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Avatar n tn My lab has for lack of a kinder word, diarrhea breath inthe past few months. My vet checked her teeth, they are ok. I've asked her about it twice now. She gave me Tagamet and Antirobe Aquadrops in case my dog has an ulcer in her stomach or something is how she put it. They aren't helping. My vet doesn't seem very concerned, but the breath is horrid! What could be causing this? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn My uncle recently had a heart attack and is now fine, but the meds he is on revealed a stomach ulcer (caused his stomach to bleed as they aggrevated his ulcer) that he was completely unaware of, being that he does not drink and previously had no symptoms. I htink it will probably transpire that he has had this bug. Anyway, get it checked and take care.
Avatar n tn Hello, Gastritis can cause pain in the upper abdomen after eating .Peptic ulcer disease causes upper left quadrant pain that usually begins 2 hours after a meal. It gets better with over the counter antacids. Stomach flu can cause indigestion and abdominal discomfort. Viral gastroenteritis can lead to nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The exact location of pain and other details will help in determining the accurate cause .Take light meals. Avoid spicy fried foods.
Avatar n tn Ibuprofen may cause strong gastritis, even ulcer. Any acid, which comes into contact with an ulcer, causes pain. Wine is basically an acid. To make an exact diagnosis (gastritis or ulcer...), gastroscopy would be needed - this was already done? Pepto-Bismol releaves your pain? Interesting. When you say pain in the stomach - you mean exactly stomach - or entire abdomen?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed 2 years ago with stomach ulcers. The doctor's findings are..."My entire stomach is one big ulcer". Biopsis were done and they all came back negative. The Dr. started me on 40 mg. of Nexium once a day, we had to up the dosage to 40 Mg. twice a day to see results. I have been maintaining this dosage for 2 years, and in the last few months my discomfort has seriously increased.
Avatar f tn org/diseases-conditions/peptic-ulcer/symptoms-causes/syc-20354223. I suffered my first ulcer for several months before it was found on endoscopy and then I drank a chalky liquid for two days and felt better. So, it can be a quick recovery if this is the situation for you. Do you take a lot of nsaids by the way?
Avatar f tn Peptic ulcers are eroded areas in the lining of the digestive tract usually in the stomach and duodenum. The two common causes for this are: infection with helicobacter pylori and use of nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medications (NSAID). So for the ulcer to heal and to reduce acid levels avoid NSAIDs, quit smoking, eliminate alcohol and reduce stress levels. OTC antacids and antibiotics to treat H pylori further aid in therapy.
Avatar f tn Can Nexium or Zantac cause heart palpitations? Ever since I started taking them I have been experiencing these weird flattering things should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn Peptic ulcers are eroded areas in the lining of the digestive tract usually in the stomach and duodenum. The two common causes for this are: infection with helicobacter pylori and use of nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medications (NSAID). Medical treatment for healing of ulcer is Proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole for 2 weeks which will reduce acid secretion and heal the ulcer.
Avatar m tn Hello, The pain and discomfort in the lower left part of the stomach could be due to peptic ulcer disease. Peptic ulcer pain is usually a burning pain. They commonly occur in the stomach and duodenum. Stomach ulcers cause pain on eating and duodenal ulcers cause pain on fasting (2-3 hrs after eating). Peptic ulcers are eroded areas in the lining of the digestive tract usually in the stomach and duodenum.
Avatar m tn That would also suggest ulcer, sometimes also causes insomnia..perforated would explain the upper back pain as it's worked deep into your stomach layer.. pancreatitis is usually very strong pain but chronic pancreatitis is not as strong.
Avatar n tn Hi I have read somewhere that drinking lime juice with luke warm water in empty stomach helps to speed up the metabolic rate. Does anybody know if it causes acidity or other ulcer/gastrik related problems if taken in empty stomach? Many thanks.
Avatar f tn Stones can chronically irritate the gall bladder and cause inflammation and pain. The other causes could be gastritis, peptic ulcer disease and GERD. Kidney disorders too produce colicky and sharp pain. Sometimes anxiety with flatulence can cause this pain. You will need to consult your primary care physician for proper evaluation of pain and therapy. Regards.
Avatar n tn phrenilin contains no caffeine OR aspirin, and it can usually be taken safely with an ulcer....problem is, once a person has an ulcer, almost anything can potentially keep it from healing or make it worse. caffeine and aspirin are both biggies to stay away from, though! now...question is why is she taking so much? ultimately, she could simply switch from one to the other and not have to worry about withdrawal from butalbital.
Avatar m tn I have GI appointment at the end of the month. Is it possible to have a stomach ulcer for 6 months?
Avatar f tn He complains of pain everytime he eats and upon waking up. We had a stomach x-ray to see if he was constipated. He was clear. They though he might have H.Pylori, clear. The are now testing his stools for parasites. His stools are a vibrant green color even if he hasn't had any veggies the night before. His Dr. has suggested we give him a table spoon of malox prior to eating anything. He will spend a good part of the day sitting on the toilet, but can't produce anything.
634590 tn?1293774093 ★ Bleeding ulcer in the stomach, first part of the small intestine, or esophagus ★ Defects in the blood vessels of the GI tract ★ Swelling, irritation, or inflammation of the esophagus lining (esophagitis) or the stomach lining (gastritis) ★ Swallowing blood (for example, after a nosebleed) ★Tumors of the stomach or esophagus
1439252 tn?1283943309 Thank you so much for your response. He looked for an ulcer through the endoscope. I was not given any ulcer test. I really think that they think I am some quack that likes to go the the hospital and dr. to get stuck with needles, drink barium, and take in some radiation rays....yup...that sounds like fun to me :( What is worse is that now I have lost my insurance for the month so I am stuck suffering becauser no one will see me unless I give them cash upfront.
Avatar m tn I read that there can be many reasons for increased gas in the stomach, including the various causes of dyspepsia - such as ulcers, inflammation of the upper digestive tract, or GERD. Would it be possible to have an ulcer come back again or a new ulcer emerge? I had an ulcer when I was 7 years old that was treated and never had symtoms again until the past year!
422924 tn?1331764319 i had a endoscopy done last week i was diagnose with reflux and a ulcer i was given dexilant 60mg.i had a biopsy on my stomach and it tested negatve for H Pylori anyone know how long it takes for a ulcer to go away? is there any websites that tells you what to eat and not to eat for the ulcer.
Avatar n tn Where are the pains exactly? I'm having intense stomach pains from the top of my naval to the top of my stomach and they are refrerring it to GERD (Acid Reflux Disease). I'd go see your GI and see if they can do an upper endoscopy on you. I'm going in on the 3rd to for one to see if I have GERD or a peptic ulcer. Drink a lot of water and a very bland diet (toast with peanut butter).
Avatar n tn ive had the pain for about 2 months,i havent been to the doctor,im pretty sure its a peptic ulcer,about 99% sure,and i have the urge to pee non stop but only a tiny bit of urine comes out each time and its pink,and sometimes has stomach lining looking peices..i want to sleep. is it ok to sleep and then go to the emergency room tommorow?