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651563 tn?1225905750 wow, I slept for about 4 days but now it seems as if things are returning to somewhat normal. Small heache is all. I'm just hoping the fatigue will lessen.Im glad to be started and not wondering what was gonna happen..
Avatar m tn I keep worrying that it is my heart or something, but the doctors seem pretty convinced that it is my stomach, and that it is most likely an ulcer. Though we are on week 6 now, so this getting long in the tooth. I hope that you improve, and please let me know how things go for you, and what your doctor is doing to treat you. My doctor feels some of it might be stress and anxiety over having something wrong with me.
Avatar n tn thanks for all the help guys I figured it out... it is reactive hypoglycemia..
Avatar n tn The doctor told me that it could just be the way my body deals with stress, like a stomach ulcer, but that is not a satisfying diagnosis for me, is this something that we will just have to live with for the rest of our lives?!
Avatar m tn I'm 19, female, not overweight (not that I've ever eaten particularly healthily). Lately I've been feeling slightly nauseous, I haven't actually thrown up, but my stomach still doesn't feel right. I am incredibly tired, I struggle just to get through an hour day at work. Sometimes after eating a meal I feel full quite quickly and that feeling will last awhile. Other times I feel hungry after recently eating a meal.
Avatar f tn I used to be quite energetic and had normal stools. Now I often feel poor digestion, a rumbling, weak stomach, bloating, with too much gas (quite odorous), especially after meal times. Stools are soft, sometimes runny and wholly undigested (again, abnormally odorous). I have not lost weight and have possibly gained some if I'm honest. A few months ago I took flubendazole (one tablet and then a second 15 days later) for possible worms in the digestive tract. Hasn't helped.
Avatar f tn My mom has massive stomach issues where she cant eat past a certain time of day and if she eats to much shes sick all that day and the next and stomach issues/cancer run in our family. I went to the dr explained my concerns and he ran tests saying everything looks fine... could be chrons,gullbladder disease,ulcer, or stress he even put me on a super restricted diet which seemed to work but i cant live on just grilled chicken water and certain fruits and certain veggies....
Avatar n tn This has been going on for about a year now. Should I be concerned? I thought it may be a ulcer, but I thought with an ulcer you only have pain in the upper abdomin? Please someone help us.
Avatar m tn im a 26 year old female and ive been suffering from severe nausea when i wake up and through out the day, vomiting usually in the mornings, not being able to eat properly and usually eating one meal a day, lack of appetite, extreme fatigue, diarrhea, blood from my back passed and im under weight and not being able to put on weight. I went to the doctor to which they sent me to a GI doctor. I got an endoscope and sigmoidscope.
Avatar f tn Can Nexium or Zantac cause heart palpitations? Ever since I started taking them I have been experiencing these weird flattering things should I be concerned?
1736482 tn?1311619609 I have had 2 sets of blood work ran, CAT Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Upper GI Test, Nuclear Scan ran and nothing is coming back except an over active gallbladder. The drs have treated me as if I have a stomach ulcer and Gastritis. Nothing has helped. This has been since April 2011. it is now July and I am tired of being in constant pain, it feels like pressure and I am not tender to the touch. Everyone said gas or stress, but for 3 months I think things would have changed by now.
Avatar m tn One month ago diagnosed with stomach ulcer. 7. Long term diarrhea These are the meds I take for the above diagnosed health issues: 1. First 5 years and 9 months - Combivir and Stocrin. Last 3 months switched to Atripla. 2. No meds for this as it's only slightly enlarged 3. Cytacon (B12) tablets - Bloodlevels show a OK result now. No pills for B6 as should be retested by hospital. 4. First time a 7 day tablets treatment and now Nystan 4x1ml/day for 7 days. 5. No meds for this. 6.
4569680 tn?1359584001 Pylori inside the stomach due to depleting nutrition there can be decrease in the concentration of hormones and neurotransmitters which stabilize our mood which may cause mood swings and depression. There may be fatigue due to decreased absorption of iron and vitamin B .It is difficult to determine whether these symptoms experienced by you are due to H pylori or other causes. See a physician. A complete history, clinical examination and work up are important. Do keep me posted.
Avatar n tn ok here is my story i have anaplastic polyps in my stomach i have everything like yours but i am dumping antifreeze green to army green very oily or its bright yellow stool liquid gallbladder removed 3/07 also has polyps in my gallbladder so my conditon might answer yours ?
6884012 tn?1386238986 I'm a 26 year old male from Hawaii. So for about a month now i've have had these bad stomach pains that really kicked up 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I went to my GP about my stomach aches and gas and he prescribed me Nexium because he figured that I had an ulcer, and lots of acid. So the next morning i took the Nexium and carried out through my day. I felt OK until about lunch time which is when i started to get dizzy and nauseous.
Avatar n tn Over the years I developed a very mild, lower back ache on the right side and a bit of sensation on my left knee. However, in the last 6 months I have a strange pain in my stomach that comes and goes every couple of days. It is NOT heartburn. And it does not seem to be an Ulcer. It feels in the mid-abdominal to lower abdominal.
