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Avatar n tn I took her to urgent care where it was determined that it was a strep rash. They also swabbed for strep and the test came out positive. Now my son has had the same thing happen: ear infection and then rash. Does this truly sound like a strep rash, or could this be a reaction to the Amoxicilin?
Avatar f tn It usually takes about 72 hours for antibiotics to kick in. The rash probably is a strep rash. You might want to call the dr. back about the boils and/or pussfilled sacs. The spray may help the blisters that are not open in the back of your throat but may really irritate that are open. I feel for you. My kids had this a couple of weeks ago but got better after three full doses of antibiotics. They were miserable.
Avatar f tn I had a strep infection without a sore throat, but with scarlet fever, and every joint in my body was involved. I could barely walk. I had no idea strep could cause these symptoms. You can also have a negative rapid strep test. What you really need is a culture and a blood draw to make sure. I got the run around for quite a while. I went to the doctor and said "my fingers are swollen" and he said "they don't look swollen to me.
Avatar n tn You dont necessarily have to have a sore throat with mono, but the rash concerns me that you may have a serious case of strep. Please get rechecked and insist on these tests. I hope this helps. In the mean time, try to stay in the cool air, dont allow yourself to get too hot or sweaty. Also, have you had the chicken pox or the measles, or have you vaccinated for them?
Avatar m tn I’m late answering this but i was diagnosed with strep even though i suspected mono but the doctor put me on amoxicillin anyways. I had taken seven days of amoxicillin feeling the sickest i had ever felt but developed no rash so the doctor didn’t worry. After 7 days of being on amoxicillin my throat finally felt better and i did not feel sick anymore. I went to sleep that night and woke up at 5am itching and had developed a full body rash over night.
Avatar n tn I have had it for 2 weeks now, I got strep throat but I had the rash before I got the sore throat. The doctor says its viral rash could last 4-6 weeks just curious if anyone has had this too??
Avatar f tn My daughter had scarlet fever (she's 6) a few weeks ago. She had the strep bumps in her throat and the rash on her chest so it could be that. She also has a penicillin allergy and the way we found that is when the gave her an antibiotic for pneumonia a few yrs ago she took the meds for about 4-5 days and she broke out in huge bumps and red, itchy on the tops of her legs and abdominal area. Some on the back. I would take her to an allergist to check.
Avatar m tn My son did not suffer any permanent kidney damage thankfully. It was strange because you know how moms are at noticing things but I was gone all day (all day outdoor concert) and I came home and there was pee in the toilet and it just looked funny to there was blood in it. So I asked who was the last to use the toilet and so I watched him. I called the doctor and they said to bring him in that Monday.
Avatar f tn He had scarlet fever, which basically comes with strep throat for some people. It started just like that, I noticed tiny red dots all over his body. We got medicine for his strep and then just gave him oatmeal baths and used non scented lotion. It got really bad and the entire top layer of his skin ended up peeling off. It was not fun. Just a suggestion, hope I could help.
Avatar n tn Fever and white blood cell count indicates infection. The rash presenting on the calves makes me think it's erythema nodosum...this will resolve on its own in 3 - 6 weeks, usually. Since strep throat can cause erythema nodosum, I'd bet that you had strep throat (did you have a strep test done?). Mononucleosis can also cause this, but since you didn't mention extreme fatigue, I wouldn't include this in the differential diagnosis.
Avatar f tn I agree with Londres70, about having "strep" and not taking anything not making sense. If you had strep they would have given you something. If you didn't go to the doctor for it you would have because it is so painful you can't stand it. The rest is the same as her post and my last couple. Let us know how it goes.
Avatar f tn I went to my doc but he didnt even look at my mouth :( he didn't take me seriously at all just spoke about the baby and that's it. I had strep once and it burned my throat so i kind of thought it was my tonsils but not i hear of advanced strep ugh I'm def going for a second opinion tm.... and can u still have advanced strep w out fever?
