Stomach rash and sore throat

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Avatar f tn I've had a rash in the back of my throat and I took a zpack and it went away then had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and the rash is back in my throat, and very raw.
Avatar n tn Rash may be from allergy to zofran. She should STOP taking it and have allergy test for zofran done. If sore throat fels like a heartburn - acidic feeling, than this is from acid comming up from the stomach. She needs a BREAT TEST for H. pylori bacteria, which most commonly cause the gastritis, which causes this acid reflux.
Avatar n tn The rash on knuckles, hands and wrists is almost gone, but he has a rash on his backside and stomach. The elbow, and shoulder pain is less, but he now has some pain in his ankle. His throat remains tight. He has no fever. Has anybody experienced similar symptoms? Please let me know. Thank you very much for your help!
Avatar n tn I also started to feel better, and my appetite has been slowly getting closer to normal, but my sore throat has not gotten better, and today and yesterday an itchy rash has appeared a couple of times on my stomach, both times disappearing after a couple of hours, What could possibly be going on? I've read that a sore throat rarely lasts two weeks!
Avatar n tn about 3 weeks i noticed a sun burn like rash on my stomach and sides and a little under the left side of my chest along with a sore throat. I went to the doctors he said it was a throat infection, took the med he gave me , the cold went away but the rash did not. I went back he gave me zyrtec and prednisone 7 day dose.
Avatar n tn I have had a sore throat and bumps in my throat for about a week now and have quickly developed a rash on my body that's spreading. I have these small red dots that seem to be creeping everywhere, but mostly on my hands and the inside of my forearms. I have only had unprotected sex one time, but didn't contract any STD's from it. What is the probability that I could get HIV without getting any other STD?
Avatar f tn I have a light red patchy rash that has spread over my stomach and back it is not itchy or sore in any way but I am worried as it hasn't gone away yet I've never had a rash before
Avatar f tn Apart from the aching joints, the rash itching and the dull sore throat / itchy ear, I feel rather normal. I went to the doctor and he wants me to have a blood test - he has prescribed amoxil believing it may be a strep infection. I sleep rather well and am a 25 year old 5'7'' female of 127.6 lbs Please help!
Avatar n tn Also the rashes seem to be in the same area everytime. I dont have tonsils either, and the sore throat seems to be located deep in my throat like where the neck meets the chest.
232690 tn?1189759429 I was prescribed Flonase and an over the counter antihistamine when I came in with a chronic sore throat, occasional tonsil stone and post nasal drip. The doctor did a visual inspection and I had nasal polyps. The pain moves around from the base of my nasopharynx, throat, and occasionally in the laryngopharynx. It's lasted about 2 years. A few weeks before I got the chronic sore throat, I had a 3 day-long flu with fever and rash on my chest for a few days. I decided to get a full panel STD test.
1183190 tn?1326112534 smoker It started last year around april 2009, had a sore throat after unprotected oral and protected vaginal exposure..took went away...then came back after a month...started recurring every 3 weeks,,,after which it became constant I had tried loads of antibiotics ,dint help ..quit smoking..dint help either So 6 months back had my tonsils removed, corrected my deviated septum and cleared my sinuses The surgery dint help,it just made my condition worse..
Avatar n tn Or, it can be red/irritated, with a series of tiny red dots on the uvula (the part that hangs down in the back of the throat). 2nd, you can have extreme upset stomach, accompanied by vomiting, and 3rd, you can have a head ache. My kids, for example, rarely get the sore throat. They always throw up...and their throats will be red, but doesn't hurt. Fever typically accompanies strep, and usually an antibiotic is required to get rid of the bacteria.
Avatar m tn i have had upper stomach pain from 6 - 13 weeks. no fever, no sore throat or no rash. i have read that the hand jobs have no risk. Is the reason for hand jobs not being a risk even though i may have had a sore on my penis because of cdc's report that hiv is not infectous outside its host?
Avatar n tn okay i had unprotected sex this last weekend and didnt help i was super super drunk not smart so i didnt use a condom and 2 days later i got like rashes that look like zits right under my stomach and ya scared me and then the 3 third day sore throut and tichy but what guy doesnt itch so yah need help is it a std or could it just be zits there not turing black and dont look like anything on google pics under herpes but still and im scared to go check in
Avatar m tn An endoscopy allows the doctor to view your stomach and throat, where a colonoscopy will allow him to view your colon. Something is obviously wrong for you to still be having these problems. At 22, I don't feel it's serious but certainly something that needs treatment. These two tests are imperative with your symptoms and you need to see a Gastroenterologist for them and to get a complete evaluation. This is their specialty and they will be able to help you.
