Stomach rash and diarrhea

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Avatar m tn At 45 days, I got up in the morning with bad stomach pain and diarrhea. It went away after 2 sessions in the toilet. I am now at 7+ week mark. Throughout the whole time, from 2 weeks till now, my stools has not been completely normal, but not watery either. Fatigue, stiff neck, slight sore throat, slight joint pain, all were lingering around during these few weeks, but nothing major.
Avatar f tn However, since you said something about gluten allergy, I did notice that eating pizza, breads, and pasta seems to make the rash and stomach bloating worse...oh and the smell of the diarrhea is awful. Sometimes it smells so bad, that my husband says it smells like rotting food. It is so embarrassing! Sometimes I do have undigested food in the diarrhea. Usually I will have diarrhea followed by constipation and then back to diarrhea.
Avatar m tn Can scabies cause you oral thrush,diarrhea from about 4-5 days,abdominal pains and when i am sitting or laying my stomach and legs are vibrating and my throat is irritated and my palms are peeling from a couple of days.What test i need if scabies is not my case.
Avatar f tn My stomach has been making these growling noises for 2 days diarrrhea started sun and ended mon but I wanted to know how can u tell ars diarrhea from regular stomach issue diarrhea and I had no nausea or vomitting no rash no fever and no night sweats. Doesymptoms occur 5 mths after and if something was wrong would the blood work from the immunization test show something thrown off. I don't know how much is anxiety or actual illness. I really would appreciate honest feedback thanku.
Avatar n tn I had sinus infection and got Amoxicillin for it. Had diarrhea, then a rash all over stomach, back, thighs, then yeast infection. I stopped taking the Amoxicillin and the doctor told my husband I was allergic to Penicillin. A week later I vomited several times and had cramping (like the stomach flu) and now my forehead has broken out with an itchy ***** rash like poison oak! Could the rash be associated with the Amoxicillin or the Sinus infection?
960001 tn?1279831593 Could you give me an idea of what she would eat in a 24 hour period, something is causing the diarrhea unless there is a virus going round and there have been many this year,you say she is having no milk what are you replacing it with ?
Avatar n tn headache, constipation/diarrhea, upset stomach and stomach pain, muscle and joint pain and rash. These varies from one patient to another. It could be that the rash you experienced looked like hives. (Although stress can also lead to hives). You can relate your experience at this link to the manufacturers to better address it : Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn Also my skin is very ichy and iritated when i sweat and sometimes causes a rash on my neck and chest and when i red my neck or chest or arms with my sleeve or something my sleeve sometimes turns white like my skin is peeling off onto it or something i dont know if all of these could be connected :(
Avatar m tn 2 wks after feeling sick and 3 wks after the incident I noted some light diarrhea after lunch (didn’t worry), but then I had spicy food for dinner , and later that night I woke up with stomach cramps and heavy diarrhea, these symptoms lasted for 3 and half dys and went to bathroom many times a day. Just when diarrhea stopped, I started experiencing lower back pain and even took some painkillers. I felt the pain when lying down and at times I had to take a rest while walking.
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed me amoxycilin. I had a fever for a few days and also had diarrhea. I did not have a rash on my upper trunk, but I did have a couple red spots on my arm which my doctor believed was eczema. It went away shortly after my visit without any medication or creams. I have not been sick with a fever since then. I do occassionally see some red bumps on my arms, chest, and back but not like a rash that would resemble hives.
Avatar m tn 5F). Heartburn and nausea also began that day. Finally, day 11 saw the onset of frequent watery diarrhea and pressure in the upper stomach area, right side. Temperature was 37.2C(98.96F). Now, the temperature seems to have dropped to a normal value and the diarrhea to be abating along with other symptoms, except for the cough and throat inflammation(which have possibly worsened a bit).
Avatar n tn 6 C, which is about equivalent to 101 F, coupled with an upset stomach and minor diarrhea. It is now about 3 weeks after my first encounter and though the fever is gone, a rash of small red spots has formed on my arms, stomach, chest and neck area. I thought the fever and soar throat may have just been a coincidence since it is flu season but my recent rash has pushed me over the edge.
Avatar f tn I dunnoe wats wrong wit mee, recently i have been having diarrhea 3 times a day, on the right side of my chest i have been having some come and go pains. As well as stomach pain that come an go as well as the same with my head and some headches as well. I also been having flakely, sort of rash like skin on my face that itches alot and my temperature, espically on my face has been normal then goes very hot an then normal again. And last night i had a mild fever.