Avatar f tn hey everyone ! I've been getting an itchy rash that comes and goes all over my body, one rash left a circleish figure it looked like a mosquito bite.. I've also had kind of a sore throat and abit of abdominal pain. Im not sure what this is but its bothering me a lot.. i also use face cream that has benzoyl peroxide in it but its not just pure benzoyl peroxide.. my friend got bleach into her blood stream because of a doctor recommending just pure benzoyl peroxide..
Avatar n tn my child has fifth disease, and now has a very bad sore throat. They tested him for strep but that came out negative. Can fifth disease cause a sore throat, bad breath, and swollen tonsils? He has also developed a rash on his ears.
Avatar m tn I just read in your history that you were Dx'd with strep throat. That would seem to explain much of what has been going on with you regarding symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hi again, After thinking again about what you said. Scarlet fever rash comes within 4 days of getting strep throat. SO, I think it is a allergy to the antibiotic.Anaphylactic rash and other serious allergy comes right awaywithin hours. A lot of rashes take time to develop and you immune system has to kick in an make antibodies against it. You can develop a rash in 2 -6 weeks after taking antibiotics. This is not a sign of an immune problem it is natural for it to take a while.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, the immune system of humans tends to get confused in fighting off this germ, and forms antibodies that can cross react with the blood vessels in various organs of the body. This is called a vasculitis. The characteristic vasculitis of Strep infection is scarlet fever or scarletina. A somewhat unusual or unexpected strep infection is perianal disease. This presents as an intensely red rash around the anus, which is usually mistaken for a yeast infection (Candida).
Avatar m tn Which I guess makes sense, except again for the rash that came after my symptoms of everything was clear. If it was a rash from strep then it would of came with the strep symptoms of shortly after. I looked into the second medicine I was given called Levaquin and saw that it can cause rashes, but usually they happen within the first 48 hours of taking the medication and my rash happened after taking it for 5 days so none of it really adds up.
168348 tn?1379357075 Sounds like post strep arthritis. Anyone had the rash in your child with this and elevated WBC?
Avatar n tn Have you been checked for strep throat? Sometimes you can get a rash with strep throat.
Avatar f tn Do you have a high fever? If so you may have strep throat. The fever may be making your legs ache. You can have strep throat without a fever but usually you have a fever. Do you have any pus in your tonsil area or white spots? You get tested for strep throat by a doctor. I think CVS pharmacy has a clinic too (which is cheaper if you don't have insurance).
Avatar f tn As I understand rashes tend to go to the warm moist areas of the body. The rash tends to flare up after my showers. Initially we thought it was due to a change in dteregent, soap, or something else that may have irritated my skin but after a few days we began to think otherwise. I have had the rash now for about two weeks, and eventhoug it is painless it is still worrisome.
Avatar f tn she has a very, very bad sore throat, extreme headache and neck ache, dizziness, nausea, a rash covers almost her whole body. The worst symptom is 2 golf ball sized lumps at the point where her neck and spine meet. She had one of these lumps about a month ago on the front right side of her neck. She said it just went away.When they took the throat culture, it came back the next day. Now, she has this.
Avatar m tn If you had a sore throat coupled with a rash, high fever and swollen lymph nodes then those could be symptoms, but also symptoms of a viral infection. Can never use symptoms or lack of symptoms. And symptoms don't last for 20 days with HIV.
Avatar f tn Went to Little Clinic, the APRN noticed white spots on my throat, said it was likely Strep (although I had no sore throat) but that it was too soon to test, started me on Amoxicillin anyways. I felt better a day after taking them and finished the round. The next morning after finishing the amox, after taking them for almost a week, I noticed a slight rash. It ended up getting worse, started on my chest and back, and eventually spread to arms, hands, feet.
Avatar m tn Broke out in an all over body rash which looked maculopapular. It started on my stomach, then went to arms, then buttox and upper thighs. Lastly a small spot on my foot. My tonsils swoll up and my toungue had white coating but i thought it always did. I had a sore throat and runny nose with flem being hacked up frequently. I had diarrhea occasionally. A small red flat mark on my toungue is there now. All symptoms cleared within two weeks except for my tonsils being swollen.