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Avatar f tn After my teeth had time to re-attach and heal, I had top braces put on to straighten the teeth. As far as I am aware, I have always had sensitivity in these two teeth ever since. Usually it’s a dull ache, not super strong. Sometimes I feel nothing at all. Sometimes it’s more than a dull ache. Sometimes the discomfort occurs when the weather changes (like a bad knee or something like that).
Avatar f tn After the month my hand was fine however I re broke it a couple months later and the same procedure was done. For some reason though after this cast was taken off I was unable to straighten my finger but at first I thought it was just stiff. Considering it's been almost two years and I still can't straighten my finger and if someone forces it to straighten it hurts is rather worrying. The knuckle also gets very sore when cold. Help would be much appreciated.
Avatar n tn t right below the teeth that are already out and causing any damage to the teeth but its hard to see a 3D jaw in a 2D x-ray. It looks like the teeth are straighten out relatively well. I would ask the doctor to clarify your concern but I would imagine that getting the impacted teeth out would be a good next step. You might want to consult with an oral surgeon who will most likely be doing the extractions.
Avatar n tn Chronic teeth grinding can result in a fracturing, loosening, or loss of teeth. The chronic grinding may wear their teeth down to stumps. You can wear a mouth guard that's available in most sports stores but if it continues, you should see your doctor. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Braces are useful to straighten crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, close gaps between teeth and correct the bite of the teeth. It is a prolonged treatment. It may take 18 months to 2 years. A visit to the orthodontist may be required every four to six weekly. You should take extra care with the braces since there is a tendency for food to get trapped and plaque formation. Do discuss all your concerns with your dentist before placement of braces. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn Is there a procedure to straighten curve penis and to increase its length without necessarily surgery or medicines? Thank you.
Avatar m tn or any medicine over the counter i can get to make here teeth stronger ...? please help us to straighten out this issue....
Avatar m tn My wife is a 65 year old in good health who has taken FOSAMAX for 5 1/2 years. She wants to get her teeth straightened. The periodontist has recommended a procedure to reinforce the gums prior to the braces. This has added an additional 6K to the price and about 3 months to the total time to straighten the teeth.
Avatar n tn Good news is that Peyronies is common and there are ways to treat it. Vitamin E supplements have been used to try to straighten it out, and as a last resort there is a surgical procedure to reduce the curve but be aware that this usually results in making your penis smaller. Vitamin E supplements may not be a bad thing to try even if it isn't Peyronie's as it may help to ease the curve somewhat anyhow which might make it easier for you.
114870 tn?1210298346 then give the appropriate consultation for teeth whitening. Actually teeth whitening procedure uses products that are sensitive to your teeth. A dentist checks the teeth strength & prescribe the suitable whitening treatment for you.
Avatar f tn My lmp was 10/01 I got the depo shot on 10/18 but was also taking antibiotics after a wisdom teeth extraction. Has anyone else known or experienced a pregnancy while on the depo shot? Is it possible for me to be pregnant right now?
Avatar f tn I have been having intermittent pain in my teeth. specifically, two of my upper teeth for a little over a year. They are pushing out a little and I could use some braces to straighten them. I also grind my teeth when I sleep and have for years. sometimes, the pain in my teeth makes me feel like my jaw is out of alignment. and sometimes I have pain that radiates up my jaw into my ears and in my cheekbones some days, they drive me crazy, but other days they won't bother me at all.
4515626 tn?1369854914 just curious if anyone has had the new fusion procedure that the chiari institute has developed within the past year or so.
Avatar m tn He was told that he was having some gum diseases and should go for deep cleaning procedure otherwise be ready to lose his teeth soon. Now what does that friend is really nervous. What is this procedure used for and what if he does not go for it? Was the doc serious when he said that go for the procedure or else lose your teeth. Please advice fast. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn You can do dental work when pregnant, and if there is a cavity, impaction or infection, it is a good thing to do. The teeth can put all kinds of bad bacteria into the body if they are having a problem, and you don't want that when pregs.