Avatar n tn Several years ago I started having constant pain in the center of my stomach just below my rib cage and a feeling of fullness. The doctor did not perform any test, but put me on Prevacid. The problem went away, so I assumed I had GERD. Over the last couple of years the pain has returned. It is now as bad as before the medication, with the med. On the rare occassions I have let myself run out of meds, the pain is very intense. I have not felt the least bit hungry in at least 6 months.
Avatar f tn As for an endoscopy, that will only find a stomach ulcer, not a duodenal ulcer -- as I said, having had one, they're hard to find. They never found mine, but it was bleeding and it was diagnosed only because I responded to antacids. Personally, now I wouldn't take them unless it was an emergency, because, as I said, they end up increasing the production of acid. That being said, some on this website are intensely hostile to natural supplements, some to medications, and some in the middle.
Avatar n tn Stomach pains with normal labs and ultrasound could be acid in the stomach or even an ulcer - if persists see a stomach specialist (gastro-enterologist) for evaluation.
Avatar f tn Five days ago, I went to the ER with severe nausea, fatigue, weakness and dyspepsia, along with right side abdominal pain which I felt predominantly under my right rib (sometimes radiating to my back). I'd been experiencing those symptoms for about 4 days. I developed a non-painful 'sensation'/fullness under my right rib a week before that, but had no other symptoms. So, it took about 2 weeks total before I hit the ER. Ultrasound of my gallbladder was normal. Blood test results were all normal.
Avatar n tn In Canada medication is not covered and they do not put people on it immediately unless they are having severe ill effects according to my GP. I have had no symptoms except for recent stomach problems which he says are probably not related?? My stomach problems seem to have occurred at the same time my husband and I started having big financial difficulties a couple of years ago. I am worried because my symptoms seem so varied and ongoing. I have had an upper GI and am taking Pantaloc.
4939681 tn?1361302899 The ENT couldn't reach it with laproscope, so he sent me directly to a GI. GI scheduled an endoscopy to be sure but he believes that it is an esophageal ulcer caused by the multiple abx, most likely doxy. He said most likely I didn't swallow enough water after taking it and it caused a painful ulcer. To be honest, I think he's dead right bc it feels exactly like a very large ulcer! LLMD is in agreement for me to stop doxy for a while while I heal. The pain is so bad that I can not eat.
Avatar n tn I have pain in my stomach and two much acid i can not drink milk or ice cream and cheese it hurts all the time and some times i throw up and the smell is bad my teeth feel very dry after ward i work night shift and it is a hard job and iam in good shape but i have too much acid and lots of gas tell me please how to get rid of the pain
Avatar n tn For over a month, I have had prolonged stomach problems. My symptoms started with severe nausea, vomiting, headache, watery stools, unable to keep any food down, and extreme fatigue. This was consistent for over 2 weeks. I went to the doctor, he tested me for parasites and other things. Then said I probally have a viral infection. It should clear up and prescribed Cipro 500mg. Well with the severe nausea I couldn't keep the medication down.
Avatar n tn Hello, For the past two weeks I have been experiencing some moderate burning pain in my stomach, not my lower abdominal where my intestins are, but at my upper left side just near and under my ribs-my stomach (just to be clear). I had taken zantac's, rolaids chews, peptibismal etc..nothing worked. Went to my physician, she ordered an ultrasound thinking it might be gallstones or something having to do with my gallbladder (even though i told her many times i had NO pain on the right side).
351317 tn?1204755471 I assumed that it was bad heartburn which I get often and maybe I have developed a bad ulcer. My blood pressure has been running a little high for my age 25 which is around 150/78. Still my vision has gotten worse recently which is scaring me. I see this static in vision and its gotten even more heavy effecting my visual acuity and night vision. I have also noticed my stomach is bloated almost all the time and eating makes me even more fatigued.
Avatar m tn So about a month ago I made the Mistake of taking Aleve a well known NSAID with Alcohol in a very short proximity of time. And surely enough later on that night my stomach felt like it was on fire and i was trying to go to sleep i felt an almost stabbing pain the radiated from my stomach o my back. The pain has been pretty consistant ever sense i have had occasional nausea loss of appitite and black loose stools. My skin has become increasingly pale and i am super fatigued lightheaded and dizzy.
1072053 tn?1255441962 I was a smoker for 5 years, and I know this is the cause of my ulcer. It's a bleeding ulcer, as my stool is always covered with red blood. Like I said before, I went to the ER, but they said, go to a specialist, and slapped me with a bill for 2500 dollars which included pepto mixed with some other thing, stool/blood sample, and their time. I'm in real pain, and just need advice.
Avatar n tn Dear Greg, Momsteroidal anti-imflammatory agents can cause inflammation of the stomach and also ulcer disease of stomach and rarely duodenum. Abdominal pain is a frequent presentation. The pain can be affected by eating. A f;uctuating appetite and abdominal discomfort are nomnspecific complaints. These symptoms may be related to inlammation although motility causes should also be considered.