Avatar f tn The doctor said that i had Tonsillitis, but then i also have this weird non itchy rash all over my body, and my stomach still kinda hurts. Could it possibly be an STD? or just a reaction to the tonsillitis?
Avatar m tn I never had an issue like this before, I seeked a second opinion and he said exzema--which I never had--with the exception to my scalp. What could this be? Woke up with sore throat yesterday--it went away today and now I am a tiny bit congested.
Avatar m tn At 6 week, I got another negative elisa test (should be 3rd generation too). At 43 days, I started checking my chest for rash, and I found a small patch of redness on my middle upper chest, just below my neck, I would say about 5cm in length and 2cm in width. It is flat and not raised, no pain, no itchiness, no irritation, infact it feels the same as normal skin. It could have been there before but i never noticed. It is still there today.
Avatar m tn Prior to this I had dry throat (with an itch on the left side and in my ear) with periods of mucus running down. The night before the sore throat I had a mild headache. Should I be worried? The rash on my face was gone in a week and the ones on my chest are turning brownish. What should be my next step?
Avatar n tn So I gave him oral for a pretty long time (you'd be shocked and appalled if I told you how long) but it was fun and we talked a lot. I started getting a sore throat and chalked that up to what I had snorted (because OW it hurt) or the fact that I was giving oral for so long. Several hours later, while we were still fooling around, I suddenly had to run upstairs to the bathroom to vomit. I couldn't stop it.
Avatar n tn about 5 days ago i noticed 2 small red splotches on my stomach adjacent from eachother. they started quite small (about an inch and a half). i didnt think much of it untill it started spreading very quickly. now a good portion of my stomach is covered and a portion of my upper leg became covered by it. it doesnt feel itchy or anything but it really has me concerned by the rate it is spreading. it is very very slightly raised. it is a pinkish red color. can someone please help me out here?
3166043 tn?1514263618 I have been sneezing off and on for about 2 weeks but no sore throat, no fever ect. I have a diffuser in my room and I thought it was that? I don't know. I'm a little concerned. (I have severe health anxiety and my mind is running to all sorts of bad things) Here are some pictures. I also take medication. An anti depressant, a benzo, a beta blocker and a anti phychotic but i've been on those for 3+ years with no changes. Stomach: Sides: http://imgur.
Avatar m tn In addition to this inbetween my outbreaks I had swollen lymph node glands for one day or so(however this was accompanied by a pain behind my ears and sore throat, as you would see in an ear infection). Another event after this was a week´s worth of diarrhea, however I believe it was due to a stomach bug seeing as how I am in Mexico at the moment. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Where the rash appeared on my skin also made my skin supper sensitive. Today is day 5 and I am writing to you. I also have a sore throat;but nothing too terrible.
Avatar n tn Last year I got rash under my leg above my right knee. It is bumpy, dry and very itchy. It starts off under right leg, then to stomach, then under left leg, to under arm and finally nose (not severe). That first time it went on for many months then went away. A few weeks ago it started all over again in the same order but each duration is less time than the first. I have to take burning hot showers to relieve the itching. Anyone ever hear of this?
Avatar f tn But it has other associated signs and symptoms such as cough, runny nose, inflamed eyes, sore throat, fever and a red, blotchy skin rash. Hives or urticaria causes red and sometimes itchy rash on the body such as face, neck, trunk, arms, and legs and perhaps anywhere on the body. They are usually allergic (food, medication and insect stings) but may also be due to infections and stress. Many a times no specific cause for them is ever found.
Avatar f tn Ok... The doctors don't know what it is, perhaps a combination of scabies and herpes? Nothing is working and I have an "ulcer" type sore on my penis. This rash is really affecting me and I've got anxiety because I did find out for sure that the man I had oral with does have HIV for sure.
Avatar m tn Im not sure how long after the first sex I had fever 39´C and throat problems, I went to see my doctor, he said I had strong sinuses problems and otitis media and gave me penicillin shots. Shortly after I was feeling better but had strong diarrhea (I hope it was because of the penicillin shots?), not even probiotic pills helped me with the diarrhea, but that went away also after a week or so.
Avatar f tn I was with someone who stressed me out and I would wakeup and have bad stomachaches and upset stomach all day . It resolved when he was not around and I was fine when we seperated. I then had something stress me out after this again and the stomach issues came back so i know it does affect your stomach.
Avatar m tn For the past 3 weeks now, I've had a very dry mouth, enlarged circumvallate papillae, white tongue, SOMETIMES a sore throat but not all the time, rumbly stomach, loose bowel movements, fatigue, jaw pressure, feels like a hair ball stuck in my throat, nasal congestion. I went to the doctors and he gave me an antibiotic and said I have a sinus infection. I took the antibiotic for 2 days and my mouth problems became worse so I stopped it.