Stomach rash and sore throat

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Avatar f tn Ive noticed a bad rash on my breasts wit sores and i have a sore throat, should i be worried?
Avatar n tn On June 21st I developed a brief fever that was gone when I woke up on the 22nd. I started to develop a sore throat that day though. On the 24th I still had a sore throat and developed a rash over my throat, arms, and upper chest. This rash lasted about 2 days, but I still had a bad sore throat. On July 1st I went to an ENT doctor and he thought I had tonsillitis so he gave me some medication and my symptoms started to go away within 1 day. By July 3rd and 4th i was feeling almost normal.
Avatar m tn i have had upper stomach pain from 6 - 13 weeks. no fever, no sore throat or no rash. i have read that the hand jobs have no risk. Is the reason for hand jobs not being a risk even though i may have had a sore on my penis because of cdc's report that hiv is not infectous outside its host?
Avatar n tn sore throat, joint pain (especially in shoulders and elbows) and rash can be assosiated with HIV infection. other symptoms can include night sweats, cough, sore muscles, headache and periphreal neuropathy.
Avatar f tn Apart from the aching joints, the rash itching and the dull sore throat / itchy ear, I feel rather normal. I went to the doctor and he wants me to have a blood test - he has prescribed amoxil believing it may be a strep infection. I sleep rather well and am a 25 year old 5'7'' female of 127.6 lbs Please help!
Avatar n tn The saliva glands under my tongue were also sore. A few days into the sore throat I developed a small rash on my right arm on the inside of the elbow. Approximately a dozen small pimples, light pink to red. They didn't itch, but scratching or squeezing caused them to get a dark center. One week later the sore throat is mostly gone and the rash is beginning to fade. I am terrified now, though I did not start that way.
Avatar m tn But Teak I am having diarr. as well as brown spots coming on and off on my body and then sore throat and rash.I never had fever though.I had sore lymph nodes all over my body 3 weeks after exposure.I feel tired all the time.Do I need another test at 4 or 6 month mark.
Avatar n tn I have read and please correct me if I am wrong that in generall when someone goes through ARS they will have more then one symptom if they have symptoms i.e. sore throat and fever, rash and fever or a combination of the three and obviously there are more out there.
Avatar m tn Well for one ars symptoms would all start at the same time not one followed by another a few days later. Rash, fever, sore throat are called the HIV triad because they are the most common and typical symptoms. You have no rash. If a person has a high risk situation and experiences these three symptoms testing would be strongly recommended. You did not have a high risk which makes your symptoms sound like a cold/anxiety.
Avatar f tn i have a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, diarreah, tight feeling stomach. i am a 26 year old female. would might this be?
Avatar m tn ve started my antibiotics again and am afraid to stop the prilosec since my throat is still sore and I still get reflux. I have a throat scope in a few weeks but I doubt it will do any good for me. Has anyone experienced this or have any advice? The reflux and sore throat are worse than my lyme symptoms and I need to get it under control so I can finish my lyme treatment. I'm afraid I may develop a permanent reflux condition.
Avatar n tn • [April-Oct 2010] suspected granulaoma annulare rash • [July 2010] Immediately after a trip to Honduras, an emergency appendectomy , an acute and severe upper body rash • [Feb-May 2011] Severe head / right eye pain, sudden onset of vocal and motor tics, significant personality and mood changes, aggression, irritability, continual sore throat, difficulty breathing and swallowing, mouth rash, pins and needles in feet With the following results / findings: • Vitamin D deficiency : 25-OH, D3 (4/1
Avatar m tn Prior to this I had dry throat (with an itch on the left side and in my ear) with periods of mucus running down. The night before the sore throat I had a mild headache. Should I be worried? The rash on my face was gone in a week and the ones on my chest are turning brownish. What should be my next step?
Avatar m tn ve had a very dry mouth, enlarged circumvallate papillae, white tongue, SOMETIMES a sore throat but not all the time, rumbly stomach, loose bowel movements, fatigue, jaw pressure, feels like a hair ball stuck in my throat, nasal congestion. I went to the doctors and he gave me an antibiotic and said I have a sinus infection. I took the antibiotic for 2 days and my mouth problems became worse so I stopped it. A week later, I got my period and also a yeast infection with that.
Avatar n tn The rash of the ARS is not typically confined just to the legs and the ARS typically involves not only a rash and sore throat but also muscle and joint aches, fever and sometimes diarrhea. Even if all of those symptoms are present, they are far more likely to be due to the flu than the ARS. In general, as we've said again and again on this Forum, symptoms are a terrible way to evaluate risk for HIV.
Avatar m tn I did think they were ll symptoms though, i mean rash, back pain, sore throat, stomach pains! I have read elsewhere on the internet these can be common symptoms. I'm not saying your wrong I'm just very confused here you know..
Avatar m tn Day 17 -- No fever or chills (highest temp was 99.2). Slight equilibrium issue. Rash now covered both sides of stomach and chest. Red but not raised or bumpy. Did not itch. Looked like a sunburn. By the end of the day, there were a few splotches on my arms/back/neck. Still no itching or pain. Day 18 -- Rash looked better. Just on my chest and stomach (maybe a little on my back, couldnt really tell). redness had faded with just a very fewed raised spots on my stomach.
Avatar m tn For the next 14 days my tonsils were swollen, very very mild sore throat, fatigue, dry mouth, white and red spots on the roof of my mouth, and general not feeling well. I visited the Doctor for my throat at day 10 and was told that the cause was prob viral and to wait another 4 days and I should start feeling better.
Avatar f tn It was light pink and all are different shapes and sizes. There is no bump on them, and they are scattered up and down my sides mostly and some in the upper center part of my stomach (probably 30 spots). I have found one on my back and one near my armpit. They don't hurt or itch and have been around for 5 days. I have also been feeling super fatigued and have a very mild pain in my throat. I have also been experiencing mild head aches. Further, my back has been sore.
Avatar n tn I recently had unprotected sex with my wife and after 48 hours she developed the same itchy rash, sore throat and body ache. Is this a Std Parasite Rash? What do I have because I sometimes feel itchy here and there.
Avatar f tn Then most of the flu symtoms went away except sore throat and stuffy nose and the rash started spreadind around my stomach and i started to have minor pains in my abdomen and stomach.I went back to the doctor again and they did blood work to check for mono that came back negative and she said everything was perfect.Then some time later sore throat went away but came back oddly.
Avatar m tn The rash and sore throat have nothing to do with Hiv because you had no risk.
Avatar f tn but other than that i feel fine. like no feaver, no more ackes, no sore throat just a non itchy rash, and a burning sensation in my viagina region.
Avatar n tn Dear doctors My story is, that I had sex with a CSW from Thailand (working in Denmark in a Thai Massage clinic) 4 months ago, and the condom broke. I noticed a small sore/cut just below the penis head afterwards. I asked her if she had any deseases, and replied that she did not, and that she had been tested 3 months ago 17 days after exposure, I developed a mild "on/off" sore throat in the left side of the throat.
Avatar n tn Hi, last week, i have notice a few pinkish dot on my chest. I am 17 years old male. I thought it was acne and ignore it. Weirdly the bump occur mainly in places where people cannot see. Chest/ back/ inner thigh. From the knee down, it has nothing. my stomach doesn't has much but the sides of my body have the most. There was 2 on my hand. I observed it everytime since it's easy to see when i'm outside.