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Avatar f tn I have been having painful stomach spasms for the past two years. I am 46 year old female who is other wise great health. A few years ago I had bladder spasms that lasted a year and finally went away. The stomach spasms have not responded to the spasm meds. I just got off hysomine and librax because neither was working well. I have had a lot of sonograms and cat scans the most recent showed 3 small liver lesions. Nobody can tell me why I am spasming and how to stop them.
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Avatar f tn I just recently started having these stomach spasms. It starts with mild pains and spasms in my middle abdomen and then becomes more and more severe as the evening progresses resulting in severe nausea and vomiting and spasms that feel like contractions every 5 or 10 minutes. When the spasms occur, I become extremely nauseated. They last about 30 seconds and then subside and then return. This usually lasts about 12 hours and I am extremely sick the entire time.
Avatar n tn with series of stomach spasms, diarrhea, and nausea. The chest/stomach pain is always worse after a meal; much worse with fatty, spicy, or ruffage food items. I have had and ultrasound, CT, EGD, and pipda scan. All tests showed no abnormalities and the scan showed 60% ejection fraction. I feel that my physician(s) are not taking my pain seriously because nothing is showing up with testing.
Avatar m tn Another would be the development of an ulcer, which would explain the burning in my stomach and back. The doctor gave me Protonix(Pantoprazole 40g) and told me to take one once a day. I decided to take it at night, to reduce my chances of waking up in the middle of the night again. I took this medication every night for 10 days straight, and eventually strayed from taking this medication religiously as i had been doing, as i was beginning to feel better.
Avatar m tn Anyway, I keep getting these feelings like something is suddenly and violently twisting around in my upper stomach just below the breast bone like spasms. It,s been happening for years but lately it's a lot worse and it also affects my heart rthym sometimes. Its started now when i swallow a mouthful of hot drink, or ice cold drink. I just sort of violently 'twists' and then releases after a few seconds, but that are feels a bit tender inside. Anybody else have this when they swallow drinks?
Avatar m tn I have been having bouts of stomach spasms directly in the center of my abdomen - I get a severe bout about once/year - I had my gall bladder removed about 7 years ago and that was my first episode. I usually get one bout a year since then.. It starts with mild pains and spasms in my middle abdomen and then becomes more and more severe as the evening progresses resulting in severe nausea and vomiting and spasms that feel like contractions every 5 or 10 minutes.
Avatar f tn Hi I have had stomach spasms in my right side just below my ribs for nearly two years now. I have tried numerous doctors, specialists and alternative medication but the spasms still occur. I have had an MRI scan and was told that I do not deal with stress properly and had to see a hypnotherapist. I did this for a few months, and it would help for a few days but then came back.
Avatar m tn i am having severe stomach pains my stomach shakes i have spasms in my stomach i am scheduled for a colonoscapy but i have stopped ativan cold turkey and that can definately cause severe stomach pain
Avatar n tn After starting Inflammide medication for the Asthma , things have gotten worse and I started getting acid reflux at the same time as the tension in my stomach gets worse. I've been for a gastroscopy and there is no sign of a hernia or ulcer. The specialist says that my esophagus is sensitive but no damage done. And he thinks either the "valve" between the stomach and esophagus is not opening/closing correctly or its spasming and therefore letting acid back up.
Avatar n tn I do seem to have spasms of greater intensity when my stomach is full. These spasms can be so sharp as to actually take my breath away. I should also mention that I do not seem to have any trouble swallowing. I also seem to have quite of bit of gas but I am not sure if this is related to Prevacid that I am taking. I am wondering if you can shed some light on what I may be experiencing?
Avatar n tn As I've been doing some research lately, I have found that esophageal spasms and angina produce very similar symptoms. The description of esophageal spasms sound exactly like what I am suffering from. I had severe acid reflux as a child which resulted in an ulcer so it's entirely possible it has resurfaced. I was just hoping someone could give me some advice on what to do. I have an appt. with my family Dr.
9819084 tn?1406073782 I have seen my gastroenterologist and have been prescribed Carafate 3x a day, for what he believes is a stomach ulcer. It has gotten some better but I still awaken in the night with stomach spasms and burning. This occurs during the day also. Ok so I started looking through my medical records today, and in 2010 I had a CT scan because of a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst.
Avatar m tn In about 12 hours, I was vomiting severly for hours. I ended going into the ER and they said it could be a stomach bug or food posining. They gave me medication for the nauseum, but now I have spasms in my upper abdomen. What are your thoughts? Do you think I could have pulled a muscle from getting sick?
