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526146 tn?1287442248 the pain is central in the stomach and above the belly button. The meds Im on are actually for an ulcer or excess acid and do help when taken - its a horrid pain!
Avatar f tn The upper GI showed a large stomach ulcer and she feels that this is the cause of my stomach pains and other problems, and wants to put me on medication. Anyway, my question is: Is ulcer a possible side effect of the nissen fundoplication procedure? According to the test results they are saying the ulcer spans from the fundus and down the whole side of the lesser curvature.
1662361 tn?1302762372 so for the past week i have been having bad stomach pain like right under my breast bone, nothing is helping it, i keep tasting blood and food isnt helping food makes it worse. so my doctor put me on some meds for gastritis, well those made the pain 20 times worse i was crying i couldn't breathe my stomach just hurt.
Avatar f tn The doctor said that it should not have been blamed on my prengnancy but that I probably have anxiaty attacks. When I read up on it online it sounded more like a stomach ulcer. COuld that be right ? How do I tell ??
Avatar m tn I have GI appointment at the end of the month. Is it possible to have a stomach ulcer for 6 months?
1752640 tn?1352767394 Gastritis is a more likely scenario. It might not be a bad idea to check with your doc and possibly ask for some testing. You may want to consider asking him to check for the presence of H. pylori, the bacteria that is implicated in causing stomach issues and gastritis.
4384361 tn?1399998230 In the meantime, my six month wait for bariatric surgery is nearly complete and my surgeon recommended a endoscopy to check out my portal vein prior to surgery. I had it done yesterday and she found possible cancer or an ulcer in my stomach. Doing my own research I've pretty much ruled out an ulcer so that leaves me with cancer. The biopsy is due back in a few days so I should know this week. I'm guessing lymphoma since that is related to the immune system.
Avatar m tn For the last six months I have been having this burning, crampy pain in my stomach. It makes me feel like I want to vomit and belch. But mostly, it is a real bad burning pain. This all started after I was exposed to my mother in law who has H.Pylori. Then, I started having a couple of drinks two nights a week ( either a couple of beers or a couple of Strawberry daiquiris). My stomach has always been very weak and bothersome to me anyhow.
Avatar f tn Why do i have pain in my upper left stomach, nausea after i eat, loss of appetite, and everytime i drink water it makes it worse
Avatar f tn I originally had the herpes test to rule it out when I had a genital ulcer (and a mouth full of ulcers - I have subsequently been diagnosed as Behcet's Syndrome, which it is believed caused the genital ulcer). The herpes test was taken 8 months after my last sexual encounter and have had no sexual contact whatsoever since. I fell into the "low positive" category: HSV1 IgG: 1.13 Positive HSV2 IgG: 1.
Avatar m tn I woke up later that night at about 2am with severe stomach pain. The pain has become mild andcomes and goes. Could I have an ulcer?
Avatar f tn Could I have an ulcer? I have stomach pain around my belly button and above - pain goes through to my back. Pain severe when I waken in the morning until I get up (strange) Pain is worse when I am lying down. When I eat, the pain goes away for a couple of hours, then comes back.
8742761 tn?1399611857 At first I thought this was just heart burn but I haven't slept in 3 days bc my stomach feels like its burning or just pain and its not just my upper stomach its all over. I'm 33weeks tomorrow first time mommy and starting to get worried someone please help tell me if this is normal.
Avatar f tn The reason stomach acid does not destroy your stomach is because your stomach is lined with mucus membranes. Stomach acid is not like the advertisements that show the acid in a container and a TUMS is added to the container and the acid is neutralized. Your stomach has acid pumps that spew acid whenever food or liquid is added in your stomach. I do not know how many acid pumps there are in a human's stomach, but enough to attack whatever is added to your stomach for digestion purposes.
2045555 tn?1330079620 I have this problem in my stomach.My stomach burns and Pains very much but I don't diarrhea and sometimes I feel powerless , my muscles shaking and over sweating. I go through high temperature rate than my normal temperature. Please Help me could this be the signs of HIV/AIDS in my body ? or its just some kind of pain ?
Avatar n tn During the treatment, I began have mild queasiness and aching in my epigastric area (many areas) I developed an angry vaginal yeast infection. I treated that, and began probiotics right away. By then my stomach was very painful and churning burning ALL the time. The foods I was eating regularly started making me feel like vomiting. Like potatoes, then beef, then chicken, cauliflower etc etc It' s as though I was/am still getting allergic to all these foods.
Avatar f tn Basically long story short I've had what my doctor believes is a stomach ulcer since last December, I've taken PPIs since then and the awful pain has returned all day today. It was really bad when I woke up so I took my tablet and ate it went away, but it's been coming and going. I haven't had much of an apetite all day and now after eating a pizza it's really bad.
1662361 tn?1302762372 Its an ulcer