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Avatar m tn t have such painful pain for more ...... my stomach is always bloated which affects my back and either i feel pain in my stomach and back pain is also related ......any help i went to many doctors and made too many analyses with no benefits the pain goes worse and increases thanks but i really need help .......
Avatar f tn For the past 2 weeks i have been vomiting after meals. it usually happens 1/2 hour to 3 hours after eating. i have no pain or nausea otherwise. only nausea right before i vomit. my doctor has done blood work, HIDA scan on my gall bladder, and an endoscopy- he did a biopsy to test for Hpylori. the only thing that was found was a hiatial hurniea and inflammation in my stomach close to the small intestine. my gall bladder test came back normal. what could be causing all the vomiting?
Avatar f tn Food allergies lead to discomfort, pain, queasy stomach and nausea after eating. Some people have lactose allergy, some have food-color allergy. Some are allergic to gluten. Side Effect of Therapies: People undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy may have to face the problem of vomiting as they consume beverages, snacks or meals during or after the treatment. Pregnancy: After having tea, coffee or milk in the morning, a pregnant woman often vomits.
Avatar n tn My wife throws up after within 10 mintues of eating. She gets pain in her sides next her abdomen after throwing up. Please help if you know what this means??? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have had stomach issue for 10 days. On day 1 and day 4 I had very sharp pain on my stomach, upper central abdominal. I had bad pain, but not as bad as the other two days on day 8 as well. Almost after every meal, I have had some stomach discomfort, ranging from light to medium degree. I have been on Apo-Esomeprazole since Day 5. I did blood test on day 5 in a walk-in clinic, but haven't heard back. The discomport is better if I only have soup. What might be the cause and what should I do?
Avatar f tn i had a similar problem with pain after eating. mine didn't involve hiccups, but did include sharp pain and nausea after eating. I had an upper GI done, and it turned out to be ulcerations from GERD.
Avatar n tn For the past few years I have had episodes of intense to mild nausea along with vomiting. They usually last for a few weeks to a month and in these episodes I am vomiting from noon till bedtime. I am fine in the morning and then after lunch the nausea begins. I have also had abdomial pain a 30 minutes after eating, it's like a burning knawing kind of pain. Along with dizziness and a hot flash before an episode of vomiting. I also have a history of food allegeries.
Avatar m tn diarrhea for about 9 hours straight accompanied by sever abdominal pain. It’s now Saturday (5 days after) the vomiting & diarrhea is gone but I still have this lingering feeling that I have to poop even after going. My bowl movements are regular but the sensation of having to go “won’t go” and it’s getting a little frustrating at this point. I noticed today that I am now feeling a little dizzy in addition to this sensation, any ideas?
Avatar m tn i have a swollen distorted stomach, pain down the right side which varies from wanting to make me scream to mild nagging pain... i have constanst diarreha.. which occurs after every meal and is worse in the mornings, i feel bloated, tired and sometimes sick....
Avatar f tn 1 1/2 hours later flood of diarrhea and sour upper mid stomach. Diarrhea 1 1/2 days but sour stomach for 1 month. No vomiting or pain just sour stomach and tired, prob from light diet. Dr. Said irritated stomach g as well me light diet to follow, covid test and it was negative. I lost 4 lbs in month and now stomach is just not right but at least I can eat more comfortably now. I think I need colonoscopy or something else?
Avatar m tn My 16 year old daughter vomits right after eating and has alot of stomach pain.She also has diarreah pretty often.She has had a upper gi and a colonoscopy as well as gallbladder removal.What could be causing her problems?
Avatar f tn In the past 3 days i havent realy ate anything because ive been sleeping alot then today i ate a slize of pizza, a few mins after i ate i threw up while i was throwing up i had pain in my stomach when i exhaled is this normal or is it because i havent realy aten and there was air in my stomach im only 5 weeks
Avatar m tn my 18 year old son is currently hospitalized for the second time in 6 months for stomach problems. He has vomiting, which is acid, and or foam, pain in the upper left side of his belly. Said its a gnawing, burning feeling, pushing on it makes him feel like throwing up. He just had a scope procedure done and they found 5 or 6 red, raw areas of his stomach. No ulcers though. They are giving him protonix, omeprazole, carafat, and phenegran.
2032629 tn?1329618488 I always kept a bag of crackers by my night stand for the first 12 weeks or so. Eat a few first thing in the morning will calm your stomach and reducing vomiting. Otherwise try ginger ale and apple sauce. Drink plenty of water and take your prenatal vitmines. As for the body pain, try a body pillow. I sometime just move to the couch to nap if I can't get comfortable in bed. It's going to be better in a couple more weeks and you feel and eat like a normal person again.
Avatar f tn ever since childhood ive had gas issues, but now as an adult I am either unable to sleep or im waking up early in the morning in so much pain I can barely move because of the gas and discomfort in my stomach. so bad it makes me vomit. the only way the pain goes away is if I take a hot bath, vomit or go to the bathroom. what could this be?
Avatar f tn I wake up every night with severe stomach pain. Sometimes its high and other times its all over. This happens several times a night. What is going on?
Avatar f tn This begins about 30 minutes after eating, I also get stomach burning and cramping pain. I get very full off a normal size meal and some days I am not hungry at all. The only foods I can keep down are, juice, bananas, jello and gluten free toast, sometimes yogurt.
Avatar f tn My husband suggested me to try induced vomit before any meal as most of the times I experience these refluxes almost after two or three hours after eating or early in the mornings. After vomiting I still feel nausea and burping. Both of them only after induced vomiting. This has taken a toll now. I usually sleep 8 hours a day. I don't drink or smoke. Yes I do eat alot of spicy food and citrus also adds in my diet. But I have stopped such food intakes for the past three weeks.
Avatar m tn Other than this, my daughter doesnt have any fever, bleeding or vomitting, just this pain which now occurs after eating- when she was constipated the pain was more severe and frequent but I think I can narrow this down to just after eating now. We are awaiting an abdo scan - but in the meantime, can anyone give any ideas or advice of what to do to help ease these pains.
Avatar m tn Sometimes bloating includes a little nausea but never actual vomiting. Usually stomach pain occurs on the upper part of the stomach 3 to 4 hours after eating, whereas bloating happens on the lower part, around the pelvis. I also got an intermitent flu in december. If this is not HIV can they be symptoms of any other STD???? if not from the november event, probably from a previous happening.... PLEASE HELP!
Avatar f tn i am 16 years old and for the past few months, about 3. it's happed before, it didnt just start, i throw up my stomach lining, it yellow and stringy. in the middle of the night i always wake up to a strong pain in my stomach, in between my ribs. it doesn't only happen then, it happends through out the day to and the only thing that helps it feel better is to eat something, but it's not a hunger pain. any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Still having bowel movements. Vomiting/heaving started to hurt but no stomach pain at this time. We were referred to a pediatric gastro. 3 weeks have passed by now and she is having pain in the center just under rib cage. Vomiting is more violent still no nausea. Cat scan on abdomen area, with barium, x-rays, head CT, chest x-ray, digestion study (25% first hour, but caught up in the second hour), endoscope (results were erosions said to not be the worse he has ever seen).