Avatar n tn I am a 37 year old female. I have been experiencing severe pain in my stomach. About 18 months ago the first "attack" was so bad I couldn't even stand. I turned pale and nearly passed out. The paramedics thought it was appendicitis. After a night in the hospital and several test (untrasounds and Cat Scan)I was sent home with no answers. They speculated a ruptured ovarian cyst. I have been to the hospital twice since then, with no confirmed diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I've been having some trouble with acid reflux, IBS and throat spasms. I've had an endoscope (nothing found) and a test where they measure the muscle contractions in your esophagus. That test showed that I have a weak esophagus. My gastro wants to start me on 6 mg. Zelnorm for the spasms and see if that helps. I've previously tried levbid and pamine for the spasms. I also take nexium (40 mg. a.m.) and zantac (150 mg before bed).
Avatar n tn Well, all that changed last tuesday. I had started having these pains in my stomach i thought was an ulcer. i;ve had these pains before but they come and go, wake me up in the middle of night, double me over, i take malox, or tums or alka selzter and im okay for a while. this was different. this pain in my stomach went on for a month. i was taking prilosec which seemed to keep it in check until last tuesday.
Avatar n tn too little protective enzymes in the stomach, NSAIDS (aspirin, aleve, motrin which degrade the protective enzymes)), or non-ulcerative dyspepsia (my stomach hurts like I have an ulcer but I have no visable ulcer...or my stomach is ultra-sensitive to normal levels of acid production. Patient with "acid related disorders" can present with a slew of symptoms including chest pain, upper ab pain, belching, nausea, cough, horseness..ect..
Avatar n tn What do you mean by gas (rumbling in your stomach, burping, or passing gas/farting)? This is often due to diet but it can also be due to swallowing air which can be done unconsciously if you are anxious.
Avatar n tn I currently suffer from what what diagnosed by an endoscopy as inflamated stomach, duodenum possibly leading into a duodenal ulcer...Hopefully not though...Anyhow I have been on a pretty strict diet but cannot seem to lick this thing...I take two zantac 75 a day...One in the morning and one at night...Seems to help...Had terrible side effects with the more popular Proton Pump Inhibitor drugs like Prevacid/Nexium etc...
Avatar n tn For the past 24 hours I have been suffering from severe stomach cramps. They last anywere from :06 to :10 and double me over. They seem to come every 10 min. or so. I am not nauseous or hungry and there is no sign of intestinal problems, just severe cramps. Could this be food poisoning? An ulcer? Sign of a blockage of some sort? Please advise.
Avatar n tn certain foods made my pains worse, still no pain relief Dr now thinks ulcer.
Avatar m tn pylori causes gastritis and gastric/duodenal ulcer and can cause, stomach burning, bloating, burping and heartburn. H. pylori doesn't affect lymph nodes. If Pariet causes some many side effects you should consider to change it. There's a lot of acid-blocking drugs available. You should soleve this swelling issue also.
Avatar n tn He feels that I may have a DUODENAL ULCER. I am still having the painfull attacks in my upper right chest. I have been very sick to my stomach on occasion. To the point of vomitting. Very tired and worn out. I am so tired of being sick, it is not funny!!!!! I have to call Monday to make my appointment with the GI. Does anyone out there know anything about these ulcers, what should I expect if I do have one???? Has anyone had the same problem since having their GB out??????
Avatar n tn I have been having a constant feeling in my stomach for the past 3 days and contining on today. It feels like my stomach is tightening on the inside....like my abs are hurting after a workout, but I haven't worked out. It stays pretty much in the centre. it isn't an unbearable pain at all, it just annoying because it is constant. Did anyone else have this before a BFP? I haven't had these feelings before and I am feleling in my heart that I am pregnant.
Avatar n tn I have pain in my stomach and two much acid i can not drink milk or ice cream and cheese it hurts all the time and some times i throw up and the smell is bad my teeth feel very dry after ward i work night shift and it is a hard job and iam in good shape but i have too much acid and lots of gas tell me please how to get rid of the pain
Avatar m tn I notice the spasms are worse in the morning if i have had a beer or a glass of wine the night before. Now the GP is looking into maybe a stomach ulcer too. I just need answers. The exhaustion with the Hashis is bad enough without the pain in my throat. Any advice will be most welcome!