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Avatar n tn Hi, Yes, it is wise to just avoid all sports drink at this point. Food allergies usually present with diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting. Throat and mouth itchiness may also be noted. If there is a strong history of allergies or asthma in the family, it is best to have this evaluated further so you may know which triggers to avoid in the future. Has the rash subsided already? Ask your physician for the right medications to have at home in cases of an allergy.
Avatar m tn At 43 days, I started checking my chest for rash, and I found a small patch of redness on my middle upper chest, just below my neck, I would say about 5cm in length and 2cm in width. It is flat and not raised, no pain, no itchiness, no irritation, infact it feels the same as normal skin. It could have been there before but i never noticed. It is still there today. However I looked at pictures of myself from a year ago, there were no redness on my chest.
Avatar f tn I consider myself in very good health and condition. I exercise 6-7 times per week and eat a fairly consistent and clean diet. For the past two and a half weeks, I have been plagued with a red, scaly, dry, splotchy rash on my forehead and below my eyes on either side of my nose. It is also on my arms, legs, stomach and back in the form of circular, dry, scaly, raised lesions. There are also 2 linear skin lesions on my right tricep/lattisimus dorsi that appear red, raised, scaly.
Avatar n tn 99 percent of birth control pills have lactose as an ingredient) Almost immediately, I started to feel nauseas, stomach cramping, diarrhea and a stomach distention that was unreal. I've also put on a few pounds, and I'm a healthy eater for the most part. To make a long story short, my boyfriend suggested that it might be the birth control. The day I got off, I felt so much better, but there was still something not quite right.
Avatar f tn Only question is about rash. Almost all professional doctors say that rash happens 100% on torso, thorax and neck and it is bad enough for everyone to notice. My rash is in armpit. Reddish but not sure whether it is like distinct spots or confluent. Since it’s in armpit, it is difficult to say whether it’s bumpy or flat. It doesn’t itch but burns slightly because of contact. This rash started to made me think of the event and the condom.
Avatar f tn developed dizzy spells about a week ago went to the ER and nothing. joints (esp hands) hurt and today developed a rash from the waist up, at times nauseated. Always have had trouble with constipation but am within the last week have been having diarrhea. My energy level is very low and I am very tired. the GI doctor told me that this occurs in 6 out of 100 GB surgeries. That was all of the information that I got. I keep calling the Dr but get no where. My follow up is March 10th.
Avatar m tn When I ask this to people they say it is normal, even one doctor and a astrologer said as per astro medical you are unlikely to get looking at u I know it does not make any sense …My major concern is about my stomach upset and unhealthy stool or diarrhea . I never complained of any disorders ever and always remained healthy throughout. (Hope I am still healthy),..Today is the 50th day and m still tensed and worried like hell..
Avatar f tn Your diarrhea is likely due to another cause. If you have no rash or skin problems, "sun poisoning" is not your problem.
Avatar f tn t sore or itchy and I noticed they started to spread within a couple of days and now there are some on my back 5- I had a really bad flu with fever head aches vomiting and diarrhea about a week before I noticed the rash and I had the flu vac after I had the flu 6-I've brought no new clothes or anything like that 7-no one in my house has felt ill or had a rash 8-as I said it is slightly raised not itchy or sore and looks like love bites about a centimeter long and in groups that started ju
Avatar n tn I'm 16 weeks and been having diarrhea for about a week. On and off. I havent ate anything unusual. Is this something I need to go to the doctor for immediately?
Avatar f tn If celiac, Crohn’s and other problems have been ruled out then lactose intolerance and IBS are the possibilities. Gas in stomach, burping, diarrhea all go in favor of IBS. Pancreatic enzyme disorders, liver dysfunction, HIV, cancer of the gut, and infections by parasites other than giardia can all cause persisting diarrhea. Please get the stool examined and consult a gastroenterologist. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I taken the test at 18 days after exposure, but at 22 days post exposure I began to experience a rash which looked like heat rash (This affected my sides, stomach and underarms), watery diarrhea and one episode of vomiting, I also felt weak and nauseated but that is probably accounted to the fact that I hadn't eaten given the diarrhea. The diarhea lasted just over 36 hours with about 8 episodes in total.