What does a stomach ulcer look like

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1752640 tn?1352770994 Gastritis is a more likely scenario. It might not be a bad idea to check with your doc and possibly ask for some testing. You may want to consider asking him to check for the presence of H. pylori, the bacteria that is implicated in causing stomach issues and gastritis.
623944 tn?1244039090 I hate to dx someone over the internet, but it really sounds a whole lot like what I have gone through with lupus. You said all your labs are normal except the ANA, MPV and Monocytes. Did you mean MCV? If so, that means your hematocrit is off. It reflects the size of the red blood cells. Increased values may indicate macrocytic anemia or vit B or folic acid deficiency and decreased values may indicate microcytic anemia possibly caused by iron deficiency.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the quick response. Looks like I'm going back into the ER today, as it's the only place I can get in. I just want to be taken seriously. My husband obviously thinks I'm being dramatic and the doctor I saw seemed pretty quick to dismiss it as an ulcer. He ran some blood work but didn't tell me what (and it was around 5am after being up all night so I didn't ask enough questions) but everything came back clean.
Avatar f tn Having an Endoscopy will establish a baseline if you have problems in the future. You might have the start of an ulcer, or a problem with a valve that keeps acid from entering the esophagus. I'm certainly not a health professional but I'd relax as cancer of the area being checked is pretty rare. Keep us informed.
Avatar n tn The doctor told me that it could just be the way my body deals with stress, like a stomach ulcer, but that is not a satisfying diagnosis for me, is this something that we will just have to live with for the rest of our lives?!
1086334 tn?1272579356 I have been researching stomach ulcers and am wondering if any of my symptoms could be an ulcer? Does anyone else have all these same symptoms? Is it possible that I have an ulcer?
2085202 tn?1373203340 This is embarrassing but i'm noticing a lot of loose BM's that float and look like a reddish brown, to a lighter yellowish color, to even pale on top of it they smell alot stronger then they ever have as well as when I fart it smells alot stronger then it ever has. Now I do suffer from health anxiety and am known to jump to the worst case scenario possible but i'm thinking it's the big C in the pancreas.... i've had bloodwork done and he never called me back to tell me the results.
Avatar n tn The other thing I have is a mouth ulcer on my gum, just one. Does this combo of symptoms sound like ARS to you. I have no idea what the ARS rash would look like, does mine sound at all similar? Please advise, I would really appreciate it. Like I said I know I need to test and I will as soon as I can but in the meantime I would really love some advice from you guys on the forum who are educated and experienced especially with ARS symptoms and how they would present.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with a stomach ulcer via endoscopy. I’ve been having the symptoms on and off for over a year. I had been taking low dose aspirin everyday for a few years before this, and stopped taking it over 6 months ago. I get a burning/gnawing pain in the center of my upper abdomen that is usually better after I eat a large meal. I get bloating also. It feels worse if I am upset or stressed and also if I do excersize that causes me to tense my ab muscles.
Avatar n tn It sounds to me like you have gastritis caused by the ulcer. I have chronic gastritis and foods like wheat and rice irritate my stomach. And it's possible that the h-pylori wasn't totally eliminated. Some of the things I do is drink aloe juice before meals, just a few ounces. Chew DGL before meals (you can buy in health food store); I avoid things like pasta, rice, meat, any foods difficult to digest. In fact, last nite, was the first time I are pasta since May.
Avatar m tn MY Sod attacks feel like someone punched me in the stomach. Its like a winded feeling with pain that is sort of crampy. I can get mild attacks of this that last off and on all day and I can get bad attacks that start mild and have me crying feeling like I am going to pass out within a minute of the attack starting. Mine typically are relieved when I vomit. I have been told this is because it intterupts the spasm. My attacks also are worse during my period.
3246041 tn?1347166017 (I dont drink at all now) Well, for the past 6 months, everytime I eat foods such as pizza (the worst) pasta, milk/dairy, greasy foods and certian sodas, my stomach will start to get an awfull achey feeling about a half hour to an hour, sometimes 15 mins after I eat. My stomach completely bloats up, looks like I'm pregnant and feels like I did a bunch of sit ups, that feeling you get right after sit ups is as close as I can get to discribing the pain.
Avatar m tn hi,ive had your symptoms for so many years now ,mine will start with my heart like skipping a beat and then surges into extreme palpitation and after i struglle to relax myself and the palpitation subsides the pain in my stomach will be unbearable ill have cold sweat and another bout with anxiety until all my strenght is drained and when i fall asleep for just a moment the pain goes away and after all the check up with heart specialist coming back negative i focused on the pyschological side of
Avatar n tn Gallbladder polyps normally do not cause symptoms and by itself are not an indication for surgery. It is likely that your physicians just wants another opinion to ensure this is the case. If there is evidence of biliary obstruction or gallstones, this is more likely amenable to surgery. If the pain continues, I would suggest an upper endoscopy as the next step to evaluate for things like an ulcer, GERD, or inflammation of the upper digestive tract.