Avatar m tn Have had a wisdom coming through for last 10 years. In morning wake up with pressure pain on other teeth. Teeth are in fact crossing quite badly. Mentioned this to 2 dentists in UK and one when I was living in Italy. All seem to be reluctant to take out wisdom tooth. The tooth rests just over the back tooth and has chipped off the enamel of that tooth. My front teeth are beginning to buckle and am sure that it needs taking out.
Avatar m tn But since you are removing a tooth, it may be better to move the teeth to avoid the implant and also to straighten your teeth at the same time. I would consider the veneer after the invisalign is done and you can see your smile at the end unless the color is so far off that you can't wait.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a somewhat complicated question (so bear with me) about which route I should go for cosmetic dental work. I am 29, in good general health, and most of my teeth are in good shape, except for my top 4-6 teeth, which have always been stunted and over time have eroded away and chipped, the top two scarcely have any exposed tooth at all. I attribute this mostly to genetics, as my parents had similar problems (they had theirs pulled).
Avatar f tn Alright ladies I'm 22w+2 and I'm starting to cut my wisdom teeth can I have them removed while I'm pregnant???
Avatar n tn Hi, Since my childhood, my teeth on the front row are misaligned. Now this misaligned teeth smile looks doesn’t match my appearance aesthetically. One of the reputed dental specialist in a dentistry clinic in Ajax has whom I had consulted recommended me to wear braces which can lead my teeth properly aligned. I’m totally unaware of this procedure. Which one is the most preferable - the invisalign or traditional braces? Can anyone share their experience who has got braces?
Avatar m tn I have sensitive teeth and was suggested to have fluoride therapy in order to get rid of sensitivity. Before the procedure doctor polished my teeth with abrasive 'detartrine Z' paste that contains zirconium and has RDA 150(!) even though my teeth were absolutely clean without any staining. He told me it would help fluoride to penetrate into enamel better. He even didnt tell me about how abrasive the paste was!
Avatar n tn s worse, the filing down of your natural teeth causes trauma to the inside of the tooth, which may require you to get a root canal after the procedure. One of my teeth was so badly infected after the procedure that even touching it with my tongue sent me through the roof. Infected teeth do not respond to local anestesia. Even eight shots of anestetic did not work.
Avatar f tn My dentist found that some of my sensitivity was coming from 4 specific teeth where he thought the enamel had thinned. It's in the area closest to the gum line and the nerve in the tooth. He scheduled an appointment to augment that enamel with composite (?) or something. I have never heard of this and don't know what it is called. Although one tooth is now so painful that I barely touch it with the toothbrush, I am still nervous about this procedure.
Avatar f tn I always find a quick teeth whitening procedure from a professional like Dental Care Toronto along with keeping healthy teeth is the best way to ensure safe teeth whitening.
Avatar n tn Hi there, The exact treatment of your condition can be decided only after a dental examination. Cosmetic bonding is useful in treating discolored teeth, crooked teeth and to restore chipped teeth. Dental bonding materials have different life-spans and their durability also depends on many factors .The patient’s oral and overall health, post-bonding oral care, and the type of cleansing agents used in the mouth all can affect the life span of this treatment.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a crown lengthening procedure and am going to have temporary crowns put on very soon. They wil be on my front two incissors, anteriors, and canines, so on my top front 4-6 teeth total. My mouth has completely healed from the crown lengthening, and on last visit, the dentist took impressions of my teeth. I was led to believe that when I return in a couple weeks, they will place the temporary crowns on..Is this a reasonable assumption?
Avatar f tn I am concerning about this as the more complicated the treatment procedure, the more chances of problems occurring to my teeth in the future, such as occlusion problems and possible infection. Also, since most of these teeth are still vital, will the procedure of crown removal disturb the abutment teeth and cause pain in the future? What is the chance of damaging the abutment teeth during the crown removal?
Avatar f tn the office tried other therapies and eventually performed one root canal on a tooth with a dead nerve... my insurance denied the procedure (not sure if its not a covered bene or if theres a waiting period) but regardless the office is taking no responsibility for the root canal... being that the pain wa a result of the crowns procedure...i dont feel they coated the teeth enough beofre putting on the crowns and also dont remember much water in the drilling...