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Avatar f tn After my teeth had time to re-attach and heal, I had top braces put on to straighten the teeth. As far as I am aware, I have always had sensitivity in these two teeth ever since. Usually it’s a dull ache, not super strong. Sometimes I feel nothing at all. Sometimes it’s more than a dull ache. Sometimes the discomfort occurs when the weather changes (like a bad knee or something like that).
Avatar n tn t right below the teeth that are already out and causing any damage to the teeth but its hard to see a 3D jaw in a 2D x-ray. It looks like the teeth are straighten out relatively well. I would ask the doctor to clarify your concern but I would imagine that getting the impacted teeth out would be a good next step. You might want to consult with an oral surgeon who will most likely be doing the extractions.
Avatar n tn I have tried pm meds and also ambien with no luck sleeping. What is going on for this to happen to me?
Avatar n tn Chronic teeth grinding can result in a fracturing, loosening, or loss of teeth. The chronic grinding may wear their teeth down to stumps. You can wear a mouth guard that's available in most sports stores but if it continues, you should see your doctor. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Braces are useful to straighten crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, close gaps between teeth and correct the bite of the teeth. It is a prolonged treatment. It may take 18 months to 2 years. A visit to the orthodontist may be required every four to six weekly. You should take extra care with the braces since there is a tendency for food to get trapped and plaque formation. Do discuss all your concerns with your dentist before placement of braces. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar m tn or any medicine over the counter i can get to make here teeth stronger ...? please help us to straighten out this issue....
Avatar f tn Mostly when I turn to sleep on my side, I would somehow dislocate my knee (mostly my left knee). The first few times hurt a lot! But somehow I would just grit my teeth, hold my leg and straighten it back. A 'pop' sound, and it is back in place. Takes about 5 minutes for the pain to go away. This year alone, I dislocated my left knee 3 times! Recently it happened when I turned to my side, when I was sitting down on a chair! This never happened while I was sitting down.
Avatar f tn My lmp was 10/01 I got the depo shot on 10/18 but was also taking antibiotics after a wisdom teeth extraction. Has anyone else known or experienced a pregnancy while on the depo shot? Is it possible for me to be pregnant right now?
Avatar f tn ) So I have to haul my big belly up, crawl to the edge of the bed, crawl over his legs without falling face first on the floor, straighten up, go pee and then feel my way blindly back into bed the same way I left lol When I get back in bed, and get comfy, my fiancé chuckles because he can feel my heart racing and my breathing is out of whack, and he knows I'm trying to be quiet for him lol
Avatar f tn I have been having intermittent pain in my teeth. specifically, two of my upper teeth for a little over a year. They are pushing out a little and I could use some braces to straighten them. I also grind my teeth when I sleep and have for years. sometimes, the pain in my teeth makes me feel like my jaw is out of alignment. and sometimes I have pain that radiates up my jaw into my ears and in my cheekbones some days, they drive me crazy, but other days they won't bother me at all.
Avatar m tn But since you are removing a tooth, it may be better to move the teeth to avoid the implant and also to straighten your teeth at the same time. I would consider the veneer after the invisalign is done and you can see your smile at the end unless the color is so far off that you can't wait.
6403762 tn?1381712518 Im 28w1d and I can no longer sleep comfortably, My hips hurt from sleeping on my side and pillows don't seem to help. The only time I am kind of comfortable I'm on my back, is this okay?
Avatar f tn iam 6w6d and i also feel like soft pain on the,,side.
Avatar n tn up and it seems to be working. The major problem is my mom is in denial. My sister had bottle rot and had the 4 front teeth removed. My mom says it's not bottle rot she hit her mouth on something and chipped her teeth. My mom seems to think it's okay to put her to bed with a bottle only because she fills it mostly with water and barely any juice. I tried just giving her a bottle with water but she wouldn't drink it. I don't know what else I can do, i am not htere everyday.
1937880 tn?1342959331 But if you are thinking teething its completely possible, lots of babies pop teeth early and teething pain can start long before the teeth actually break through... i have noticed that my daughter has found her hands and does chew on them a lot so it could be that your daughter likes to chew also... BUT you know her best and if you think teething, your probably right... and as far as formula goes, same thing...
Avatar m tn Brother also read some of the other comments on this topic and says tight pants and sleeping on one side or the other and having a hard on during night sleeping causing the bend is nonsense. He is also very strong and has lots of strength in his wrists and hands which he used to gently and gradually straighten it out. I am following his derection on how to best do it without hurting my penis in any way. Sometimes my wrist gets sore, but my penis is fine.
1431138 tn?1294566894 I thought it would never straighten out and I was always putting his ear back in place when he would sleep and whatnot. I think he will be okay though. He won't sleep like that forever. Sorry I don't have better advice!!
971074 tn?1362759766 Lord have mercy on my chest. My son only had two bottom teeth till last month. He now has 6 and is working on two more. Let's just say... he has been through a lot of dental pain in the last few weeks. He has been wrapped around my leg or in my arms pretty much 24/7. I understand he will get through it. BUT... my boobs are having a problem. I was hoping that we would be weaning on a 'schedule' by now but with the teething, I can't put him through that.
10069532 tn?1407594111 Hey ladies. Here recently, I guess I have been grinding my teeth pretty bad in my sleep. I know that after I have my baby, I will have to get at least one tooth pulled from breaking. What have you ladies done to stop the grinding? I keep waking up because my mouth hurts so bad from the grinding. :( I'm 31 weeks, and don't know how I'm going to deal with 9 more weeks of this pain.
Avatar f tn the same thing used to happen to me with my left arm it was the way i was sleeping istarted sleeping on my side with my arm up and switch sides through the night and it stopped,that may be the problem if u sleep n ur stomach but id get it checked anyway.good luck!
601114 tn?1220533411 teeth grinding is something that can be fairly common for children and adults. Often, people grind their teeth when they are stressed out about something or anxious. It can be difficult to address this issue with a 4 year old though. Are you aware of anything that may be causing some anxiety? A new routine like beginning pre-school, a move to a new location, house, etc? If it really becomes a problem, you can take him to the dentist and they can fit him for a mouth guard...
169379 tn?1207681365 My daughter was sleeping much better but the past few nights she has been up around 2-2:30 again and she is almost 1. She is getting 2 more teeth, so I suspect that is the problem. My daughter doesn't go to bed until at least 9 if I am lucky, last night it was 10. Like Mami said sleep patterns change all the time, so this too shall pass. You could try keeping him up longer if possible. Sorry I was not of much help. Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn i'm 45 still have ovaries....partial hyster......what is normal estrogen for someone my age...i have facial hairs my testerone was estogen was 197...i'm also on syntriod 50 mg for hashimotos...tsh 1.97.........i clinch my teeth i think due to hormone don't sleep well what should blood work be at my age...look like i showed no menapause showed still ovulate so what do you think the problem is....did have small cyst at one time they seem to come an go...dr....
145992 tn?1341345074 I know I tried not to give Tylenol too much but sometimes nothing else helped. The front top teeth were the worst ones for Avery. She now has 6 teeth and bites me all the time. Last night she was definitely listening better about not biting me. I think she understands that it is not a game now-I hope. Good luck and keep me posted.
Avatar n tn About a year ago I started clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth in my sleep. I realized I was doing this after waking up a few mornings with horrible headaches and pain in my jaw. My dentist fitted me for a mouth guard (which I wear every night) and then things seemed a little better. Well for the past 2 months I feel like I am doing it more than ever. I wear the mouth guard every night but I am waking up with jaw pain. Is there anything else I can do or take to alleviate this?