What does a stomach ulcer look like

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1752640 tn?1352767394 Gastritis is a more likely scenario. It might not be a bad idea to check with your doc and possibly ask for some testing. You may want to consider asking him to check for the presence of H. pylori, the bacteria that is implicated in causing stomach issues and gastritis.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms and findings are consistent with alkaline reflux gastritis. The Carafate and Prevacid would be a typical treatment for this. When the medical therapy fails the alternative is a surgical procedure that disconnects the stomach from the duodenum so there can no longer be any bile refluxing back into the stomach. This is a fairly drastic step for a problem that we can't actually prove.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the reply. It went from bump to popping, and after its popped I guess you could calk what it Is now an ulcer, though it doesn't look much like that.
Avatar m tn But I am very worry now it is a same rash with HIV symptoms. Can someone give me a clue what does Skin Rash of HIV looks like?
Avatar f tn Having an Endoscopy will establish a baseline if you have problems in the future. You might have the start of an ulcer, or a problem with a valve that keeps acid from entering the esophagus. I'm certainly not a health professional but I'd relax as cancer of the area being checked is pretty rare. Keep us informed.
Avatar f tn The major symptom of an ulcer is a burning or gnawing feeling in the stomach area that lasts between 30 minutes and 3 hours. This pain is often interpreted as heartburn, indigestion or hunger. The pain usually occurs in the upper abdomen, but sometimes it may occur below the breastbone. Appetite and weight loss are other symptoms. It is important to follow the treatment plan exactly as your doctor has prescribed, and if you smoke, you should stop, as smoking inhibits ulcer healing.
Avatar m tn I have GI appointment at the end of the month. Is it possible to have a stomach ulcer for 6 months?
Avatar m tn I don't think it is a hernia or stomach ulcer. Could it be the foods you are eating? What is your diet like?
Avatar f tn A few days ago I was hit with INTENSE abdominal pain, primarily on the left side just below my rib cage. I woke up feeling fine and the pain onset within 30 minutes of taking a few bites of food. (Everyone else ate the same, not caused by particular food.) I was doubled over for HOURS. After staying still (napping) for awhile it calmed down but started up again the next time I ate something. I went into the ER that night and was eventually diagnosed with an ulcer.
Avatar m tn Does the pain get worse after you eat? It sounds like you have some of the symptoms of a duodenal ulcer. Try over the counter Prevacid or Prilosec, then also, make an appointment with a Gastroenterologist. I had some of the same symptoms and went to a Gastroenterologist and had an EGD (endoscopy) where a scope was used to look at my stomach to see what was going on and it was as I expected...an ulcer. You may need to have the same test...don't worry you'll be sedated.
Avatar n tn I am a 29 yr old male with stomach issues I have constant pressure on my stomach and get bloated real easy sometimes it is hard to take in deep breaths I have lost appetite a lot and have lost about 15 pounds in a month I have indegestion a lot as well and sometimes a burning sensation in the stomach area I have also noticed little black specks In my stool and on the toilet paper I keep worrying that I mite have stomach cancer but my blood work came back normal does this sound like it could be t
526146 tn?1287442248 They thought I had an ulcer so I did some research. Those meds can take up to three months to work supposibly. Have the tested you for the ulcer causing bacteria? H pylorai? How about schedualing a gastroscopy? It being in your stomach makese think ulcer, and I've heard they can be quiet painful. I hope you figure it out and find relief for your pAin. Also look up the ulcer diet, when my doc thought that's what it was he said stay away from caffiene, chocolate and spicy food.
Avatar f tn lately especially i have been getting a sharp shooting pain in my stomach, it feels almost like a stabbing pain. It lasts for only about 30 minutes...but while i have the pain i always get really dizzy and i cannot see what is in front of me. What does this mean?
1458799 tn?1328757528 Yes, it sounds like anxiety. What is your doctors plan to deal with your ulcers? I am most certainly not a gastroenterologist, but you should be on a special diet and possibly some medications. If you don't have a follow up appointment with him to discuss treatment, I'd make one. And I would also bring up your anxiety issues. Anxiety and ulcers, not a good mix.
Avatar m tn Figuring it to be exhaustion I put up with it for a week. When the symptoms persisted I called the doc. His review was a peptic ulcer and prescribed 30mg of Prevacid along with 1g of Amoxil and Biaxin (not sure of amount). Since then, I have nausea in the morning upon waking even after eating and taking the pills. In the afternoon I start to cough and get a taste of mucus or bile. I am too young to have these problems. Please help or advise anyway you can.
1662361 tn?1302762372 Its an ulcer
Avatar f tn A burning, aching pain-or a pain that feels like hunger-between the navel and the breastbone. The pain sometimes extends to the back. Belly pain that can last from a few minutes to a few hours and usually goes away for a while after taking an antacid or acid reducer. Weeks of pain that comes and goes and may alternate with pain-free periods. Loss of appetite and weight loss. Bloating or nausea after eating. Less common but more serious symptoms of ulcers include: Vomiting after meals.