaps between teeth and correct the bite of the teeth. It is a prolonged treatment. It may take 18 months to 2 years. A visit to the orthodontist may be required every four to six weekly. You should take extra care with the braces since there is a tendency for food to get trapped and plaque formation. Do discuss all your concerns with your dentist before placement of braces. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar m tn I am not good to explain but try to put info what i have got from dentist. She said my girl is born with weak enamel teeth and their is nothing to do with it. its normal and she don't offer to give my baby any medicine like calcium tablets or something like that...also baby girl has some chip off on those teeth...what to do no idea, should i go to another dentist...or any medicine over the counter i can get to make here teeth stronger ...? please help us to straighten out this issue....
Avatar f tn My lmp was 10/01 I got the depo shot on 10/18 but was also taking antibiotics after a wisdom teeth extraction. Has anyone else known or experienced a pregnancy while on the depo shot? Is it possible for me to be pregnant right now?
Avatar f tn I have been having intermittent pain in my teeth. specifically, two of my upper teeth for a little over a year. They are pushing out a little and I could use some braces to straighten them. I also grind my teeth when I sleep and have for years. sometimes, the pain in my teeth makes me feel like my jaw is out of alignment. and sometimes I have pain that radiates up my jaw into my ears and in my cheekbones some days, they drive me crazy, but other days they won't bother me at all.
535294 tn?1219930112 I have accepted that i suffer from anxiety and have all my life but over the years it has taken its toll on my health. I had to laugh when Mike told me he was talking to some of our friends about me and they said "Oh, Irene is great, so laid back" Ha Ha....couldn't believe it! But then, i thought, yes, i do appear like that from the outside...inside i am worrying about everything.... Don't forget you have a kindred spirit.
Avatar f tn Hi, Just wanted to know if anybody else has been through IVF and had it cancelled due to poor response? I started my first cycle in december 2008, i had my down regulation injection and 2wks later my baseline scan, everything was ready to go and i was told to start injecting 3ampls of menpur once a day. Whilst injecting i had scans and blood on days 7, 9 & 11 so they could track how my body was reacting.
866972 tn?1240186975 In some cases this is an inherited disorder, especially if the pinky finger curves toward the fourth finger. This can also be confirmed if there are other family members who have this problem. Do not ignore this. Try an ortho specialist to figure out what it is. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn I am debating between veneers and a regular filling (I am not sure what is the proper name for it, but this is what I have now and it changed the way it looks over 5 years since I got it) for my front central upper teeth. The condition of my front teeth has been a really sensitive and upsetting subject for me for a very long period of time and now I just want to finally get it over with and I am looking for the best option.
Avatar f tn I am now getting pain that turns into a burning sensation in my gums and teeth on the left which starts on the bottom and the moves to the top gum area on the left and can zing up to my temple area. Hot liquids seem to be the worst culprit but chewing can also bring it on. It is excruciating and can last from 1-2 minutes up to much longer. Swishing tepid water seems to calm it down. Could this be an irritated nerve at the injection site?
Avatar n tn I have a younger sister who is 3, 4 in May. She is still wearing diapers and goes to bed with a bottle. The diaper thhing isn't too bad I have a "Potty Chart" up and it seems to be working. The major problem is my mom is in denial. My sister had bottle rot and had the 4 front teeth removed. My mom says it's not bottle rot she hit her mouth on something and chipped her teeth.
Avatar f tn i got it checked on thursday and an xray was taken. my pinky was buddy taped to my ring finger and the nurse told me not to straighten it. i went back saturday night and another nurse told me to keep it straight and not to bend it. im confused. i have an appointment on friday with a doctor at the hospital but i dont know what to do in the interim because i know its a race against time to treat it properly. also how do i buddy tape it properly?
Avatar f tn 10 percent of men it will straighten out on its own. If it only happens during erection, take a photo of your erect penis and show your doctor. If it impedes you from having sex or is painful, they may refer you to a urologist for evaluation of the extent and come up with a treatment plan of which there are a few options.
Avatar f tn Is anyone else pretty much on their own with their baby? My husband works A LOT and leaves early and doesn't get back till after midnight a lot of times. So I pretty much don't get help. He also works weekends most of the time. Anyone going through this?
4584876 tn?1358994031 What happened?? So sorry you're going through this hun. :( I know its hard when you don't have that support, my best advice is to just do you from now on! And focus on you and that baby. I know that's easier said than done, but that's probably the advice that you will hear from everyone.
Avatar f tn i know how you feel, my boyf sleeps in a separate bed than me cuz my littleone shares my bed hes never settled in a crib so hes in with me cuz i need sleep and older son in his own bed, his excuse is baby wakes him up thats a crap excuse because he only wakes up at half three in morming and that what time he goes work, have you spoken to him?
Avatar f tn For some reason though after this cast was taken off I was unable to straighten my finger but at first I thought it was just stiff. Considering it's been almost two years and I still can't straighten my finger and if someone forces it to straighten it hurts is rather worrying. The knuckle also gets very sore when cold. Help would be much appreciated.