Avatar n tn She says if I press on her tummy it hurts more. Not a sharp pain just like she is goin to throw up. I just don't know what it could be. I don't know what the doctor can do, but I'm gonna take her anyway. My mil seems to think it's her appendix, but I don't know about that. Does anybody have any ides's? I'm a wreck!!! She is never sick.
Avatar n tn With that being said, does my symptoms sound like it could be gallbladder problems? I have no health problems and have never had surgery, I rarely even get sick.
Avatar n tn I am a 29 yr old male with stomach issues I have constant pressure on my stomach and get bloated real easy sometimes it is hard to take in deep breaths I have lost appetite a lot and have lost about 15 pounds in a month I have indegestion a lot as well and sometimes a burning sensation in the stomach area I have also noticed little black specks In my stool and on the toilet paper I keep worrying that I mite have stomach cancer but my blood work came back normal does this sound like it could be t
Avatar n tn too little protective enzymes in the stomach, NSAIDS (aspirin, aleve, motrin which degrade the protective enzymes)), or non-ulcerative dyspepsia (my stomach hurts like I have an ulcer but I have no visable ulcer...or my stomach is ultra-sensitive to normal levels of acid production. Patient with "acid related disorders" can present with a slew of symptoms including chest pain, upper ab pain, belching, nausea, cough, horseness..ect..
Avatar f tn I have a few questions to ask: How many times daily do you have a bowel movement? What is your diet? How much water do you consume on an average day? Can you describe the pain? Such as does it come in patterns? Sharp and stabbing pain? Duration?
Avatar f tn Abdominal pain that migrates to the back is a symptom of several maladies, including an ulcer. See a Dr. Unless the pain is intense and does not go away, you should be OK at an urgent care service. If it is intense and stays, you should go to the ER.
Avatar f tn a few weeks ago I noticed a sore throat that wouldn't go away I also asked a couple times then I started having burning across my chest and between my breasts and a pain at the top of my stomach or underneath my breast it is pretty sensitive touch or at least one my son is climbing on me I went to the urgent care and they suspected it was acid reflux so I made some diet modifications and I went to the doctor and he prescribed omeprazole for 30 days at the highest dosage after a few days of takin
Avatar n tn My problems began May 30, 2006, when I had what I believe was food poisoning. Within 4 hours of consuming soft-serve ice cream, I was racked with projectile vomiting and projectile diarrhea, nausea, sweating, violent trembling...I was a complete mess. Since then, my normally daily bowel movements have dwindled down to 1-2 times a week, and I have a constant knot-like pain in the area just below my sternum.
Avatar f tn As for an endoscopy, that will only find a stomach ulcer, not a duodenal ulcer -- as I said, having had one, they're hard to find. They never found mine, but it was bleeding and it was diagnosed only because I responded to antacids. Personally, now I wouldn't take them unless it was an emergency, because, as I said, they end up increasing the production of acid. That being said, some on this website are intensely hostile to natural supplements, some to medications, and some in the middle.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I don't go for days, then I get really painful diarrhea, and I don't digest things properly. It does seem to get worse with stress. Today I also have what feels like a lump in my throat and swallowing is uncomfortable. Does this never end?!!!!! Got docs this afternoon though.
Avatar n tn Stools have changed often and i use to vomit to begin with to ease some pain but once i finished it just got worse.
Avatar n tn It was a good thing that they kept me overnight for observation because the Pancreatitis hit at 11pm. Boy what a gut wrenching pain that it. Anyway, the reason why I am writing is to suggest that you back off on your diet. I am currently on clear liquids. Although I'm still having pains I can't imagine what the pains would be like if I took regular food. Tootina, you said everything this you eat gives you pain. Try to change your diet to a low fat one and see if that helps.
4939681 tn?1361302899 He said most likely I didn't swallow enough water after taking it and it caused a painful ulcer. To be honest, I think he's dead right bc it feels exactly like a very large ulcer! LLMD is in agreement for me to stop doxy for a while while I heal. The pain is so bad that I can not eat. I can barely swallow water. GI prescribed a liquid med to coat the ulcer. I have lost more weight. Now down to 91lbs! This ***** as I was doing so well for a while!
Avatar m tn It is a breath test for H. pylori, what I recommend. This bacterium causes gastritis or ulcer in the stomach, heartburn, upper abdominal bloating, and possibly nausea and early satiety. If you have this infection, and you don't cure it, you'll hardl get rid of bloating, hard swallowing and ulcer itself. Of course you can exercise, and if you get someone to talk with otr get involved in work you have or like, or in social life, it may also helps you to concentrate on other things.
Avatar n tn I sometimes feel like my stomach is empty even after I have eaten and sometimes I feel like I have a weight in my stomach when I lie down. I get heartburn (not as severe now that I am on Pantoloc) and I often feel like I want to belch after eating which does not come up easily. Can over acidity cause this problem - or a hiatus hernia? I also have some diarrhea on a daily basis. I've also had a stool test which was negative and I have no gall bladder abnormality.
Avatar n tn I have pain and when i'm under stress it feels like a burning sensation over my stomach. My stomach feels like a volcano and I feel feverish from the stomach. I too would like an answer as to what to do because the doctors are no help. they told me it was all in my head.